JUNE 12, 2024 BHH News
Siemens Healthineers and Barcelona Health Hub sign partnership to drive breakthrough innovations for equitable, quality healthcare

This partnership opens a collaboration line between both entities to advance towards a future where medical care and technological advancements help healthcare professionals deliver high-quality care, thus achieving the best possible outcomes for patients.

JUNE 10, 2024 BHH News
Menarini and Barcelona Health Hub join forces to promote the incorporation of digital health innovation into the healthcare field

Open collaboration and co-creation are the pillars for generating innovation in healthcare. Technological and scientific advances can be significantly accelerated when collaborative environments are fostered.

JUNE 6, 2024 BHH News
BHH Podcast - Mediktor

BHH member Mediktor joins in this episode with CEO Cristian Pascual.  Listen to Cristian share his journey in revolutionizing healthcare through AI-driven medical triage. 

JUNE 5, 2024 BHH News
BHH ON AIR with Vodafone Business at Revolució 4.0 at Catalunya Ràdio

If you’re looking for a quick catch-up about all things related to digital health, don’t miss BHH this weekend at Catalunya Ràdio!

JUNE 5, 2024 BHH News
CHV-FHSC signs a strategic alliance with Barcelona Health Hub

This alliance is to carry out joint activities to share concerns and knowledge that lead to the development of new technology projects.

MAY 29, 2024 BHH News
Teladoc Health joins Barcelona Health Hub to support its mission to advance innovation in digital health

Teladoc Health, the world's leading virtual care company, with revenues of 2.6 billion USD in 2023, joins Barcelona Health Hub. 

MAY 22, 2024 BHH News
Check out the state of Digital Health in Catalonia

This is your chance to dive deep into the state of digital health in Catalonia with this elaborated by ACCIÓ, in collaboration with Barcelona Health Hub.

MAY 9, 2024 BHH News
BHH ON AIR with Fundació Sant Pau at Revolució 4.0 at Catalunya Ràdio

If you’re looking for a quick catch-up about all things related to digital health, don’t miss BHH this weekend at Catalunya Ràdio!

MAY 9, 2024 BHH News
Explore the 'Sandbox of the System' at the Stage Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau

Explore the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau Stage as the latest track of the Health Revolution Congress on May 16th!

MAY 3, 2024 BHH News
Room Mercabarna: Innovative Horizons | Technologies for a More Sustainable and Healthy Diet

Join the afternoon session by Mercabarna, on May 16th at 16 hrs, as another dynamic track of the Health Revolution Congress.

MAY 3, 2024 BHH News
Stage Biocat: New Pathways for the Adoption of Healthcare Innovation in Catalonia

Discover the Biocat morning session as part of the Health Revolution Congress on May 16th.

MAY 2, 2024 BHH News
Room Eurecat Tech Session: New Era on Medical Devices

Delve into the Eurecat morning session, as part of one of the Health Revolution Congress tracks on May 16th.

APRIL 25, 2024 BHH News
Room ICH: Synergies between InsurTech & HealthTech

As part of the Health Revolution Congress on May 16th, Insurtech Community Hub organizes the 'Synergies between InsurTech & HealthTech: Joining forces for an increasingly safer and healthier future' morning session.

APRIL 23, 2024 BHH News
Room Sanofi: Fhutura | Presentation of innovative projects in Hospital Pharmacy

Explore 'Fhutura | Presentation of innovative projects in Hospital Pharmacy' in the Sanofi afternoon session, as another track of the Health Revolution Congress on May 16th. 

APRIL 22, 2024 BHH News
Room AstraZeneca: Toward the Future of Respiratory Healthcare

Discover the new perspectives and approaches to address challenges in the field of respiratory care in the AstraZeneca morning session at the Health Revolution Congress! 

APRIL 17, 2024 BHH News
EAE Business School Barcelona joins forces with BHH to promote its new MBA Healthcare & Pharma

This alliance will also result in the promotion of joint academic projects, research projects, knowledge exchange, and more. 

APRIL 16, 2024 BHH News
#BHHInterview with Núria Soler

Last March, Barcelona Health Hub had the pleasure to meet with Núria Soler, Co-Founder of Womanthon, in motive of International Women's Day. 

APRIL 12, 2024 BHH News
Pitch your startup at the MedTech Startup Pitch Competition

Witness the future of healthcare innovation unfold at the Health Revolution Congress next May 16th.

APRIL 9, 2024 BHH News
#BHHInterview with Iron Mountain

Barcelona Health Hub had the pleasure to meet up with Juan Luis Regidor, Senior Director of Business Development at Iron Mountain.

APRIL 4, 2024 BHH News
#BHHInterview with Qualifyze

Barcelona Health Hub had the pleasure to meet up with Cesc Muñoz, Head of Quality at Qualifyze. 

MARCH 21, 2024 BHH News
#BHHInterview with Sanofi

Barcelona Health Hub had the pleasure to meet up with Raquel Tapia, General Manager at Sanofi Spain. 

MARCH 21, 2024 BHH News
Seize your opportunity with the Open Innovation Challenge by ACCIÓ at the HRC

Explore the opportunities available of the Open Innovation Challenge by ACCIÓ at the Health Revolution Congress. 

MARCH 21, 2024 BHH News
Kālida bets once again on BHH and opens office at the BHH headquarters

Kālida Foundation decided to step up their game and open up an office at the BHH Headquarters!

MARCH 19, 2024 BHH News
The Health Revolution Congress returns on May 16th

The Health Revolution Congress returns in Barcelona on May 16th, where global startups & stakeholders join forces in the largest European Summit in Digital Health.

MARCH 19, 2024 BHH News
Savana joins Barcelona Health Hub

Savana joins Barcelona Health Hub spearhead digital health innovation and fostering its adoption by the healthcare sector.

MARCH 13, 2024 BHH News
BHH ON AIR with Hospital Sant Pau at Revolució 4.0 at Catalunya Ràdio

If you’re looking for a quick catch-up about all things related to digital health, don’t miss BHH this weekend at Catalunya Ràdio!

MARCH 13, 2024 BHH News
CSS announces its collaboration with Barcelona Health Hub

Through this partnership, CSS and Barcelona Health Hub aim to leverage their combined expertise, resources, and networks.

JANUARY 2, 2024 BHH News
Special discounts for BHH Residents

Check out these special discounts available for BHH Residents. 

JANUARY 24, 2024 BHH News
Sanofi reinforces its commitment to digital innovation by joining Barcelona Health Hub

The company consolidates its position in the city's digital health ecosystem, where its Global Innovation Center is located.

JANUARY 18, 2024 BHH News
Novo Nordisk joins Barcelona Health Hub to drive digital solutions applied to healthcare

Novo Nordisk takes another step forward in its efforts to improve the quality of life of patients as part of its commitment to innovation.

JANUARY 11, 2024 BHH News
Let’s welcome the new BHH Ambassadors

Barcelona Health Hub is proud to start the new year with brand new BHH Ambassadors!

JANUARY 11, 2024 BHH News
BHH ON AIR with Qualifyze at Revolució 4.0 at Catalunya Ràdio

If you’re looking for a quick catch-up about all things related to digital health, don’t miss BHH this weekend at Catalunya Ràdio!

DECEMBER 28, 2023 BHH News
Sign up for InnoBuyer's Open Call for Solvers

The InnoBuyer Call for Solvers aims to select 15 innovative SMEs (Solvers), to co-develop pilots with public organisations (Challengers).

DECEMBER 28, 2023 BHH News
#BHHInterview with COCO

Barcelona Health Hub had the pleasure to meet up with Robert Parada, CEO of BHH member COCO Tecnologías a few weeks ago.

DECEMBER 20, 2023 BHH News
Thani Medical Software arrives in Venezuela

Thani Medical Software arrives in Venezuela, a country aimed at facing and overcoming the current challenges of the sector.

DECEMBER 20, 2023 BHH News
BHH opened its 4th pavilion!

The digital health ecosystem of Barcelona Health Hub is growing every day. More than 500 healthcare companies and organizations form part of the community and this number is increasing on a daily basis.

DECEMBER 13, 2023 BHH News
#BHHInterview with eMascaró

Last week, Barcelona Health Hub had the pleasure to get together with Toni Mascaró, Founder and CEO of eMascaró at the BHH Headquarters.

DECEMBER 12, 2023 BHH News
The Power of Information

Discover how Barcelona Health Hub and TISAC addressed the power of information with speakers in this webinar.

NOVEMBER 15, 2023 BHH News
Join the BHH Fundraiser for Kids’ Holiday Happiness and make a difference this Christmas!

Join the BHH Fundraiser for Kids’ Holiday Happiness and make a difference this Christmas!

DECEMBER 5, 2023 BHH News
Join the team of Pallapupas!

BHH member Pallapupas is in search of a Project Manager to lead the revolution of emotional care in hospitals!

DECEMBER 4, 2023 BHH News
Did you notice Fagor Healthcare at the #BHHShowroom?

The #BHHShowroom at the BHH Headquarters has a new addition with Fagor Healhcare!

NOVEMBER 30, 2023 BHH News
#BHHInterview with David Campos

This week the Hub met up with BHH partner UPC School, with David Campos, Academic Director of the Digital Health Leadership Program at UPC School.

NOVEMBER 30, 2023 BHH News
COIB and Barcelona Health Hub sign a collaboration agreement

COIB and Barcelona Health Hub sign a collaboration agreement to promote initiatives for the international promotion of Barcelona, especially in the health sector.

NOVEMBER 21, 2023 BHH News
BHH ON AIR with XRHealth at Revolució 4.0 at Catalunya Ràdio

If you’re looking for a quick catch-up about all things related to digital health, don’t miss BHH this weekend at Catalunya Ràdio!

FEBRUARY 1, 2024 BHH News
BHH ON AIR with Astrazeneca at Revolució 4.0 at Catalunya Ràdio

If you’re looking for a quick catch-up about all things related to digital health, don’t miss BHH this weekend at Catalunya Ràdio!

FEBRUARY 16, 2024 BHH News
BHH ON AIR with 4YFN at Revolució 4.0 at Catalunya Ràdio

If you’re looking for a quick catch-up about all things related to digital health, don’t miss BHH this weekend at Catalunya Ràdio!

NOVEMBER 23, 2023 BHH News
Discover the NixiKit at the #BHHShowroom!

Discover the NixiKit at the #BHHShowroom!

NOVEMBER 17, 2023 BHH News
Help out the children of Casal dels Infants this Christmas!

Everybody deserves a gift at Christmas time. That’s why Barcelona Health Hub has partnered up again with Casal dels Infants to help out the children this Christmas.

NOVEMBER 14, 2023 BHH News
Have you already met BHH resident Banco Farmacéutico?

Discover who you can meet at the BHH Headquarters! The BHH residents are those members who have their offices at the Hub.

JULY 27, 2023 BHH News
The consolidation of virtual consultation in the Primary Care Centers of rural areas could save up to €117 M per year

The virtual consultation and the technological tools of remote medicine can play an important role in improving the efficiency of the health system of rural municipalities in Catalonia and, at the same time, avoid various costs for society (travel, opportunity costs, polluting emissions...). The study Digital Health Ecosystem Report prepared by the Cambra de Barcelona and Barcelona Health Hub estimated that the implementation of virtual consultation in primary care in rural areas would save society up to €117 M per year (the total for Catalonia as a whole would be up to €342 M). Thus, the savings for the rural population -those living in municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants and/or a population density of less than 300 inhabitants per km²- would represent 34% of the total of these 342 M€, a figure much higher than its weight in the population, 17%. It should be noted that Catalonia has 949 municipalities, of which 790 (83%) are considered rural. By items, if virtual consultation in these rural areas had been consolidated (60% of the total number of visits), the savings in medical visits would be €72 M per year, while in nursing care it would be €45 M per year. Taking these figures into account, virtual medical care could contribute to reducing territorial inequalities in healthcare and other public services between rural and urban populations. In this sense, the implementation of virtual consultation would not only be relevant for reasons of territorial equity, but also for cost reasons. For this cause, the study has calculated the savings by differentiating between urban and rural populations, with the aim, especially, of estimating the potential benefits for the population living in rural areas where costs and travel time are higher:

  • Savings in transportation costs. Virtual consultation avoids the patient having to travel to the health center and, therefore, reduces the expenses associated with the cost of transport. According to a study by the Bank of Spain, the average distance from a rural municipality to a local service is 12.85 km, while in the case of an urban center, this distance is reduced to 2.12 km.
  • Savings in polluting emissions. In addition to the reduction in transportation costs for patients' pockets, there is also a saving for society in terms of reduced emissions of polluting gases when traveling to the care center.
  • Savings in opportunity costs. When we talk about opportunity cost, it is referring to the time that the patient spends on the consultation and that, for example, is not dedicated to carrying out an economic activity.

It is important to point out that the savings generated by the public healthcare system as a result of virtual consultation or other solutions related to digital health can be used to cover a new demand for healthcare services, without the need to increase the budget. It is fair to say that digital health has to seek a balance between the digitalization of patient care and face-to-face. The technology must allow access to face-to-face care to be of high quality and when conditions require it. As the WHO explains, telemedicine is a useful complement to face-to-face interaction, but does not replace it completely.

JULY 26, 2023 BHH News
Let's welcome Anagram, one of the newest BHH's Residents!

Discover the latest additions to the Hub! The BHH Residents are those members who have their offices at the Hub, which provides them a complete immersion in the world of digital health, all while enjoying the stunning surroundings of the Recinto Modernista. Let's welcome BHH member Anagram, the CRO that provides high quality services in clinical development post-authorization trials, to the BHH Headquarters. Founded in Barcelona in 1998, their mission is to partner with small and medium size pharma and medical device companies to assist them in launching their products on the market. They are very experienced in medical device studies and together with their partner, IEC, they offer full CRO national and international services including image central reading (core lab), analysis and reporting. But why did Anagram decide to locate their offices at the Hub? Plain and simple, it was their natural step to move to the BHH Headquarters and get immersed by the collaboration and networking opportunities. Meet CEO Silvia Casellas and discover why Anagram decided to join other residents at the BHH Headquarters here! [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="https://barcelonahealthhub.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/BHH-Residents-with-Anagram.mp4"][/video]

Do you want to discover another BHH Resident? Check it out HERE!

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JULY 25, 2023 BHH News
Sign up for the Open Innovation Sprint by ACCIÓ - #BHHMembersInitiatives

The market is changing rapidly. A frenetic pace forces companies to increase the level of innovation and open up to new methodologies to adapt to changes and maintain their competitiveness. The Open Innovation Sprint training program is aimed at managers and directors of consolidated companies who want to take a transformational leap and start innovating with startups, technology centers or universities. An opportunity to gain the necessary skills to drive open and disruptive innovation projects and lead the transformation of your company. If you want to accelerate your capacity for change or stimulate the creativity of your team, take advantage of the intensive Open Innovation Sprint program, an opportunity to acquire new skills through two distinct blocks: awareness sessions and a personalized counseling itinerary. A program coordinated and organized by BHH partner ACCIÓ and delivered by IQS (Universitat Ramon Llull). Don't miss this great opportunity and secure your spot now before July 28th HERE.

JULY 20, 2023 BHH News
Zenement shows off their products at the #BHHShowroom!

Did you notice any new addition to the #BHHShowroom lately? That's right, BHH member Zenement is now showing off their products at the BHH Headquarters! Zenement is a leading brand of food supplements in the online health and wellness sector. Through innovative formulas created by its R&D team, they manage to help people take care of their health in an effective way. effectively. Food supplements, also known as nutritional supplements, are products that contain concentrated sources of nutrients or other active ingredients that help people to supplement their diet, thus improving their health. Society's needs move forward, and Zenement moves with them. Through active listening, they are able to detect people's demands in order to improve their wellbeing. Zenement has more than 60 products in different categories: anti-aging, joint health, vitamins and minerals, women's health, sleep, cardiovascular health, adaptogens for stress, supplements to improve cognitive health, and much more. Discover some of their products at the hall of the BHH Headquarters. It's the perfect chance to find out how dietary supplements can help you. Explore their products HERE!

Want to showcase your product at the #BHHShowroom? Contact BHH or discover how here.

JULY 20, 2023 BHH News
Don't miss Frontiers Health 2023 - #BHHMembersInitiatives

Once again, Barcelona Health Hub is partnering up with Frontiers Health, one of the premier global health innovation events. The 2023 edition will take place November 8-10 in Rome, Italy and online, combining the iconic Global Conference with inspirational side events and special initiatives. Frontiers Health, with a strong focus on digital therapeutics, breakthrough technologies, healthcare transformation, investments, and ecosystem development, brings together thought leaders, policy makers, industry players and innovative companies to dive deep into the ongoing challenges, strategic trends and scalable solutions likely to impact healthcare. Their priority is to ensure the fruitful networking among all the participants, no matter online or offline. All the participants will get the access to the networking tool and a chance to reach any of 1000+ of expected experts from all parts of the world. But the good news doesn’t end there! As FH23 Knowledge Partners, there's a 20% discount available for all BHH members off the regular price. Want to get an even better idea of the Frontiers Health event? Watch this recap video from last year's edition. Join the FH23 global community of health innovators and get your exclusive pass HERE!

JULY 20, 2023 BHH News
Sanitas and Barcelona Health Hub strengthen their partnership to drive digital transformation in healthcare

Barcelona Health Hub is thrilled to announce the renewal of its collaboration agreement with Sanitas, a valued member of the organization. This agreement marks another significant milestone in their joint efforts to drive the digital transformation of health and improve people's lives. Sanitas, known for its unwavering commitment to the well-being of individuals, has reaffirmed its dedication to advancing projects and initiatives that foster the digital revolution in healthcare. By placing people at the center of their strategy, Sanitas aims to help individuals lead longer, healthier, and happier lives. This renewed partnership further solidifies their commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences, ensuring easy access to high-quality healthcare services. The renewal of this agreement was attended by Marià Martí Font, Area Manager for Catalonia of Sanitas, and Eva Rosell, General Manager of Barcelona Health Hub. Their collective vision and shared passion for driving positive change in the healthcare industry laid the foundation for the continued collaboration between the two organizations. Sanitas' unwavering commitment to people's health and well-being is evident through this renewed partnership. By partnering with Barcelona Health Hub, they leverage their expertise and collective resources to shape the future of healthcare. Barcelona Health Hub is proud to count once again on this strong alliance, and the positive impact it will have on the digital transformation of the healthcare landscape. It’s a significant step towards realizing their shared vision of a digitally empowered and healthier society.

JULY 19, 2023 BHH News
Did you already meet BHH Resident ABCDx?

Discover the latest additions to the Hub! The BHH Residents are those members who have their offices at the Hub, providing them with a complete immersion in the digital health epicenter while enjoying the stunning surroundings of the Recinto Modernista. This is your chance to meet BHH member ABCDx, who's been located at the Hub for a few weeks now. ABCDx specializes in the discovery, clinical validation and commercialization of brain mobile diagnostic solutions with advanced blood-based biomarkers through its proprietary software as a Medical Device platform. They decided to locate their offices at the magnificent BHH Headquarters to be immersed by the world of digital health. Watch Jean-Charles Sanchez, CEO at ABCDx, explain more about their digital health solution! [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="https://barcelonahealthhub.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/BHH-Residents-with-ABCDx.mp4"][/video]

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JULY 18, 2023 BHH News
Orikine Bio closes €5.5m series seed financing with Sabadell Asabys and AdBio - #BHHMembersInitiatives

Orikine Bio, a biotech company developing a novel proprietary platform for cytokine-based therapies for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, announces the successful closing of a €5.5m seed financing that will support the company to advance candidates through pre-clinical development. BHH member Asabys Partners, Barcelona-based VC firm focused on healthcare innovation investing from its fund Sabadell Asabys II, joins AdBio Partners, French life sciences venture capital firm and initial investor. Orikine Bio is a spin-off from the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) in Barcelona and was co-founded by Dr. Luis Serrano, Dr. Ariadna Montero, Dr. Javier Delgado, Dr. Alejo Chorny and AdBio Partners in 2022. The company’s unique synthetic biology platform delivers optimized and novel engineered cytokines called Foldikines©. Cytokines are proteins that are produced by the immune system and act as soluble messengers that control the entire range of immune responses, including their initiation, type, potency, and duration. Thus, dysregulated cytokine signaling triggers a wide variety of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, allergies, fibrosis, and cancer. Orikine Bio's Foldikines© have unique biological activities that are not available for natural cytokines, making them highly attractive as new drugs for therapeutic interventions. Currently, the company is validating the first Foldikine© candidates, which will advance to the pre-clinical stage with this new funding. The initial focus of the company is to advance these improved cytokines into clinical development for new therapies targeting autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. However, the versatility of the platform developed by Dr. Luis Serrano and his team will allow the development of new drugs for a wide range of immune-based diseases. Luis Serrano, co-founder of Orikine Bio and Director of the CRG, mentions: “Orikine Bio is the fifth spin-off launched by the Centre for Genomic Regulation in a short period of time, demonstrating that curiosity-driven research is a critical source for new idea generation and solutions for patients. The creation of this company has been possible thanks to the development of cutting-edge computational and experimental tools combined with decades of expertise in biochemistry”. Dr. Ariadna Montero, co-founder and Head of Biology at Orikine Bio, adds: “Protein design is a highly-precise task requiring accurate algorithms to generate reliable results. Our unique computational approach makes the process of protein design highly flexible and adaptable to almost any target, speeding up the development process for new drugs.” Sylvain Sachot, Partner at Asabys Partners, states “Orikine Bio’s uniqueness resides in the company’s profound understanding of the immunological processes underlying autoimmune and inflammatory diseases and its ability to modulate these anomalies. The company is targeting a large medical need, and we look forward to working with the management in developing and bringing new immune modulators to the market". “Orikine Bio's Foldikines© could become blockbusters drugs in immunology and this immediately convinced us of the potential of the project. We were highly motivated to cofound the company and shape the initial business plan. We are delighted to welcome Asabys Partners in the Seed Financing, all ingredients are in place for Orikine Bio to become a leader in its space” explains Clement Bertholet, MsC, Partner at AdBio. Alejo Chorny, Co-founder and CEO of Orikine Bio, adds “We are delighted to announce the successful completion of our seed financing round, a significant milestone for our biotech company focused on engineered cytokines for immune-mediated diseases. This funding injection not only validates the tremendous potential of our approach but also provides us with the resources to advance our groundbreaking work. We are grateful for the support and confidence shown by our investors and remain committed to delivering transformative therapies that have the power to reshape the lives of patients battling immune-mediated diseases worldwide”.

JULY 18, 2023 BHH News
Explore secondary use of health data with Biocat at the BHH Headquarters - #BHHMembersInitiatives

This Thursday July 20th, join the event on the secondary use of health data, organized by BHH partner Biocat and held at the BHH Headquarters. Cutting-edge digital health companies will present their innovative projects in a pitch format, highlighting how patient data influences their business models. After the presentations, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a roundtable discussion titled "Expectations on EHDA and the Secondary Use of Health Data - Challenges and Opportunities.” The panel, consisting of experts from the industry including healthcare providers, technology companies, and regulatory bodies, will explore the benefits of utilizing health data for research, innovation, and improving patient outcomes. Ethical and privacy considerations will also be addressed. The roundtable aims to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing among stakeholders to drive responsible use of health data in the digital age. The agenda for the event is the following:

  • 10:00 to 10:15: Presentation of the day and the EHDA project by Montse Daban (Director of Scientific Policy and Internationalization at Biocat).
  • 10:15 to 10:30: Introduction to Barcelona Health Hub.
  • 10:30 to 11:00: Pitch presentations by companies located at Barcelona Health Hub.
  • 11:00 to 11:30: Coffee Break.
  • 11:30 to 13:00: Roundtable "Expectations on EHDA and the Secondary Use of Health Data - Challenges and Opportunities." Panelists include Ángeles Barrios (Public Affairs & Stakeholder Relations Lead at EIT Health), Francisco Lupiáñez (Co-Founder of PredictBy), Joaquín Cayón (Vice President of the European Association for Health Law), Míriam Méndez García (Head of Research and Innovation at the Oficina del DPD de Salut), and Pedro Carrascal (Director General of the Plataforma de Organizaciones de Pacientes), with moderation by Alba Jiménez (Biocat, EDAH Project Manager).

Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and contribute to the discussions shaping the future of health data utilization on July 20th at the BHH Headquarters. Register now to secure your spot at this insightful event HERE!

JULY 14, 2023 BHH News
The beaches of Chipiona will have online medical services this summer

The city of Chipiona, in the province of Cadiz, will have this summer with the implementation of an online medical care service on its beaches. A service that aims to provide security and tranquility to any incident or health consultation that the thousands of bathers who attend the beaches may have. This is the first beach in Spain to launch an initiative that has, in addition to the support of the team of lifeguards and ATS working on the beaches, a telemedicine service that will cover, from the facilities of the lifeguard posts, any health problem that requires the review of a doctor remotely. The service is active since last June 15th and will be maintained until next September 15th from 11.00-21.00 every day of the week on the five beaches of the Andalusian municipality (Montijo, Cruz del Mar, Regla, Camarón and Las Tres Piedras) for the 19,000 inhabitants and tourists who visit these beaches every year. In this sense, the Town Council of Chipiona together with Instinto Deportivo bet on the use of technology to solve health needs through the One Click system, developed by the online health company and BHH member Ever Health, will allow to connect with doctors and quickly attend some of the most common diseases such as otitis or the appearance of fungus, often caused by the prolonged use of wet bathing suits and tight clothing, cystitis, skin lesions caused by constant exposure to the sun or insect or jellyfish bites, among other possible medical consultations linked to accidents, trauma or related to high temperatures, drought, change of environment or bathing in swimming pools and beaches. In addition, remember the importance of consulting truthful and professional sources of information, since it is always very easy to consult the Internet or friends and family. "We live surrounded by information, the possibility of consulting almost any topic on the internet is now commonplace and it is good to have access to information, but in health not everything goes, it is essential to contrast and to be able to have first-hand information" stated Rafael García, CEO and Founder of Ever Health. Telemedicine will play a fundamental role for any consultation, double medical opinion, or simply as a prevention tool, provided that they do not require urgent and immediate attention in person. In these cases, it is necessary to go to the nearest medical center or activate the emergency protocol and ambulance service.

JULY 13, 2023 BHH News
Check out Dedalus and its R&D and Innovation Hub located at the BHH Headquarters

Haven't you passed by the R&D and Innovation Hub of Dedalus, one of BHH's recent residents, already? Discover this BHH Resident at one of the pavilions at the BHH Headquarters. BHH member Dedalus is the leading healthcare and diagnostic software provider in Europe, offering open standards-based solutions serving each actor of the ecosystem to provide better care in a healthier planet. Dedalus decided to set up their R&D Innovation Hub because Barcelona is becoming one of the top cities for attracting talent in the healthcare sector, and because of the ecosystem that Barcelona Health Hub offers connecting companies together. Watch Marisa Felipe, Managing Director Iberia and North America at Dedalus here! [video width="1280" height="720" mp4="https://barcelonahealthhub.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/BHHResidents-with-Dedalus.mp4"][/video]   If you're curious about the BHH Headquarters, take advantadge of the BHH Hot Desk and come to try out the cowork at the Hub, with no strings attached. Contact BHH HERE!

