Enhancing the waiting time experience: How WindowSight elevated the Arquer Institute’s waiting room design – #BHHMembersInitiatives

“We’ve completely eliminated patients’ complaints for having to wait longer than expected” – Berta Arquer, Manager and Receptionist at the Arquer Institute.

The Arquer Medical Center in Barcelona founded by Dr. Andreu Arquer, is a clinic the staff of which puts the patients’ experience at its top priorities. Apart from the medical staff’s professionalism, the clinic’s executives recognized the importance of the space’s design in impacting the patients’ emotional state. Particularly the waiting room where patients might have to endure longer waiting times can lead to or heighten feelings of boredom, nervousness, or concern for both patients and the staff.

That’s when the clinic decided to invest in visual art & photography, by initially incorporating a mediocre-quality TV experience that eventually became even poorer. Then Berta Arquer crossed paths with the BHH provider WindowSight team at just the right time. The latter installed a new TV and introduced the platform’s content which not only enhanced the aesthetics but also significantly improved the patient’s emotional state and the overall experience at the clinic.

In order to determine the effectiveness of WindowSight‘s solution for the clinic’s waiting area, a case study was conducted to assess the patients’ behavior before and after the implementation of the new concept and in both cases determine the impact of visual art & photography on the patients’ emotional state, as measured by “perceived waiting time”, compared to the actual time.

The group of patients who were experiencing the old TV experience, perceived the waiting time 6% less (on average) than the actual time, while those who were experiencing WindowSight at the new TV installation, perceived the waiting time 43% less (on average) than the actual time. Overall, WindowSight notably outperformed the previous experience by decreasing the patients’ average perceived waiting time by 37%.

Not only were complaints eliminated, but patients also expressed positive feedback about it. Dr. Arquer emphasized the most important outcome of this investment: “Ever since the TV experience was upgraded, we’ve noticed that our patients exhibit more relaxed behavior, whether it is during the appointment or while waiting. We’ve enhanced the overall experience at the center.”

This case study demonstrates how technology in healthcare, combined with visual stimuli can improve the patients’ experience. It highlights the importance for healthcare professionals to consider and develop strategies to protect patients’ psychological and mental health alongside their physical well-being for an inclusive treatment. The collaboration between WindowSight and the Arquer Medical Center showcases the success of this approach.

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