Join the Thematic Café “Addressing challenges in Mental Health through innovation” on June 22nd

Living Lab by Ferrer is a space where healthcare professionals and innovation agents share knowledge, explore challenges, and co-create solutions, generating a positive impact on the healthcare ecosystem.

On this occasion, it brings us a Thematic Café on June 22nd, live at the BHH Headquarters, entitled “Addressing challenges in Mental Health through innovation“. It aims to bring to the table the main problems and solutions in this context. To offer different points of view and opinions, there will be different speakers who will provide their perspective from the purely health field to the more administrative sector or the more technological side.

In addition, there will be a space for questions and answers and networking where all participants will be able to interact by asking questions and contributing their views. You can come to the BHH Headquarters to attend in person by reserving a ticket here. You can also opt to attend online through LinkedIn Live here.