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JULY 13, 2023 BHH News
Pan-American Federation of Associations of Medical Schools PAFAMS and DiarioSalud sign an agreement - #BHHMembersInitiatives
The Pan-American Federation of Associations of Medical Schools (FEPAFEM-PAFAMS) and BHH partner DiarioSalud have signed an agreement to promote the dissemination of scientific knowledge for the development of health, research, and business in the industry. The objective of this agreement is to facilitate inter institutional cooperation between both entities. Under this agreement, they commit to an exclusive relationship between a specialized digital health media outlet and a Federation of Medical Schools. They also recognize their contributions to the execution of the agreed-upon activities in publications, reports, informational materials, messages, and any other means of disseminating these activities. Discover more about BHH partner DiarioSalud and what they do HERE.
JULY 12, 2023 BHH News
CIMTI Challenge call is now opened - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member CIMTI has opened the CIMTI Challenge 2023 Call. This challenge call is addressed to projects with multidisciplinary teams that solve a specific challenge, determined by the agents of health and social system of Catalonia. The CIMTI Challenge 2023 Call, with the title “Promotion of women’s health“, is focused on proposals that address topics like sexual and reproductive health of women, pregnancy monitoring, cancers in women and mental health problems in women. The CIMTI Challenge 2023 Call is addressed to proposals with multidisciplinary teams that offer innovative solutions in the health and social field, such as medical devices, in vitro diagnostics, digital health, and digital therapies. These proposals may come from SISCAT entities, CERCA centers, companies or other entities that emerged from the Catalan health and social system. Candidate projects should be technological and innovative projects focused on the promotion of women’s health. The proposals must be at least in the Proof-of-Concept Phase and, at most in the Proof of Value Phase. Selected projects will follow the Impact Program, which offers services valued in 85.000€. These services will improve the solution in different domains: regulatory, clinical, market and business, technology, etc.., with the end-goal of catalyzing the process for entering in the health system and reaching the market! Register and discover the bases of the call HERE!
JULY 11, 2023 BHH News
The inclusion of citizens in research projects on women’s health - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Including citizens in scientific health research is possible and highly necessary. From identifying a need or challenge, to generating data, formulating research questions or designing the study, involving citizens provides valuable data and a perspective that takes into account people's needs and priorities. This ensures that the results are more applicable, aligned with social needs, and have an impact on people's quality of life and the efficiency and equity of the healthcare system. Furthermore, including citizens in research is an indicator of good practices and is a cross-cutting axis of the Horizon Europe Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, which builds on the lessons learned from Horizon 2020. From the health area, Science for Change offers services based on citizen science, participatory methodologies, and co-creation approaches that are highly inclusive and reproducible. These services address various needs that may arise in the field of health related to research, improvement of healthcare services, and training. With the IIB (the Sant Pau Hospital Research Institute) they have conducted three co-creation sessions for the development of research projects on women's health that involve citizens in research, following the principles of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). During these three sessions, researchers, clinicians, citizens, and patients have joined forces to advance the Women's Health and Gender program. They started by identifying women's health challenges for participatory research. Once identified, three main challenges were selected:
  • Comprehensive approach to menopause
  • Gender bias in the diagnosis, treatment, and research of health issues
  • Study of the collectivization of care, promoting new masculinities and co-responsibility
Then, they proceeded with the co-design of three research projects focused on the identified challenges. They identified what they know about these challenges and what they need to know, co-designed objectives, mapped key stakeholders following the quadruple helix model, and focused on citizens, which was the objective of the sessions. They discussed whom to include, how, when, and in what way. Once these aspects were identified, they also defined indicators to evaluate active citizen participation in the projects, in order to gather data and assess their success. The institute aims to pursue these three projects and secure funding to carry them out. At Science for Change, they hope to continue collaborating and witness the growth of these essential initiatives. They would like to express their gratitude to the researchers, citizens, and patients who actively participated in the co-design of the projects, as well as to the RRI department of the IIB for their trust in them!
JULY 11, 2023 BHH News
Discover the last edition of the 'Premios La Razón' awards - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Last month, the EpiPASS project, developed by BHH member Angelini Pharma in Spain, was awarded the ‘La Razón - A tu Salud' award in the category of 'best healthcare route'. EpiPASS was launched last year with the aim of facilitating the care standardization and for patients with epilepsy in the healthcare process in the Spanish National Healthcare System. The project focused in a first phase on identifying the main barriers that a patient with epilepsy faces throughout their life in the healthcare system in order to, on the second phase of the project, propose a series of concrete measures to improve their treatment and diagnosis, and ultimately their quality of life. Epilepsy is suffered by 400,000 people in Spain and still faces certain social stigma. Therefore, as Natalia Armstrong, Communications and PR Director in Spain, expressed when accepting the award, "receiving this award means that we have achieved something very necessary: to put the focus on epilepsy, and its unmet needs".
JULY 10, 2023 BHH News
Read the prestigious Economic Report of Catalonia
Barcelona Health Hub is proud to be featured in the prestigious Economic Report of Catalonia, an annual report of the economic and business balance of Catalonia for the year concluded, written by the General Council of Chambers of Commerce of Catalonia, in collaboration with the Government of Catalonia. Cristian Pascual, president of Barcelona Health Hub, wrote an article in this report about the "Challenges and opportunities of digital health in Barcelona". The articles mentions how, in the actual context of saturation of healthcare, digital health has become a key tool for the exponential improvement of the system as it seeks to leverage ICT capabilities to improve healthcare, making it more accessible, efficient and patient-centered. According to Cristian, "We are witnessing the 'perfect storm' in healthcare. On the one hand, we are facing a major problem with the retirement of 50% of healthcare professionals in the next 10 years, and on the other hand, the demand for healthcare is increasing due to the growing number of elderly people and their longer and longer life expectancy." "The global pandemic has already highlighted the need for more healthcare personnel. According to a WHO study, there will be a shortage of 9.9 million health professionals worldwide by 2030. And the pandemic was already a warning. The saturation and congestion of the healthcare system has accelerated the debate and there is great social pressure to take measures to preserve and improve the quality of healthcare", says Cristian. Do you want to know more about this perfect storm we're facing? Read the full article in Catalan HERE!
[pdf-embedder url="https://barcelonahealthhub.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/MEC_2022-Article-BHH.pdf" title="Economic Report of Catalonia - BHH Article "]
JULY 7, 2023 BHH News
Join the LinkedIn Live "Change of Mindset: Innovating in Health Ecosystems" - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Join the upcoming "Change of Mindset: Innovating in Health Ecosystems" LinkedIn Live next Thursday 13th of July, by BHH member DMO design company. DMO design company is a global design and innovation company with 17 years of experience and over 500 projects completed across five continents. DMO connects design with business, co-creating innovation with clients to design products, services, and experiences that enhance quality of life. With a primary focus on healthcare, DMO utilizes agile methodologies to co-create scalable solutions with leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry. Martín Boschetti, Head of Innovation at DMO design company, alongside with BHH Ambassador Orlando Vergara, will share their extensive experience in key high-impact topics in the transformation of the Pharma Industry and Digital Health. This event will explore the opportunities, experiences, and learnings from the healthcare industry in different parts of the world, identifying the emerging need for a mindset shift to add value to constantly evolving ecosystems and environments. Schedule the event for July 13th at 12hrs in Argentina (GMT-3) and 17hrs at Spain (CEST). Register now for this LinedIn Live HERE.
JULY 6, 2023 BHH News
Master the future of digital healthcare with this exclusive Scholarship! - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Building a workforce who can understand the opportunities of the digital disruptions is a key aspect in the digital transformation that the healthcare industry is facing. The transformative potential of technologies is optimizing the way in which public and private health is managed, creating digital solutions to improve the quality of life of all citizens. Therefore, the healthcare ecosystem needs more than ever to go hand in hand with today’s digital disruptions. Do not miss the opportunity to be one of the leaders who are transforming this gap between health and technology, by joining the Master in Digital Healthcare of the Barcelona Technology School. It's an interdisciplinary program led by leaders of digital transformation, medicine and the pharmaceutical world, and designed for active professionals who want to take advantage of the exponential power of digital innovation to transform the health and pharma systems. It is also accredited by BHH member Universitat de Barcelona. It will provide you with the necessary tools, methods, legal framework, and technological expertise of the health ecosystem to develop and implement patient-centric solutions, while you interact and network with peers from across the globe working for public and private health sectors, and companies such as Sanofi, Roche, Bayer, among others. As part of the Barcelona Health Hub community, you can apply for one of their special scholarships for the participation in this October edition (available in an on-campus and online modality, 100% in English). You can find more information about the Master in Digital Healthcare in their website, or you can contact them directly to receive more details about the program and its opportunities HERE.
JUNE 29, 2023 BHH News
The 1st 'Unwanted Loneliness Challenge Call' is now open! - #BHHMembersInitiatives
The Hub for Social and Health Innovation (HiSS) is pleased to announce that the 1st Unwanted Loneliness Challenge Call is now open! The HiSS is a public initiative promoted by the Terrassa Health Consortium with the support of the Department of Health and the Department of Social Rights. It was created with the aim of capturing and accelerating social and health innovation projects from all over the territory capable of transforming the Catalan health and social system. Their mission is to accompany these projects to maximize their chances of being implemented in the system and have a real impact on citizens. To achieve this, the 10 selected projects will receive a personalized support service and funding of up to €80,000 for a period of 10 months. The call is open to all types of projects, whether they originate from the social or health sector, regardless of their nature: organizational model, technology-based, social or health interventions, etc. The only essential conditions are:
  • The project must demonstrate an impact on both the Catalan public social and health sectors.
  • The project must fit into the theme of the call, Unwanted Loneliness.
If you think your project could enter the call, don't think about it! The HiSS team is holding a webinar on June 30th at10 hrs, in order to explain in detail the entire call application and selection process. They will also leave space to resolve the doubts of all the people present. The cut-off date for presenting the projects is August 8th, but the winners won't be announced until October. You can see in the following image how the call is organize through upcoming months. Register now for the webinar, whether you can or cannot come, as they will send you the recording of the session. Sign up HERE.
JUNE 29, 2023 BHH News
Shattering barriers: Let's appreciate the positive impact of diversity on mental health every day - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Diversity and taking pride in being part of a diverse group, such as the LGBTQ+ community, positively impacts mental health by fostering acceptance, reducing stigma, and creating a sense of belonging and support. From BHH member Healthy Work, and especially during Pride Month, they want to stress the positive impact of diversity on employees' mental health. Diversity in the workplace fosters respect and understanding. By embracing different perspectives, cultures, and backgrounds, employees feel valued and supported. This inclusive environment promotes psychological well-being, reduces stress, and enhances overall job satisfaction. Additionally, diverse teams bring a wealthy range of ideas, creativity, and innovation, leading to better problem-solving and decision-making. When individuals can bring their authentic selves to work, it creates a sense of belonging and encourages collaboration. Overall, embracing diversity not only improves the workplace and productivity but also enhances the mental health and overall happiness of employees. Diversity should be embraced in our day-to-day lives to cause a significant impact. From Healthy Work, they encourage to embrace the beauty of individuality and promoting a world where anyone can thrive and be included. A diverse world at work represents better our society and helps improve our understanding of products getting them in tune with the reality out there. If you are an HR, H&S, or Manager, and you care about your employees’ well-being or you simply want to talk about how to create a healthier and more inclusive environment in your workplace, get in touch with them HERE.
JUNE 29, 2023 BHH News
Discover the products of Roda at the #BHHShowroom!
Have you had the chance to see the new exhibit at the entrance of the BHH Headquarters? Discover the new addition to the BHH Showroom with products of BHH member Roda Cosmetics! Roda Cosmetics is a product–lead tech company advocating for health and beauty, offering a complete line of skincare and haircare products, effective while natural, vegan and sustainable. Roda has innovative formulas that combine the purest Mediterranean botanicals and high-performance active ingredients with advanced AI technology and research. Roda also minimizes the environmental impact, partnering with local artisans and providers in France, Italy and Spain, all while striving to have a packaging as much eco-responsible as possible. Come to the BHH Headquarters to check out different products of Roda in real life, or get in touch with the team of Roda Cosmetics.
JUNE 28, 2023 BHH News
AI in health apps: a revolution in medicine - #BHHMembersInitiatives
The healthcare sector has undergone a revolutionary development in recent years. Advances in technology and medical research have led to the development of numerous healthcare apps that enable better diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Among the most innovative technological advances in the healthcare sector is Artificial Intelligence (AI), as BHH member Doonamis, specialists in the development of quality Apps and Web, states. The rise of AI and health applications Health apps have been around for a long time, but with improvements in mobile technology, more and more developers are now focused on creating health apps that can improve health outcomes. Reports from Allied Market Research show that the size of the global digital health market will reach $509.2 billion by 2025, with an annual growth rate of 18.6%. How AI improves health outcomes in healthcare applications
  1. Personalisation of treatment plans: With AI-based healthcare applications, doctors can more quickly access large amounts of data, identify the best treatment options for different diseases and create a personalized treatment plan for each patient.
  2. Diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases: These applications can analyze large amounts of health data and detect any abnormalities in a patient's health status. With greater diagnostic accuracy, doctors can offer more effective treatment options tailored to the patient's specific needs.
  3. Early detection of disease: AI-enabled health applications can monitor patient health data, provide early warning signs and intervene before disease worsens.
  4. Reduce diagnostic errors: AI-enabled healthcare applications are designed with specific algorithms to reduce diagnostic errors. These algorithms use electronic health records (EHRs) to analyze a patient's medical history and recommend treatment options.
Learn more information about Doonamis and this article HERE.
JUNE 28, 2023 BHH News
Gebro Pharma launches its new blog for asthma patients - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member Laboratorios Gebro Pharma has recently launched its blog 'Tu Salud', designed especially for asthma patients and their families and caregivers. This innovative blog aims to provide reliable information, helpful resources, and a supportive space for those living with asthma. The blog is propelled by Gebro Pharma's commitment to improving the quality of life of asthma patients by providing them with an online platform where they can find accurate and up-to-date information about their health condition, as well as practical advice for managing asthma in daily life. The blog features a wide variety of content covering topics such as practical tips on lifestyle, inspiring patient stories and interviews with asthma experts. All content will be created by a team of health professionals and asthma experts. Access Gebro Pharma's blog HERE.
JUNE 26, 2023 BHH News
Vodafone and Barcelona Health Hub team up to drive digital transformation in healthcare
Barcelona Health Hub is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Vodafone, a global telecommunications giant. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in both organizations' quests to revolutionize healthcare through cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions. The partnership between Barcelona Health Hub and Vodafone brings together two industry powerhouses with complementary expertise. BHH, known for its vibrant community of startups, healthcare institutions, corporates and investors, offers a unique ecosystem in digital health for collaboration, networking, and knowledge exchange. Meanwhile, Vodafone's extensive experience in telecommunications, digital solutions and innovation provides a strong technological backbone. Vodafone is keen to provide its broad experience in technology and innovation that have the potential to reshape healthcare as we know it. Barcelona Health Hub and Vodafone are committed to fostering an environment of innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship within the healthcare ecosystem. According to Eva Rosell, General Manager of Barcelona Health Hub: “It is a great opportunity for Barcelona Health Hub to count on a leading technology company such as Vodafone, since together we can drive significant advancements in healthcare technology, improve patient outcomes, and create a sustainable future for the industry.” According to Diego Presa, Cataluña Vodafone Business Director: "Driving the digitisation of key sectors such as healthcare is part of our DNA. We are convinced that our technology and innovation will serve as a lever to transform healthcare, achieving better treatments for patients and maximising health outcomes in our country. We are confident that this alliance will provide the collaborative environment necessary to make this transformation a reality". In short, the collaboration between Barcelona Health Hub and Vodafone marks an important milestone in the healthcare sector's journey towards innovation and digital transformation.
JUNE 23, 2023 BHH News
Apply now for the Pedriatic Innovation Challenge - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH members i4KIDS and AstraZeneca are looking for innovative projects focused on reducing the viral load of paediatric influenza. This Pediatric Innovation Challenge program aims to promote projects focused on implementing solutions for the Spanish pediatric healthcare system and society in general, through the use of digital technologies and new awareness and education strategies. Examples of possible solutions:
  • Platforms or tools for vaccination management and influenza disease prevention.
  • Applications or tools to improve the accessibility of vaccination information for people with disabilities and vulnerable communities (e.g. low-income communities).
  • Telemedicine platforms for healthcare professionals, including alert and reminder systems to support vaccination management, communication with patients, and monitoring population coverage.
  • AI-based personalized recommendation system for childhood vaccination.
  • Educational projects targeting different communities, including professionals, general public, schools, children’s centers, and vulnerable populations (e.g. low-income communities).
  • Social innovation projects that raise disease awareness and promote healthy habits to prevent children influenza.
  • Any other strategy or approach whose main outcome focuses on reducing children’s influenza burden.
The call is open until 15th July and the winning project will be awarded a maximum amount of 50,000€. The amount will be financed by AstraZeneca and used to implement the winning project. If you have a solution that aims to improve vaccination coverage, childhood influenza awareness and/or prevention of this disease, they invite you to be part of this important paediatric innovation challenge. Contact i4KIDS team, let them know your interest in participating in this challenge and share your idea. They will help you with the focus of the report so that you can develop and submit your application on time! Be part of the Pediatric Innovation Challenge and help improve the health of our children HERE!
JUNE 23, 2023 BHH News
WellWo and DyCare team up to offer a personalized wellness program for employees - #BHHMembersInitiatives
WellWo, dedicated to corporate wellbeing, is happy to announce its partnership with BHH member DyCare, a renowned technology company specialized in digital health solutions with more than 400 customers and operations in Spain, Italy and Latin America. This partnership seeks to provide corporate collaborators, through WellWo's healthy platform, with DyCare's AI-enabled wellness exercise program. WellWo, with its focus on corporate wellness, seeks to provide employees of organizations with an additional option to take care of their health and well-being. By implementing the wellness exercise module, employees will be able to access exercises designed specifically for their individual needs. The main objective of the collaboration between WellWo and DyCare is to provide prevention and wellness exercises that are adapted to the individual needs of each employee and that will help prevent, identify and alleviate discomfort in an agile and effective way. This innovative tool corrects in real time the execution of the exercise, thanks to the use of motion detection technology. It is only necessary to use the camera of the cell phone, computer or tablet. In addition, this service is available in several languages, including Spanish, Catalan, Italian and English, to ensure accessibility to all users. Through this collaboration, it is expected to promote a healthy and active lifestyle among employees and in the prevention of musculoskeletal problems. The customized wellness exercise programs help improve physical health, reduce stress and promote the overall well-being of employees. "We are excited to join forces with DyCare because it allows us to expand our platform tools with an innovative tool," says Orlando Perez, CEO of WellWo. "This collaboration will allow us to provide companies with a comprehensive solution to take care of the health and well-being of their teams and, thus, ensure greater productivity and happiness in teams." Encouraging active breaks in companies brings with it a number of tangible benefits, both for employees and the organization as a whole. The incorporation of this new assisted exercise program promises to make a difference to employees' quality of life and contribute to the long-term success of the company.
JUNE 22, 2023 BHH News
Abzu wins best HealthTech at the 2023 Nordic Startup Awards - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member Abzu, the Danish / Spanish startup that has introduced new methods and technology to drive discoveries in life science research, is thrilled to win Best HealthTech at the 2023 Nordic Startup Awards. The Best HealthTech award recognizes a startup with innovative and impactful technology solutions with a quantfiable positive impact on health and healthcare outcomes. “We could not be at a more exciting place in our journey,” says Casper Wilstrup, CEO and founder of Abzu. “Our purpose is to catalyze discoveries, innovations, and advancements — to make the prevention of illness and preservation of human life not just a possibility, but a reality. It is a true honor for our work to be recognized.” The Nordic Startup Awards were held in Reykjavik, Iceland, as part of Iceland Innovation Week. Startups, entrepreneurs, and venture capital from all over Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden competed in 12 categories. Unfortunately, due to several flight cancellations, no Abzu representatives were able to attend. “We were so disappointed to miss out on such an amazing night! But we are proud for our work to be recognized, and we are proud to represent Denmark and the Nordics at the Global Startup Awards,” says Jonas Wilstrup, CFO and COO of Abzu. As a Global Finalist, Abzu will represent the Nordic startup ecosystem at the 2024 Global Startup Awards — the largest independent startup ecosystem competition — and will be competing for Best HealthTech Startup. Discover more about this startup HERE.
JUNE 21, 2023 BHH News
Barcelona Health Hub and Insurtech Community Hub strengthen their collaboration to expand their presence in Madrid and Barcelona
Barcelona Health Hub is thrilled to announce a strategic alliance with Insurtech Community Hub (ICH) to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange between their communities in Madrid and Barcelona. This agreement will provide its members with a wider range of resources and services for their professional and business development. By virtue of this collaboration, both BHH and ICH will have an increased presence in Madrid and Barcelona, respectively. This will allow both communities to benefit from the synergy created by the interaction between professionals and entrepreneurs from different regions. As part of this agreement, Insurtech Community Hub will hold a series of meetings and workshops in Barcelona, while Barcelona Health Hub will organize similar events in Madrid. These meetings will be an opportunity to explore topics of common interest and foster the exchange of ideas between members of both communities. In addition, some of these events will be co-organised by both associations, allowing for a diverse and enriching participation of panelists, speakers and attendees. Members of both communities will enjoy exclusive benefits, advantages and services as part of this collaboration. As Óscar Paz, General Manager of Insurtech Community Hub, comments, "this alliance represents a step forward in the promotion of entrepreneurship, innovation and digital transformation in the insurance and health sectors." Eva Rosell, General Manager of Barcelona Health Hub, adds: "This collaboration agreement between BHH and ICH strengthens the position of digital health in the insurance industry. We will further deepen the links between the two associations to contribute to the transfer of the insurance sector through digital health."
JUNE 20, 2023 BHH News
Biomedical engineering internship for Medical Devices at Perdigó - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member Perdigó is looking for a Biomedical Engineering student who is highly motivated to learn and contribute to projects alongside their Medical Devices team! Perdigó is a technology development consultancy based in the Barcelona area. They work on medical products and technology with our clients to change people’s lives. Projects there are diverse: from blue sky innovation to ‘fast-tracked to market’ developments; digital and hardware; client-funded and self-started. To start with, you would work on the following:
  • Contribute to compiling the technical file of a Medical Device
  • Define user and technical requirements, considering performance, safety and regulations
  • Contribute to risk management activities
  • Search and apply the medical regulation applicable to each project
  • Take part in the verification and validation tests
  • Communicate your work in a multidisciplinary environment where the status quo is challenged continuously
They are looking for applicants that meet the following requirements:
  • Biomedical engineering student eligible for an internship agreement
  • Driven to change people’s lives through medical technologies
  • Responsible and result oriented; professional and ambitious
  • Professional competence in English
  • Based or willing to be based in Barcelona
  • Knowledge or experience of the medical device or healthcare markets is a plus
  • Understanding of the MDR and other relevant regulations or standards is a plus
They offer:
  • A paid internship opportunity with great career potential
  • A steep learning curve
  • Working alongside fresh, experienced and entrepreneurial team members
If you think you're a match and would like to work with Perdigó, please send them an e-mail. Quote the reference “20230616 Biomedical engineering internship”, attach your CV, and let them know your availability for an interview. Discover more about the company HERE.
JUNE 20, 2023 BHH News
BHH and the Ricky Rubio Foundation unite to make a difference for children's health
The Health Revolution Congress last month was an overwhelming success. It wasn't just about delving into the world of digital health, discovering cutting-edge technologies, and expanding networks, but iIt also provided a remarkable opportunity to give back to the community. Barcelona Health Hub proudly joined forces with The Ricky Rubio Foundation, an organization that is making a significant difference in the lives of many. Led by basketball player Ricky Rubio, an active NBA player, this non-profit foundation is dedicated to using the power of sports to help children and families in need, while also supporting research into the prevention and treatment of lung cancer. Their main focus areas are children and lung cancer. With a primary focus on children and lung cancer, they firmly believe in offering support and resources to children facing challenges such as illness or poverty. Through their diverse programs and initiatives, their aim is to enhance the quality of life for these children and help them reach their full potential. That's why the proceeds from the Revolution Dinner were dedicated to this exceptional foundation. Barcelona Health Hub extends its warmest appreciation to all the attendees for their support in creating real opportunities for the lives of many children. Together, let's strive for a future where better healthcare is accessible to all. To celebrate this great achievement, Josep Heredia, coordinator of The Ricky Rubio Foundation, met with BHH’s Oscar Garcia-Esquirol at the BHH Headquarters to celebrate with some basketball play - although they’re clearly not as professional as Ricky would have been!
JUNE 19, 2023 BHH News
Meet AYO at the BHH Showroom
Have you had the chance to see the new exhibit at the entrance of the BHH Headquarters? BHH member AYO, has seized the opportunity to exhibit their product in the BHH Showroom! AYO is redefining health and biological time for 300 million people worldwide who track their sleep and health with wearables. They are building the world’s first Circadian Health technology that is clinically proven to improve sleep, mood and performance. Unlike trackers or generic sleep/health solutions, AYO taps into your circadian rhythm - a biological foundation that impacts almost all of the body and brain functions. By using your own biology and light therapy, AYO enables you to venture beyond tracking and actually improve your health & wellness outcomes. AYO uses the power of light therapy and your own circadian rhythm to optimise your brain and body functions, including metabolism, sleep, alertness, immune response, mood, and so much more. So why settle for mediocre health and wellness when you can unlock your full potential with AYO? Discover it at the #BHHShowroom.
Check out other displays at the BHH Showroom HERE.
JUNE 19, 2023 BHH News
Eco-Disruptive seeks innovative solutions to address sustainability and health challenges - #BHHMembersInitiatives
The impact of the healthcare sector on the environment is clear, as its climate impact accounts for 4.4% of the world's total. Thus, if it were a country, it would be the fifth largest emitter on the planet. Climate change, pollution, waste, loss of biodiversity and habitat degradation pose enormous challenges to people's health. Sanitas and Bupa aim to achieve longer, healthier and happier lives while creating a better world. As a global healthcare company, their goal is to reduce the impact of healthcare on the environment and build resilient healthcare systems. To this end, Sanitas is opening the period to participate in the third edition of eco-Disruptive, a global talent and innovation program that is part of the company's sustainability strategy. The six areas of work will be: decarbonization, to reduce CO2 emissions; circular solutions, to reduce the use of natural resources; sustainable products and services that reduce the use of natural resources and harmful emissions; sustainable health choices, solutions that bring together customers and clinicians in the quest to mitigate the environmental impact on health; healthy buildings that contribute to healthcare, wellness and environmental care; urban restoration and regeneration to seek solutions that improve the health of local communities. The program aims to detect and promote those startups that propose innovative solutions in the field of sustainability. Sanitas and Bupa have created a website where entrepreneurs with a project in any of the 6 areas with a positive impact on sustainability can participate and aspire to win eco-Disruptive 2023. The winning company will receive £200,000 to invest in the development of its sustainability solution. In addition, all finalist startups will be awarded £25,000 to assist in the development of a minimum viable product. eco-Disruptive will bring together Sanitas and Bupa employees, entrepreneurs and startups to tackle some of today's most important challenges to the health of our planet and people. "We are starting a new edition of our exciting global talent and innovation program that enables employees to design the future of Sanitas and Bupa. eco-Disruptive brings together three key elements of our strategy: sustainability, digital transformation and agile culture, with the firm intention of creating a movement to promote sustainable innovation. Our employees are a fundamental part of that future and innovation is a tool that allows us to accelerate our sustainability agenda," explains Elena Juarez, Chief People Officer of Sanitas and Bupa Europe & Latin America. Have you got what it takes? You have until July 5th to apply for the eco-Disruptive 2023. Learn more about the initiative and apply now HERE.
JUNE 16, 2023 BHH News
Accelerate your clinical validation journey: insider takeaways and practical advice
Take the first step towards the clinical validation of your digital health solution! On June 29th at 12 hrs, you’re invited to come to the BHH Headquarters to explore everything you need to know about the clinical validation of your product.  Get practical information and insider takeaways from Barcelona Health Hub, together with the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau. Discover what steps to take, which mistakes to avoid and what obstacles to overcome. Special guest will be Ricardo Jauregui of BHH member DyCare, who is currently one of the companies that are executing the clinical validation of their digital health products. Discover everything you want about their road to validation, and discover tips and tricks to apply to your own company. Also Andy Olivares, Co-Founder of Virtest will also join the talk with his insights about the clinical validation road. You’ll have the floor to ask all your questions, and afterwards there will be plenty of time for some 1-to-1 conversations with Barcelona Health Hub and the Hospital.  Let's get together on June 29th at 12 hrs at the BHH Headquarters to take the first step towards the clinical validation of your digital health solution! Registration HERE!
JUNE 15, 2023 BHH News
"Digital transformation in the Catalan Health System" informative session - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Don't miss the informative session "Digital transformation in the Catalan Health System", on the Next Generation Fund, co-organized by BHH member Fundació TIC Salut i Social, BHH partners Biocat and ACCIÓ. This informative day aims to approach the relevant lines of work on digital transformation of the health system of Catalonia (Sistema de Salut de Catalunya) and promote synergies with the industrial and technological fabric in strategic projects financed with Next Generation Europe funds. Therefore, this session is to encourage the participation of the industrial and technological fabric in strategic projects for the Catalan Health System. The session will be held next Tuesday 4th of July, from 9hrs to 13hrs, at Dr. Josep Salvany Building, 81 Roc Boronat Street, 08005, Barcelona. Discover more about this session HERE.
JUNE 14, 2023 BHH News
Digital Health: A journey towards personalised healthcare - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Doctoralia organizes a roundtable on digital health technologies and how they are transforming patient care, from patient centricity to a personalized healthcare experience. Industry experts gather in Barcelona next June 21st to exchange impressions, share their experiences, and shed light on what’s to come for the healthcare sector:
  • Manel Peiró, Executive Master Director in Healthcare Organizations Management at ESADE Business School
  • Myriam Fernández, Head of Health Innovation in Amazon Web Services
  • Albert Mascarell, biotech, medtech and deeptech business builder
  • María Cordón, Blue Healthcare Director, Quirón Group ex counselor
The discussion will start at 9:30am and will be moderated by Carlos Villaverde, CEO of Doctoralia. After the session, attendees will be able to join a breakfast networking and meet the speakers and other colleagues. With a mission to “make the healthcare experience more human”, Doctoralia creates digital apps and software solutions for doctors, clinics, hospitals and patients to enable the healthcare ecosystem and the patient journey to work together more seamlessly. Through its innovative and user-friendly software, doctors and clinics can optimize patient flow, reduce costly no-shows and completely digitize their practices - all resulting in valuable time savings that can instead be used to improve patient outcomes and experiences. Now, the platform, that is part of Docplanner Group, is launching Doctoralia Connect: a series of online and offline events with the aim of bringing together the key opinion leaders and players of the industry, and create shared knowledge spaces between them and the professionals and healthcare managers that are at the forefront of the industry. Space is limited so be sure to register here to join the event for free. You can also join the event via streaming.  
JUNE 13, 2023 BHH News
Discover the micro-theater project #PodríaSerYo - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Angelini Pharma promotes the micro-theater project #PodríaSerYo to raise awareness among young people about the importance of monitoring and taking care of their mental health. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health has been significantly compromised and has gained visibility in social and healthcare debates. In this context, Angelini Pharma, firmly committed to brain health, has launched the micro-theater project #PodríaSerYo, aiming to break taboos around mental health and raise awareness about the need to remain vigilant for any signs or symptoms of potential brain health disorders. #PodríaSerYo, is carried out in collaboration with a professional theater company and supported by a Scientific Committee composed of two psychiatrists, Dr. Carles Masip, a psychiatrist at BHH partner Hospital del Mar in Barcelona, and Dr. Sandra Rubio, a psychiatrist at the Transition Unit of CSM Puente de Vallecas, in collaboration with Angelini Pharma. The school María Auxiliadora - Salesianas Villaamil in Madrid has participated in the initiative by hosting a pilot of the theatrical performances. These performances, held in different spaces within the school, depicted the stories of five individuals living with mental health disorders, including depression and anxiety, cannabis-induced psychosis, eating disorders, bullying, and self-harm. As a closing event, a debate was held with the participation of Dr. Carles Masip, Dr. Inmaculada Palanca (Head of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the Puerta de Hierro-Majadahonda University Hospital in Madrid), and the school students. The objective of the debate was to provide a space for reflection and sharing of observations from the performances, as well as to offer tools to help in any risky situations. Angelini Pharma aims to bring the project to other educational institutions in the coming months.
JUNE 13, 2023 BHH News
Event: workshop “Driving Digital Therapies” by Vodafone - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Vodafone Business and the DTx Consortium organize the first workshop about “Driving Digital Therapies” on June 21 at 16 hrs. The event is held for the community of experts from different healthcare fields - pharmaceutical industry, doctors and patients - to explore the opportunities and challenges of digital therapies. Digital therapies (DTx) represent a high-value opportunity to improve the efficiency, equity, resilience and sustainability of the healthcare system. In this first session of a set of three workshops, they will analyze the current context of digital therapies in this country.  The event will explore the definition of challenges, contributions of technology and how the ecosystem work of the different players is essential to overcome barriers to entry and promote the evolution of DTx.   Interested? Check out more info here.
JUNE 9, 2023 BHH News
Grow your startup with the Acelera Programme!
Discover in the Acelera Programme how to find solutions to the most common causes of failure for your startup! This programme will help you to grow your company through knowledge, mentoring and connections. Did you know that only 1 in 10 startups survive to the third year and achieve success? You can beat those odds and become that startup with the Acelera Programme! BHH members have the opportunity to roll in this programme, completely free of charge and aimed at startups younger than 5 years. You’ll get access to a state-of-the-art training platform, where you receive practical classes taught by international experts with mentors with proven business experience. Startups also get access to a network of contacts with the investment world and key corporations in the banking, insurance and health sectors. The programme is 100% financed by European funds, and powered by IDC, Community of Insurance and Unikemia. Barcelona Health Hub is a trusted partner of the programme.  The programme helps you to overcome the eight most common causes of startup failure. Apply now for this great opportunity! The deadline for registration is July 15th.

