Unleash the summer vibes at Barcelona Health Hub’s epic Summer Party

Get ready to kick off the summer season with an unforgettable event! Barcelona Health Hub is thrilled to announce the BHH Summer Party, set to take place on June 15th. This exclusive event promises an evening of great vibes on the stunning rooftop of the prestigious 5-star Hotel ME in the center of Barcelona. This party is set to be the highlight of the season for digital health enthusiasts! 

Picture yourself surrounded by breathtaking views of Barcelona’s skyline, as the sun sets and the city comes alive. The BHH Summer Party is a great chance to connect with fellow BHH members and to raise a glass and toast to innovation, collaboration, and the incredible strides made in digital health.

Once again, Moritz will fuel the BHH Summer Party, which promises to be an extraordinary experience for all attendees. Let’s enjoy a drink and good music together at this rooftop event. Get ready to celebrate the start of summer in style at the BHH Summer Party! 

Let’s raise our glasses to digital health innovation, and be prepared to start the summer in style. Secure your spot now for only €10 and get ready to unleash the summer vibes at the BHH Summer Party!

Join Barcelona Health Hub on June 15th from 19:30-21:30 hrs at the Hotel ME’s stunning rooftop. Be sure to get your ticket!

Get yout ticket for the BHH Summer Party here!