Elewit relies on Emocional to prevent risks and promote emotional well-being – #BHHMembersInitiatives

Elewit, Redeia‘s technology platform, has selected BHH member Emocional, a Spanish startup, as part of its Venture Client Program. The decision focuses on facing the emotional challenges that affect its workers, in order to manage them and minimize their impact. This collaboration marks a milestone in the promotion of well-being in the energy and telecommunications sectors.

A Venture Client is a strategic form of collaboration in which a company establishes a client relationship with a startup to test and benefit from its innovative solutions, while providing it with a platform to grow and scale their businesses. For Elewit, this is the fourth consecutive year successfully collaborating with new and leading technologies.

Emocional is the first Catalan technology startup to develop Artificial Intelligence focused on detecting emotions. Its technology pays special attention to the early detection of recurring problems in the workplace, such as stress or burnout; offering tools and solutions to facilitate its management in an automated way.

Its technology, which is integrated as a plugin in video call systems, makes it possible to detect the emotional state of teams through Artificial Intelligence, therefore ending with more traditional yet tedious methods (such as satisfaction surveys, for example).

On the other hand, its ConsultorGPT automates the management of information using AI to offer the HR managers the information and solutions they need in order to prevent psychosocial risks and promote the emotional well-being of their teams. All this while protecting the privacy of each user, since it does not show individualized information but by sorted by teams; and offering each member the necessary tools for emotional management in a personalized way.

The choice of Emocional reflects Elewit‘s commitment to the well-being of its employees, recognizing the potential of Artificial Intelligence as a disruptive solution to address prevention challenges in the workplace.

“We are proud and excited to collaborate with Elewit on this important mission,” said Pedro J. Espinosa, CEO and Co-Founder of Emocional. “Emotional well-being is not just a trend, but the future of work. By joining forces with Elewit, we are confident that we will be able to create a healthier and more productive work environment in the industry.”

The synergy between Elewit and Emocional, two leaders in their respective fields, promises a step forward in the implementation of innovative solutions that improve the quality of life of workers; as well as new prevention strategies to promote their emotional well-being.

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