Grow your startup with the Acelera Programme!

JUNE 8, 2023 BHH News
Explore VISIONARIUM, Gilead Sciences' innovation hub - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Discover VISIONARIUM, the innovation hub of Gilead Sciences and BHH member Esade. A collaborative space of excellence to promote the generation and acceleration of disruptive ideas in health through innovative projects. VISIONARIUM aims to make the impossible possible and open to all visionary, innovative, entrepreneurial, pioneering, different minds... to advance the improvement of health and jointly solve the health and social challenges of our world today. The first call of this project focuses on driving transformative innovation in HIV, being the first acceleration program in this field. Through the Accelerator Program, Gilead will invest €180,000, which will be used for the development of 3 winning projects that provide solutions in the following fields:
  1. Prevention, diagnosis and referral
  2. The person with HIV
  3. Quality of HIV care
In the same framework, the Inspiring Visions sessions aim to bring together the entrepreneurial, healthcare, academic and patient community in Catalonia to seek innovative solutions to HIV in a live co-creation session. This meeting, which is part of a series of sessions that will travel to several Spanish cities, is part of VISIONARIUM, the Gilead and Esade Innovation Hub that promotes the implementation of innovative ideas to improve the quality of life of people with HIV. You don't need to be an expert in health, or even working on health issues. Gilead can guide you through the call for proposals, so that you can adapt your technology to the needs of people with HIV. If you want to be part of one of these co-creation and networking sessions, you can register HERE. Learn more information about VISIONARIUM in their website HERE.
JUNE 8, 2023 BHH News
The importance of empathy in the workplace - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member Healthy Work, that aims to help companies and employees with their personal and professional difficulties by taking care of their wellbeing and mental health, has written an article about the importance of empathy in the workplace. Workplace empathy is crucial, as evidenced by the fact that 82% of employees would switch jobs for a more empathetic company, according to a study by State of Workplace Empathy by Bussinessolver. This suggests that workplace empathy is often undervalued in terms of its importance. It may be an unknown and potent skill that deserves further exploration. While we commonly apply empathy in personal contexts, work-related pressures, workload, and achievement-oriented mindsets often lead us to focus primarily on ourselves. To fight this, an increasing number of companies are embracing the promotion of workplace empathy at various levels, be it individual, organizational, or corporate. Empathy is the intentional understanding of others' emotions and experiences, creating an objective and rational connection. It promotes assistance and is closely tied to altruism, love, concern for others, and support. Unlike antipathy, empathy brings pleasure, joy, and satisfaction through meaningful connections. It fosters positive attitudes, healthy relationships, and harmonious coexistence among individuals. At the workplace level, empathy offers several benefits. It improves communication and interpersonal relationships with colleagues, suppliers, and clients, regardless of one's position. Empathetic individuals possess a unique predisposition for highly sought-after competencies in today's job market, such as customer service, leadership ability, negotiation skills, and teamwork, as highlighted by Cepynews. To foster workplace empathy:
  • Invest time in meaningful interactions with colleagues, going beyond job roles.
  • Understand individuals on a deeper level, like John, a father of three, or "the maintenance guy."
  • Observe and actively listen to others, paying attention to details and signs of distress.
  • Offer help to overwhelmed colleagues and be open to asking for assistance when needed.
  • Remember that empathy is not solely an individual responsibility: an organizational culture promoting teamwork and shared goals is crucial.
  • A healthy work environment facilitates empathetic actions, contrasting with a hostile setting.
For more information on workplace empathy, employees’ well-being, or other concerns, you can check Healthy Work's website HERE.
JUNE 8, 2023 BHH News
Join the ITC DIA Europe Kick Off Summit at the BHH Headquarters!
The insurtech landscape is undergoing a profound digital transformation. Discover on June 27th the ITC DIA Europe Kick Off Summit, which will bring together industry experts at the BHH Headquarters to discuss the latest trends and innovations. Organized by Insurtech Community Hub in collaboration with Barcelona Health Hub, this exciting event will feature a morning session filled with insightful panel discussions. From 10am to 1pm, you will have the opportunity to delve into the fascinating topics of "Trends in the Digital Transformation of Insurance Distribution" and "The digital revolution in health insurance: innovating in advice and distribution". The ITC DIA Europe Kick Off Summit aims to provide a platform for dialogue, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among professionals from the insurance and health sectors. Experts will gather at the Hub to share their experiences, insights, and expertise, shedding light on the transformative impact of digital technologies in insurtech. The event will start at 10hrs with a welcome by Eva Rosell, General Manager of Barcelona Health Hub, and Oscar Paz, General Manager of Insurtech Community Hub. They will give the floor to the first panel with Rafael Zurera of Imeureka, Alejandro Closa of Closa Seguros, Luis Cuervo of DAS, Higinio Suárez of CHECK24 and Ángel Macho of Berkley España, under the moderation of Ana Baranda of EY Technology Solutions. The second panel will host Nuria Pastor of HumanITcare, Oriol Mayol Homs of Ferrer & Ojeda, Stefano de Liguoro of Zurich, Isabel Calderón of Sanitas and Sergi Ramo of groWZ Consultants. The BHH headquarters, located within the iconic Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, will serve as the backdrop for this great ITC DIA Europe Kick Off Summit. It provides an inspiring environment for interesting discussions, stimulating conversations and lots of networking opportunities with attendees who share a passion for driving innovation in the insurtech and health insurance sectors. Be sure to reserve your seat for June 27th HERE!
JUNE 7, 2023 BHH News
ICHealth participates at HIMSS 2023 - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member International Cloud Health Records (ICHR) is proud to participate and speak at HIMSS 2023 Europe in Lisbon! ICHR's Chairman Harry Meijer speaks at the session "Innovative Care Pathways" about integrating digital health solutions into care pathways and the benefits to the patient experience and journey. How to redesign traditional care with the integration of digital health requires clearly defined problem and engagement of all stakeholders, patients, clinicians, and caregivers. Also, he will dive deep into an asthma pathway:
  • Patients and health workers make use of the ICHealth Patient EHR & Digital Health Platform, that connects patients and health workers.
  • Patient health data can be accessed and shared by patient from anywhere, anytime. Including the International Patient Summary.
  • The Asthmatic patients collect and monitor specific Asthma relevant parameters and can communicate their data in real time, and consult with health specialists. The health worker risk stratifies the patient with specific asthma situations on basis of real time patient health data and is able to recommend patient a personalised care pathway.
This is part of an ICHR trial with a regional hospital, together with global technology partners. Discover more about HIMSS 2023 HERE.
JUNE 7, 2023 BHH News
JUNE 7, 2023 BHH News
Mindgram will participate in the HDH Summit - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member Mindgram, the mental health and well-being platform, will participate at the HDH Summit 2023 with Raúl García. The HDH Summit 2023, one of the most anticipated corporate wellness events of the year organized by Intrama, will be held on June 15th in Caixaforum Madrid. García, Mindgram's Content Manager and L&D Partner, will moderate the debate “Wellness plan” alongside wellbeing experts from Sanitas, Leroy Merlin, Ilunion and BBVA. In this debate they will talk about the importance of wellness plans in companies, the difference between wellness plans and wellness actions, how to elaborate a wellness plan and many other interesting topics. He will also give a speech about “How to address wellness from a cross-cutting and global perspective”. Don't forget to attend to the event by booking your ticket HERE.
JUNE 7, 2023 BHH News
Elewit relies on Emocional to prevent risks and promote emotional well-being - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Elewit, Redeia's technology platform, has selected BHH member Emocional, a Spanish startup, as part of its Venture Client Program. The decision focuses on facing the emotional challenges that affect its workers, in order to manage them and minimize their impact. This collaboration marks a milestone in the promotion of well-being in the energy and telecommunications sectors. A Venture Client is a strategic form of collaboration in which a company establishes a client relationship with a startup to test and benefit from its innovative solutions, while providing it with a platform to grow and scale their businesses. For Elewit, this is the fourth consecutive year successfully collaborating with new and leading technologies. Emocional is the first Catalan technology startup to develop Artificial Intelligence focused on detecting emotions. Its technology pays special attention to the early detection of recurring problems in the workplace, such as stress or burnout; offering tools and solutions to facilitate its management in an automated way. Its technology, which is integrated as a plugin in video call systems, makes it possible to detect the emotional state of teams through Artificial Intelligence, therefore ending with more traditional yet tedious methods (such as satisfaction surveys, for example). On the other hand, its ConsultorGPT automates the management of information using AI to offer the HR managers the information and solutions they need in order to prevent psychosocial risks and promote the emotional well-being of their teams. All this while protecting the privacy of each user, since it does not show individualized information but by sorted by teams; and offering each member the necessary tools for emotional management in a personalized way. The choice of Emocional reflects Elewit's commitment to the well-being of its employees, recognizing the potential of Artificial Intelligence as a disruptive solution to address prevention challenges in the workplace. "We are proud and excited to collaborate with Elewit on this important mission," said Pedro J. Espinosa, CEO and Co-Founder of Emocional. "Emotional well-being is not just a trend, but the future of work. By joining forces with Elewit, we are confident that we will be able to create a healthier and more productive work environment in the industry." The synergy between Elewit and Emocional, two leaders in their respective fields, promises a step forward in the implementation of innovative solutions that improve the quality of life of workers; as well as new prevention strategies to promote their emotional well-being. Discover more about this member HERE!
JUNE 6, 2023 BHH News
Mi Clinics and HumanITcare offer the first service of telemedicine 24h for patients with oncology diseases - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH members Mi Clinics and HumanITcare have reached a collaboration agreement to oncology patients throughout their treatment, from any location, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The tool allows for personalized monitoring through artificial intelligence, facilitating comprehensive support from professionals and improving the patient's quality of life. By tracking a series of vital indicators, doctors can anticipate the doubts, concerns, and needs of such a delicate and uncertain condition as cancer. The professionals at UOMi Cancer Center have been working with this solution for a year and provide services at Mi Tres Torres Clinic in Barcelona and Mi NovAliança Clinic in Lleida. They now have an intelligent system for patient support and decision-making in the field of oncology. With this solution, patients can share their status with the healthcare professional at any time, and, even better, the doctor can anticipate and act before doubts and unease arise in the patient. The initial agreement, lasting three years, includes an exclusivity clause in oncology for the Catalan territory, which means that only Mi Clinics will be able to offer this monitoring service for cancer patients. The service has been launched at Mi Tres Torres Clinic in Barcelona, but following the positive results experienced in the Catalan capital, it is expected that the solution will be implemented at Mi NovAliança Clinic in Lleida during this quarter. Dr. Santiago Viteri, Director of UOMi Cancer Center, states: "In addition to accessing vital indicators with or without explicit patient request, doctors also monitor each patient's medication and emotional state, which allows us to make relevant treatment decisions at any given moment, and with much better evidence than before. Additionally, when in doubt, patients can enable consultations through chat or video calls. We have all the angles covered to truly be by the patient's side and anticipate their needs." On the other hand, Núria Pastor, CEO of HumanITcare, explains: "We are delighted about this alliance with Mi Clinics to provide more personalized healthcare to oncology patients at Mi Clinics in the Catalan territory, and together, we can bring care to the patients' homes. Over the past year, patients, families, and doctors successfully embraced the solution, and now we only hope to continue adding value to medical care."
JUNE 6, 2023 BHH News
Discover the Scilife Digital Transformation Showcase - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Did you know that 80% of Life Science companies are lagging behind in digitalization? In some cases, paper is still piling up. In others, digital solutions aren't being fully utilized. Get ahead in the digital race and join BHH member Scilife on June 20th for the Scilife Digital Transformation Showcase and learn how to revolutionize your organization's digital capabilities for quality management. The Scilife platform is a versatile tool capable of managing the diverse lifecycle stages in Life Sciences companies. It’s purpose-built and compliant according to GAMP5 and 21CFR11 to comply with the rigorous demands and regulations that pharma, biotech, medical devices, medicinal cannabis, CRO/CMO and ATMP companies face. During the showcase, Scilife will discuss the challenges and benefits of going fully digital within the Life Sciences industry. They will also present a real-life case study showcasing Scilife's approach to digital transformation and how their innovative digital solutions can boost productivity by up to 40%. The showcase will cover these topics:
  • Documentation retrieval
  • Data integrity and compliance
  • Team collaboration
  • Cost savings
  • Improved compliance
  • Enhanced decision-making
Scilife’s Smart Quality platform can help you maintain compliance with industry standards and regulations, make data-driven decisions based on real-time insights, and achieve significant cost savings and increased efficiency. They've designed a dual showcase session to fit everyone's schedule understanding the global nature of their community. For those in Europe, they've carved out a prime-time slot just for you at 11AM CEST that you can easily register here. And for those of you on the shores of the United States, they've specially scheduled a session at 1 PM (EDT) in which you can reserve your spot here. Don't let time zones hold you back and choose your session to make your mark in this quality journey HERE!
JUNE 2, 2023 BHH News
ASO: Marketing for Your Health, Sports, and Wellness App - #BHHMembersInitiatives
The digital landscape teems with an array of health, sports, and wellness apps all promising to enhance our life quality. With the global health app market projected to nearly triple from €9.296 billion in 2022 to €26.761 billion in 2027, standing out and reaching the right audience poses a significant challenge. This is where App Store Optimization (ASO) steps in as a crucial tool to boost visibility and draw more users interested in your app's offerings, as BHH member GooApps® explains. ASO is a suite of mobile marketing techniques and strategies aimed at improving an app's visibility and ranking within app stores like App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). By optimizing various elements of the app's listing, such as the title, keywords, and images, it seeks to attract more users and increase download numbers. For health, sports, and wellness apps, ASO can bring about increased downloads, improved visibility, and better user engagement and retention. ASO strategies can be tailored for specific platforms. On iOS, these include optimizing the title and subtitle, using relevant keywords, designing appealing icons and screenshots, creating a preview video, encouraging reviews and ratings, and localizing the app. For Android, additional strategies involve using Google Play Instant, promoting the app via Google Ads, tracking performance using Google Play Console, and forging partnerships with other apps and developers. Following app store optimization, the focus should shift towards maintaining and increasing downloads and retaining users. Strategies at the marketing level could involve content marketing, social media posts, collaborations and partnerships, personalization and gamification, use of chatbots and virtual assistants, and affiliate programs. But this is just the surface. To dive deeper into the world of ASO and learn how to propel your health, sports, or wellness app to new heights, read the full article. You'll gain insights into the frequency of updating your app, measuring ASO success, the role of reviews and ratings, the need for app localization, the significance of analytics, the impact of promotions and special offers, and the role of social media in promoting your app. It's a treasure trove of information you won't want to miss! Discover more GooApps® articles HERE.
JUNE 2, 2023 BHH News
Check out Groenlandia Tech's Nuuk at the BHH Showroom
If you have visited the BHH Headquarters lately, you might already have noticed a new addition at the entrance. BHH member Groenlandia Tech took the chance to showcase their product Nuuk at the BHH Showroom!  Groenlandia Tech is a Spanish healthtech startup specialized in innovation applied to the logistics and transport process of biological samples, pharmaceutical products and sensitive content. They developed Nuuk: a smart cooler connected to its own online platform that allows for live monitoring of the transport of samples or products. It aims to optimize the logistics process, improving the safety of the content, avoiding the analysis of damaged samples and thus, reducing laboratory costs. It’s equipped with temperature, geolocation, impact and opening sensors to trace the status of the samples during their route in real-time. Come to the BHH Headquarters to check out Nuuk in real life, or get in touch with the team of Groenlandia Tech.  
JUNE 2, 2023 BHH News
Are you joining the MedTech Actuator Desafía Singapore?

This is an excellent opportunity for Spanish healthtech startups to gain access to critical stakeholders, acquire market knowledge, and capture new market opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region (APAC) through the MedTech Actuator Desafía Singapore + optional Australia extension program. If you are a Spanish BioTech, MedTech, HealthTech or Digital Health startup seeking to expand your innovation globally, apply for MedTech Actuator Desafía Singapore 2023. This program will provide you with a seamless and accelerated pathway to the fastest growing healthcare market in the world via Singapore and Australia. To learn more about and apply for this exciting opportunity, please check out the website. Apply soon because the deadline is on June 9th! Interested? Please note that an online information and Q&A session will be held on the 5th of June at 9.30am (CEST). Registration for the virtual event can be found here.

