Apply now for the Pedriatic Innovation Challenge – #BHHMembersInitiatives

BHH members i4KIDS and AstraZeneca are looking for innovative projects focused on reducing the viral load of paediatric influenza.

This Pediatric Innovation Challenge program aims to promote projects focused on implementing solutions for the Spanish pediatric healthcare system and society in general, through the use of digital technologies and new awareness and education strategies.

Examples of possible solutions:

  • Platforms or tools for vaccination management and influenza disease prevention.
  • Applications or tools to improve the accessibility of vaccination information for people with disabilities and vulnerable communities (e.g. low-income communities).
  • Telemedicine platforms for healthcare professionals, including alert and reminder systems to support vaccination management, communication with patients, and monitoring population coverage.
  • AI-based personalized recommendation system for childhood vaccination.
  • Educational projects targeting different communities, including professionals, general public, schools, children’s centers, and vulnerable populations (e.g. low-income communities).
  • Social innovation projects that raise disease awareness and promote healthy habits to prevent children influenza.
  • Any other strategy or approach whose main outcome focuses on reducing children’s influenza burden.

The call is open until 15th July and the winning project will be awarded a maximum amount of 50,000€. The amount will be financed by AstraZeneca and used to implement the winning project.

If you have a solution that aims to improve vaccination coverage, childhood influenza awareness and/or prevention of this disease, they invite you to be part of this important paediatric innovation challenge.

Contact i4KIDS team, let them know your interest in participating in this challenge and share your idea. They will help you with the focus of the report so that you can develop and submit your application on time!

Be part of the Pediatric Innovation Challenge and help improve the health of our children HERE!