Press Release – Telemedicine is here to stay

The needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, which in its worst moments saw the overloading of the health system, making it impossible for patients to get to health centres, have given eHealth solutions the decisive push they had been waiting for. Although many of the objections from the general public and health professionals have now.

Press Release – La telemedicina ha llegado para quedarse

Las necesidades derivadas de la pandemia de la COVID-19, que en los peores momentos comportó el colapso del sistema sanitario y la imposibilidad de acceder a los centros sanitarios, ha supuesto un impulso definitivo para las soluciones de e-Health. Aunque muchos de los reparos que podía haber tanto entre la población general como en los.

The #BHHSummit has ended!

It’s a wrap! The #BHHSummit has finished and we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the great speakers, our partners, the pitching startups, the event host, the judges and to everyone that was part of it and made it possible. With more than +4.000 attendees from more than 25 countries worldwide, the.

LAST CHANCE to vote for your favorite nominee for the #BHHAwards!

This is your last chance to vote for your favorite nominee for the #BHHAwards!  The best companies in five different categories will be recognized with a #BHHAward for their contributions and success in transforming innovation into actual products and services for patients and citizens and the healthcare systems. Be sure to cast your vote before.

Did you see who’s participating in the Show&Tell of the #BHHSummit?

During the whole day of the #BHHSummit on October 29, you can enjoy many different Show&Tell sessions of our participants. Show & Tell are dynamic 4 minute demos of technological solutions! It’s a great way to find out what a solution is all about, how they work and how it could fit with your business or solution. This.

LAST CALL to book your ticket for the #BHHSummit!

This is the LAST CALL to book your free ticket to the #BHHSummit on Thursday October 29th! Be part of the second Summit of Barcelona Health Hub and don’t miss keynote presentations, panel discussions, startup showcases, an investor pitch competition, virtual booths, virtual business meetings and lots of networking. We have what you are looking.

#BHHSummit Panel Discussion – How Can Technologies Help Tackle Covid-19?

During the #BHHSummit on October 29, the first panel discussion will discuss “How Can Technologies Help Tackle Covid-19?”. Many technological solutions have been used worldwide those past months to help tackle the Covid-19 pandemic whether to detect the 1st symptoms, track the virus, carry out tests or support the population in accessing and receiving healthcare or living.

#BHHSummit Panel Discussion – State of investment in digital health

During the #BHHSummit on October 29, one of the panel discussions will discuss “State of investment in digital health”. We just closed Q3 and total funding in digital health is already higher than last year. 2020 is set to be a record year in digital health funding. Although the investment world held its breath for a.

#BHHSummit Panel Discussion – How did we ever live without telemedicine?

During the #BHHSummit on October 29, one of the panel discussions will discuss “How did we ever live without telemedicine?”. Telemedicine is not new and has been around for decades without being fully adopted by patients nor healthcare professionals. But things changed those past months! Telemedicine became the privileged access to the healthcare system, forcing people.