JUNE 1, 2023 BHH News
Great names that shaped the future of spermatology - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Discover the great names that shaped the future of spermatology in BHH member Microptic‘s new monthly blog article. The author has written several blogs during the last few years dealing with aspects such as the history of spermatology and tracking sperm over the last fifty years. This blog entry is not a repetition of these aspects but focuses on some key role players who should be remembered for the crucial role they played in shaping the future of spermatology. They write this blog particularly with the younger spermatologists in mind. Understanding current and future developments are deeply rooted in the past history and far too little attention is devoted to its importance. Read the whole blog HERE.
JUNE 1, 2023 BHH News
Raising a round? Tips and questions to accelerate the quest for the right investors - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Whether you are a first-time founder or a seasoned serial entrepreneur in healthtech, one ingredient for success in raising a financing round is to ask VCs the right questions to properly strategize your raise, identify the right potential investors, and dynamically adjust your outreach. This doesn’t mean reading a VC 101 book and memorizing what you should say. Instead, it means understanding the underlying information that will give you actionable insights you can use to improve and efficiently execute a fundraise. Every founder’s journey through this process is unique, and you need to be able to understand your specific situation. This article, by BHH member Nina Capital, serves as a guide based on their experience from being on both sides of the phone as founders and VCs. Stage 0: Questions to ask yourself to help curate your fundraising outreach While getting a list of 2000 investors off LinkedIn and mass sending generic emails may be tempting, this is not the best use of your time. Fundraising is a challenge that should be tackled with a calculated and curated strategy to ensure every conversation you have has the potential to obtain a favorable outcome. To accomplish this goal, the first necessary step of your strategy is to do your homework on the funds you want to reach out to. Put simply; you need to screen and qualify your potential investors to determine which ones you will send a curated and personalized message to. It will take you significantly longer than blasting out a generic email to a long list of unstudied names; consider this your investment that will save you loads of time in the long run. Discover, in the full article of Nina Capital, the questions you should ask before reaching out to any fund and the next stages HERE.
JUNE 1, 2023 BHH News
Barcelona Health Hub and Innova IRV continue to strengthen their collaboration ties
Barcelona Health Hub is proud to strengthen ties with different regions to push the digital transformation of the healthcare sector. BHH met with members of the Ricardo Valle Institute of Innovation Foundation (Innova IRV) in Malaga to further advance possible lines of collaboration between the two entities in the area of digital health. The meeting was attended by Luis Badrinas, CEO of Barcelona Health Hub, and Eva Rosell, general director of Barcelona Health Hub, who were welcomed by the president of Innova IRV, Ezequiel Navarro, and the vice presidents of the Foundation's digital health area, Antonio Urda, and of business relations, Natalia Pérez. The BHH delegation was also accompanied by Felipe Romera, general director of Málaga TechPark, Lourdes Cruz, director of Business Development of the Málaga TechPark, and Francisco Velasco, CTO of Applied Digital Technologies at Innova IRV. Throughout the day, they also held meetings with the president of the Provincial Council of Málaga, Francisco Salado, the rector of the University of Málaga, José Ángel Narváez, and Susana Carillo, deputy mayor and councillor for Innovation and Urban Digitalisation of Malaga City Council. It was a great way to build collaborative ties and develop joint strategies to promote innovation in the health sector.
JUNE 1, 2023 BHH News
DKV launched the Open Innovation calls: Desafíos DKV - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member DKV Innolab is launching the 2nd edition of the Open Innovation calls: Desafíos DKV. As a leading company in the healthcare industry, DKV is committed to find smart and personalized digital solutions that sustain and extend healthy and independent living. In this new edition, DKV Innolab put a special focus on smart ageing with the aim of tackling the main longevity challenges. The challenge: ​Preventing illness & dependency in the Ageing journey Life expectancy is extending, yet unhealthy life years increase. The European population is aging rapidly, and DKV wants to improve their quality of life and ensure the sustainability of health and care systems. The aim of the Desafíos DKV programme is to find smart and personalized digital solutions that sustain and extend healthy and independent living for ageing individuals. They are particularly interested in solutions that promote a healthy lifestyle, support the maintenance of care activities, and offer personalized risk identification processes or early interventions for age-related health problems. The target of this challenge are senior users above 55 years old. The winning solution will enter the process for adoption as an additional service within one of DKV’s private insurance products. In addition, the winner will be rewarded with 8.000€, cosponsored by DKV and InterSystems, and will get access to InterSystems’ Ecosystem of Partners, opening up new opportunities for growth and collaboration. It's a chance to make a lasting impact and showcase their solution on a broader scale. All entities interested in participating in the DKV Smart Ageing challenge must submit their applications by June 30th. Apply now HERE!
MAY 31, 2023 BHH News
Meet BHH provider Tuataramente - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH provider Tuataramente is a company specialized in offering effective and practical solutions to help organizations optimize their work processes and increase the performance of their teams. The company focuses on improving the management layer of organizations so that they can achieve their business objectives effectively. The experts at Tuataramente are managers working for managers. The services are designed to encourage critical thinking and experimentation mindset in clients, working with a personalized approach to understand the specific needs of each organization. The company believes that Business Agility is fundamental to the success of any organization, so it focuses on offering practical solutions to improve productivity and efficiency, while also fostering self-autonomy, mastery, and professional growth within teams. The company also believes in the power of Systems Thinking to help organizations achieve their goals. Their approach takes into account the interconnectedness of various parts of an organization and focuses on identifying and addressing underlying causes of issues, rather than just treating the symptoms. This enables their clients to create more holistic solutions and make informed decisions that positively impact their business performance. In their consultancy, they encourage organizations to question their current processes and experiment with new ideas and innovative approaches. They work with them to identify improvement opportunities and help them implement effective solutions to achieve their goals. If you're looking for practical and effective solutions, Tuataramente is there to help you. You can contact them to learn more about their services and how they can work together to optimize your work processes and improve the management layer of your organization. And, what do you think about the name Tuataramente? It actually has a very specific meaning, which perfectly reflects the company's philosophy. Discover it HERE.
MAY 31, 2023 BHH News
Discover the #IrurtzunRules project from VHIO - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Join the #IrurtzunRules project to raise funds for BHH partner Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO). The #IrurtzunRules project has its origin in an idea of Ian, a close friend of Sergi Irurtzun, who suffered from colorectal cancer against which he fought fiercely until his passing last November. The idea was to create a cycling team to participate in the legendary TRANSPYR, a coast to coast cycling race which crosses the Pyrenees from the Cantabrian to the Mediterranean Sea. The aim is to support Sergi's fight, to explain the importance of medical research to fight against cancer and to raise funds for the Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO), a reference center in Oncology worldwide that does an enormous amount of cancer research, where Sergi followed his treatment. Choosing this challenge is no coincidence: Sergi was a big fan of cycling, and altogether with a group of friends they all participated in the TRANSPYR in 2018. And it was during the course of the race that Sergi began to have physical discomforts that ended in the diagnosis of the cancer he suffered. Today, the #IrurtzunRules cycling team is made up of 8 of Sergi's friends, who will participate in the TRANSPYR Backroads modality from June 11 to 17, 2023. To do so, all of them have been following a specific training plan to achieve the goal of wearing the finisher shirt. Both companies and individuals can donate any amount to raise funds to colorectal cancer research at the Tumor Group Gastrointestinal and Endocrine of the VHIO. If you're interested in the #IrurtzunRules project you can contribute HERE.
MAY 31, 2023 BHH News
Did you meet Webcamconsult at the Health Revolution Congress? - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Last week, some of the most innovative organizations were a part of the Health Revolution Congress representing their unique healthcare solutions and tools. One of Barcelona Health Hub’s members, Webcamconsult, took the leap and showcased their innovative tool. Their virtual waiting rooms and consultations rooms give healthcare professionals a chance to work more efficiently while maintaining the quality of their work. By incorporating features like real-time translations and seamless integration of medical records, practitioners gain the opportunity to extend their expertise and provide assistance to patients across the globe. As a market leader in screen care, Webcamconsult ensures secure video calls and chats on all devices. They highly value their commitment to data security and guarantee safe and protected digital interactions through the NEN 7510 and ISO 27001 certification. Evidently, this Congress has just been the start of a worthy collaboration. Only together we can maximize new technologies and optimize healthcare overall. So let’s pull up our socks and go the extra mile for the future of healthcare! Have you missed the stand of Webcamconsult at the event? Get in touch with them as they would love to exchange their experiences.
MAY 30, 2023 BHH News
Join the Thematic Café "Addressing challenges in Mental Health through innovation" on June 22nd
Living Lab by Ferrer is a space where healthcare professionals and innovation agents share knowledge, explore challenges, and co-create solutions, generating a positive impact on the healthcare ecosystem. On this occasion, it brings us a Thematic Café on June 22nd, live at the BHH Headquarters, entitled "Addressing challenges in Mental Health through innovation". It aims to bring to the table the main problems and solutions in this context. To offer different points of view and opinions, there will be different speakers who will provide their perspective from the purely health field to the more administrative sector or the more technological side. In addition, there will be a space for questions and answers and networking where all participants will be able to interact by asking questions and contributing their views. You can come to the BHH Headquarters to attend in person by reserving a ticket here. You can also opt to attend online through LinkedIn Live here.
MAY 30, 2023 BHH News
beHIT implements in Clínica Mi Tres Torres the first Artificial Intelligence medical assistant for ICUs in Spain - #BHHMembersInitiatives
beHIT, a company specialized in the development and implementation of solutions for the healthcare sector, standing out in Artificial Intelligence applied to health and the promotion of smart hospitals, has implemented in Clínicas Mi, a private hospital group of reference in Barcelona with BHH member Mi Tres Torres and in Lleida with Mi NovAliança, the Mona "Medical-On-Site-Assistant" system to provide ICUs with Artificial Intelligence. This is a device located at the bedside of ICU patients that, through state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, analyzes the patient's clinical data, focusing on the most relevant information, so that doctors and nursing staff can decide on the best treatment and dedicate more time to the patient. The intelligent Mona system automatically verifies lab data, vital signs and lab values, allowing doctors and nurses to focus on the important data for their workflows. "A typical ICU patient generates up to 100 lab values per day. However, only a few of them are relevant to the treatment. Mona helps us filter that documentation so we can focus on what the patient really needs", says Dr. Tomás Torres, Medical Director and intensivist at Clínica Mi Tres Torres. Clínicas Mi has implemented this technology in its centers in Barcelona and Lleida to improve the treatment of its critically ill patients. "Our goal is to turn our network into smart hospitals at the forefront of technology, helping to improve the quality of medical care for patients", adds Gaby Masfurroll, CEO of Clínicas Mi. The implementation has been carried out by beHIT, Clinomic's commercial and strategic partner in various geographies. beHIT specializes in the development and implementation of solutions for the healthcare sector, with an emphasis on artificial intelligence applied to healthcare and the promotion of intelligent hospitals. This implementation represents the company's first deployment in Spain, although the system is installed in eight European countries, in over 50 hospitals, and has been part of the care of 150,000 patients each year. "We have created a strategic alliance with the German company Clinomic to introduce Mona in the countries where we work and help hospitals meet the challenge of the growing demand for ICU. Our technology team helps hospitals integrate with their medical systems and devices", says Teo Sardá, CEO of beHIT. Mona at the ICU bedside Mona, developed in Germany by Clinomic, a spin-off of RWTH Aachen University, reduces the documentation workload, giving doctors and nurses more time for patients. "This is another major challenge that Mona overcomes by improving the quality of care offered to the patient. According to a recently published study with the application of telemedicine in ICUs, the mortality rate can be reduced by 15-60% and hospitalization time is reduced by up to 30%", adds Xavier Singla, Medical Director of beHIT. With Mona, telemedicine sessions can also be conducted through a platform that allows doctors to connect securely and encrypted, enabling specialized care at the patient's bedside. Learn more about BHH member Mi Tres Torres HERE.
MAY 29, 2023 BHH News
Solutions e-Mental Health in Spain - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Mental health has become the spotlight following the covid pandemic, being the major consequence for the years to come. It also means that attention increased regarding the importance of taking care of one's mental health while decreasing the stigma a little bit. (It's ok to not be 100% mentally well). Many companies have been working on e-mental health solutions, using technology to support mental health issues like anxiety and stress to depression and conditions like ADHD, Alzheimer or Parkinson's. Those solutions are targeting:
  • Patients/consumers to help them manage their own mental health, from emotional wellbeing to treatment, to offering tools to find the right professionals or doing a visit directly online.
  • Employers to help them take care of their employees' mental health.
  • Healthcare professionals/therapists to help them manage their business and appointments with their clients better to detecting mental diseases earlier or offering innovative treatment.
Spain has been very active in this area those past years, with solutions flourishing across the country. As you can find in the map below there are a lot of BHH members with a e-mental health solution: If you are a Spanish company or active on the Spanish market with your e-mental health solution but can't see your solution on the map, fill out this form to be included in the next version. Read more Digital Health Connector's articles like this HERE.
MAY 26, 2023 BHH News
Meet BHH's new Digital Transformation Officer!
Barcelona Health Hub is proud to announce that Antonella De Ceano-Vivas has joined the BHH Team as the brand new Digital Transformation Officer. Antonella will shed light on innovation and technology transfer within the health sector. Stay tuned for exciting updates from her soon!
Antonella, welcome to the Barcelona Health Hub team! It’s a pleasure to have you with us. Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about your background? I'm an engineer by training and an innovator at heart. I have a background in industrial engineering specialized in mechanical & biomedical engineering and I have experience as an Engineer Lead at HP, clinical researcher at MIT, and as a founder of two startups in the digital space. I've also participated in several accelerators and fellowship programs such as Alchemist Accelerator, MassChallenge, and RockHealth. What will you be doing at BHH? As the Digital Transformation Officer, I will help pharma companies and other corporations to connect with digital health startups, hospitals and other institutions in the context of open innovation. I will also take the lead on the clinical validation program to help startups clinically validate their solutions in a timely manner connecting them with hospitals and corporate sponsors. Why are you passionate about innovation? I am passionate about innovation because it drives progress and allows us to find new and better solutions to any type of challenge. Innovation enables us to push the boundaries of what is possible and create transformative advancements that positively impact individuals and society as a whole. Embracing innovation in the context of digital health means embracing the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in people's lives. What made you join Barcelona Health Hub? I was drawn to Barcelona Health Hub because of its rich ecosystem that brings together digital health startups, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and other key institutions. This collaborative environment provides a unique opportunity to work at the forefront of healthcare innovation and make a real impact. The chance to be part of a vibrant community that shares a common goal of leveraging technology and innovation to drive positive change in the healthcare industry was a compelling reason for me to join BHH. Have you had any prior experience in digital health? The last startup I founded and led as CEO was an AI-powered communication platform in the digital health space. It applied AI to overcome communication barriers between patients and providers. We partnered with several hospitals and healthcare networks in the US.
If you are interested in meeting Antonella, contact her HERE.
MAY 25, 2023 BHH News
Sentir, an Innovative App for Auditory Training - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Hearing issues are becoming increasingly prevalent in today's society. According to a recent World Health Organization (WHO) study, more than 466 million people worldwide suffer from disabling hearing loss, equivalent to 5% of the global population. In this context, the mobile app Sentir is designed to enhance people's auditory skills and provide personalized auditory training. Through various exercises, users can improve their hearing abilities in different situations and environments. Hearing loss not only impacts a person's ability to hear sounds but also significantly affects their quality of life and communication capabilities. People with hearing issues may experience stress, fatigue, and depression, which can influence their overall well-being. Moreover, hearing loss can negatively impact individuals' work performance, limiting their job opportunities and affecting their quality of life. Sentir is an innovative app that uses advanced algorithms to adapt exercises to each user's needs. With different difficulty levels and a wide variety of exercises, users can progress in their auditory training in a gradual and personalized manner. Sentir is intended for people of all ages who want to improve their hearing abilities, including those who have experienced mild or moderate hearing loss. In addition to helping individuals, Sentir is a valuable tool for audiology centers and health professionals looking for innovative ways to assist their patients in improving their hearing abilities and effectively rehabilitating. To learn more about the app and how it can revolutionize auditory training, read the full article that dives deep into Sentir's features, benefits, and future prospects. Don't miss out on this comprehensive exploration of a groundbreaking solution for hearing rehabilitation!  
MAY 25, 2023 BHH News
Cinfa and Barcelona Health Hub join forces to promote health solutions with a high innovative component
Cinfa, the pharmaceutical laboratory most present in Spanish households, has signed a collaboration agreement with Barcelona Health Hub to boost and promote innovative trends and projects in the healthcare sector. Through this union, carried out through Cinfa's Open Innovation Platform, CinfaNext, both entities seek to promote innovative startup initiatives applicable to the current and future challenges faced by the healthcare sector. Specifically, Barcelona Health Hub will share its extensive entrepreneurial ecosystem with Cinfa so that the pharmaceutical company can identify startups whose solutions fall within its six innovation focuses: longevity, chronicity, self-management of health, natural solutions with scientific evidence, personalisation of health and sustainability. "The challenges in responding to the health needs of patients and healthcare professionals are growing and, at Cinfa, we want to join forces with the innovative ecosystem to promote new projects in this regard," explains Julio Sánchez Mariñas, Head of Innovation at the laboratory. "We have great confidence in the value of collaborative work and, therefore, with entities such as Barcelona Health Hub, we hope to be able to count on the point of view and expertise of various start-ups with which to advance joint projects". "At Barcelona Health Hub, we know that collaboration is essential and we are proud that Cinfa, through its Open Innovation Platform, has placed its trust in us to find innovative solutions in the field of health", says Cristian Pascual, president of Barcelona Health Hub. "Having CinfaNext as a strategic partner of Barcelona Health Hub is synonymous with opportunity, both for our innovative ecosystem and for the healthcare sector and society in general," he concludes.
MAY 25, 2023 BHH News
Revolutionizing MedTech: Sense4Care's transforming Parkinson's care - #BHHMembersInitiatives
A triumph of innovation and collaboration Born from a research project at the Technical University of Catalunya in 2009, BHH member Sense4care has rapidly evolved into a global medtech pioneer in the Parkinson's arena. Boasting the world's most extensive database of inertial data for Parkinson's patients, they offer groundbreaking wearable systems to monitor and identify falls, events, postures, and motor symptoms associated with movement disorders and aging. STAT-ON, their AI-driven, waist-worn, CE-marked class IIa medical device, revolutionizes Parkinson's Disease (PD) management by identifying movement patterns and monitoring PD motor symptoms. Back in 2017 Sense4care received valuable funding support with 1M€ project through SME Instruments Phase II program, which paved the way for a successful introduction to the European market from late 2019. More recently, the device's effectiveness has been further validated by the endorsement from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in January 2023, attesting to the significant impact of STAT-ON. Forging global alliances for a brighter future Sense4care's secret to success lies in forging strategic partnerships with multinational pharmas, distributors and other strategic partnerships across Europe. By offering specialized services and tailoring solutions to partner needs, they've established a strong presence in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, The UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Greece. At the same time, STAT-ON is used as the value proposal to be integrated in a Patient’s Support Program to provide extra valuable information on the patient’s state; as well as for clinical research, including clinical trials. With over 500 devices deployed in Europe and South America, Sense4care is set to conquer the US market by obtaining FDA certification. Empowering healthcare systems and enhancing lives Dedicated to relentless research and development, Sense4care ensures STAT-ON's reliability through rigorous clinical and technical validation. The recent recognition from NICE has propelled them to focus on cost-benefit studies, aiming to prove that STAT-ON can reduce healthcare costs by optimizing patient therapy selection based on disease stage. This will ultimately alleviate the societal burden of Parkinson's disease. Sense4care's unwavering mission is to enhance the quality of life for patients through cutting edge technology. Every day, they make strides toward a future where every individual can access better treatments through a reimbursement pathway within the healthcare system. Discover more about Sense4care projects HERE.
MAY 24, 2023 BHH News
Sequentia Biotech presents its second Sequentia Disruptive Talks in the office - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member Sequentia Biotech, that offers bioinformatics cloud softwares, custom softwares and bioinformatics consulting services for several fields, presents its second Sequentia Disruptive Talks in their offices. Sequentia Disruptive Talks are designed to bring knowledge together in an environment of scientific exchange.The event will consist of three short talks by top scientists presenting several success cases and projects about omics sciences and their use in the foodtech, agritech, and in the biostimulants sector. These talks will be followed by a distended networking session, where attendees will have the opportunity to network and connect with other professionals of the scientific community while having a drink. The agenda of the event will bring together these speakers:
  • Federica Cattapan - R&D department at Mérieux NutriSciences Opportunities & challenges of implementing NGS technology in food safety
  • Luís Matias - CEO & Co-founder of Tricopharming Research Biotechnology and Madre Tierra, the perfect combination to optimize metabolic and physiological aspects of medicinal Cannabis
  • Celine Díaz - R&D & Technical Support Manager at Agro2Agri How the omics can support development in the biostimulants sector
The event will take place on June 1st, from 5pm to 8:30pm at Sequentia Biotech offices, located at Carrer Doctor Trueta 179, in Barcelona’s 22@ district. Places are limited – first come, first served – so don’t miss the chance to join the Sequentia Disruptive Talks and register HERE.
MAY 24, 2023 BHH News
Edryx Healthcare developed a healthcare personalization plan in Mutualia - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member Edryx Healthcare, the scaleup that believes that the healthcare revolution involves its digitalisation and humanisation, has developed a healthcare personalization plan in Mutualia. Edryx Healthcare develops customised projects focusing on healthcare innovation with the aim of adding value and having a positive impact on people’s health. At the same time, they facilitate strategic collaborations between health centres, medical associations, healthcare administrations and the pharmaceutical industry to meet today’s healthcare challenges. This personalized plan aims to improve the healthcare offered to all Mutualia patients, stating the benchmark for the insurance company for occupational accidents in the Basque Country. In its develpment, separate focus groups of patients and professionals from different medical specialties from all Mutualia centers have participated. This collaboration will serve to establish the objectives on which to continue building better care for all its policyholders. This initiative emerged from the Humans Foundation, with which Edryx Healthcare works together on several projects for the improvement of healthcare. Learn more about Edryx Healthcare iniatives that bring value to the healthcare world HERE.
MAY 23, 2023 BHH News
Parc Taulí bets on artificial intelligence in the management of emergency services - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Parc Taulí has created a new unit in the emergency department, the Advanced Resolution Care Unit (ARA), made up of nurses and supported by an artificial intelligence software. With this new tool, the nursing team guides and treats patients with low complexity and high incidence pathologies, such as: cervicalgia, sprained ankles, urinary infections and vertigo, among others; significantly decreasing waiting times without losing the quality and safety of healthcare assistance. BHH member Mediktor is the developer of the software used in the ARA Unit, which has been specifically adapted for this project in collaboration with Parc Tauli’s Research and Innovation Institute (I3PT). Its symptom checker, the most accurate for triage and prediagnosis clinically validated, offers the right decision-making support in an organised, fast and efficient way. The nursing staff of the ARA Unit, trained in advance, start the patient’s assistential journey through the software integrated within Parc Taulí’s informatic system. By asking questions aimed at the case of each particular patient, the nursing staff obtains a list of possible diseases that can be confirmed or ruled out by performing complementary tests. Lastly, the corresponding treatments will be prescribed, following the protocols defined by the hospital’s professionals themselves. The nursing staff is in charge of confirming the final diagnosis and generating a care report. There will always be a physician available assigned to the Unit. The obtained care report is attached to the clinical history of each patient automatically. Just as Elisabet Vives, Head of the Emergency Department points out, “the incorporation of the ARA Unit entails significant progress in the assistance of the patients of the Emergency Unit, as it integrates a new level of assistance in which the nurses, with an advanced skill set and the support of an artificial intelligence software, resolve low complexity consultations.” Vives adds that “this system has a high level resolution which allows for the reduction of assistential waiting times and, simultaneously, the improvement of the patient’s experience. The ARA Unit is of paramount relevance in the visibility of the nurses of the Emergency Department and their competency development, as well as in the integration of artificial intelligence in healthcare processes.” Every year over 130,000 patients come into Parc Taulí’s emergency department. The ARA Unit bets on a hybrid model that empowers nurses with the help of an artificial intelligence software. It involves the implementation of an innovative care process, in which it is possible to treat pathologies with low complexity but high frequency. Learn more about BHH member Mediktor HERE.
MAY 22, 2023 BHH News
The power of apps to improve mental health - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Mental health apps are digital tools created to improve people's mental wellbeing by promoting positive mental health practices and preventing mental disorders. They aim to help the user detect pathological behavior patterns. BHH member Doonamis focuses on creating customized and effective digital solutions that help improve the user experience and address mental health issues in innovative ways. Their team has extensive experience in the field of technology and health, which allows them to offer creative and efficient solutions for each client's specific needs. These apps can offer a variety of resources and tools to help people manage stress, anxiety, depression, and other problems. They also are fast, convenient, and easily accessible. This allows access to a wide range of apps that adapt to the needs of the users. Some features are:
  • Personalisation: Enable users to customise their health care and treatment options to suit their individual needs and preferences.
  • Time savings: They can save users time by enabling them to access the health information and resources they need quickly.
  • Advanced technology: Health apps use advanced technology such as AI and machine learning to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of treatments.
  • They are a method of approaching face-to-face therapy: There are still many people who have a stigma about mental health and who do not know much about it. Thanks to these Apps they will be able to better identify the problem and take actions that benefit their wellbeing, such as going to therapy.
Read the full Doonamis' article HERE.
MAY 22, 2023 BHH News
Institut de Formació Continua of the Universitat de Barcelona and BHH renew agreement to offer a 10% discount of Postgraduate in Digital Health – #BHHMembersInitiatives
The Institut de Formació Continua of BHH member Universitat de Barcelona still believes in the importance of the digital transformation in health sector. With the aim of training professionals in the health field to adapt and increase their professional development in the digital context that surrounds us and face new challenges, the Institut de Formació Continua of the Universitat de Barcelona offers again the Postgraduate in Digital Health! The Postgraduate is a part-time and remote course beginning November 3rd of 2023. The students obtain all the knowledge and keys to develop digital solutions aiming at the patient, giving answers to the actual social needs. Moreover, the Postgraduate has been designed and it will be taught by active professionals with outstanding experience in the Digital Healthcare field. Also, the Institut de Formació Continua of the Universitat de Barcelona offers a 10% discount of the enrollment for all the members of Barcelona Health Hub. Find more information about this Postgraduate eduction HERE.
MAY 16, 2023 BHH News
Meet the new healthcare platform Healthanea - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Barcelona Health Hub is very proud and happy to announce the launch of a new BHH member Healthanea! Healthanea is a new platform with the mission to enable better patient access to healthcare. Healthanea was born from the partnership of AXA and Microsoft, combining their strengths and values with one ambition: enable a seamless and patient-centric healthcare experience. This new company orchestrates drictionless and integrated healthcare journeys for patients by connecting hospitals, pharmacies, healthtech solutions, insurers and more. It guides patients to the right service, at the right moment and with the right insights. By orchestrating both digital and physical healthcare services, Healthanea enables the coordination of care and patient experience, leading to a better patient journey. Healthanea is now live in seven European countries, supporting patient journeys in primary care, early detection and post-diagnosis care. As they embark on their ambition to enable better patient access to healthcare, the expansion of a connected collaborative network to build a more efficient and sustainable healthcare system is Healthanea's priority. Discover about this new member HERE!
MAY 10, 2023 BHH News
BHH member Perdigó is hiring!

BHH member Perdigó continues to grow. The company behind the development of medical devices, biotechnology platforms, pharma manufacturing systems and similar products and technologies has recently moved to brand new offices that allow them to expand their team.

