BeneTalk launches crowdfunding campaign for on-demand digital therapy for stuttering – #BHHMembersInitiatives

BHH member BeneTalk, a leading innovator in speech therapy, is excited to announce its public crowdfunding campaign for groundbreaking digital on-demand therapy designed for people who stutter and their families.

Stuttering affects 8% of children and 2% of adults, but BeneTalk aims to make a difference by expanding accessibility to on-demand therapy.

The goal is £800,000 funding to accelerate development and expand availability. Already backed by £640,000 from Innovate UK, BeneTalk seeks £160,000 through Seedrs. Funds will also support research and clinical trials.

BeneTalk offers a mobile app for interactive speech exercises and feedback. Penguin, for parents, provides tools to support children who stutter through a 10-day in-app course. Support the campaign here and help people who stutter access evidence-based therapy anytime, anywhere.

BeneTalk‘s future roadmap includes SuperPenguin, a personalized therapy plan for parents. It will nurture confidence and open dialogue around stuttering.

Research shows up to 60% of adults seeking stuttering treatment experience social anxiety. BeneTalk‘s feasibility study reported 85% effectiveness even after therapy.

Join BeneTalk‘s crowdfunding campaign and empower individuals and families to find joy in speaking. Visit their Seedrs campaign to make a difference HERE!