Tiago Santos, Chief Impact Officer at Mindgram: Leading Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Business Arena – #BHHMembersInitiatives

Tiago Santos, HR professional and HR influencer, has started in a new role in BHH member Mindgram as a Chief Impact Officer. His appointment’s primary goal is to accelerate innovation in Mindgram ’s comprehensive solutions and enable more companies in Spain to provide their teams with an innovative experience centered around mental health and well-being.

In today’s business world, addressing issues like stress, anxiety, depression, and burnout is crucial for Human Resources departments seeking to create an optimal work environment. Supported by clinically proven methods, Mindgram focus on prevention and early intervention, adapting to each company’s unique needs. The services include mental health assessments, prevention programs, 24-hour clinical support, and advanced counseling provided by psychotherapists and coaches.

Tiago Santos is in Mindgram to develop, lead, and measure the impact of the comprehensive solutions the platform offers. His mission is to strengthen team resilience and prevent workplace burnout. In his new role as Director of Careers and Talent at the professional mobility platform, StudentFinance, he will collaborate with Mindgram to provide students access to mental well-being services.

Mindgram’s team is excited about Tiago’s addition. As noted by Raúl García, specialist in organizational learning and development in that organization, “Tiago’s addition is crucial to developing solutions that align with employees’ needs and highlighting the importance of mental health at all corporate levels.” According to Tiago: “From here, I can bring real solutions to the challenges faced by HR departments, contributing to people’s well-being and sustainable business growth.”

With nearly 100 employees , Mindgram focused on prevention and early intervention, destigmatizing mental health, and providing access to expert support. The goal is to make a real impact on society with inclusive, comprehensive, and personalized solutions for every situation.