MAY 10, 2023 BHH News
Discover “From Prevention to Prediction: How Insurers are Transforming the Patient Experience” at the Health Revolution Congress
Just one week to go until the Health Revolution Congress! It’s time to prepare yourself for the upcoming panel about “From Prevention to Prediction: How Insurers are Transforming the Patient Experience”. Discover in this panel how insurance companies are using advanced technologies and data analysis to improve the overall health and well-being of patients, moving from a reactive approach to a proactive perspective. The panel explores the use of digital health solutions to identify potential health risks, provide personalized care and support, and enhance the patient experience. Influential thought leaders will share their insights into the transformative initiatives that insurers are spearheading in healthcare.Jay Rajda, International Payor Partnership Leader of Amazon Web Servicios, Pedro Díaz Yuste, CEO of Savia by Mapfre, Omar Najid, CEO of Docline, and Marc Torrents, Head of Klinc Business at Zurich will discuss under the skillful guidance of moderator Anna Moragas of SDLI.  Together, these industry trailblazers will reveal the extraordinary ways insurers are revolutionizing the patient experience, shifting the paradigm from prevention to prediction. Don't miss your chance to be part of this session! Secure your ticket now and be part of the revolution!
MAY 10, 2023 BHH News
Teamit Research is hiring! – #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member Teamit Research is looking for a Financial and Administration Assistant to support the Head of Management! Teamit Research is a Barcelona-based company that aims to improve health outcomes by supporting the advancement of life sciences research. To fulfill that mission, the team helps execute innovative public-private biomedical initiatives by providing management and communications. Teamit Research operates in the European Research Ecosystem, participating in projects that tackle important global health challenges. The profile should be a talented, hard-working, committed, enthusiastic, adaptable and creative professional that wants to grow and pursue a career with a top team of professionals in European project management in the biomedical sector; and has to meet these requirements:
  • Minimum of 3 years  experience in a similar role.
  • Excellent verbal and written English and good interpersonal skills.
  • Strong budgeting, financial and billing knowledge.
Interested to join the team? Check out the vacancy HERE!
MAY 10, 2023 BHH News
Continuous secure chat ensures broadening of screen care - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Keeping healthcare affordable has led to an enormous digitization drive in the healthcare sector. Hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers have started using the possibilities offered by digital healthcare providers massively. During the pandemic, screen care has ensured that care can continue online. Due to rising costs, it now also appears to be the answer to keeping healthcare affordable. BHH member Webcamconsult, a digital healthcare platform, sees an increase in the needs of practitioners and healthcare consumers. The specialist in screen care adds the possibility to chat and app to the care communication platform at any time of the day. Patients who require long-term care in particular feel the need to easily consult their practitioner via chat. Telephone contact and contact online (video consultations) are already widely used in healthcare. In addition to these digital means of communication, a continuous secure chat option has now been added by Webcamconsult. Due to the increase in healthcare costs, many healthcare organizations are looking for (digital) options to reduce costs. Rising healthcare costs and an overburdened healthcare market There will be one increase of healthcare costs expected to be 6,3% in 2022 compared to 2021. The forecasting model of care and welfare shows that the shortage of care workers will increase from 49 thousand in 2022 to approximately 117 thousand people in 2030. VGZ indicates in their policy that e-health plays an important role in keeping healthcare affordable and available. Also CZ and other health insurers indicate that they want to apply more digital care. Suppliers to the healthcare market play a major role in keeping good healthcare affordable by offering support services and resources. Bert van Gerwen, CEO of Webcamconsult: “We have been developing digital healthcare since 2013. Due to the changing healthcare landscape in recent years, e-health has gained enormous momentum. Compare this to the early days of e-commerce. Now that we are also outgrowing the infancy in the healthcare IT sector, we see that the applications are developing at lightning speed on the basis of experience and demand from the market. For example, our relations indicated a need for a simple continuous chat function, which has now been developed and implemented. Healthcare must be and remain affordable and accessible to healthcare consumers. But systems must also meet the wishes of practitioners, otherwise they will not be used. A system can be extremely complex in the background, but the patient and the healthcare provider at the front should not notice this.” Digital care full replacement of physical care? According to CTO and co-founder of Webcamconsult Milan Tjioe, who also works as a dermatologist at Bravis Hospital, has developed digital care at lightning speed. Tjioe quotes: “The healthcare sector is a fairly traditional sector in which the implementation of digital healthcare did not go very quickly. Until Covid. After that, that mindset completely changed. You only see that patients, doctors, but also the suppliers of the applications need time to fully embrace it. GPs, for example, hardly use screen care. We implement a continuous chat option because it is useful to be able to communicate with each other via text before, during or after a video consultation." He also adds this example, "an assistant can ask a few questions in advance or point out something afterwards to the patient that he or she forgot to ask. Departments determine individually who has what rights in handling these online conversations. Our goal is to make e-health so accessible that it can compete with physical care. A physical examination will remain physical for the time being, but follow-up appointments or an exploratory meeting can often be handled digitally. Blended care is a bit of a buzzword at the moment, but it is also the reality that is now playing out in healthcare.” Client app introduction In the further development of the Webcamconsult platform also releases a client app. The patient can use the continuous chat function for this. The design of the app takes less digitally skilled clients into account, so that digital care is accessible to a broad target group. Learn more about it HERE.
MAY 9, 2023 BHH News
Explore more about "Digital Health Innovations: Tech Companies Driving Better Healthcare" at the Health Revolution Congress
Get ready to learn from tech titans that are shaping the future of healthcare at the upcoming Health Revolution Congress! The panel "Digital Health Innovations: Tech Companies Driving Better Healthcare", happening on May 17th, brings together visionaries and industry leaders to explore the transformative power of technology in healthcare.  Get inspired by the panelists that are propelling healthcare into a new era. Myriam Fernández, Head of Health Innovation, EMEA at Amazon Web Services, brings her strategic powers to revolutionize healthcare through cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Ayelen Fernandez, System Product Manager at HP, is at the forefront of 3D printing technology, enabling personalized medical solutions and pioneering advancements in patient care. Tayfun Karabagli, Ecosystem Manager at Huawei, is revolutionizing healthcare by leveraging technology and partnerships to bridge the gap of digital transformation. Guiding these discussions is moderator George Margelis, a renowned thought leader in digital health, whose expertise will ensure a captivating and inspiring session.  Don't miss your chance to witness the remarkable digital health innovations that are reshaping the future of healthcare. This is a unique opportunity to witness firsthand how technology giants are revolutionizing healthcare, forging new pathways to enhanced patient care, and paving the way for a healthier future.  Don't miss out on this unparalleled experience - secure your ticket now to join the Digital Health Innovations panel and be part of the revolution on May 17th!
MAY 9, 2023 BHH News
Join #THAIS2023 on June 19-20 of Parc Taulí Hospital Universitari – #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member Parc Taulí Hospital Universitari will host the celebration of the 2nd Taulí Health Artificial Intelligence Symposium on June 19 and 20, following the success achieved with its 1st edition. It’s an event in which the most prominent experts in Artificial Intelligence ​​will explain how it’s currently used in medicine and what its future holds, while they present cases that are already being worked on. Main topics to be discussed are:
  • Will Artificial Intelligence be able to monitor population health?
  • Access to healthcare data: where we are and where we are going
  • Data management in healthcare at the European level: towards full digitization?
  • AI research: challenges to be taken into account
  • Bigdata Analytics: Will everything go through the Cloud?
  • AI risks: Are we aware of them?
  • AI and ethics: Do they use the same language?
These and many other questions will be discussed at Taulí Health Artificial Intelligence Symposium. Don’t miss the opportunity and reserve your place HERE!
MAY 5, 2023 BHH News
Discover UrbanFisio's postgraduate degree to their physiotherapists - #BHHMembersInitiatives
“We want to offer the best care to our patients by hiring and training the best physiotherapists in our health care center. For this reason, we pay their postgraduate education.” These are the words of Irma Gutiérrez, Head Therapist and Co-Founder of BHH member UrbanFisio, the leading health care company in Spain providing personalized physiotherapy on demand service at home or workplace, when referring to the decision they made regarding payment of the master or postgraduate diploma to their team. This is a unique and pioneering proposal in the sector, as well as a firm commitment to improving their care services and their team professional development. "UrbanFisio is revolutionizing and transforming home healthcare by this unique proposal, because every health care professional must stay informed about the constantly changing world of healthcare," explains Gutiérrez. In a market characterized by its fragmentation, local businesses, and job insecurity, UrbanFisio is committed to the stability, protection, and security of their permanent staff, bringing personalized physiotherapy at home services with their own dedicated team of more than 50 expert registered physiotherapists throughout the main cities in Spain. Gutiérrez regards it as a matter of ensuring quality of care and the capacity to establish a relationship of trust between the patient and the professional: "This allows us to guarantee that our physiotherapists are focused on providing the best care to our patients, the best assessment and the best treatment, always promoting prevention and improving health outcomes through patient education”. The original concept of UrbanFisio is also revolutionary. Since home health is their core business, their physiotherapists always take care of their patients at their own home, further personalizing treatments and becoming a relevant actor in the prevention of pathologies or the detection of new needs. "Home is the primary venue of care and it allows us to address living conditions, a truly person-centered care as social factors influence health" says Miguel de Santiago, CEO and Co-Founder. UrbanFisio is making healthcare accessible and empowering people to live longer, better, healthier lives in their own homes. From the way a patient is treated by specialized therapeutic units (senior, women, neurological, chronic pain, etc.), with their own UrbanFisio multiply methodology to achieve a faster and more complete recovery, to providing the needed follow-up information. “In addition, we are also developing AI-based triage, virtual health programs and remote patient monitoring solutions to help our patients in their recovery process. This value proposition will place us at the forefront of digital health, thus continuing the UrbanFisio revolution”, explains Gutiérrez. Learn more about this company HERE.
MAY 4, 2023 BHH News
A perfect match: Making it easier for people to join Barcelona Health Hub
Nowadays most people know something about AI, Automation Tools and Chatbots. They are all great and simple tools to improve our day-to-day work and the lives of both users and providers. But have you ever wondered what makes the difference? What makes a chatbot the perfect fit for you or your business? Serviceform Automation Tools got into contact with Barcelona Health Hub, as they fell in love with the tremendous behind the scene work to make Barcelona the center of innovation in the digital health industry.  Serviceform is a SaaS company, as a Software as a Service company. You might think the main focus is the software itself - of course, they put the most effort into providing the best tool for their users. At the same time, Serviceform’s primary focus is the service they provide. They truly care about their partner’s needs and what made their software a good match for both parties. Therefore, Barcelona Health Hub and Serviceform teamed up to create a personalized Serviceform Chatbot for the BHH website. It’s a great way to interact with the BHH members and to automate a lot of the day-to-day work.  For Barcelona Health Hub, communication between the Hub and the world is one of its key pillars. With that in mind, Serviceform built a chatbot that helps web visitors to quickly learn about the BHH’s members, how to become part of the Hub and to find out about the upcoming events.  The result is a 100% personalized chatbot that gives web visitors guidance and information that they need. Check out the homepage to see this new chatbot LIVE! While you’re on the website, check out for yourself the amazing BHH members and partners of the BHH ecosystem - and why not become a part of this growing, dynamic health hub too?  Do you too want a cool chatbot that matches your business needs? Check out the Serviceform Chatbot.
MAY 2, 2023 BHH News
HumanITcare and Gebro Phama partner up to help patients with asthma - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH members Laboratorios Gebro Pharma and the startup HumanITcare have recently signed a collaboration agreement through which they will launch a connected health solution for patients with asthma. The relationship between the pharmaceutical company and the startup, which began in 2022 under the auspices of the Catalan Government’s Innovation Aid Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprise (BHH partner ACCIÓ), is now consolidated in a corporate-startup relationship. In that first phase of the collaboration between the two companies, a first prototype was carried out on a connected health solution that would help asthmatic patients and their healthcare professionals. In this second stage of collaboration, and as a result of this second agreement, both companies move to the phase of completing the prototype, making it functional and validating it clinically to make it reach potential patients later. The ultimate goal of this project is to market this solution together in the coming years. The solution allows asthmatic patients to monitor different relevant parameters autonomously and from any location. Among the most noteworthy are lung capacity, heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen saturation. By combining this information with parameters previously collected during patient visits, a platform analyses health data and sends relevant notifications to both the patient and the healthcare professional. This notification system does not replace the specialist, but can provide additional information to help with decision-making related to monitoring, treatment, adherence, and prevention of poorly controlled mild or severe asthma. This connected health solution is pioneering in Spain. It is designed to improve and simplify the doctor-patient collaboration and will use a digital communication that is both user-friendly and comprehensive. Asthma is a chronic condition, and it is critical for patients to have as much knowledge as possible in real-time about their condition and the effectiveness of their treatments. Gebro Pharma and the startup HumanITcare will work together to co-develop this solution, ensuring the privacy of users with a GDPR-compliant system that guarantees that all data will be encrypted and anonymized with the highest standards of digital security. The co-development of this solution is part of Gebro Pharma's innovation strategy, and it also strengthens its presence in the Respiratory Area and its commitment to patients with poorly controlled mild or severe asthma. These patients are one of its main areas of interest, thanks to a recent partnership between the company and BHH member Novartis for the commercialization in Spain of two products aimed at them. Through this collaboration, both companies seek new ways to address the unmet medical needs around patients diagnosed with asthma but not well-controlled. "Currently, there is no comprehensive solution that covers most of these needs. These include the shortage of healthcare resources to offer more personalized treatment to patients, the high healthcare burden of the healthcare professional, limited time per visit, or the lack of disease education on the part of patients or their caregivers, among others," emphasizes Gustavo Pérez, Director of Commercial Operations at Gebro Pharma. All of this can make people with asthma feel unsupported while being treated and also lacking tools to better control or understand their own condition. This lack of control can lead to a worsening of the condition as well as an increase in healthcare pressure on healthcare professionals. In the words of Ivet Vall, Director of Business Development & Innovation at Gebro Pharma, "this collaboration reaffirms Gebro's constant commitment to innovation, which in this case seeks to complement our portfolio with technological solutions beyond drugs. In this line, since last year, we have been an active part of the Barcelona Health Hub ecosystem, and we will continue to explore new avenues that help improve the quality of life of patients and those who assist them." For her part, Núria Pastor, CEO and co-founder of HumanITcare, highlights that "the commitment with Gebro towards better monitoring of asthma patients is an example of how the ecosystem is becoming digitalized. We hope to reach thousands of patients and specialists with this alliance and to improve their quality of life by offering remote monitoring with our technology." Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease characterized by bronchial hyperactivity and variable airflow obstruction. Those who suffer from it have their quality of life limited, especially in physical activity-related tasks, and their sleep quality. The main symptoms include a sensation of breathlessness and chest tightness, coughing, wheezing, and inability to achieve deep and prolonged sleep during the night. In Spain, there are three million diagnosed patients according to the prevalence data of CIBERES, a biomedical research network center for respiratory diseases, although it is estimated that 50% of patients with asthma do not have a clinical diagnosis. Among those diagnosed, the disease is considered severe in 4% of cases, while 60% do not have good symptom control. Congratulations!
MAY 2, 2023 BHH News
Enjoy a team building with social impact - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Are you ready to join the movement to bring positive change in hospitals? Join the new workshop of BHH member Pallapupas to bring companies what they do best: laugh and give laughter to emotionally care for people and to transform society. Pallapupas, with more than 20+ years of experience, aims to improve the quality of life of hospitalized patients and their families, making a positive change using humor and theater in the toughest moments. They are distinguished by portraying clowns to bring joy and happiness. Their clowns are professional actors and actresses formed in a specific methodology of hospital clowns adapted to each person, helping them overcome the challenges and stress of their medical condition. The workshop will let you discover humor as a tool to generate efficiency and business growth. You will explore the world of the hospital clown, improve team relationships and at the same time promote social values. With this workshop, Pallapupas accompanies organizations in their processes of growth and team well-being improvement through humor, while raising awareness and working towards a common social goal that will strengthen your team. By contracting Pallapupas' services, you'll not only benefit your company, but also contribute to the emotional care of hospitalized people. Immerse yourself in the world of the hospital clown: let's practice humor HERE! [pdf-embedder url="https://barcelonahealthhub.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/Team-building-Pallapupas.pdf" title="Team building Pallapupas"]
APRIL 27, 2023 BHH News
Associació Anita and Talentum Foundation organize the most ambitious solidarity event with entrepreneurs in Catalonia
Next May 9th, the ninth edition of La Nit del Talent, organized by Impulsa Talentum Foundation and in collaboration with Barcelona Health Hub, will take place becoming the largest solidarity event with entrepreneurs held in Catalonia. All the proceeds will be donated to the Associació Anita. This association, that has been raising funds since 2014, is dedicated to investigating Pediatric Germ Cell Tumor, to help children and teenagers with cancer. With the help of the BHH partner Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, they finance innovative programs within the pediatric palliative care unit. Additionally, Impulsa Talentum will present the Talent Award Social Talent 2023 that recognizes the most talented people in the entrepreneurial community of Catalonia. The gala will feature performances, monologues and live music and it will be presented by Bibiana Ballbè. Amongst artists that have already confirmed are Hotel Cochambre, Preacher JJ Bolton, Group of the entrepreneur Josep Coll, and Toni Cayena. The fundraising will be made through tickets, contributions from companies and individuals and the auction of celebrity products. If you can't make it to the event, no worries! You can still make an online donation if you would like to collaborate with the project. You can choose that option on the website too. Don't miss this event on May 9th at 19:30h at Luz de Gas, Barcelona, and get your ticket HERE.
APRIL 27, 2023 BHH News
Join Microptic's webinar on May 11th to discover how to validate your CASA - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member Microptic organizes a new free webinar on "How to validate your CASA?" on May 11th. The validation of Computer-Aided Sperm Analysers (CASA) is essential for laboratories to set up systems on their routine. In this webinar their biologists will provide advise to all new users on how to conduct a basic validation protocol with their CASA. Main premise of the system validation process, variables to take into account during the evaluation and protocols to do proper manual-automatic comparisons will be discussed. The webinar will be held in two separte sessions in different languages.
  • 12.00 noon, UTC + 2 (English)
  • 3.00 p.m, UTC + 2 (French)
If you're interested to discover how to validate your CASA, you can register HERE.
APRIL 26, 2023 BHH News
Find out more about “Clinical Strategy and Integration of Digital Health in Medicine” at the Health Revolution Congress
If you're passionate about digital health and interested in learning from some of the most prominent voices in the industry, don't miss the "Clinical Strategy and Integration of Digital Health in Medicine" panel at the Health Revolution Congress on May 17th!  Join in this panel experts in the healthcare industry to discuss the incorporation of digital health technologies into clinical practice. The panel will explore the benefits, challenges, and strategies for effectively integrating digital health solutions in medicine. It will also discuss the current state of digital health and its potential to improve patient outcomes and enhance the healthcare experience. The panel will feature some of the most prominent voices in the digital health space, including Geeta Nayyar, the Chief Medical Officer of Salesforce, Tamara Sunbul, the Chief Medical Officer of Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare, Jhonatan Bringas, the CEO of Lapsi Health and an advisor and educator in digital health, and Austin Chiang, the Chief Medical Officer, Gastrointestinal of Medtronic, and a renowned gastroenterologist and digital health expert. The event will be moderated by Aline Noizet, a healthcare strategist and founder of the Digital Health Connector. The focus of the round table will be on the clinical implications of digital health and how it can be integrated into medical practice. As digital health continues to evolve and gain traction, it is becoming increasingly important for healthcare providers to understand how these technologies can be used to improve patient outcomes and streamline workflows. At the Health Revolution Congress, this panel offers a unique opportunity to gain insights into the future of digital health and its implications for clinical practice. With a diverse range of perspectives from industry leaders and experts, this discussion will inspire you to take action to become part of the revolution in healthcare.  Don't miss out on this chance to be a part of the conversation and register for your ticket for the Health Revolution Congress today!
APRIL 26, 2023 BHH News
Join the webinar: "Digital health solutions in remote patient monitoring: Experiences, use cases & outcomes" - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Are you interested in learning more about interoperability and remote patient monitoring? Join BHH member HumanITcare for their next webinar "Digital health solutions in remote patient monitoring: Experiences, use cases & outcomes", on May 2nd at 18:00h CEST where they will cover everything you want to know. During the webinar, they will delve into digital health and remote patient monitoring with their expert speakers:
  • Dr. Josep Brugada, PhD. Professor of cardiology. Hospital Clinic. University of Barcelona. Former president of the European Heart Rhythm Association & Medical Advisor at HumanITcare.
  • Dr. Jordi Piera, PhD. Director of the Digital Health Strategy Office.
  • Unai Sánchez. CTO & Co-founder of HumanITcare.
By attending the webinar, you'll be able to know everything related to:
  • Benefits from APIs in digital health partnerships: APIs can enable seamless communication and data exchange between different systems and applications.
  • Interoperation in healthcare systems: healthcare interoperability standards and how API’s are the solution to the current challenges.
  • Security & privacy considerations: ensuring that sensitive patient data is securely transmitted and accessed.
  • Future of digital health partners: scalability, automatization, cost reduction, and more.
Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to hear about expert experiences, use cases, outcomes and opinions in digital health and remote patient monitoring. Register now HERE.
APRIL 26, 2023 BHH News
Meet Perdigó at RDD 2023 - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Arnau Perdigó and Marc Aliana from BHH member Perdigó will attend this year’s Respiratory Drug Delivery (RDD) conference in Antibes, France, during 2-5 May. The RDD is a European conference with in-depth presentations and discussion of pioneering science plus ample opportunity for face-to-face networking with scientists, regulators, clinicians, solutions providers, and business professionals active in this exciting field. Perdigó, the engineering consultancy focussed on the development of medical devices, biotechnology platforms, pharma manufacturing systems and similar products and technologies, has recently unveiled Xaloc, the preliminary design for a dual-strip Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI), which is available for the development of both generic and innovator combination products. More information about Xaloc will be available soon. “As leaders in inhaler device design and development, we look forward to attending presentations from Presspart and Hovione, Aptar, Lonza, Honeywell, and more”, as they explain. Don't miss your chance to meet Perdigó at the RDD, and contact them HERE.
APRIL 25, 2023 BHH News
Become a game changer with the Wild Card programme - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member i4KIDS has partnered with BHH partner EIT Health under the Wild Card Acceleration Programme to identify and accelerate child-focused innovations that have a real impact on children's lives. The Wild Card programme pairs early-stage startups with the resources they need to validate their problem-solution, achieve product-market fit, and secure investment opportunities. Each year, they invite startup teams who are not afraid to take risks to develop an innovative solution for a specific health challenge. Fostering a supportive and collaborative environment, Wild Card encourages participants to think outside the box and challenge conventional thinking. With the guidance and support of experts and investors, teams have the opportunity to take on the challenge and bring innovative products and services to the healthcare industry. Together with Sant Joan de Déu Hospital (SJD) and its innovation hub i4KIDS, the Wild Card programme seeks to accelerate children-centric innovations that make real impact in children’s lives. After consulting with key opinion leaders and a group of children and teenagers who act as a Scientific Council in SJD, Wild Card will particularly focus on innovations that address challenges in early life, chronic conditions and rare diseases, and acute disease management. The Wild Card 2023 is open to teams of entrepreneurs, startups or SMEs that:
  • Address an unmet need for children’s health
  • Have a TRL 3-6
  • Have a team of two-to–five founders, of whom at least two should participate in the programme
  • Are incorporated by June 1st 2023 in a Horizon Europe country
If you're interested in this programme, you can apply until May 2nd HERE.
APRIL 25, 2023 BHH News
Health & Insurance team up at the ICHMeetup at the Health Revolution Congress
The health and insurance sectors have a unique relationship that presents many opportunities for collaboration. Discover in the ICHMeetup by the Insurtech Community Hub, at the Health Revolution Congress on May 17th how to seize those opportunities! Both sectors add their own expertise to the mix. On one hand, the health sector provides medical services and treatments to patients, while on the other hand, the insurance sector provides coverage for medical expenses.  By working together, they can create a more efficient and cost-effective healthcare system that benefits patients and insurers alike. For instance, insurers can incentivize their policyholders to seek preventative care and adopt healthier lifestyles, which can reduce the overall cost of medical treatment.  Additionally, health providers can partner with insurers to offer value-based care, which prioritizes quality outcomes rather than the number of services provided. Overall, there are numerous ways that the health and insurance sectors can work together to improve healthcare delivery and affordability. Explore real cases of collaboration between health and insurance players such as startups, insurers and digital platforms to improve the patient experience and achieve maximum efficiency in the processes. Join the panel “Opportunities between the health and the insurance sector” at 11:00 hrs and join Héctor Serrano, Sr. Account Executive of Liferay, José Antonio Bravo González, General Director of Orgoa, and Silvia Raga, CEO of Dycare Don’t miss it at the Health Revolution Congress on May 17th and get your ticket here!
APRIL 21, 2023 BHH News
The symptoms of burnout and how to prevent it with the EAP program - #BHHMembersInitiatives
"Before it rains, it drizzles, and it's not the same to put down the fire of a match than to put down a fire in the forest", says BHH member Healthy Work. Before taking a sick leave due to anxiety or burnout, there are many signs that can indicate that an employee is burnt out. Being attentive to these signs and getting the right support can make the difference between burnout (with all that it can entail: medical leave, absenteeism, relational problems, etc.) and just the bad period that everyone can experience in their lives, whether they like it or not. Are your employees about to burn out? It is crucial to intervene promptly!
  • 76% of employees report moderate to high or high levels of stress.
  • 33% report that high levels of stress affect productivity.
  • The main cause of work-related stress is workload (73%). *Data on the prevalence of occupational stress in the UK (HSE).
Definition and signs of the burnout syndrome Occupational burnout is a process in which an employee progressively suffers and begins to develop a negative psychological reaction to their job with unhealthy consequences that can manifest themselves in the relationships with colleagues, clients, or family. According to OSHA, in its origins, burnout syndrome was identified to a greater extent in those professions that were related to public and client-facing roles and the symptoms that people with burnout may experience can be of three types:
  • Psychosomatic: chronic fatigue, insomnia, weight loss, hypertension, headaches
  • Emotional sensations: irritability, generalized anxiety, frustration
  • Behavioural symptoms: apathy, pessimism, difficulty concentrating, conflict
As a consequence, employees can show lack of motivation, changes in behaviour, absenteeism or lateness, reduction in productivity, suffer accidents on the job, verbalize health complaints, or suffer isolation, among others. If we are not attentive to the warning signs and let them go unnoticed, the result will lead to great burnout. How to prevent occupational fatigue? Nowadays, physical health shares the same importance as mental health. It is therefore worth investing in prevention, and the care of employees' emotional health. Happy employees lead to healthy companies with the help of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). And this is where Healthy Work comes in. Healthy Work's EAP allows any employee and their family members going through a difficult time to receive immediate help. With a helpline 24h/7days, by phone, email, or through the Healthy Work APP, all employees have access to a wide range of resources and support, including psychological, legal, financial, and general assistance, as well as coaching, nutritional guidance, personal training consultations, and more. The service is entirely free and confidential for the employee. Getting help in the difficult moments that everyone goes through can help you get out of the abyss, especially in situations of work-related stress. Among some of its benefits, EAP improves employees' wellbeing and performance, increases their motivation, helps talent retention, and establishes a positive and supportive workplace climate. Making an investment in mental health prevention is not only a social responsibility, but also a wise investment in enhancing productivity. According to a 2020 Deloitte study, for every euro invested, there is a return of five euros. Learn more about Healthy Work and the Employee Assistance Programs HERE.
APRIL 21, 2023 BHH News
Join the wake-up call of the Radical Health Festival Helsinki
Our healthcare system is in crisis. Aging population, pandemics, mental health problems, shortage of professionals, siloed information. These are just a few of the reasons why European healthcare is slowly collapsing – unless we act now. Radical Health Festival Helsinki (RHFH) is a new pan-European and truly cooperative conference where international key players in digital health will come together to create one of the largest health markets. RHFH is driven by a genuine, shared ambition to transform healthcare, deliver value, improve clinical and financial outcomes, and make health systems sustainable. Radical Health Festival Helsinki brings together a unique interdisciplinary community of like- minded digital healthcare visionaries aiming to revolutionize modern healthcare and make it sustainable once again. This mission is possible only by innovating new, groundbreaking concepts and technologies that challenge the conservative and ineffective methods of our current healthcare system. During the three-day festival, on 12-14 June 2023, hospitals and health systems, pharmaceuticals, medtech, public and private insurers, major IT vendors, investors, patients and patient organizations, policy-making authorities, public health agencies, and many more will come together to take radical steps for a healthy future through panel discussions, workshops, presentation, live demos of innovative solutions and active networking. Whether you are a major player in the healthcare or IT sector, a seasoned industry leader, ambitious startup, or a skilled clinician, now it’s time for you to come forward. Join this wake-up call on HERE.
APRIL 20, 2023 BHH News
Networking breakfast for the Use Case - Digitalization of clinical trials: thoughts, learnings and benefits
BHH member Iron Mountain is thrilled to invite you to their upcoming networking breakfast session "Digitalization of clinical trials: thoughts, learnings and benefits". Minerva Casas, from BHH member Almirall, will present this use case with the learnings and thoughts for the clinical trials digitalization together with Juan Luis Regidor and Javi Diaz from Iron Mountain. The agenda for the event is the next:
  • 9:30 - Welcome
  • 9.50 - Introduction by Juan Luis Regidor, Commercial Director at Iron Mountain
  • 10.10 - Case study: Digitalization of Clinical Trials, thoughts, learnings and benefits, by Minerva Casas, R&D Archivist and Trial Master File Specialist, Clinical Data and Information Management at Almirall, and Javi Diaz, Business Development Executive at Iron Mountain.
  • 11.00 - Round table
  • 11.30 - End of the presentation and coffee networking
After the discussion, they will have a coffee networking for sharing experiences with other colleagues. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn from other pharma sector colleagues about the path to the digital transformation process and the latest trends in digital health. Join them next May 11th at the BHH Headquarters. Space is limited, so be sure to sign up HERE.
APRIL 19, 2023 BHH News
Abzu and Contera Pharma expand strategic partnership - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member Abzu® and Contera Pharma expand their strategic partnership to add drug-target identification to their seminal RNA- and siRNAs therapeutic design platform. Contera Pharma is a Danish biotech company developing innovative small-molecule and RNA-based therapeutics to address neurological disorders. Their unique R&D model integrates their team of experienced neuroscience drug hunters with cutting-edge technology, like Abzu’s proprietary discovery engine, the QLattice®, to develop precision medicines. Abzu’s QLattice, a new class of explainable artificial intelligence with recently-patented technology, accelerates scientists’ exploration and understanding of relationships in data. Abzu and Contera Pharma initially collaborated in July 2021 to incorporate the QLattice into an RNA therapeutic design application. The application designs RNA therapeutics through parallel hypotheses testing of drug targets and individual antisense oligonucleotide (ASO) drug properties. After seeing accelerated progress on two undisclosed therapeutics currently in preclinical testing, Abzu and Contera Pharma agreed to expand their strategic partnership, adding siRNAs and target identification to the platform. "Our expanded strategic partnership is based on a three-pronged approach to strengthen our drug discovery platform: First, we run ASO drug design by automation; second, we will add siRNAs as an RNA therapeutic modality; and third, we identify novel targets with Abzu’s explainable artificial intelligence," says Kenneth Christensen, Chief Scientific Officer of Contera Pharma. "We want to turbocharge the development of RNA medicines," says Martin Kerr, Head of Business Development and Pharma Partnerships at Abzu. "With Contera Pharma, we’re designing and testing RNA medicines to multiple targets — all at once — which means that we’re breaking new ground faster than anyone else." Combined, this expanded partnership advances the companies vision to accelerate the drug discovery process by deepening the disease and disease-target understanding and at the same time accelerating rational drug design. Read more HERE.  
APRIL 19, 2023 BHH News
Moritz fuels the digital health ecosystem of Barcelona Health Hub
Barcelona Health Hub is thrilled to announce that Moritz, the well-known Barcelona-based brewery, has become a partner of the Hub. Yes, you read that right - a brewery partnering with a health hub! This partnership represents a strategic move by Moritz to further their commitment to promoting innovation in health and wellbeing in their community. Moritz, the first beer of Barcelona since 1856, has always been a brand that values health and sustainability. From their founder's mission to provide a healthy alternative to unsanitary drinking water in Barcelona to their current efforts to promote a balanced lifestyle, Moritz has long been committed to making a positive impact through innovation and creativity. By joining Barcelona Health Hub, Moritz becomes part of the ecosystem of health startups and innovators, which can lead to positive change in the community. And who knows, maybe we'll see some health-inspired beers in the future? Moritz also has a deep connection to Barcelona and its community. By partnering with the Barcelona Health Hub, Moritz can give back to the city that has supported it for over 160 years. This collaboration allows for the creation of positive change in the community by supporting health initiatives and promoting innovation. And to top it all, the upcoming Health Revolution Congress on May 17th will be fueled by Moritz! It's the perfect place to combine a great event with great drinks. Together, Moritz and the Barcelona Health Hub are looking forward to making a meaningful impact on the health ecosystem. It's an unexpected partnership, but BHH thinks it's the perfect match. Here's to a healthier world, one beer at a time. Cheers!
APRIL 18, 2023 BHH News
XRHealth and Amelia Virtual Care announce merger, creating the largest XR therapeutics platform - #BHHMembersInitiatives
XRHealth, a Boston-based developer and operator of virtual treatment rooms, and Amelia Virtual Care, a global leading virtual reality platform for mental health professionals based in Barcelona, Spain, today announced their intention to merge into one company, which will remain called XRHealth. The union aims to create an XR therapeutic powerhouse, uniquely capable of addressing both physical and mental health issues. The combination of the two businesses is expected to deliver significant revenue during the coming months, distancing all other platforms to become the leading XR/VR therapeutic solution in the market. The completion of the merger is subject to the execution of definitive contracts by the parties, as well as to the satisfaction of certain conditions customary in this kind of transactions including the approval by the shareholders of both companies. The merger was facilitated by Asabys Partners, a leading Barcelona-based venture capital firm specializing in health innovation and deep tech supported by Banco Sabadell and Alantra, and legacy investor at Amelia Virtual Care. In the words of Guillem Masferrer, Partner at Asabys leading this transaction, “We are very proud to see the evolution of Amelia Virtual Care since our investment in 2019 to become the leading global VR platform serving mental health professionals. We have always been very impressed with XRHealth’s accomplishments and believe the combination of the two will provide patients across therapeutic areas with the benefits of VR/XR therapies.” Other shareholders in Amelia include Caixa Capital Risc, Banco Sabadell, ENDRA and CG Ventures. "The consolidation of these two VR leading players represent an impactful opportunity to provide therapeutic virtual health care psychotherapy options to patients contributing to solve the mental health pandemic. Both companies cover the needs of patients and healthcare systems with a technological, clinical and efficient approach which represents also an outstanding opportunity for the respective shareholders,” says Josep Ll. Sanfeliu, Managing Partner at Asabys. XRHealth integrates immersive virtual reality and augmented reality (AR) technology, licensed clinicians, and advanced data analytics on one platform, providing a comprehensive therapeutic care solution that enables patients to receive treatment from the comfort of their homes. The technology helps clinicians treat patients who have complex medical conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis. The platform also has demonstrated efficacy in providing post-stroke rehabilitation and in treating a broad range of physical health issues, including acute and chronic pain, post-stroke needs, fibromyalgia, anxiety, stress, dementia, and menopause-related symptoms. According to Miki Levy, XRHealth co-founder and CTO, “With our merger, we now have an end-to-end product that addresses privacy and security, multiple use cases with a variety of content, compliance and regulation, and operational tools to support scale (including real-time and asynchronous control of treatments and treatment plans, connectivity, integrations to EHR/CRM, and lines of communications). This solution is ideal for providers and third-party companies that want to help revolutionize healthcare with a XR software without investing time and money into building all the supporting infrastructure. We have a growing number of content partners today and expect this to increase dramatically after this merger.” Amelia Virtual Care offers comprehensive and flexible virtual reality software, Amelia VR, for mental health professionals to use in day-to-day clinical practices. Amelia VR provides more than 140 virtual environments, each designed by clinicians and built on the most widely accepted and effective paradigms of psychology related to cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Further, the Amelia VR library enables therapists from around the world to easily access exposure tools and systematic desensitization techniques to facilitate their psychoeducation sessions with patients. Xavier Palomer, founder and executive chairman of Amelia Virtual Care and Chief Growth Officer for the merged company, says the merger marks the most significant step yet in the company’s rapid growth in recent years. “We’re thrilled to join forces with XRHealth at a time when clinicians are adopting virtual reality as a mainstream tool for delivering high-quality care and engaging patient experiences. While VR is still novel to many patients, it’s a well-proven solution grounded in more than 30 years of research and experience.” XRHealth CEO Eran Orr, who will remain CEO of the merged company, notes that the merger marks one of the most exciting new developments in the healthcare market. “Hundreds of papers and high volumes of clinical outcomes data have shown how powerful XR is for patients. Now that our industry is maturing, we’re ready to introduce the XR platform that any hospital and clinic can use, designed specifically for the healthcare market. The merger enables us to offer a one-stop shop to diverse players and streamline the technology in a way that will see XR devices adopted for a variety of treatments, with XRHealth leading the way for the entire industry.” The XRHealth platform on the VIVE XR Elite headsets will be demonstrated at the 2023 HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition at the CDWG Federal Healthcare booth, #8535 and at the HTC VIVE booth #6012.
APRIL 18, 2023 BHH News
Dental Residency launches a 2 million euro crowdfunding to boost its international expansion - #BHHMembersInitatives
BHH member Dental Residency, the leading company in home dental care for dependants and people with mobility problems in Spain, has announced the launch of a new 2 million euro round of investment. The round, which has the support of the reference current investors, has been launched through a crowdfunding initiative with BHH member Capital Cell, an investment platform specialized in the health and biotechnology sectors. At the same time, the company has public and bank financing commitments. Currently, the company provides services to nearly 1,000 nursing homes and day-care centres in Spain, offering coverage to more than 260,000 residents, and it already has its first operating centre in the Italian city of Milan, which has been the first step in its plan for international expansion. The purpose of the new round is to obtain funds to increase market share in Spain, boost growth in Italy, and enter the new markets of the United Kingdom and Germany before the end of 2023. These three new international markets group more than 1.9 million residential places. The raising of new funds pursues three main goals: support the opening of 13 new operating centres, develop in-house technology to continue innovating in process optimization and customer experience, and hire new talent to lead the company's growth. Dental Residency has experienced significant growth in recent years, with an x4 sales increase in the last two years and achieving a 165% sales growth in the 1Q 2023 compared to 2022. With the entry into these new markets, the company aims to multiply current business figures by x10 in just two years. With a 5-year horizon, the objective is to have a network of 25 operating centres in 4 countries, serve more than 300,000 patients each year, and achieve a turnover of more than 40 million euros with an EBITDA of 6.6 million. Find out more about this HERE.
APRIL 17, 2023 BHH News
ACCIÓ and BHH team up to promote Catalonia in Germany as a European Hub in health
The Delegation of the Government of Catalonia in Germany, in collaboration with Catalonia Trade & Investment and Berliner Wirtschaftsgesprächen e. V., are organizing a webinar on Tuesday, April 25th from 15hrs to present the health and life sciences sector of Catalonia. Catalonia is one of the leading European regions in healthcare and life sciences. The Catalan healthcare system is considered a benchmark in linking new technologies and has implemented an operational electronic health record. Startups also play a key role in the development of new technologies and business models in the health sector. With its numerous successful ecosystems in the fields of biotech, medtech and eHealth, Catalonia has ideal prerequisites for playing a leading role in the healthcare industry in Europe. BHH's Chief Communication Officer Marja Huiskamp will give an insight into the digital health ecosystem of Barcelona Health Hub. She will be accompanied by Montse Daban, Director of Science Policy and Internationalization of Biocat, Juan Baselga, Partnerships & PR Director of Tech Barcelona and Javier Selva, CEO of CataloniaBio & HealthTech. Interested to learn more about the health ecosystem in Catalonia? Register HERE!
APRIL 14, 2023 BHH News
Join the study presentation "Field force of the future in the pharma industry" - #BHHMembersInitiatives
The changes that the pharmaceutical industry is undergoing in recent years are directly affecting how its field teams operate. Studying the operations of these field teams in the field allows you to gain a broad perspective on the trends impacting the industry. That is why BHH members Opinno Healthcare and Unlimited Thinking, invite you to the presentation Field force of the future in the pharma industry. Both companies will explain the results of a benchmark conducted with seven leading companies, of which they have analyzed both the value proposition and the skills and competencies of their field teams, including companies like Daiichi Sankyo and BHH members Novartis and Amgen. Don't miss this event on Wednesday April 19th at the BHH Headquarters at 17hrs and register HERE.
APRIL 14, 2023 BHH News
Get your solution in the game for the Open Innovation Challenge at the Health Revolution Congress
One of the many interesting side events at the Health Revolution Congress on May 17th is the Open Innovation Challenge, powered by ACCIÓ Open Innovation Challenge is a great way to secure meetings between companies and startups or innovative technology solution providers. They aim to help companies to find solutions for their innovation needs and challenges, as well as accelerate the adoption of digital technologies in the healthcare field. This edition of the Open Innovation Challenge during the Health Revolution Congress is the perfect platform for startups to showcase their ideas, gain exposure, and potentially secure partnerships or funding opportunities. Can you solve any of the following Open Innovation Challenges? Be part of the revolution and solve challenges of these great companies: Selected startups will have 1-to-1 meetings with companies that propose open challenges, with the aim of finding solutions to their innovation needs.  The on-site 1-to-1 meetings will be held on May 17th at the Health Revolution Congress in the Llotja de Mar in Barcelona. They will take place in-person and will be held in two sessions. The online meetings will be held on May 24th. Be sure to register to the platform and complete your profile before May 23rd. Be part of the revolution too!
APRIL 14, 2023 BHH News
Showcase your product at the BHH Headquarters
Barcelona Health Hub opens the #BHHShowroom!  They are stands to display your digital health solution at the entrance of the BHH Headquarters. Your product will be visible to anyone who enters the Hub! This is your chance to enhance visibility of your digital health solution. You can place your physical product at the Hub and spark curiosity of your partners and potential customers. What you need to know for the #BHHShowroom A single stand holds one or two products. You can enhance visibility of your brand with a personlized sign to give more information about your digital health solution.   The #BHHShowroom stands are located under the television at the reception of the Hub. It attracts a lot of attention, as people will come to check out your products.   The next spot available for the #BHHShowroom is from May to August. Get in touch to reserve one of the seven stands and showcase your solution for four months at the BHH Headquarters. If you’re interested in the #BHHShowroom, so fill out this form HERE.
APRIL 14, 2023 BHH News
Mix, mingle, and mini pitch - join BHH's Afterwork at the rooftop terrace!
Join the next BHH Afterwork on Thursday April 27th at 18hrs at the rooftop terrace at the BHH Headquarters. You are very welcome to attend a fun afternoon of networking and connecting with fellow Barcelona Health Hub members. This is a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for potential collaborators or just want to chat about the latest trends in health tech, the BHH Afterwork is the perfect place to be. There are also 10 spots available for a mini pitch of 2 minutes – with no slides, just a microphone! If you’re interested in doing a mini pitch, simply check the box in the registration form. This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your work and learn about what other members are up to.  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and learn about new solutions in digital health. Space is limited, so be sure to register in advance.  The deadline to register is Tuesday April 25th, so be sure to sign up here. Barcelona Health Hub is looking forward to seeing you there!

