Docline hires Iván Hernandez, ex-JobandTalent and OnTruck, as the company’s new CTO – #BHHMembersInitiatives

BHH member Docline reinforces its Management Team to strengthen the implementation of the company’s technological strategy. Iván Hernández has been appointed as the new CTO of Docline‘s Management Team on 1 September 2023. Iván Hernández will be responsible for the company’s tech & product strategy and technological team.

The executive joins Docline after a long career leading technology-based teams in companies such as Job and Talent, Ontruck and Last Minute, in which he has worked with local and international teams to create what he calls “healthy & performing teams”: motivated, established and good-performance teams. “Combining health and technology, many things of great value can be done. I am delighted to contribute, with my knowledge and experience, to continue promoting this innovative and powerful project. Docline is at the perfect time to create disruption and make a difference,” he says.

This new signing results from the company’s commitment to continue leading technological development and innovation in the health sector. In Omar Najid’s words, CEO and co-founder of Docline, “The incorporation of Iván allows the company to continue creating innovative services, tools and solutions for its clients. Technology startups are disruptive, fast-growing models that challenge the market. The fact that Iván comes from a startup culture fits perfectly with the moment of growth and expansion that Docline is currently going through.”

Docline, founded in 2016 at the initiative of Najid and Dr. Roberto Medina, currently has a community of more than 5,000 digital doctors from more than 20 specialities who are experts in telemedicine and who offer 24/7 healthcare. The company has 38 people on staff, a network of 5,000 associated digital doctors and has just launched its virtual care programme Hospital Digital Docline.