Discover the last edition of the ‘Premios La Razón’ awards – #BHHMembersInitiatives

Last month, the EpiPASS project, developed by BHH member Angelini Pharma in Spain, was awarded the ‘La Razón – A tu Salud’ award in the category of ‘best healthcare route’.

EpiPASS was launched last year with the aim of facilitating the care standardization and for patients with epilepsy in the healthcare process in the Spanish National Healthcare System. The project focused in a first phase on identifying the main barriers that a patient with epilepsy faces throughout their life in the healthcare system in order to, on the second phase of the project, propose a series of concrete measures to improve their treatment and diagnosis, and ultimately their quality of life.

Epilepsy is suffered by 400,000 people in Spain and still faces certain social stigma. Therefore, as Natalia Armstrong, Communications and PR Director in Spain, expressed when accepting the award, “receiving this award means that we have achieved something very necessary: to put the focus on epilepsy, and its unmet needs”.