Go to the registration of the BHH Afterwork here

APRIL 13, 2023 BHH News
Apply for the e-Health Investment Forum at the Health Revolution Congress
Since 2020, Barcelona Health Hub, Medical Association of Barcelona (CoMB), EsadeBan and Barcelona Activa, in collaboration with EIT Health, have been organizing the e-Health Investment Forum: a unique and specific space for investing in digital health. This year this co-organized event will celebrate its 4th edition within the framework of the Health Revolution Congress on May 17th. It will focus on clinical support decision tools. Clinical decision support systems are computer systems designed to collaborate in real time in medical decision-making on individual patients. The recent emergence of large-scale clinical data, new technologies for its processing and the evolution in computing, are being decisive in the development of these tools. This is your chance to apply for the e-Health Investment Forum. If your are a startup that develops digital solutions based on software, algorithms and platforms, that focus on helping clinicians make decisions in the diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and prevention of medical conditions and diseases, you can submit your proposal to the forum. The startups will then be selected in 2 categories: pre seed/seed (up to 1 million euros raised so far) and growth (more than 1 million euros raised so far) to do a pitch the day of the event. As mentioned, the e-Health Investment Forum will be held in the afternoon of May 17th within the framework of the Health Revolution Congress, at the Llotja de Mar. If you're interested in this initiative of the Health Revolution Congress, submit your application for the forum HERE.
APRIL 13, 2023 BHH News
Recog Analytics has launched a new product - #BHHMembersInitiative
BHH member Recog Analytics has launched Relisten, their turnkey solution to bring doctor visits to the 21st century: effortless documentation and distractionless attention. Using AI and natural language processing, the solution acts on the medical conversation allowing the doctor to share their undivided attetion with the patient while the tool ensures all relevant information is recorded and integrated directly with hospital systems, keeping it secure throughout the process. In a nutshell Relisten allows for:
  • Improved patient care
  • Less burden on doctors and the healthcare system as a whole
  • Improved medical documentation and clinical data
Daniel Heinisch, CEO of Recog says: "AI is already here to support doctors during their activity, we can save around 30-40% of consultation time while improving the outcome at the same time." It is currently available in Spanish, but aims to be extended soon. Find out more about the product HERE.
APRIL 12, 2023 BHH News
Wanted: startups with innovative solutions for home and elderly care
ActiZ, a Dutch trade association of around 400 healthcare organisations, and care technology association WDTM want to encourage startups that can accelerate care innovation in home and elderly care. Therefore, for the second year on end, they're organising a pitch competition for promising startups. The final will take place on Thursday June 15th on the main stage of the Care & ICT Exhibition in the Netherlands. The winner will receive the ActiZ-WDTM Innovation Award and can use the experience and network of a professional support team for three months. To be ready for the future, it is crucial that home and elderly care continue to innovate. This innovation is already taking place, but not at the speed and scale required. That is why ActiZ and WDTM are calling on innovative startups to help accelerate care innovation in home and elderly care. Submit your pitch presentation, answer the questionnaire and get a chance of being invited to give your pitch live during the Care & ICT Exhibition, the largest health tech event in the Netherlands. Zorg & ICT is the annual meeting place for thousands of professionals from different healthcare sectors to be informed and inspired by smart technologies and innovative solutions that contribute to sustainable and future-proof healthcare. The upcoming edition will be dedicated to ‘In charge of the future‘, with an interesting program around current themes such as artificial intelligence, cyber ​​security, data availability, HealthIoT, virtual care and remote healthcare. Do you have an innovative solution for the future of care? Then register your startup now for the pitch competition. This year, the pitch competition is open for national and international startups. An expert jury coming from healthcare governance, finance and business will judge the pitches and announce the winning start-up at the end of the day. Can your startup participate? Participating startups must meet the following requirements:
  • You can enter the competition with a promising startup that has a clear focus on home and elderly care.
  • You are available on Thursday 15 June between 13.30 and 16.00 for a live pitch of your startup during the Care & ICT fair in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht
  • The selection and judging will focus on the impact your innovative solution has on the care process. Not only time or cost savings are considered, but also elements such as improving the quality of care, easing the work of care workers or increasing job satisfaction.
  • The startup's innovation should not be older than four years (2019) and the startup should have at least two co-founders.
  • The startup's turnover for the year 2022 should not exceed EUR 250,000.
Prize for best pitch The winner will win the ActiZ-WDTM Innovation Award, giving them a unique opportunity to make use of three months of guidance and a rich network to take your startup further. This is offered from a unique guidance team. This team includes Alexander van Capellen (Zorgboog), Martijn Rademakers (TONOS Care), Elles Visscher (Zilveren Kruis), Joost Adams (ActiZ, Anders Werken in de Zorg), Jan-Willem Heeg (Tinybots) and Tonko Wedda (WDTM). Register You can apply until May 26th, 5pm by sending your pitch presentation and completed questionnaire to zorgenictbeurs@actiz.nl, stating 'Pitch competition'. Startups will be notified no later than June 2nd whether they will be allowed to participate in the finals on June 15th. Want to know more? Do you have questions or want to know more about the pitch competition? Then contact Joost Adams of ActiZ or Tonko Wedda of WDTM.       Don't miss it and apply HERE!
APRIL 12, 2023 BHH News
A perfect match: Making it easier for people to join Barcelona Health Hub
Nowadays most people know something about AI, Automation Tools and Chatbots. They are all great and simple tools to improve our day-to-day work and the lives of both users and providers. But have you ever wondered what makes the difference? What makes a chatbot the perfect fit for you or your business? Serviceform Automation Tools got into contact with Barcelona Health Hub, as they fell in love with the tremendous behind the scene work to make Barcelona the center of innovation in the digital health industry.  Serviceform is a SaaS company, as a Software as a Service company. You might think the main focus is the software itself - of course, they put the most effort into providing the best tool for their users. At the same time, Serviceform’s primary focus is the service they provide. They truly care about their partner’s needs and what made their software a good match for both parties. Therefore, Barcelona Health Hub and Serviceform teamed up to create a personalized Serviceform Chatbot for the BHH website. It’s a great way to interact with the BHH members and to automate a lot of the day-to-day work.  To achieve this personalisation, Serviceform provided an onboarding service with BHH’s Chief Communication Officer Marja Huiskamp and Operations Manager Belén Muñoz. It was the perfect way to align needs, goals and expectations, and to get an introduction into the software.  For Barcelona Health Hub, communication between the Hub and the world is one of its key pillars. With that in mind, Serviceform built a chatbot that helps web visitors to quickly learn about the BHH’s members, how to become part of the Hub and to find out about the upcoming events.  The result is a 100% personalized chatbot that gives web visitors guidance and information that they need. Check out the homepage to see this new chatbot LIVE! While you’re on the website, check out for yourself the amazing BHH members and partners of the BHH ecosystem - and why not become a part of this growing, dynamic health hub too?  Do you too want a cool chatbot that matches your business needs? Check out the Serviceform Chatbot.
APRIL 12, 2023 BHH News
Xpeer implements the American accreditation in 3 gut microbiota courses - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member Xpeer Medical Education, with Medical Learning Institute provider, has announced that their courses on intestinal microbiota have received American accreditation, reflecting their courses' rigorous evaluation process and recognition as suitable for healthcare professionals (HCPs) in the USA to obtain accreditation. Xpeer Medical Education's courses on intestinal microbiota explore how it affects health and well-being and ways to intervene to improve it. They believe that intestinal microbiota is an exciting and ever-evolving topic in scientific research. The accreditation serves as a testament to the quality of Xpeer Medical Education's courses and their dedication to healthcare professionals and microbiota experts. Users who take the accredited courses can be confident that they will receive top-notch training, and their skills and knowledge will be recognized and respected by other healthcare professionals. For additional information on the accreditation, check out their website HERE.
APRIL 11, 2023 BHH News
Discover the opportunities of the Open Challenges at the Health Revolution Congress

The Health Revolution Congress will host the Open Challenges, powered by BHH partner Acció. This iniative aims to help large companies to find solutions to their innovation needs and challenges, as well as to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies in the healthcare sector. Big corporations and pharmaceutical companies will introduce these Open Challenges that will translate into meetings between these large companies and the chosen startups or innovative technology solution providers. These 1-to-1 rendezvous will be held at the Golden Room in the Llotja de Mar on May 17th, within the framework of the Health Revolution Congress. If you are interested, Acció is organizing an online session to announce these Open Challenges. Amongst the companies presenting these are the challengers confirmed for the moment: Don't miss this online session on Thursday April 13th at 9:30hrs, in which Barcelona Health Hub and Acció will explain how to participate in this initiative. Register now HERE.

APRIL 5, 2023 BHH News
APRIL 5, 2023 BHH News
APRIL 3, 2023 BHH News
Radical Health Festival
Our healthcare system is in crisis. Aging population, pandemics, mental health problems, shortage of professionals, siloed information. These are just a few of the reasons why European healthcare is slowly collapsing – unless we act now.   Radical Health Festival Helsinki brings together a unique interdisciplinary community of like-minded digital healthcare visionaries aiming to revolutionize modern healthcare and make it sustainable once again. This mission is possible only by innovating new, groundbreaking concepts and technologies that challenge the conservative and ineffective methods of our current healthcare system.
APRIL 3, 2023 BHH News
Discover the MAKO robotic technology to operate knee prostheses
iMove, the leading centre in traumatology, and Clínica Mi Tres Torres have incorporated the first MAKO robotic arm in Catalonia to perform precision orthopaedic surgeries. The iMove traumatology team has started performing knee prosthetic surgeries assisted by the use of the Stryker robotic arm from 2022, offering patients greater precision in the interventions and, above all, an improvement in the time and quality of the subsequent recovery. "Until now, doctors have performed this type of operation with limited precision. With MAKO, we provide a solution to this problem, since we carry out preoperative planning by obtaining a three-dimensional image beforehand by means of a CT scan. The synchronisation of the CT scan with the surgeon's intraoperative assessment allows us, together with the MAKO robotic arm, to obtain the desired precision, with the surgeon always being responsible for decision-making," explains Dr. Joan Leal, head of the knee prosthetic area at iMove. This is one of the elements that increases the predictability of the operation, minimising its risks, the aggression of the intervention and facilitating the subsequent recovery and postoperative period. The MAKO technology adjusts the intervention and the course of the operation to the millimetre, using the computer. In this way, the robot fine-tunes each of the operations according to the CT scan received during each patient's pre-operative period. For now, the clinic will start with knee prosthesis interventions, although iMove-Mi Tres Torres is already extending its services to other joints like for hip protheses. A pioneering technology in Catalonia and Spain iMove becomes the first centre in Catalonia and the second in Spain using MAKO technology to treat osteoarthritis of the knee. The Stryker robotic arm is especially indicated for the recovery of degenerative joint pathology. Thus, iMove and Clínica Mi Tres Torres, specialised centres in the recovery of joint movement and the locomotor apparatus, are taking an in-depth look at medical innovation applied to the knee joint, with osteoarthritis being one of the most prevalent ailments affecting society. Thanks to Stryker's MAKO technology, iMove and Clínica Mi Tres Torres reaffirm their leadership as a reference clinic for treating osteoarthritis in Catalonia and also in Spain. Osteoarthritis, society's leading cause of permanent disability "In Spain, an estimated seven million people suffer from osteoarthritis, 75% of them women, and it is the leading cause of permanent disability in society," says Dr. Leal. According to the latest study on the prevalence of rheumatic diseases by the Spanish Society of Rheumatology, 13% of the adult population in Spain has symptomatic osteoarthritis of the knee. Moreover, only in Spain, 50% of the population over the age of 65 suffer from this ailment, according to the Spanish Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology (SEGG). In this sense, a study conducted by the University College London Hospital concludes that a total knee prosthesis assisted by the MAKO robotic arm is associated with less pain, faster recovery and reduced postoperative time in hospitals compared to conventional total knee prosthesis. Specifically, patients demonstrated less need for analgesics, less post-operative bleeding, shorter time to leg raise, shorter time to discharge from hospital (up to 26% less) and improved maximum knee flexion. Furthermore, according to a study carried out by MAKO SmartRobotics, the robotic arm operation provides the possibility of preparing the pre-op in 3D. It makes it possible to adjust the operations to the specific anatomy of each patient. The AccuStop technology also allows the surgeon to perform the operation more safely, with intraoperative vision and tactile feedback regarding the patient's joint. As a result, its use solves some of the challenges encountered in knee arthroplasty (total or partial), such as restricted visual field of view of the joint during surgery, the possibility of committing technical errors or inaccurate implantation of the prostheses. An interesting finding of this study is that postoperative morphine costs can be reduced by up to 40%.
MARCH 31, 2023 BHH News
Take your next step to the U.S. healthcare market with the GlobalSTL Health Innovation Summit
Are you preparing your entrance to the U.S. healthcare market? Are you thinking about expanding or consolidating your business to the U.S.? This is your chance to take your next step! The 7th GlobalSTL Health Innovation Summit (GHIS) is now accepting applications for the 2023 cohort of top digital health companies addressing innovation priorities in healthcare. This match-making event is organized by GlobalSTL Business Development Platform, the premier U.S. healthcare platform, and will be held on-site on August 16th, 2023 at Washington University in St. Louis. The GHIS is a high-impact annual business development event where innovators access $410B of healthcare buying power of their platform partners (18+ health systems, payers, PBMs, etc.) in a single day via curated one-to-one meetings designed to create revenue-generating partnerships. You will encounter with some of GlobalSTL strategic partners and alumni companies such as these: Past attendees have raised $4B of capital and over 40% signed revenue-generating contracts as a direct result of the summit. Further, a summit invitation includes a membership of the GlobalSTL Business Development Platform, which unlocks their 24/7 business development engine and preferred solution status. The GHIS summit is where your concept can get noticed by key industry players, so submit your application before April 14th HERE.
MARCH 31, 2023 BHH News
#BHHTalk on April 13th - The new startup law: essential insights to stay ahead of the game
Barcelona Health Hub is thrilled to invite you to the next edition of the #BHHTalk on April 13th at 18 hrs at the BHH Headquarters! The event will focus on the new startup law that has been recently implemented in Spain.  The startup law has brought significant changes to the startup ecosystem, which is why it is crucial for the BHH members to understand its implications. The event aims to provide an overview of the law, its impact on startups, and what it means for the digital health industry. A panel of experts join Barcelona Health Hub to share their insights and expertise on the topic. This event promises to be informative and engaging, providing you with a unique opportunity to connect with fellow members and gain valuable knowledge. The speakers will cover a range of topics, including funding opportunities, regulatory requirements, and other key factors that affect startups. Moderator Toni Mascaró, Founder & CEO of eMascaró, will get together with Patu Antunes, Director of New Business, Strategy & Special Projects of Springboard35, Emilio Perez Pombo, Managing Partner of Perez Pombo Abogados & Economistas, Rat Gasol, Chief Operating Officer of Onalabs Inno-Hub, and Rafael Vallet, Partner in the Corporate Law Department of Ceca Magán Abogados. This is your chance to gain valuable knowledge about the startup law and meet other members. You will have the chance to ask questions, share your thoughts, and network with other members of the BHH community. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about the new regulations and how they could potentially impact the digital health industry. Space is limited, so be sure to sign up here!

Go to the registration of this #BHHTalk here

MARCH 30, 2023 BHH News
Join European changemakers at the upcming HIMSS23 European Conference - #BHHMembersInitiatives
The European healthcare community is gathering at the HIMSS23 European Health Conference & Exhibition in Lisbon, Portugal from 7 to 9 June 2023. Featuring knowledge, expertise and thought leadership in healthcare digitisation, plus a network of professionals, entrepreneurs and investors showcasing the latest and most innovative health technology solutions. Why attend?
  • Meet the professionals who shape the future of healthcare for the European region and internationally
  • Hear invaluable insights from experts to stay ahead of the latest health and care trends
  • Network, build and nurture the influential relationships that drive your professional development forward
  • See the latest technology innovations from leading market suppliers and innovators
  • Earn continuing education credits
  • Discover more about Health in Portugal
BHH partner HIMSS has given a discount for the Barcelona Health Hub in order to attend the event.
MARCH 30, 2023 BHH News
How the work environment in the pharmaceutical sector affects women - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Despite the industry's reputation for equity and diversity, there are still gender inequalities, especially in business and senior leadership roles. This lack of representation makes it difficult for many women to advance professionally and make decisions, leaving them stuck in middle management positions. Initiatives like BHH member Mujeres en Farma are working to empower women and give visibility to the pharmaceutical industry as a leader in equity and inclusion. Mujeres en Farma has launched a form to capture the realities that women face in the workplace, addressing topics such as self-limitation, guilt, safety in the workplace, and self-expectations. Many women face obstacles in the workplace that can affect their confidence and make them question their abilities and achievements. This lack of confidence can lead to what is known as imposter syndrome, where women feel they don't deserve their success and are frauds in their job. Another issue to highlight is the work-life balance, where women face additional challenges due to family responsibilities. Many roles are attributed to men when they are actually gender-neutral, and women can feel judged for taking on these roles. In the demanding pharmaceutical industry, it is especially important for women to learn to set boundaries and prioritize their emotional well-being. The high level of self-expectation helps women achieve professional goals but must be balanced with proper mental health care. Women in this sector must feel empowered to say no when they feel overwhelmed and seek support and resources to manage stress and pressure. If you want to help understand the reality of women in the pharmaceutical industry, it won't take more than 3 minutes to respond the Mujeres en Farma form HERE.
MARCH 30, 2023 BHH News
Learn about privacy and security in health apps - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Privacy and security are critical in health apps, as they handle sensitive personal information of users. Here are some best practices that app developers should follow to ensure users' privacy and security according to BHH member Doonamis, specialists in the development of quality apps and webs. Comply with privacy regulations Health apps must comply with applicable privacy laws and regulations. In the case of the European Union, they must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The app must comply with a few medical certifications and technical specifications such as:
  • Standard 62304
  • Standard 82304
  • Apple human interface guidelines for CareKit and HealthKit
  • Android.os.health documentation
  • MFi Software
Collect only necessary information Health Apps should only collect information that is necessary for the purpose of the App. This means that developers should not collect information that is not relevant to the app or information that can be used to identify an individual. Encrypt sensitive data Developers should encrypt sensitive data, such as medical information and personally identifiable information (PII), both in transit and at rest. Security verification Developers should conduct regular security testing to identify potential vulnerabilities and address any security issues identified. User identification It is important to ensure that the user accessing the application is the same user who registered the account and that the login information is protected.
Find out more about Doonamis and read the whole article HERE.
MARCH 29, 2023 BHH News
Let's welcome Terap to the BHH Headquarters
Explore the recent updates at the Hub! The BHH Residents are those members who have their offices located within the Hub, immersing themselves in the digital health ecosystem while enjoying the beautiful the Recinto Modernista. Let's welcome BHH member Terap to the BHH Headquarters! Terap is the first all in one software for mental health and emotional well-being for professionals where they can run, market, and grow their business. The latest BHH Resident, Terap, decided to locate its office at the Hub because they aim to connect to like-minded entrepreneurs, investors and corporates. They want to find partners to foster their project and take it to the next level. Discover what Terap's CEO Frank Queralt has to say about their project! [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="https://barcelonahealthhub.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/BHH-Headquarters-Resident-with-Terap-1.mp4"][/video]   If you're considering working at the Hub, check out the BHH Hot Desk and find your perfect fit HERE.
MARCH 29, 2023 BHH News
BIOGA orgnizes International BioSpeedDating on April 17-30 - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH partner BIOGA and the Axencia Galega de Innovación organise their first International BioSpeedDating on April 17-30.  The BioSpeedDating is the benchmark networking event that BIOGA has been organising for more than 10 years to promote the generation of professional relationships through quick meetings between agents in the sector. It’s a great way to learn about the activities and lines of collaboration of other companies and agents, generate contacts and new collaborative projects. This year they are going one step further. They aim to connect with foreign markets, with the participation of eight key international bioregions of Japan, Brazil, France, United States, Germany, Canada, Taiwan and Portugal. You have the option to either register for a bilateral pitch session, or one-to-one meetings.  Check it out here  
MARCH 27, 2023 BHH News
Explore the interview with BHH's CEO on the Personalized Health blog by Made of Genes - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member Made of Genes has recently launched a new interview on their Personalized Health blog in their context of the #HealthTalks. Gina Farrús, Communication Director of Made of Genes & Genomcore sat down with Luis Badrinas, CEO of Barcelona Health Hub and Founder of Community of Insurance to talk about the latest trends in digital health. Thanks to the expertise of Luis in digital transformation of both health and insurance ecosystems, the two worlds were brought together in this talk with a great future ahead for both sectors. In the interview, Luis and Gina deepen into digitalization and digital transformation in health insurance. They talk about the new models of user engagement and empowerment and the importance of prevention and healthcare in a more comprehensive fully personalized way. Made of Genes offers data-driven, holistic health management to healthy individuals through extending traditional blood tests with new-gen molecular testing. Thir approach provides guidelines about lifestyle, diet, sport and well-aging completely personalized, measurable and actionable that are able to optimize the user's health from day one. Made of Genes is currently working with more than 10 insurers and health benefits companies. This collaborations prove that their model convinces both marketing and medical directions of established players. On the other side, Genomcore is Made of Genes' technology brand. Genomcore platform provides a specialized unified multimodal datastore for genomics, time-series and clinical data coupled with a low-code framework designed to build custom e-health solutions, drastically reducing the time, skills and costs associated with the creation of digital therapeutics tools and Software as Medical Device (SaMD). Their platform serves clinical laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, CROs, diagnostics providers, healthcare professionals and governments, reducing operating costs and improving patient care. Watch the interview HERE.
MARCH 24, 2023 BHH News
Discover the III Edition of the Amparo Poch Award for Public Procurement of Innovation in Healthcare
The IACS Chair of Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) in Health is delighted to announce the third edition of the Amparo Poch Awards. The awards, whose deadline is May 31st, are intended for unpublished projects or innovative experiences related to one of these two modalities:
  1. Best public procurement of innovation in health, which recognizes the best procurement of innovation in health made by a public sector entity in the national territory.
  2. Best initiative of public procurement of innovation in health, which awards the best program, policy, action or tool for the promotion of PPI in the national territory.
The finalists will be selected from all the nominations by members of the IACS Chair of PPI in Health and will be announced on September 7th. The award ceremony for the third edition of the Amparo Poch Awards will take place during the VI Congress of the IACS Chair of PPI in Health, that will be held in October. Don't miss this opportunity and send your application now HERE.
MARCH 24, 2023 BHH News
Be part of the exclusive Revolution Dinner with BHH and The Ricky Rubio Foundation
Be part of the revolution in healthcare at the exclusive Revolution Dinner on May 17th at 20:30 hrs, taking place on the evening of the Health Revolution Congress. This is your chance to join key leaders in digital health for an evening of networking, inspiration and philanthropy! Following the regular day program of the Health Revolution Congress, the Revolution Dinner will offer attendees, speakers and sponsors an opportunity to relax and engage in meaningful conversations with like-minded individuals. This is an exclusive event, where you will have a unique opportunity to connect with leaders in the industry and form new connections that will benefit you and your company. But the Revolution Dinner is not just a networking opportunity, it's also a chance to give back to the community. Barcelona Health Hub is proud to partner with The Ricky Rubio Foundation, which is making a difference in the lives of many.  The Ricky Rubio Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Spanish professional basketball player Ricky Rubio. The foundation's mission is to support social integration, education, and health initiatives for disadvantaged children and their families, both in Spain and in other parts of the world. They’re particularly focused on providing access to education for children in need, promoting healthy lifestyles and physical activity, and supporting research and treatment of childhood diseases.  As part of this event, a portion of the proceeds will go to The Ricky Rubio Foundation, so your attendance will help support their important work. So, come join us for an evening of inspiration, networking and philanthropy. Space is limited, so be sure to reserve your seat at the Revolution Dinner for May 17th at the Llotja de Mar in Barcelona. Let's come together and make a difference in healthcare!

Reserve your seat for the Revolution Dinner here!

