Meet AYO at the BHH Showroom

Have you had the chance to see the new exhibit at the entrance of the BHH Headquarters? BHH member AYO, has seized the opportunity to exhibit their product in the BHH Showroom!

AYO is redefining health and biological time for 300 million people worldwide who track their sleep and health with wearables. They are building the world’s first Circadian Health technology that is clinically proven to improve sleep, mood and performance. Unlike trackers or generic sleep/health solutions, AYO taps into your circadian rhythm – a biological foundation that impacts almost all of the body and brain functions. By using your own biology and light therapy, AYO enables you to venture beyond tracking and actually improve your health & wellness outcomes.

AYO uses the power of light therapy and your own circadian rhythm to optimise your brain and body functions, including metabolism, sleep, alertness, immune response, mood, and so much more.

So why settle for mediocre health and wellness when you can unlock your full potential with AYO? Discover it at the #BHHShowroom.

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