The collaboration to innovate in health and agriculture with the new Bayer’s LifeHub BCN – #BHHInitiatives

BHH member Bayer, as an innovation company committed to moving towards a more sustainable model and joint development with the local ecosystem, has opened the doors of LifeHub Barcelona. It aims to support the acceleration of innovative projects as tools for the transformation of health and agriculture, essential areas for Bayer‘s activity. It seeks to.

Engage, network and exchange knowledge at the 1st Pan-European Hospital and Healthcare Procurement Summit – #BHHMembersInitiatives

The 1st Pan-European Hospital and Healthcare Procurement Summit takes place on 20-21 September 2022 in Brussels. The summit will be presented in four languages: French, German, English and Spanish and it is an ideal opportunity to meet, hear from and network with leading professionals from the hospital and healthcare procurement sector. In addition to presentations.

Interested in a Postgraduate in Digital Health? Check out the informative session – #BHHMembersInitiatives

With the aim of training professionals in the health field to adapt and increase their professional development in the digital context that surrounds us and face new challenges, BHH member Institut de Formació Continua of the Universitat de Barcelona launched the new Postgraduate in Digital Health. This new Postgraduate is a part-time and remote course.

AutoDiscovery explores immune system data in COVID-19 patients – #BHHMembersInitiatives

BHH member Butler Scientifics, with its AutoDiscovery software, collaborates on the study of immune profiles in COVID-19 patients and their impact on severity and treatment, recently published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine. Butler Scientifics is a 10-year-old startup Catalan company specializing in automated intelligent exploration of health and biomedical research data, developers of AutoDiscovery software and.

Zurich launches Sustainability Report – #BHHMembersInitiatives

For the fifth consecutive year, BHH member Zurich has published their Sustainability Report, the document that reflects their commitment to society, the environment and the stakeholders. This document shows the performance of the Zurich Group in Spain in terms of corporate responsibility, from an environmental, economic and social point of view. They aim to be.

How does your medtech regulatory team stack up? Participate in 2022 MedTech Regulatory Benchmark Study by Veeva – #BHHMembersInitiatives

Did you know that 36% of medtech companies surveyed in 2021 still managed regulatory content on local hard drives and file shares?* Regulatory modernization has become imperative as we face global change, like EU MDR and UDI, but medtech is still lagging. To better understand how the industry is progressing, BHH member Veeva MedTech is.

BHH member Wefight is looking for new colleagues – #BHHMembersInitiatives

BHH member Wefight is a company that specializes in the development of virtual assistants for patients and their relatives. Wefight aims to create assistants that answer questions from patients and their relatives, making information straightforward and accessible from anywhere and at any time during the course of treatment. It does not replace physicians but rather.

Webinar: Anticipating burn-out and absenteeism by BHH member Timblo – #BHHMembersInitiatives

Join BHH member Timblo’s webinar “Anticipating burn-out and absenteeism” this Wednesday, July 27th! This webinar is dedicated to mental health at work and how burn-out can be prevented. Explore with Timblo new tools to find a solution and support your employees in difficult times! The webinar features important keynote speakers in the coaching and psychology.

Join the Pediatric Innovation Day of i4KIDS – #BHHMembersInitiatives

After the success of the first edition, BHH member i4KIDS invites you to join the Pediatric Innovation Day that will take place on 21 September in the Cosmo Caixa, Barcelona and online via streaming. The event will attract the broader pediatric audience: 300+innovators, medical specialists and entrepreneurs from all over the world (Europe, USA, Latin America)..

Submit your application for the European Healthcare Procurement Awards 2022 – #BHHMembersInitiatives

European Healthcare Procurement Awards 2022 will gather the best procurement talent in one place. The award ceremony will be held during the 1st Pan-European Hospital and Healthcare Procurement Summit at the Brussels Square Conference Centre on 21-22 September 2022. These awards will recognise outstanding professional achievement in the procurement field. The purpose of the awards.