MARCH 23, 2023 BHH News
Say hello to Ersilia, the latest addition to the BHH's residents
Discover the latest additions to the Hub! The BHH Residents are those members who have their offices at the Hub, providing them with a complete immersion in the digital health epicenter while enjoying the stunning surroundings of the Recinto Modernista. Say hello to BHH member Ersilia, that just located its offices at the BHH Headquarters! Ersilia is a non-profit tech company with the mission to equip laboratories, clinics and universities in low income countries with AI tools for infectious disease research. Ersilia chose to be with Barcelona Health Hub to connect with other digital health initiatives and to expand their network. Being at the Hub provides you inside opportunities to expand your network and find partners. Many different stakeholders are located at the BHH Headquarters so whether you are looking for a startup, corporate or a pharma, Barcelona Health Hub has everything you need. Watch the video to discover more about Ersilia and why they based their offices at the Hub! [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="https://barcelonahealthhub.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/BHH-Headquarters-Residents-with-Ersilia.mp4"][/video]   If you to come to work at the Hub too, check out the opportunities for the BHH Hot Desk HERE.
Song credits to FiftySounds
MARCH 22, 2023 BHH News
The CIMTI Call for Innovation 2023 is now open - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member CIMTI is looking for disruptive and innovative projects in the field of health and social care! The CIMTI Call for Innovation is aimed at proposals with multidisciplinary teams that offer solutions framed in medical-technological devices, in vitro diagnostics, and digital health. After the evaluation process, a maximum of 5 projects will take part of the impact program, a 15-month program to accelerate the time-to-market of their product or service and to catalyse the process of entering the health system. The projects selected in the CIMTI Call for Innovation will receibe support and advice in areas such as technology, regulatory, market and business, clnical, funding, communication or access to the Catalan health ecosystem. This call is opened for proposals that emerged from SISCAT entities, CERCA centres, companies or other entities arising from the Catalan health and social system. The projects can apply at the CIMTI Call for Innovation until April 5th. More information HERE.
MARCH 22, 2023 BHH News
Discover the definitive guide to hospital management software - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Hospital Management Systems (HMS) have become an essential tool to improve the quality of medical healthcare. They allow for better management of healthcare resources, facilitate access to patient information in real time, optimize the organization of appointments and medical staff schedules, and contribute to reducing medical errors and waiting times. BHH member GooApps® explains in detail the benefits and the process of software development in hospitals and clinics, so that more healthcare organizations can offer better service to their patients, improving the quality of healtchcare and resource optimization. The implementation of telemedicine systems is also beneficial from an economic point of view. According to a study carried out by BHH partner Vall d'Hebrón Hospital, telemedicine consultations have generated savings of 3.8 million euros and 1,875 CO₂ for society between 2019 and 2020. Discover the benefits and the process for implementing Hospital Management Software in Hospitals and Clinics: A single platform to manage clinical and administrative processes HERE.  
MARCH 21, 2023 BHH News
Barcelona Health Hub has signed a collaboration agreement with the Col·legi de Fisioterapeutes de Catalunya
Barcelona Health Hub has signed a collaboration agreement with the Col·legi de Fisioterapeutes de Catalunya, an organization dedicated to provide services and professional support with the aim of satisfying and meeting the needs of the physiotherapy collective. They offer information, research, training, guidance, and advice to its members, while also protecting and defending the physiotherapy profession against any event that may affect it. This collaboration aims to engage the Col·legi de Fisioterapeutes de Catalunya in BHH's international ecosystem of organizations in digital health. They want to take part in the process of technology adoption in healthcare systems and its transformation towards a more efficient system. The Col·legi de Fisioterapeutes de Catalunya is looking forward to immerse itself in digital innovation. Platforms for tele-physiotherapy, rehabilitation with artificial intelligence that corrects the patient's movement in real time, 3D printed splints that adapt to the patient's anatomy or robotic exoskeletons that allow walking after a stroke are just a few examples of how technology can improve health and provide solutions that were unimaginable until now. Barcelona Health Hub is excited about this joint collaboration.
MARCH 21, 2023 BHH News
The regulatory compliance journey of myBioma - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Biome Diagnostics GmbH is an Austrian medtech startup utilizing the genetic information of the microbiome and AI to develop medical diagnostic software for doctors. Biome Dx products utilize technologies such as next-generation sequencing, pipeline architectures and microservices. With their lifestyle product myBioma every European has the possibility to learn more about their gut microbiome and improve lifestyle and diet. Furthermore, the product enables to optimize their technical development flow. Since 2020, Biome Dx is the very first company in the microbiome field in the world that is certified according to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001. Building Compliance on Jira and Confluence with SoftComply apps As a passionate and tech-driven company they loved the idea of building a software that positively impacts patients' lives, however, they were unaware of the regulatory horrors to come. During their first exchanges with other medtech startups the phrases "QMS" and "ISO 13485" were often used without fully grasping the importance of such a system. Clearly quality is always of the highest priority for a startup — what else could there be to understand? Specifically, in the beginning of a development process for medical software one might not think about documentation and integrated standards. How to review code? How do you plan integration tests? Who has which responsibilities? How is a new feature validated? Where is the validation documented? What risks are associated with the product and how high is the probability of occurrence? How do you version your machine learning model so it’s compliant? How do you handle unique device identification in a microservice environment? "Even though it is tempting, don't start building the product without thinking about regulatory requirements and the certification process ahead." As an agile company they didn't want to have a zombie QMS (QMS that is never touched) that brings more overhead to the company than it actually eases processes by having them defined. They didn't want to have a documentation in place that is setup once and only adapted in some night sessions shortly before the audit. This is why they decided to use an electronic quality management system (eQMS) to integrate in their sprint management. How to use an electronic quality management system (eQMS) There are several systems available on the market, however, none fitted their requirements perfectly. Specifically, they were mostly confronted with the following problems:
  • lack of integrations
  • terrible usability (Win95 style)
  • too complex usage
  • lack of exportability
After extensive reviews they chose the Atlassian products Jira and Confluence. Jira covers the sprint management containing medical user needs (=epics) and software requirements (=tasks). It is widely used in agile software development and can excellently be integrated with popular version control systems such as Bitbucket, GitHub and GitLab where code development and versioning are depicted. With the help of external plugins you are able to even build a risk matrix in Jira mitigating risks by linking them to Jira issues. Confluence acts as the document management system where all the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and templates are defined. With the help of companies like BHH member SoftComply, which offer quality-related Atlassian plugins, they were able to build a compliant system that includes approval workflows. The advantage is that you can write your technical documentation in Confluence and easily include requirements from Jira into Confluence pages. The linked pages are then also shown within the Jira issues. "The advantage of Jira and Confluence based system is that they can be used it for quality-related purposes and also for handling all other processes and documentation within the company, which helped creating an eQMS that is operated on a daily basis. Moreover, such an integrated eQMS reduces the number of tools adopted by the team, making it easier to get everyone familiar with its usage." If you want the full tutorial on how an agile medical device company can master an ISO13485 audit by Biome Dx, read the whole article HERE.
MARCH 20, 2023 BHH News
Zenement announces expansion plans with new sales and purchasing team recruitment - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member Zenement is expanding rapidly and is now looking for talented individuals to join its Sales and Purchasing Team. The brand is on a mission to help people improve their health and wellbeing through food supplements, using cutting-edge technologies. In order to increase its product offerings and expand its capabilities in the Pharmacy Retail channel, Zenement is currently seeking two new team members: If you're interested in joining this exciting and fast-growing Supplements Brand, don't miss this opportunity and check out the job vacancies now!
MARCH 20, 2023 BHH News
Discover Scilife's collaboration for their print and reconciliation success - #BHHMembersInitiatives
How many organizations have found themselves drowning in a sea of paperwork, desperately trying to keep track of every document and ensure compliance? BHH member Scilife understands the struggle, which is why they’ve created solutions that streamline and automate processes for life science organizations. Recently, Scilife collaborated with a top 5 pharma company to develop a solution for reconciling physical documents that can be used by any life science organization. This collaboration led to the creation of a centralized solution that is both user-friendly and scalable to thousands of users worldwide. The problem with paper is that it can get lost, reconciliation can fail, and there is no audit trail. For a large pharmaceutical company with documents printed across multiple applications and vendors, it can be a nightmare to track and trace. Scilife's solution provides centralized controlled Print and Reconciliation that supports printing from any relevant application - tracking and tracing documents with ease. This ensures data integrity, as well as compliance with FDA 21 CFR 11 regulations. Thanks to Scilife, life science companies can now seamlessly connect to their most used apps, tag and scan each printout or reprinting with unique barcodes for complete traceability and take rapid action to reconcile any missing documents. For one major pharma company, the Scilife solution was successfully rolled out to over 6,000 users across more than 50 sites. With their ‘all heart and ears’ approach, Scilife developed a Print and Reconciliation solution that meets the challenges faced by life science organizations today.
MARCH 17, 2023 BHH News
Discover the immigration guidelines for international talent derived from the new spanish startups law - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Discover the imminent conference about the immigration guidelines for international talent derived from the new spanish startups law, organized by BHH partner Barcelona Activa. The new Startups Act (Law 28/2022) that entered into force this past January entails relevant changes for international talent in terms of immigration and taxation, in addition to a new legal framework for startups. These changes affect investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, and highly qualified professionals. Additionally, the Startups Law also introduces a new figure related to digital nomads. In this technical session they will count with the two State corps in charge of applying the new UGE-CE and ENISA regulations. The content will focus on the processes and requirements for obtaining residence permits for entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and highly qualified professionals. The event is intended for:
  • companies that want to hire international talent from outside the European Union and you want to know how.
  • people working in a business school, or an accelerator and you have international students non-EU citizens who want to stay to work or start a business in the city.
  • non-EU students thinking of starting a business in Barcelona ​.
  • qualified professionals who want to work as a digital nomad from Barcelona​​.
  • providers of management and advisory services for international talent.
The conference will be held on Monday 20th at the Cibernarium Auditorium at 11hrs. Learn more information and register now HERE.
MARCH 17, 2023 BHH News
Learn how wearables can give you valuable information on your Circadian Rhythms and Mental Health - #BHHMembersInitiatives
The research team of BHH member Actogram, with three papers pending publication on the topic, brings to you this talk on Wearables, Circadian Rhythms, and Mental Health and how they all can interrelate to improve your life. This LIVE event will take place on March 23 at 17:30⎻19:30 hrs at the BHH Headquarters, located at Recinto Modernista Sant Pau (Sant Antoni Maria Claret 167). The event will cover recent advances of the Actogram research team in the field of digital biomarkers of circadian rhythms, mental health, and aging found in data streams of consumer-grade wearable and mobile devices. It will be a healthy and distended environment to exchange ideas and scientific know-how. It will consist of a half an hour talk by the scientific team of Actogram, followed by a networking session. Attendees will have the opportunity to network and connect with other professionals of the scientific community while having a drink in a beautiful location. Places are limited – so be sure to register in advance. Don't miss it and be sure to reserve your seat for the Actogram seminar here!
MARCH 16, 2023 BHH News
Get acquainted with the Head of Open Innovation at DKV Innolab - #BHHMembersInitiatives
DKV has been a BHH member since the beginning of the Hub. They are a health insurer and a provider of health, wellness and digital health services, with a strong focus on the digitalization of health services, health promotion, disease prevention and chronic disease management programs. Their DKV Innolab is located at the BHH Headquarters and its aim is to contribute to the improving of the healthcare system's sustainability under the conceptual framework of Smart Positive Health. Barcelona Health Hub met with Sílvia Vinyes, Head of Open Innovation at DKV Innolab to talk about the company's latest news and their participation on 4YFN. Sílvia, can you please introduce yourself and tell us about DKV? Thank you for inviting us. I am Sílvia Vinyes, I am a Biomedical Engineer and I’ve been dedicated to digital health innovation for the last 8 years. Currently, I am leading the Open Innovation division at DKV Innolab. In this role, I am responsible for defining and managing the framework for open innovation operations in line with the strategic health innovation roadmap of the company. I would like to emphasize DKV's strong commitment to innovation and digitalization in healthcare, which was exemplified by the establishment of DKV Innolab in the BHH premises in 2020 and is further demonstrated by our repeated participation in this event. At DKV Innolab, we gather insights and analyze technological and market trends, drive strategic R&D digital health projects, and operate a specific unit for open innovation, with support programs for innovators and strategic adoption frameworks. Can you elaborate about what’s new at DKV these days? Since 2020, DKV has already an established position in telemedicine services and is continuously expanding its offerings with new specialized services and pathways, as well as increasing its pool of remote healthcare providers. Quiero cuidarme más, the digital health platform for our policyholders, is also in constant evolution. It now features additional preventive plans and challenges, aimed at enabling people to achieve their optimal health states. In the last two years, DKV Innolab has also proven its value and has become a well-established unit that actively engages in healthcare innovation by collaborating with relevant stakeholders in the field. Having already established such successful operations in digital health, DKV Innolab is currently dedicated to addressing specific healthcare challenges by introducing new technologies, either through research and development or by partnering with startups that have proven products. DKV places significant emphasis on disease prevention and on early diagnosis. In line with that, our team has given priority to commonly recognized issues such as mental health, chronic diseases, and smart ageing, along with long wait times and the general overburdening of the healthcare system. You participated in the #BHHPanel about “Digital Health Trends in Insurance” at 4YFN. Can you tell us what was your key message at the panel? Our main point was that, at DKV, we truly believe technology has a key role in supporting healthcare actors tackling relevant healthcare challenges and providing new sustainable models of healthcare provision. Thus, during the panel we had the opportunity to share how DKV Innolab works in close collaboration with market disruptors, and how we are using technology to tackle those challenges and how we’ve proven, for some use cases, that collaborating with solutions from the market brings positive results, for example with BHH member DyCare. We also shared our first fully digital health insurance, the Personal Doctor, which centralizes care through a customer-chosen primary care physician. It was great to see you return to the digital health area of Barcelona Health Hub after being present at the BHH Stand in previous years. Can you explain the reasons behind your decision to join again and share your experience at this year's 4YFN? Additionally, how did the BHH stand benefit DKV? We were delighted to be invited once again by BHH to join them at the 4YFN BHH stand. Last year we were shown that our attendance at MWC and 4YFN gives us a unique opportunity to engage with key players in healthcare innovation and learn from the latest trends, technologies, and innovations in the digital health space. This year's 4YFN was an even more incredible experience, with so much activity and attendees that it was hard to process it all. It was great to explore the most recent healthcare trends and advancements in technology stemming from the latest research and development and learn from the experiences of other stakeholders. The stand at BHH gave us an amazing opportunity to showcase the DKV Innolab and our innovation activity and services to a wide range of potential customers, partners, or adoptions. We found the tours organized by BHH which visited the different stands key to create meaningful connections with relevant stakeholders in the health sector. Overall, 4YFN met our expectations and we definitely plan on returning next year. It's a pleasure to hear about your experience. Thank you so much! Discover who else came to the BHH Stand HERE.
MARCH 13, 2023 BHH News
Vita Accelerator announce an Open Call for Submissions - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH partner VITA Accelerator has announced an Open Call for Submissions for their 2023 program. They are a digital health accelerator launched in Italy by CDP Innovation Fund, Healthware Group and Accelerace. The VITA Accelerator program supports early-stage startups, working on the innovative solutions in healthcare, with the vast digital health expertise of the partners, connections to the Italian hospitals, patient associations and corporate partners and up to 2M€ cumulative follow-on investments (after the first investment of 110K € (of which 50K€ in cash) of equity investment. The program offers tailored 1 to 1 mentoring on such practical digital health aspects as market access strategy, product development, medical certification, GDPR, clinical trials design, and much more. Moreover, Vita Accelerator is supported by the corporate partners, leading pharma and life-science companies, that are interested to work on pilot projects with the VITA startups, matching their corporate innovation challenges VITA Accelerator is looking for early-stage digital health startups Italian-based, or internationally-based and interested in entering the Italian market and opening a legal entity in Italy, as well as internationally-based and founded by Italians abroad. The call is active until April 17th, so don't miss your chance and apply now HERE.
MARCH 10, 2023 BHH News
VISIONARIUM innovation hub - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Don't miss next week's presentation event of VISIONARIUM, Gilead Sciences' innovation hub developed in collaboration with BHH partner Esade. This initiative aims to drive innovation and research in the field of health to find solutions that impact people, bringing together efforts from different sectors. During the event, they will present the first acceleration program with which VISIONARIUM starts, aimed at improving the lives of people with HIV. It will count with the participation of the General Secretary of Innovation of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, as well as with examples of innovative projects and entrepreneurs who will contribute their experience in the search for creative solutions. Discover the agenda for the event HERE.
MARCH 10, 2023 BHH News
Connect with the Barcelona Health Hub ecosystem on March 30th at the next BHH Afterwork
Let’s connect at the next BHH Afterwork on Thursday March 30 at 18:00 hrs! Barcelona Health Hub opens its doors again to get together to meet fellow BHH members. Come to the BHH Headquarters to do some networking and have a drink with Barcelona Health Hub. There are also 10 spots available to do a mini pitch of 2 minutes – with no slides, just a microphone! If you would like to do this mini pitch, please check the box in the registration form. It’s a great opportunity to present yourself and to discover what other members are up to. Be sure to secure your spot for this edition of the BHH Afterwork! Space is limited, so be sure to reserve your spot in advance. Deadline to register is Tuesday March 28th.

Go to the registration of the BHH Afterwork here

MARCH 10, 2023 BHH News
Barcelona Health Hub and Vall d'Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus join forces
Barcelona Health Hub and Vall d'Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus are proud to announce that they have established a collaborative partnership, marking a moment of pride for both institutions. With this agreement, the hospital and the Vall d’Hebron Research Institute (VHIR) has officially become a part of the Barcelona Health Hub ecosystem, providing them with an opportunity to connect with leading digital health players across the globe. The Vall d’Hebron University Hospital is a leading institution with recognised national and international prestige. “From Vall d'Hebron, one of the contributions we can make in the framework of this collaboration is to contribute our knowledge in the validation of digital solutions and their implementation in the health system ensuring that they bring real value to the system and contribute to its humanization,” says Dr. Albert Salazar, the manager of the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital. Dr. Begoña Benito, Director of the Vall d’Hebron Research Institute adds that “the innovation model of the Vall d'Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus is fundamentally based on collaborations with different agents of the system such as, in this case, Barcelona Health Hub. This alliance will strengthen the multiple knowledge transfer initiatives we have and allow us to grow together to make it possible to implement digital solutions in hospitals.” Dr. Oscar Garcia-Esquirol, Medical Director of Barcelona Health Hub, assures that “We share a mission and join forces with the Universitari Vall d'Hebron Hospital, an international benchmark in clinical research, innovation and pioneer in the implementation of digital technologies in the field of health.” With this agreement, Barcelona Health Hub expands its collaboration policy with large public and private organizations. Vall d'Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus is a valuable addition to its digital health ecosystem and will prove to be a recognised partner to achieve digital transformation of the healthcare sector. Dr. Albert Salazar, Director of the Hospital Universitari Vall d’Hebron, Dr. Oscar Garcia-Esquirol, Medical Director of Barcelona Health Hub and Dr. Begoña Benito, Director of the Vall d’Hebron Research Institute (VHIR)
MARCH 9, 2023 BHH News
IESE Startup Career Fair - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Come join some of the fastest-growing companies in Europe in recruiting top tier MBA talent for full time and summer internship positions. BHH partner IESE Business School is calling out for companies to participate in their Startup Career Fair. IESE is proud to have a diverse student body, with more than 60 nationalities with diverse sectorial and functional backgrounds. They are certain that their students will be able to help you develop and launch new go-to market strategies, business development, operational expertise, marketing, fundraising and more. If you are looking for amazing MBA Talent with a global perspective, sign up now and join them at the Startup Career Fair at IESE Business School on April 18th and 20th! Register now HERE.
MARCH 9, 2023 BHH News
Vitamins in gummy format? - #BHHMembersInitiatives
That's right, gummy bears can also be "healthy". BHH member Zenement has recently released a brand-new food supplement: multivitamin gummies! This is the first product in their new range of "gummies", an innovative and highly appealing project for their customers. Their multivitamin gummies contain 13 different vitamins and minerals, making it the most complete multivitamin and mineral supplement available on the market. As a result, consumers will be sure to get all the vitamins and minerals they need to maintain adequate nutritional levels throughout the day. Most importantly, these vegetarian gummies are suitable for both adults and kids. The recommended dose is one gummy a day for children and two for adults. Kids just love them, as they have a very pleasant strawberry flavour and are shaped like a teddy bear. What are you waiting for to try them? Find them HERE.
MARCH 8, 2023 BHH News
Barcelona Health Hub’s Women’s Week – Dana
International Women’s Day is already here and Barcelona Health Hub is proud to give voice to those BHH members in female health in this Barcelona Health Hub’s Women’s Week series. It is time to discover the women’s health voices present at the Hub! BHH member Dana is a digital health solution for women transitioning into motherhood, improving mental health and general well-being, with an early detection of perinatal mental health disorders. Dana Medical is a medical device for early detection, diagnosis and monitoring of mental health disorders during motherhood. Find out about Dana and listen to CEO Verónica Montesinos explain how they improve women's health not just today, but everyday throughout the year. Watch it HERE: [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="https://barcelonahealthhub.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/BHH-Womens-Week-Dana.mp4"][/video]
Remember to join the upcoming #BHHTalk about “Female Leaders in the Health Industry: Challenges and Opportunities”, LIVE on March 9th at 18hrs at the BHH Headquarters.
MARCH 8, 2023 BHH News
The decline in human sperm concentration - #BHHMembersInitiatives
A meta-analysis on declining sperm concentration globally was published followed by press sensation and paranoia! What are the perspectives? Discover them in BHH member Microptic's new monthly blog article. The author previously wrote a blog based on an international conference presentation (2018) which was subsequently published by Prof Levine from Israel showing that there is a global decline in sperm concentration followed by a large press coverage and concern about male fertility decreasing. In November 2022 a second meta-analysis on sperm concentration decline globally appeared and it now incorporated a few countries in Africa and South America among others not previously considered. This again had a huge press coverage that bordered on paranoia and hysteria and warning about infertility on the increase and men’s doomsday. The emphasis in this blog is to warn against a correlation between decreasing sperm concentration and infertility per se. Discover the whole article HERE.
MARCH 8, 2023 BHH News
REPO4EU On Tour - #BHHMembersInitiatives
REPO4EU is the Euro-Global Platform for Mechanism-Based Drug Repurposing -from imprecise drug therapy to AI-powered precision medicine-, an ambitious initiative that will usher in a profound change to medicine and patient benefit. They are hosting a series of national events across the EU to get in direct contact with the community of local stakeholders (researchers, SMEs and startups, clinicians, healthcare providers, policy makers, regulators…) in each of the project’s target countries. BHH member Stalicla is partnering with REPO4EU to organize the spanish event. REPO4EU’s Spanish national event will take place on March 22nd at Impact Hub Alameda, in Madrid. The event is 100% free starting at 4pm and will run through the afternoon until 6 pm. This is a face-to-face event, but if it’s impossible for you to join in person, there's an option to connect online in the registration form. Sounds interesting? Seats are limited, so get your ticket by filling out the registration form HERE.
MARCH 8, 2023 BHH News
BHH Women’s Week - BHH celebrates the International Women’s Day

Barcelona Health Hub once again joins the movement to celebrate the International Women’s Day, together with many of its BHH residents at the BHH Headquarters. International Women’s Day is here to mark a call to action for accelerating gender parity. 

