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BHH Podcast - Capital Cell

JULY 10, 2024 BHH Podcast

Welcome to another episode of the BHH Podcast: Inside the Digital Health Ecosystem, the podcast that explores the cutting-edge world of digital health innovation at the Barcelona Health Hub.

Daniel Oliver, Director of BHH member Capital Cell, joins in this episode to share his insights into the world of investment in health and biotech startups. Learn how Capital Cell provides a secure and efficient way for investors to buy shares in carefully selected life sciences companies, helping startups secure the funding they need to thrive. Daniel discusses the unique approach of Capital Cell in matching high-impact companies with investors looking for high-return assets, and the transformative potential this has for the digital health ecosystem.

Get entertained with the latest trends in healthtech investment, the critical role of funding in driving innovation, and the collaborative environment fostered by the Barcelona Health Hub.

Don't miss this conversation between BHH's Eva Rosell and Daniel Oliver, one of the leading figures in life sciences investment.

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