Discover the products of Roda at the #BHHShowroom!

Have you had the chance to see the new exhibit at the entrance of the BHH Headquarters? Discover the new addition to the BHH Showroom with products of BHH member Roda Cosmetics!

Roda Cosmetics is a product–lead tech company advocating for health and beauty, offering a complete line of skincare and haircare products, effective while natural, vegan and sustainable. Roda has innovative formulas that combine the purest Mediterranean botanicals and high-performance active ingredients with advanced AI technology and research.

Roda also minimizes the environmental impact, partnering with local artisans and providers in France, Italy and Spain, all while striving to have a packaging as much eco-responsible as possible.

Come to the BHH Headquarters to check out different products of Roda in real life, or get in touch with the team of Roda Cosmetics.