Grow your startup
through knowledge, mentoring and connections
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Discover in the Acelera Programme how to find solutions to the most common causes of failure for your startup.

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The programme is 100% financed by European funds, and powered by IDC, Community of Insurance and Unikemia. Barcelona Health Hub is a trusted partner of the programme.

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The deadline for registration is
October 31st

Great news - the deadline to apply is extended! Be sure not to miss this great opportunity for your startup.

Only 1 in 10 startups survive to the third year and achieve success.

There is a growing need for programmes that teach the necessary experience and knowledge to avoid making the mistakes that others have previously made. The Acelera Programme, designed by the School of Industrial Organisation (Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism) and funded by the European Union, can help!

IDC, Community of Insurance and Unikemia have teamed up with the aim to accelerate the growth of startups through this programme.

Startups get access to a state-of-the-art training platform, where they receive practical classes taught by international experts with mentors with proven business experience. Startups also get access to a network of contacts with the investment world and key corporations in the banking, insurance and health sectors.

Why would you apply for the
Acelera Programme?

The programme helps you to overcome the eight most common causes of startup failure, identified by CBInsights. It is completely free of charge and aimed at startups younger than 5 years and incorporated in Spain.

Causes of Startup Failure Incidence % Failure Rate Required Training
Launching a product that the market does not need and does not solve needs
Agile entrepreneurship methodology, iInitial analysis, preliminary test.
Lack of funding
Financing and investment strategies, presentation to investors.
Not having the right team
Digital business processes.
Disappointing product development
Initial analysis
Lack of a clear business model
Business model and validation strategy.
Failure to develop adequate marketing
Commercial development, after-sales process.
Failure to listen to customers
Two-way communication policies.
Losing focus, frequently changing vision
Business model, validation and monetisation.

The Acelera Programme is powered by three benchmark organizations in each of their sectors.

Leading global provider of market intelligence.

Specialists in innovation and digital transformation of insurance and health. Creators of Insurance World Challenges, Insurtech Community Hub and Barcelona Health Hub.

Institution in the Edtech environment with recognised experience in online training platforms, cutting-edge content, teachers and mentors who are experts in entrepreneurship and innovation at a global level. It brings together professors and mentors from renowned business schools and universities in Spain and Europe.