Mi Clinics and HumanITcare offer the first service of telemedicine 24h for patients with oncology diseases – #BHHMembersInitiatives

BHH members Mi Clinics and HumanITcare have reached a collaboration agreement to oncology patients throughout their treatment, from any location, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The tool allows for personalized monitoring through artificial intelligence, facilitating comprehensive support from professionals and improving the patient’s quality of life. By tracking a series of vital indicators, doctors can anticipate the doubts, concerns, and needs of such a delicate and uncertain condition as cancer.

The professionals at UOMi Cancer Center have been working with this solution for a year and provide services at Mi Tres Torres Clinic in Barcelona and Mi NovAliança Clinic in Lleida. They now have an intelligent system for patient support and decision-making in the field of oncology. With this solution, patients can share their status with the healthcare professional at any time, and, even better, the doctor can anticipate and act before doubts and unease arise in the patient.

The initial agreement, lasting three years, includes an exclusivity clause in oncology for the Catalan territory, which means that only Mi Clinics will be able to offer this monitoring service for cancer patients. The service has been launched at Mi Tres Torres Clinic in Barcelona, but following the positive results experienced in the Catalan capital, it is expected that the solution will be implemented at Mi NovAliança Clinic in Lleida during this quarter.

Dr. Santiago Viteri, Director of UOMi Cancer Center, states: “In addition to accessing vital indicators with or without explicit patient request, doctors also monitor each patient’s medication and emotional state, which allows us to make relevant treatment decisions at any given moment, and with much better evidence than before. Additionally, when in doubt, patients can enable consultations through chat or video calls. We have all the angles covered to truly be by the patient’s side and anticipate their needs.”

On the other hand, Núria Pastor, CEO of HumanITcare, explains: “We are delighted about this alliance with Mi Clinics to provide more personalized healthcare to oncology patients at Mi Clinics in the Catalan territory, and together, we can bring care to the patients’ homes. Over the past year, patients, families, and doctors successfully embraced the solution, and now we only hope to continue adding value to medical care.”