Past Events

Past Events

June 17 - 7pm

#BHHSeries: Innovating in Healthcare Education

Covid-19 has pushed education to digital extremes, where decisions have been taken across academic institutions that would not have seen the light of day were it not for the current situation. Digital tools and disruptive innovations in education have always challenged older mainstream institutionalized techniques. In Healthcare to say the least; whether it be educating new physicians, or the continuous education of physicians, new educational tools will always be difficult to roll out, especially within a regulated environment. Has education in healthcare taken the same drastic leap forward? In this new episode, organized in collaboration with IESE Business School, we will discuss new innovations in this field, and the challenges of delivering and promoting these innovations.

June 10 - 5pm

Telemedicina: casos de éxito

En la próxima sesión de BHHSeries, hablaremos del uso de la telemedicina y de la consulta médica virtual durante la pandemia del Covid-19. Expertos del sector nos explicarán cómo ha sido la adaptación por parte de profesionales y pacientes, la respuesta asistencial y las carencias que se han detectado, además de muchos otros aspectos.

June 3 - 5pm

Covid-19 - An International Perspective

The world was hit by the same invisible enemy. Governments and healthcare systems took different measures to track and fight this virus and protect their citizens. In this new episode, we will discuss with experts from 5 different continents how the situation had been handled in their respective countries and the lessons learned.

May 27 - 5pm

Can Digital Tools Impact and Accelerate Clinical Trials?

We are living unprecedented times where the normality is being pushed and disrupted. This is very much true for the research industry. The whole world is now gearing into finding vaccine and treatments for the current coronavirus. But those process are usually complex, lengthy and expensive. In this new episode we will discuss the state of research and clinical trials, how they have been impacted those past weeks, the role that digital tools can play and if it will have a long term impact on how we carry clinical trials and involve patients in the process.

May 20 - 5pm

Seguros Inteligentes conectados: la tecnología al servicio del seguro

The development of new technologies in recent years has led the insurance sector to digitize its services, both internally to streamline processes and control costs, and externally to offer greater convenience to its customers and end users as well as better outcomes.  This week’s event is organized by Barcelona Health Hub & Community of Insurance, and moderated by Luis Badrinas, CEO at Barcelona Health Hub & Community of Insurance. We'll talk with experts from the sector: Fernando Botrán, CEO at Osigu, José Antonio Jareño, CEO at GlobalFinanz, Stefano de Liguoro, Head of Digital Business at Zurich Insurance and Laura Mendia, Sales Account Manager at Wattio.

MAY 13 - 5pm

Digital Therapeutics: Expanding Access to Healthcare?

Digital Therapeutics (DTx) refer to softwares or apps that can replace or complement traditional therapies or drugs. They are clinically validated and regulated, and can be used from anywhere 24/7. DTx have emerged as a great companion for patients and an attractive solution for pharma companies to complement their products and to target diseases with no know therapies. In this session, we will discuss the recent developments around DTx, what role they will play in the healthcare systems in the coming months and what entrepreneurs looking at developing digital therapeutics should take into account. We will talk with Lina Behrens, Managing Director at Flying Health, David Martín-Corral, CEO and Co-Founder at Zensei, Guillem Masferrer, Associate at Asabys Partners and Celine Ulmann, Head of R&D Digital at Almirall.

MAY 5 - 5pm

Será la telemedicina la nueva normalidad? Casos de uso

In this session, we will focus on the technology used for virtual medical consultations as well as the users of these digital tools, whether they are medical professionals or patients. Will telemedicine be the new normal? What is missing to reinforce and rationalize its use from the end user’s point of view? We’ll talk with Bruno Cuevas, Founder & CEO at Mediquo, Rafael Garcia, CEO at Everhealth and Mireia Sans, Director at CAP Borrrell and Vocal at Societat Catalana Salut Digital. It is moderated by Aline Noizet, Chief International Officer at Barcelona Health Hub and powered by Ikou Studio.

APRIL 29 - 5pm

Making Sense of Individuals´Health-related Data

Individuals generate a huge amount of data about their health and environment on a daily basis. Mobile phones, sensors and wearables are collecting data, whose analysis can help understand better a situation and take appropriate actions. This is especially relevant in a global pandemic and can bring valuable insights when there are lots of unknowns. In this new episode, we will talk about the power of data and the role citizens can play with concrete examples of data sharing during the Covid-19.

APRIL 22 - 5pm

Telemedicina: Consulta médica virtual y beneficios para los sistemas sanitarios

Recent weeks have seen a disruption of health systems and increased use of telemedicine. Will this pandemic be what is needed to democratize the use of virtual medical consultation? Barcelona Health Hub, supported by Esade Creapolis, launches a study to demonstrate the potential of telemedicine to improve the Spanish health system. In this new episode of BHHSerie we will present the focus of the study and discuss the potential of telemedicine and the barriers to its widespread use in the Spanish public health system.

APRIL 14th · 7pm

Cómo la salud digital está ayudando a dar respuesta al Covid-19

Sesión en español

APRIL 8th · 5:30pm

Staying mentally healthy during a pandemic

Join us on Wed 8th April 5:30pm for the 3rd #BHHSeries

April 1 4pm

The deployment and impact of telemedicine in the global pandemic

March 26th 4pm

How can digital health solutions help in time of pandemics?

Cristian Pascual, CEO at Mediktor; Jordi Serrano Pons, Co-Founder at EpidemiXs, and Nuria Pastor, CEO at HumanITcare will present their solutions and discuss how digital health can help better monitor and reduce the spread of epidemics, support the healthcare systems and expand access to healthcare for the whole population.
Moderated by Maria Luisa Lucas, from TICBioMed and powered by Ikou Studio.
Spread the word and join us!
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FEBRUARY 25th 2020 - 9am to 2pm

Digital Health Open Doors

12th December 2019

BHH Investors Day

BHH Members have the possibility to pitch for 4 minutes.
The session is followed by a brunch networking.
Limited slots available

3rd October 2019

Barcelona Health Hub Summit 2019

It will include keynote presentations, panel discussions, startup showcases, business meetings and networking to foster synergies and interactions between startups, corporations and investors within the e-health sector.

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