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Do you want to clinically validate your digital health solution in record time? Barcelona Health Hub and Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau teamed up to help you to get your project from research to reality in record time. 
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Take the first step towards clinical validation of your digital health solution

Barcelona Health Hub and Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau teamed up to help you to get your project from research to reality. The Clinical Validations Accelerator clinically validates digital health solutions and promotes technology transfer to the health sector.

The Clinical Validations Accelerator provides the methodology and the team to validate your digital health technology with professionals and real patients in record time.

What we do
What do you get? 
The Clinical Validations Accelerator evaluates and validates the efficacy, usability and security of your digital health solutions in clinical environments. 
It accelerates technology transfer by facilitating the development of new care processes that incorporate validated solutions. 
You’ll get the possibility of validating digital solutions to obtain CE credentials. Quality and validated solutions are required to access the health technologies market. 
Added value
Added value for digital health companies
If you developed a digital health product, you can get: 
Clinical validation of its technology in record time with the quality standard of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau. 
User access to validate your product, both professionals and patients. 
Support in the communication of the clinical validation and its results. 
Who we are
Who we are
With the support of:
Sant Pau Innovation Health Campus
Multidisciplinary advisory team
Supported by
Supported by
All of this happens at the Sant Pau Innovation Campus, which hosts the Clinical Validations Accelerator. 
CEIT (Ethics Subcommittee for Clinical and Technological Research in eHealth) composed of experts in the field who meet on demand to guarantee answers in a short period of time. 
Information Systems Department with experts in validation of digital solutions. 
International network of validating hospitals that allows validating and testing the technology in different clinical, cultural or social contexts.