Barcelona Health Hub and Insurtech Community Hub strengthen their collaboration to expand their presence in Madrid and Barcelona

Barcelona Health Hub is thrilled to announce a strategic alliance with Insurtech Community Hub (ICH) to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange between their communities in Madrid and Barcelona. This agreement will provide its members with a wider range of resources and services for their professional and business development.

By virtue of this collaboration, both BHH and ICH will have an increased presence in Madrid and Barcelona, respectively. This will allow both communities to benefit from the synergy created by the interaction between professionals and entrepreneurs from different regions.

As part of this agreement, Insurtech Community Hub will hold a series of meetings and workshops in Barcelona, while Barcelona Health Hub will organize similar events in Madrid. These meetings will be an opportunity to explore topics of common interest and foster the exchange of ideas between members of both communities. In addition, some of these events will be co-organised by both associations, allowing for a diverse and enriching participation of panelists, speakers and attendees. Members of both communities will enjoy exclusive benefits, advantages and services as part of this collaboration.

As Óscar Paz, General Manager of Insurtech Community Hub, comments, “this alliance represents a step forward in the promotion of entrepreneurship, innovation and digital transformation in the insurance and health sectors.”

Eva Rosell, General Manager of Barcelona Health Hub, adds: “This collaboration agreement between BHH and ICH strengthens the position of digital health in the insurance industry. We will further deepen the links between the two associations to contribute to the transfer of the insurance sector through digital health.”