The beaches of Chipiona will have online medical services this summer – #BHHMembersInitiatives

The city of Chipiona, in the province of Cadiz, will have this summer with the implementation of an online medical care service on its beaches. A service that aims to provide security and tranquility to any incident or health consultation that the thousands of bathers who attend the beaches may have.

This is the first beach in Spain to launch an initiative that has, in addition to the support of the team of lifeguards and ATS working on the beaches, a telemedicine service that will cover, from the facilities of the lifeguard posts, any health problem that requires the review of a doctor remotely.

The service is active since last June 15th and will be maintained until next September 15th from 11.00-21.00 every day of the week on the five beaches of the Andalusian municipality (Montijo, Cruz del Mar, Regla, Camarón and Las Tres Piedras) for the 19,000 inhabitants and tourists who visit these beaches every year.

In this sense, the Town Council of Chipiona together with Instinto Deportivo bet on the use of technology to solve health needs through the One Click system, developed by the online health company and BHH member Ever Health, will allow to connect with doctors and quickly attend some of the most common diseases such as otitis or the appearance of fungus, often caused by the prolonged use of wet bathing suits and tight clothing, cystitis, skin lesions caused by constant exposure to the sun or insect or jellyfish bites, among other possible medical consultations linked to accidents, trauma or related to high temperatures, drought, change of environment or bathing in swimming pools and beaches.

In addition, remember the importance of consulting truthful and professional sources of information, since it is always very easy to consult the Internet or friends and family. “We live surrounded by information, the possibility of consulting almost any topic on the internet is now commonplace and it is good to have access to information, but in health not everything goes, it is essential to contrast and to be able to have first-hand information” stated Rafael García, CEO and Founder of Ever Health.

Telemedicine will play a fundamental role for any consultation, double medical opinion, or simply as a prevention tool, provided that they do not require urgent and immediate attention in person. In these cases, it is necessary to go to the nearest medical center or activate the emergency protocol and ambulance service.