Be part of the Laughter Heals movement! – #BHHMembersInitiatives

Physical health is not everything. Treating the medical and biological aspects of a patient is as important as addressing their emotional needs. BHH member Pallapupas thinks that it’s necessary to go beyond curing illnesses; they must heal individuals in all their dimensions!

For over 25 years, Pallapupas has witnessed the power of laughter. They are specialized hospital clowns and emotional care experts. Trained with their own method and equipped with healthcare knowledge, they ensure the emotional well-being of patients, working hand in hand with healthcare colleagues to make their work easier.

Their goal is to transform hospitals into more welcoming spaces through artistic performances, using their own method, aimed at both children and adults. Pallapupas has been working all of these years to create a space for humor during the illness process, working hand in hand with healthcare personnel, providing support for treatments and medical protocols.

Barcelona Health Hub got the chance to interview the Artistic Director of Pallapupas, the one and only clown Jordi Solé, in their offices. For more than 20 years, he’s been dedicated to make people laugh and show them the bright side of laughter.

According to Jordi, “Companies and foundations are a key instrument in building a healthier and more committed society. By laughing together and making others laugh, we will build a better world.”

Watch the video to discover more about the incredible and funny work that Pallapupas and their clowns do, and become a key asset in emotional care HERE!