ICHealth participates at HIMSS 2023 – #BHHMembersInitiatives

BHH member International Cloud Health Records (ICHR) is proud to participate and speak at HIMSS 2023 Europe in Lisbon!

ICHR‘s Chairman Harry Meijer speaks at the session “Innovative Care Pathways” about integrating digital health solutions into care pathways and the benefits to the patient experience and journey. How to redesign traditional care with the integration of digital health requires clearly defined problem and engagement of all stakeholders, patients, clinicians, and caregivers.

Also, he will dive deep into an asthma pathway:

  • Patients and health workers make use of the ICHealth Patient EHR & Digital Health Platform, that connects patients and health workers.
  • Patient health data can be accessed and shared by patient from anywhere, anytime. Including the International Patient Summary.
  • The Asthmatic patients collect and monitor specific Asthma relevant parameters and can communicate their data in real time, and consult with health specialists. The health worker risk stratifies the patient with specific asthma situations on basis of real time patient health data and is able to recommend patient a personalised care pathway.

This is part of an ICHR trial with a regional hospital, together with global technology partners.

Discover more about HIMSS 2023 HERE.