#MeetTheMembers – Xpeer

Meet the BHH members! BHH shines a spotlight on all members in short interviews. They tell you about their work, their biggest successes and failures, and much more. Keep track of this  #MeetTheMembers  series and learn more about BHH‘s digital health ecosystem.


In this interview meet Daniela Clape, CEO and Co-founder of Xpeer. Xpeer is the first digital platform education for doctors and healthcare professionals. Xpeer is the ultimate medical education app. They make health professionals better at their work every day offering our best content prepared by world renowned experts. They also help companies to spread and share knowledge. With a flexible system (microlearning) through audiovisual content, videos and podcasts, learning everywhere anytime. That is because their values are: objectivity and scientific rigor, innovation, universality, professionalism, solidarity, sustainability and priority in patient care. Because they care about people, they care about those who take care of people´s health.


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