QuickVaccine, the medical app for vaccination registration – #BHHMembersInitiatives

QuickVaccine, the result of a collaboration between Hospital Ramón y Cajal and BHH member GooApps®, is an innovative response to the declining vaccination coverage observed in recent years. The WHO has reported that global vaccination coverage fell from 86% to 83% between 2019 and 2020, and QuickVaccine aims to combat this problem by enabling systematic and personalized vaccination.

The relevance of vaccination has significantly increased with the COVID-19 pandemic. QuickVaccine plays a vital role in this context, collecting sociodemographic and clinical data to recommend vaccines according to the guidelines of health authorities. The application goes beyond COVID-19 and encompasses all preventable vaccines.

To determine the necessary vaccines, QuickVaccine combines questions and personal data, providing a list of recommended vaccines and allowing users to register vaccines they have received. This creates a digitally easily accessible “vaccination passport.”

The benefits of QuickVaccine are reflected in the security and confidence it offers to patients and in improving adherence to the vaccination system. For the National Health System, the application may mean a significant reduction in hospitalization costs, potentially saving up to 200 million euros per year.

In a post-pandemic world, QuickVaccine stands as a key tool for the future of public health, staying up to date with the recommendations of authorities and adapting to newly developed vaccines. It combines technology and medicine to improve public health, and developers interested in creating innovative health applications are invited to collaborate on this transformative cause.

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