Register to the Spain Health Care Innovation Summit

The 3rd edition of the Spain Healthcare Innovation Summit is a premier event that brings together healthcare professionals from across Spain and beyond to discuss the latest developments and trends in healthcare innovation. Like the Portugal Healthcare Innovation Summit, this summit provides a platform for attendees to share their knowledge and expertise and to learn about new technologies and approaches in healthcare delivery.

The conference features insightful discussions, presentations, and workshops on topics such as digital health transformation, therapeutic innovation, smart hospital infrastructure, and the use of AI and big data in healthcare. The target audience includes government officials, innovators, clinicians, healthcare executives, researchers, and industry professionals.

The goal of the 3rd Spain Healthcare Innovation Summit is to foster collaboration among diverse stakeholders and to drive solutions to improve healthcare in Spain and globally. The conference emphasizes practical and actionable insights, making it a must-attend event for healthcare professionals looking to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving field of healthcare innovation. It will be held on November 16th in Madrid, Spain, with the possibility of participating online or in person.

Join this edition of the Spain Healthcare Innovation Summit to connect with peers, learn about the latest technologies and approaches, and collaborate on solutions to advance healthcare delivery in Spain and beyond.

Register now through Barcelona Health Hub and obtain a BHH discount in your ticket HERE.