MARCH 7, 2023 BHH News
Barcelona Health Hub's Women's Week - FrontWave
International Women's Day is already here and Barcelona Health Hub is proud to give voice to those BHH members in female health in this Barcelona Health Hub's Women's Week series. It is time to discover the women's health voices present at the Hub! Barcelona Health Hub introduces BHH member FrontWave as voice for women's health. They produce state-of-the-art images based upon ultrasound data and supercomputing. The images generated characterize the physical properties of the tissue and hence can help in diagnosing diseases such as cancer. Discover more about what they do to improve women's health and daily life HERE. [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="https://barcelonahealthhub.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/BHH-Womens-Week-Frontwave-1.mp4"][/video]   And don't forget to join the upcoming roundtable event on "Female Leaders in the Health Industry: Challenges and Opportunities", LIVE on March 9th at 18hrs at the BHH Headquarters.
Barcelona Health Hub's Women's Week
MARCH 6, 2023 BHH News
TISalud Market Access - #BHHMembersInitiatives
For healthcare companies, medical technology companies or pharmaceutical companies that seek to expand into the Mexican and Latin American market, BHH member TISalud is the right place to go. As market access solution leaders in Mexico, TISalud has extensive experience in health economics, pharmacoeconomics, and access strategies, as well as health policies and the generation of real-world evidence (RWE). If you or your company is interested in taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the healthcare market in Mexico and Latin America, it is recommended that you follow TISalud on social media and visit the website to learn more about the services and solutions. Check out more information about them HERE.
FEBRUARY 25, 2023 BHH News
Check out the AGENDA of the BHH activities at 4YFN
Get the most out of your visit to this year's edition of 4YFN! Discover all that Barcelona Health Hub has to offer you between February 27th and Thursday March 2nd. Download the programme HERE!
On Monday February 27th, at the stage of Dayone (Hall 8) at 10:00 hrs, BHH will start with a Show&Tell session of Fagor Healthcare and Insurceo. After their pitches, it’s time for the #BHHPanel about “Digital Health Trends in Insurance“.  At 12:00 hrs , at the stage of BStartup (Hall 8), you can discover the BHH Show & Tell session featuring Qualud, TerapMe, and Dana. After their presentations, the focus will shift to the #BHHPanel, which will delve into the topic of “Women’s Health: Ensuring Women’s Well-being“. Don’t miss the BHH network event at 13:00 hrs at the Networking Corner and meet with other attendees to discover new connections and innovative solutions.
On Tuesday February 28th, at the stage of BStartup (Hall 8) at 12:00 hrs, BHH will start with a Show&Tell session of Panel Health, Perdigó and PharmaDate. Once the pitches are over, it’s time for the #BHHPanel about “Digital Disruption in Pharma“.
On Wednesday March 1st, at the stage of Dayone (Hall 8) at 10:00 hrs, BHH will start the day with a Show & Tell session of Famba, Sense4care and SmartClinic. Once they finish their presentations, it’s time for the #BHHPanel about “Digital Transformation in Healthcare: How Hospitals are Embracing Technology”. At 12:00 hrs , at the stage of BStartup (Hall 8), BHH will start with a Show & Tell session of DyCare, Kiversal and Oxeen. After their pitches, it’s time for the #BHHPanel about “From Innovation to Reality: the Importance of Clinical Validations in Digital Health“. Simultaneously, BHH’s CEO Luis Badrinas will participate in a panel organized by BHH member Boehringer Ingelheim about "Digital Health: Transforming technology in value-based solutions in health" at the Partner Lab U2013 Discovery Area. At the same time, you can see BHH’s Xavier Jofre at the panel about "Non-dilutive Financing: Adding Value for Founders” at the stage of Dayone.
On Thursday March 2nd, at the stage of DayOne (Hall 8) at 10:00 hrs, BHH will kick off with the Show & Tell sessions of BHH members ADNTRO and Robopedics. Upon finishing their pitches, the #BHHPanel about “Investing in the Future of Healthcare” will commence. At 12:00 hrs , at the stage of BStartup (Hall 8), BHH will start with a Show&Tell session of Emocional and Frontwave. After their pitches, it’s time for the #BHHPanel about “Digital Health Investment: Unlocking the Potential of HealthTech“. About the same time, at 11:45hrs, BHH’s President Cristian Pascual will take the main stage at 4YFN in the panel about “Panel: Revolutionizing Healthcare with Digital Health”. Together with experts of the AXA Digital Health Platform, Australia’s Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council and Terap.me, Cristian will discuss how digital health can help us achieve a more inclusive and sustainable healthcare for everybody. 
Download the programme HERE!      
FEBRUARY 25, 2023 BHH News
4YFN23 - Interview with Marc Font of Inbrooll
Barcelona Health Hub returns once again to 4YFN 2023, the startup business platform at the Mobile World Congress next month. At the BHH stand you’ll explore cutting-edge technologies, new tendencies and future solutions, provided by the BHH members. One of the companies you can meet at 4YFN, is BHH member Inbrooll. This engineering company is a strategic supplier of technological products and solutions, providing end-to-end product development services. From the idea, through prototyping, industrialisation, laboratory testing, certification and even manufacturing, in different sectors, such as healthcare. Today we meet with Marc Font of Inbrooll, who will share with us more about their expectations for this edition of 4YFN. Marc, thank you for joining Barcelona Health Hub! We’re looking forward to seeing you at the BHH stand at 4YFN. Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about Inbrooll? I'm Marc Font, CEO and co-founder of Inbrooll. In 2013 Inbrooll was born, an engineering company that works in different sectors with the vision of turning ideas into products, with its own methodology: Indooit 360º: a global vision of the project. Can you elaborate about what’s new at Inbrooll these days?  Within the company strategy, we are focusing more on the health sector, getting certified for ISO 13485 and developing innovative projects for our customers. We have developed very technological Medical Devices for third parties, acquiring specific experience and knowledge such as microfluidics, electronics, IoT. BHH is glad to see you present at the digital health area of Barcelona Health Hub. Could you share why you decided to join Barcelona Health Hub at 4YFN? Digital communication and promotion bring many advantages and savings, but on-site promotion at an international event of this magnitude with Barcelona Health Hub complements our commitment to medical technology. You’re also participating in the #BHHPanel about “Digital Transformation in Healthcare: How Hospitals are Embracing Technology”. Can you tell us what would be your key message at the panel? Current and emerging technologies are changing the way hospitals and clinics deliver care. Digital health technology presents an opportunity to improve standards of care and efficiency, while simultaneously enhancing experiences and reducing costs. Is there anything else you want to share with us? Yes, we are a young company with a mix of senior and junior talent, which in our case means that we are ambitious and motivated, we like challenges, we know how to do things well and meet the needs of our customers, even if they sometimes seem almost impossible. You imagine it, we do it!
If you’re interested in meeting Inbrooll, don’t hesitate to visit the BHH Stand 8.1D30 in Hall 8 during the whole week from February 27th until March 2nd. Barcelona Health Hub is already looking forward to meeting you! More information here.
FEBRUARY 24, 2023 BHH News
4YFN - Interview with Jesús Berdún of Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau
Barcelona Health Hub returns once again to 4YFN 2023, the startup business platform at the Mobile World Congress next month. At the BHH stand you’ll explore cutting-edge technologies, new tendencies and future solutions, provided by the BHH members. One of the companies you can meet at 4YFN, is BHH member Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau in Barcelona. This high-complexity hospital with more than 600 years of history, launched in 2022 the Clinical Validation Centre of Digital Health Solutions, a joint venture with Barcelona Health Hub. This center aims to become an agile tool for clinical validation, promoting clinical evidence and technology transference of digital health solutions. Today we meet with Jesús Berdún, Head of Operations of the Clinical Validation Center for Digital Health of Hospital Sant Pau, who will share with us more about their expectations for this edition of 4YFN. Jesús, thank you for joining Barcelona Health Hub! We’re looking forward to seeing you at the BHH stand at 4YFN. Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about Hospital Sant Pau? Hi, it's a pleasure to be here today at 4YFN. I'm responsible for the activities performed in the Clinical Validation Centre of Digital Health, a joint initiative between the hospital and Barcelona Health Hub. Hospital Sant Pau is one of the oldest and leading organizations in the Catalan public healthcare network, being a reference hospital in areas like cardiovascular diseases, onco-hematology and neurology, among others. Through the Clinical Validation Center, the hospital is promoting high-quality, patient-safe and clinically effective digital solutions, adding up to the current healthcare activity of the hospital, which includes over 35.500 inpatients each year, 160.000 emergencies and more than 460.000 outpatient appointments. Can you elaborate about what's new at the Hospital Sant Pau these days? During the last three years, the healthcare sector has experienced a remarkable transformation, as digital tools are increasingly being used as part of daily practice. Hospital Sant Pau is changing with the times, including new healthcare processes for in non-face-to-face attention, data standardization, decision support systems, telemonitoring tools, 3D printing or virtual modelling, among others. In this context, the hospital launched in 2022 the Clinical Validation Centre of Digital Health, a joint venture with BHH, aiming to generate clinical evidence of digital health solutions, and to promote adoption and technology transference from the industry to healthcare. And the big news is that, as a driver for the center's achievements, Hospital Sant Pau has created one of the first "Clinical and Technological Research Ethics Subcommittee" in Spain, a sub-group of the hospital's Ethical Committee, with the required expertise to assess research activities that involve cutting-edge technologies. BHH is glad to see you present at the digital health area of Barcelona Health Hub. Could you share why you decided to join Barcelona Health Hub at 4YFN? Well, 4YFN is an excellent opportunity to share our interests and experience with other potential partners who want to be engaged in clinical validation activities. We are looking forward to meet startups, big corporates, investors, healthcare organizations and other relevant players. And we believe that the thrilling ambient of 4YFN is the perfect place for that. You’re also participating in the #BHHPanel about "From Innovation to Reality: the Importance of Clinical Validations in Digital Health". Can you tell us what would be your key message at the panel? As I said, more and more digital technologies are becoming part of clinical practice. Some of them allow a better communication with patients, self-empowerment or remote monitoring. Other advanced technologies, such as AI or data-driven services, go beyond the virtualization of healthcare processes, since they are radically changing the way with conceive healthcare. For both basic and advanced technologies, there is an urgent need, to, first, standardize the way we clinically validated solutions, and second, to ensure adoption and technology transference from the industry to the healthcare providers. In this context, my key message is that the standardization of clinical validation to generate evidence, and the promotion of technology transference, are key activities in which hospitals, companies and other stakeholders need to collaborate. And this is precisely the aim of the Clinical Validation Centre of Digital Health. Furthermore, I would like to stress out that these objectives cannot be achieved by a hospital or a company alone. The center believes that it is by creating an international network for clinical validation that we can drive a change in healthcare, promoting the standardization of clinical validation and attracting international leading companies to collaborate with us in this quest for adoption. So, we are more than glad to share our resources and expertise with any partner interested to join us. What are you excited about these days at the 4YFN conference? I'm a telecom engineer with more than 10 years' experience in healthcare. And what I can tell you is that every year I'm astonished by all the new technologies and applications in healthcare. I would never have expected on my early days in the university that I would be here today, surrounded by so many entrepreneurs and innovators in this field. And I'm glad to be part of it! Is there anything else you want to share with us? I would like to congratulate you for the excellent job you are doing, helping companies and healthcare organizations to be engaged in joint activities, and expanding the limits of how technology can bring new opportunities for health. And I would to encourage anyone interested to be part of this exciting journey to come and share their interest with us.
If you're interested in meeting the Hospital Sant Pau, don't hesitate to visit the BHH Stand 8.1D30 in Hall 8 on Monday and Tuesday. Barcelona Health Hub is already looking forward to meeting you! More information here.
FEBRUARY 23, 2023 BHH News
4YFN - Connect at the #BHHPanel "Digital Transformation in Healthcare: How Hospitals are Embracing Technology" on March 1st!
Barcelona Health Hub organizes great panels about digital health for the next edition of 4YFN, the startup business platform. This event will take place in the context of the Mobile World Congress 2023 from February 27th to March 2nd. At the BHH Stand in Hall 8 you can meet many of the BHH members who will share their solutions in digital health. Barcelona Health Hub will also host multiple panels, Show & Tell sessions and #DemoDays each day! On Wednesday March 1st, at the stage of Dayone (Hall 8) at 10:00 hrs CET, BHH will start with a Show & Tell session of Famba, Sense4care and SmartClinic. Once they finish their presentations, it's time for the #BHHPanel about "Digital Transformation in Healthcare: How Hospitals are Embracing Technology". Are you ready to learn about the changes happening in healthcare? Digital health is transforming the way hospitals operate and care for patients. From telemedicine to electronic health records, technology is revolutionizing the way we think about healthcare. In this panel, experts will explore how leading hospitals are embracing technology and improving patient outcomes. Don't miss out on this chance to discover how to transform hospitals and to improve patient care with the latest digital technologies. The panel is moderated by Francesca Wuttke, CEO and Founder of nen and BHH Ambassador, and counts on the participation of Javier de Oca, CEO of IOMED, Marc Font, CEO & Co-Founder of Inbrooll, Joan Guanyabens, Consultant Health IT at Fundació TIC Salut Social, and Miguel Angel Mayer, Scientific coordinator - Management Control Department at Hospital del Mar. Don’t miss it and attend the BHH Stand at 4YFN. Of course you’re also very welcome to come over and meet with Barcelona Health Hub and many of the BHH members at Hall 8, stand 8.1D30!
FEBRUARY 23, 2023 BHH News
Amelia Virtual Care is hiring! – #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member Amelia Virtual Care is a pioneer and a global leader in virtual reality solutions for mental health professionals. Today the VR and mobile app-based solution is delivered under the guidance of clinicians, for both in-office and remote sessions. Amelia's platform is in use with over 1000 providers and 20,000 patients since 2014. Join them in the mission to bring innovative technology to professionals who promote the world's mental health! Currently, Amelia Virtual Care is looking for an Administrative Assistant & Office Manager. If you want to join an international team of self-driven, energetic, and passionate professionals who want to change the world for the better and be part of a meaningful business, don't miss this opportunity and be sure to apply! 
FEBRUARY 23, 2023 BHH News
4YFN - Interview with Savia
Barcelona Health Hub returns once again to 4YFN 2023, the startup business platform at the Mobile World Congress next month. At the BHH stand you’ll explore cutting-edge technologies, new tendencies and future solutions, provided by the BHH members. One of the companies you can meet at 4YFN, is long-time BHH member Savia, digital health by MAPFRE. Savia is the only digital health service that gives you free, 24/7 access to qualified health personnel in real time. They want to be by your side at all times, no matter what your life situation is, because health is much more than not having an illness. Today we meet with Pedro Díaz Yuste, General Director of Savia, who will share with us more about their expectations for this edition of 4YFN. Pedro, thank you for joining Barcelona Health Hub! It's great to see you back at the BHH stand at 4YFN. Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about Savia? Savia is MAPFRE's digital health platform. We are focused on immediacy, availability, prevention and control of personal health through care plans focused on the user. One of the main users of the benefits of telemedicine are companies. Savia provides emotional health, nutritional health, telemedicine, prevention and protection services. In this way, Savia can help companies with the well-being of their employees, providing an offer of 24/7 service. It also provides greater agility when it comes to preventing possible diseases and significantly reducing abstention from work. With Savia, health is in your hands and is 100% accessible from any device in Spanish territory. Can you elaborate about what’s new at Savia these days? One of Savia's distinctive features is innovation. We develop products and services putting our users at the center and listening to their needs. This year we have great challenges ahead, for example we're focusing on these four:
  1. A new service that will be called "Your personal doctor" that will allow the user to be attended by the same professional.
  2. "Digital Hospital" where the user can find both online and face-to-face medical services without waiting.
  3. We have been chosen as digitalizing agent to accompany small health companies and freelancers in their digitalization process through the "Kit Digital", an initiative of the Government of Spain financed by the European Union through the Next Generation funds. Being part of this process is very important for us because it allows us to have a 360º vision of the digitalization of health.
  4. Our commitment this year is to provide health services for companies. Through our wellbeing service, the employee can manage appointments according to their availability. And it gives to the companies the possibility of incentivizing their employees. In addition, the wellbeing service allows companies to know the state of health of their workforce and make better decisions when managing human resources.
Previous years you have been present at the BHH Stand as well - we're glad to see you returning to the digital health area of Barcelona Health Hub. Could you share why you decided to join once again? Barcelona Health Hub is a mandatory meeting point for all those who seek innovation in the field of health. In BHH, the news and predictions of what will come, and of what will be a trend, are concentrated, and for us it's a pleasure to be able to repeat the wonderful experience we had last year. You’re also participating in the #BHHPanel about "Digital Health Trends in Insurance". Can you tell us what would be your key message at the panel? I would like to share the sense of innovation we have at Savia, from the perspective of the main users of our digital health services, including companies, medical professionals, and users. And we are pushing this digital innovation into MAPFRE health insurance, in order to enhance it. Some examples, the way we ask our customer about its experience in every interaction with our digital services. What are you excited about these days at the 4YFN conference? As I said, I think 4YFN is a must for our sector and I would like to learn and share with the main players in the sector the evolution and progress that we have each developed in digital health. Last year we learned a lot about the world of startups in the health environment and it was very interesting to be able to share with those entrepreneurs their vision on the future of digital health. This year 4YFN will address very interesting topics for the future of digital health such as digital disruption in the pharmaceutical industry, investments in digital health or a key topic: women's health.
If you’re interested in meeting Savia, do not hesitate to visit the BHH Stand 8.1D30 in Hall 8 on Monday and Tuesday. Barcelona Health Hub is already looking forward to meeting you! More information here.
FEBRUARY 22, 2023 BHH News
4YFN - Interview with Seqera Labs
Barcelona Health Hub returns once again to 4YFN 2023, the startup business platform at the Mobile World Congress next month. At the BHH stand you’ll explore cutting-edge technologies, new tendencies and future solutions, provided by the BHH members. One of the companies you can meet at 4YFN is BHH member Seqera Labs, a provider of software that helps drive the analysis and sharing of scientific data at scale. Today we meet with Evan Floden of Seqera Labs, who will share with us more about their expectations for this edition of 4YFN. Evan, thank you for joining Barcelona Health Hub! We’re looking forward to seeing you at the BHH stand at 4YFN. Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about Seqera Labs? Sure. Four years ago, and following my doctoral studies at UPF in Barcelona, we created Seqera Labs with a simple idea, which was to reduce the complexities scientists face in their day-to-day. This followed the launch of Nextflow, already ten years ago, something which originally had very humble ambitions and has now become a standard within bioinformatics. Prior to this I spent some time wokring in product development at Aroa Biosurgery, helping the company grow from a five-person team to an IPO. In a nutshell, Seqera Labs is a leading provider of secure collaborative analytics software, designed by scientists to address the complex challenges of data analysis in the life sciences sector. The company's flagship product, Nextflow, simplifies the cost and complexity of working with large datasets, enabling organizations including AstraZeneca, Roche, Johnson & Johnson, and Janssen Pharmaceuticals to securely process complex data at scale, promoting more efficient innovation. In addition to its commercial offerings, Seqera Labs' core ethos is centered on democratizingaccess to scientific data and fostering innovation. As a steward of its community of over 10,000 contributors, the company offers over 70 high-quality, product-ready open source data pipelines to its users, setting a new standard in the industry. Can you elaborate about what’s new at Seqera Labs these days? At Seqera, we have experienced significant growth over the past few months, and we are now focused on preparing the company for its next phase. Our goal is to solidify our structure and establish our brand as the leading player in data orchestration worldwide. To achieve this, we are investing in several key areas. Firstly, we are strengthening our existing product offerings, Nextflow and Tower, to ensure that they continue to meet the evolving needs of our customers. We are also working on communicating the value and impact of our offerings more effectively, while building a team of rockstars that will support our growth and maintain our position as a leader in the industry. BHH is glad to see you present at the digital health area of Barcelona Health Hub. Could you share why you decided to join Barcelona Health Hub at 4YFN? The mission and focus of Barcelona Health Hub aligns perfectly with Seqera Labs' commitment to promoting innovation and collaboration in the healthcare sector. 4YFN provides a unique platform to connect with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors, and I am excited to be a part of it. Joining Barcelona Health Hub at 4YFN is a strategic move for Seqera Labs as we seek to expand our reach and connect with key players in the healthcare industry. I am eager to share our vision and solutions with the attendees and to engage in meaningful discussions that will drive progress in the field. You’re also participating in the #BHHPanel about “Digital Disruption in Pharma”. Can you tell us what would be your key message at the panel? While there is a growing focus on patient solutions, it is often overlooked that a significant number of innovations in healthcare stem from the effective use of large amounts of data, particularly sequencing and imaging data. Often, we see innovations in the digital health space that focus on patient-oriented solutions, trying to mitigate the effect of certain therapeutic diseases, but we fail to recognise the need for secure, efficient and scalable solutions to process and orchestrate such data. This need is becoming increasingly pressing, and it is critical to work together to drive progress in the field and find solutions that will benefit both the industry and patients. What are you excited about these days at the 4YFN conference? I am extremely excited about the 4YFN conference and the opportunities it presents for Seqera Labs. The conference has grown from a small satellite event to the MWC to one that competes in size and importance with it. This is a clear indication of the growing interest and empowerment of tech startups. It is a thrilling time to be a part of the tech startup community, and I am eager to see the latest innovations and advancements in the field. In particular, I am excited about the potential for data-driven solutions and how they can be leveraged to drive progress in the healthcare industry. As I mentioned in my previous answer, data plays a critical role in shaping the future of healthcare, and I am eager to learn about the latest advances and innovations that are using data in new and creative ways. I am also looking forward to engaging with other attendees and sharing my thoughts and experiences with them. Overall, 4YFN is a unique platform for tech startups to connect with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors, and I am thrilled to be a part of it. I am eager to see what the future holds and to be a part of shaping it with our participation in the conference.
If you’re interested in meeting Seqera Labs, don’t hesitate to visit the BHH Stand 8.1D30 in Hall 8 on Monday and Tuesday. Barcelona Health Hub is already looking forward to meeting you! More information here.
FEBRUARY 22, 2023 BHH News
4YFN - Don't miss the #BHHPanel about "From Innovation to Reality: the Importance of Clinical Validations in Digital Health" on March 1st!
Barcelona Health Hub organizes great panels about digital health for the next edition of 4YFN, the startup business platform. This event will take place in the context of the Mobile World Congress 2023 from February 27th to March 2nd. At the BHH Stand in Hall 8 you can meet many of the BHH members who will share their solutions in digital health. Barcelona Health Hub will also host multiple panels, Show & Tell sessions and #DemoDays each day! On Wednesday March 1st, at the stage of BStartup (Hall 8) at 12:00 hrs CET, BHH will start with a Show & Tell session of DyCare, Kiversal and Oxeen. After their pitches, it's time for the #BHHPanel about "From Innovation to Reality: the Importance of Clinical Validations in Digital Health". Digital health innovations have the potential to revolutionize healthcare, but ensuring their safety and effectiveness is crucial. Clinical validation provides a means to test and evaluate the impact of digital health solutions in real-world settings, helping to bridge the gap between innovation and reality. In this panel, you’ll hear from both hospitals as companies about the challenges and benefits of clinical validation, and explore how collaboration between these two groups can help ensure that digital health innovations are able to make a real difference in the lives of patients. The panel is moderated by Oscar Paz, General Manager of Insurtech Community Hub, and counts on the participation of Ernest Sarrias, Global Business Development of Mediktor, Mar Gomis, Director of the Clinical Validation Center for Digital Health Solutions at Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, Guillem Oña, CEO of AirParfum, and Yolima Cossio, Director of Information Systems at Hospital Vall d’Hebron. Don’t miss it and be sure to attend the BHH Stand at 4YFN. Of course you’re also very welcome to come over and meet with Barcelona Health Hub and many of the BHH members at Hall 8, stand 8.1D30!
FEBRUARY 21, 2023 BHH News
BHH Women’s Week - Join the #BHHTalk about “Female leaders in the health industry: challenges and opportunities”
As the world gears up to celebrate International Women's Day, Barcelona Health Hub is thrilled to announce its upcoming BHH Women’s Week. Discover what the BHH members do in female health, don’t miss the classic BHH-in-pink family photo, and join the upcoming roundtable event on "Female Leaders in the Health Industry: Challenges and Opportunities".  Taking place LIVE on March 9th at 18hrs at the BHH Headquarters, this event promises to be a thought-provoking discussion on the challenges that women leaders face in the healthcare industry and the opportunities available to them. The roundtable will bring together a diverse group of female leaders who have made a mark in the healthcare industry. They will share their insights, experiences, and opinions on topics such as the under-representation of women in leadership roles, and the importance of diversity and inclusivity in healthcare. The event will not only serve as a platform to discuss these issues but also to celebrate the incredible achievements of women in the healthcare industry. The panel is moderated by Estrella García, Sr. Director Global Clinical Operations of Almirall, and counts on the participation of Mireia Cigarrán, Founder & CEO of VRPharma, Eva Molero, CEO of TeamIt Research, Clara Campas, Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Asabys, and Núria Romero, Managing Director of Asphalion. Join these female leaders on March 9th at 18hrs at the BHH Headquarters! The discussion will be held in Spanish. Since it’s a live event, space is limited. Deadline to sign up is on Wednesday March 8th.  Add your voice to the discussion and be sure to sign up here!
FEBRUARY 21, 2023 BHH News
4YFN - Interview with Mediktor
Barcelona Health Hub returns once again to 4YFN 2023, the startup business platform at the Mobile World Congress next month. At the BHH stand you'll explore cutting-edge technologies, new tendencies and future solutions, provided by the BHH members. One of the companies you can meet at 4YFN is Mediktor, a BHH member since the beginning of the Hub. Mediktor is the most advanced AI-based medical assistant for triage and pre-diagnosis that has been clinically validated through trials with real patients. With a global reach of 28 countries and availability in many languages, Mediktor has years of experience in the field. Their mission is to improve access to healthcare all over the world. Today we meet with Dr. Ernest Sarrias of Mediktor, who will share with us more about their expectations for this edition of 4YFN. Dr. Sarrias, thank you for joining Barcelona Health Hub! It’s great to see you back at the BHH stand at 4YFN. Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about Mediktor? I am a medical doctor specializing in preventive medicine and public health. My background in healthcare, along with my training and experience in business management and administration, has allowed me to work in a variety of settings across North America, Latin America, and Europe. I have more than 20 years of experience working on a range of innovative and fascinating projects in for-profit, not-for-profit, and public care organizations. Nowadays, I'm proud to be a part of Mediktor's healthcare revolution, demonstrating how technology, when adopted, can transform organizations for the better. We are facing a sanitary crisis. Resources need to be optimized, and the valuable time of professionals must be enhanced in order to stop the general burnout atmosphere surrounding hospitals and health systems around the globe. Mediktor's AI-based solution for triage and pre-diagnosis can help improve the flow of healthcare. It offers professionals fast, organized, and accurate decision support, driving patients online to the proper care pathway. Can you elaborate about what’s new at Mediktor these days? Mediktor's partnership with health insurance companies has achieved a significant positive impact on their care pathway. By working together, we were able to leverage the strengths to provide effective and accurate access to healthcare to their members. This type of partnership helps to expand the reach and accessibility of health services, making it easier for individuals to receive the care they need, while at the same time optimizing payers’ resources. The results achieved by Mediktor in partnerships with health insurance companies around the globe demonstrate the potential for similar alliances to influence and benefit the healthcare industry. For example, we reached a Net Promoter Score of 95 in user's satisfaction, showcasing how effective and user-friendly Mediktor's tool can be for users. Adopting AI-based technologies has shown to be an opportunity for health hospitals and systems to improve healthcare processes, innovation, efficiency and overall quality. We are looking and working towards integrating Mediktor into the care providers flow, this way, shaping the future of healthcare and helping to make it more accessible for everyone. Previous years you have been present at the BHH Stand as well - we're glad to see you returning to the digital health area of Barcelona Health Hub. Could you share why you decided to join once again? The Barcelona Health Hub Stand is always a significant opportunity to interact with major companies, organizations, and individuals of the healthcare sector. It brings together a diverse group of stakeholders to network and collaborate on addressing some of the most pressing challenges in the industry. By taking part in the BHH Stand, Mediktor has the chance to communicate our revolutionary way of addressing access to healthcare worldwide and the latest advancements we have achieved in the last few months. It also provides opportunities for learning, growth, and professional development, making it a valuable experience for anyone involved in the healthcare sector. You're also participating in the #BHHPanel about "The Role of Hospitals as a Key Stakeholder for Digital Health Adoption." Can you tell us what would be your key message at the panel? We are currently living in an era of profound transformation in healthcare thanks to AI-based technologies and predictive modeling. Hospitals and health systems play a critical role in digital health technologies adoption. By investing in MedTech solutions, providers can truly elevate the user experience and improve the quality of care. With their expertise and influence, hospitals can help drive the widespread adoption of digital health and shape the future of healthcare. What are you excited about these days at the 4YFN conference? 4YFN is an excellent opportunity to connect with other businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs in the field. We are looking forward to showcasing our solution for care assistance to new partners interested in taking access to healthcare to the next level. Additionally, by taking part in 4YFN, Mediktor can stay current with market trends, share its knowledge and experience, and get valuable feedback from its peers and the larger healthcare community. Is there anything else you want to share with us? The AI-based chatbot revolution has brought about a major transformation in the way healthcare is delivered to patients. With the advancement in natural language processing and machine learning, AI-based chatbots have become incredibly efficient in providing personalized and prompt medical assistance to patients. This is why 2023 is a key year in the sector. We are going to experience game-changing events that will have a direct and positive impact on people's lives. This healthcare revolution is happening one way or another, the fact of the matter is to join it and leverage its potential.
If you’re interested in meeting Mediktor, don’t hesitate to visit the BHH Stand 8.1D30 in Hall 8 during the whole week from February 27th until March 2nd. Barcelona Health Hub is already looking forward to meeting you! More information here.
FEBRUARY 21, 2023 BHH News
4YFN - Interview with Opinno
FEBRUARY 21, 2023 BHH News
Join Boehringer-Ingelheim at 4YFN and discover: Boosting Digital Health - From challenges to innovative solutions
Attend the event and connect with a big pharma company and other relevant stakeholders to discuss how the emerging explosion of digital health is opening new opportunities to improve health outcomes and contribute to the sustainability of the health system.   BHH member Boehringer Ingelheim will host an event within the 4YFN on March 1st between 9:30hrs and 13:00hrs where two relevant fields in this area will be discussed and a networking activity will also take place: 
  • The creation of a health Data Lake 
  • Technology applied solutions to help predict, diagnose and treat a wide spectrum of diseases
Digital health has come here to stay and is significantly influencing healthcare delivery around the world. A sanitary data lake, predictive technologies, telemedicine… All these technologies have the potential to change the current paradigm of treatments in some pathologies by being able to combine medicines with digital services and treatments, even replace them. Regulatory authorities, including European Authorities and the FDA, recognize the potential of digital health and encourage such innovations. It is necessary to promote the transfer of technologies in real solutions that have a positive and sustainable impact on the system by all the stakeholders involved in this area.  If you are an eHealth focused start up and want to be a changemaker, register to this session at 4YFN and let’s talk about your proposals. At this side event, there wiull be lots of opportunities for generating debate and discussing these topics.
Agenda   09:45 - 10:15 How does digital health impact people’s lives  Jordi Serrano  10:15 – 10:55 Health Data Lake: Predictive medicine is closer
  • Moderator: Julio Mayol
  • Daniel Prieto Alhambra - MD MSc (Oxf) PhD Professor of Pharmaco- and Device Epidemiology Section Head, Health Data Sciences, Botnar Research Centre 
  • Eva Aurin - Gerente eHealth Telefónica y Experta en Innovación en Salud 
  • Josep Maria Martorell - Associate Director at Barcelona Supercomputing Center (TBC)
10:55 – 11:10 Coffee Break 11:10 – 11:50 Digital Health: Transforming technology in value-based solutions in healthcare
  • Moderator: Julio Mayol
  • Xavier Palomer - Founder Amelia Virtual Care
  • Luis Badrinas – Chief Executive Officer Barcelona Health Hub 
  • Christoph Brabandt - Head of BI X Ideation & Scouting Chapter
11:50 – 12:00 Closure 12:00 – 13:00 Networking Activity
FEBRUARY 20, 2023 BHH News
LambdaLoopers reaches a turnover of one million euros in 2022 - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member LambdaLoopers, a company specialized in consulting, design and tech development, reaches a turnover of 1M€ for the first time since its founding in 2017. During 2022, the company has positioned itself as a stable consulting firm on a financial level and with guarantees in terms of production and project development. In a time where some of the main tech giants - the majority of which are international - are reducing their size, LambdaLoopers has achieved to consolidate its presence in the market offering digital solutions to companies of various sectors and phases of projects: from startups to companies with a solid trajectory in their sector always rooting to implement agile methodologies with the purpose to assure the consecution of objectives and the optimization of resources. For 2023, the company has the objective to consolidate current projects and to widen its client roster, setting focus on the well-established companies which, they can’t either integrate their own tech team, or even having their own area within the company for specific projects they need to have an expert team for the projects they’re going to execute. Eduard Barroso, CCO of LambdaLoopers, says that “this year we can also achieve our objectives, taking into account that those are more demanding than last year’s. Although we’re seeing how tech companies are living a domino effect - and it’s estimated that already more than 70.000 of the professionals in the IT sector are available since the layoffs - at LambdaLoopers, we have a clear growing strategy that goes not only through the correct execution of projects, but also engage the community we’ve created, where we share knowledge with clients, other companies from our industry and potential talent for the company through events and monthly activities." To reduce the possibilities of a situation, like the one the sector is facing right now, from happening to more companies, for LambdaLoopers it is essential to work with the methodology of team augmentation. Decisions within the companies are usually taken by non-tech profiles and so, on the majority of occasions, the number of people or specialties needed to have a successful project is unknown. That’s why team augmentation allows to include all proper professionals and those strictly necessary for a specific period of time or even permanently. Also, this methodology of work has a direct impact on the results because it allows structural costs to reduce significantly and it deletes the selection process, which usually are extensive and expensive.
FEBRUARY 20, 2023 BHH News
XI ACES Workshop - #BHHMembersInitatives
BHH partner Catalan Association of Health Organizations is organizing the XI ACES Workshop next March 16th. They are looking for startups to fulfill their goal to provide a broad view on topics and aspects related to healthcare innovation from the perspective of research, digital health, patient experience, artificial intelligence, and other areas of knowledge that may be of interest to the private healthcare sector. It is addressed to healthcare and management professionals linked to the healthcare sector, technology companie,; aspiring healthcare entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, innovative entrepreneurs, and last but not least, fans of technology and innovation. The workshop consists of 8 round tables in which the format will be a 45-minute debate-talk, in which topics as R&D&I, innovation in customer service or today's mental health will be discussed. Discover more about this opportunity HERE.
FEBRUARY 20, 2023 BHH News
4YFN - Interview with Insurtech Community Hub
Barcelona Health Hub returns once again to 4YFN 2023, the startup business platform at the Mobile World Congress next month. At the BHH stand you’ll explore cutting-edge technologies, new tendencies and future solutions, provided by the BHH members. One of the companies you can meet at 4YFN is BHH member Insurtech Community Hub. It’s a meeting and cooperation space to promote and boost digital innovation in the insurance sector, accelerating its digital transformation. Founded in 2020, Insurtech Community Hub is the largest Insurtech Hub (face-to-face + digital) at the Ibero-American level with physical headquarters in Madrid, and more than 110 associated members. In addition to the associated members, Insurtech Community Hub has a community of thousands of followers and subscribers in its RRSS, Newsletters and periodic meetings. Today we meet with Oscar Paz Managing Director of Insurtech Community Hub, who will share with us more about their expectations for this edition of 4YFN. Oscar, thank you for joining Barcelona Health Hub! We’re looking forward to seeing you at the BHH stand at 4YFN. Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about Insurtech Community Hub? I have been linked to innovation in the insurance sector for nearly 27 years, I started in the mid-90s implementing contact centers and for almost 10 years I have been 100% focused on insurtech, currently as general director of Insurtech Community Hub, from where we are creating a great ecosystem to promote and accelerate innovation and digital transformation of the insurance sector through the collaboration of different actors such as insurance entities, brokers, startups, investors, consultants, universities and business schools mainly. We are currently close to 110 members and we also have agreements with a dozen Hubs such as InsurteChile, Asociación Insurtech México or Insurtech Hub Munich, and of course also with Barcelona Health Hub. And in fact during this 2023 we will continue closing new agreements with innovation hubs and entrepreneurship ecosystems to maximize the networking opportunities of our members, for example a few days ago we announced a new agreement with EO Madrid. Can you elaborate about what’s new at the Insurtech Community Hub these days? We are currently very focused on organizing our great annual Insurance World Challenges event, which will take place on March 22 in Madrid and in which we are going to bring together close to 500 attendees in person, and in which we are going to discuss topics such as insurance and protection of healthy and long life or of digital and purposeful companies. In addition, throughout 2023 we are going to hold nearly 25 meetings and workshops both in Madrid and Barcelona on different topics of interest identified by our members on aspects as diverse as Open Insurance, the Silver Economy or cyber insurance. Lastly, during this 2023 we have implemented many new features so that our members have maximum visibility and interaction so that they can close business opportunities with each other. For example, we have launched a "match" service to maximize connections between members. BHH is glad to see you present at the digital health area of Barcelona Health Hub. Could you share why you decided to join Barcelona Health Hub at 4YFN? 4YFN is a must for anyone who is dedicated to entrepreneurship or innovation and BHH's initiative to create a space dedicated exclusively to health seems to us to be very successful and differential (Congratulations!). In addition, the health business is growing a lot in the insurance sector and we think that there are many interesting synergies between both ecosystems. You’re also acting as a moderator in the #BHHPanel about "The Role of Hospitals as a Key Stakeholder for Digital Health Adoption." Can you tell us what would be your key message at the panel? In general, from our insurance position, prevention is essential to reduce accidents and avoid accidents, and in the area of health the possibilities are very great thanks to the numerous digital health initiatives that have emerged in recent years. The role of the hospital is essential to prescribe treatments that, with the help of digital solutions, promote healthy habits or allow rehabilitation to be carried out more efficiently and help people live healthier and longer lives. What are you excited about these days at the 4YFN conference? 4YFN is always a good meeting place, I personally have been going there since 2015 and I have always connected with interesting people with whom I have later been able to carry out business opportunities. It is also a very good place to find out about new trends in other sectors but that in one way or another can be applied to the insurance sector. And of course 4YFN is a good opportunity to have fun at some of the many interesting parties that take place. Is there anything else you want to share with us? Just to invite all readers to visit us during 4YFN and discover how Insurtech can be an interesting option to keep in mind when developing business from their different companies.
If you’re interested in meeting the Insurtech Community Hub, don’t hesitate to visit the BHH Stand 8.1D30 in Hall 8 on Wednesday and Thursday. Barcelona Health Hub is already looking forward to meeting you! More information here.
FEBRUARY 17, 2023 BHH News
Aimentia secures a €500,000 investment boost - #BHHMembersInitiatives
A quarter of us will suffer from some mental health condition over the course of our lives, according to a number of reports by the WHO. Indeed, in Spain, this issue is the second-most common cause of sick leave. With the mission of helping ensure early diagnosis and offering patients personalized care, BHH member startup Aimentia has created an artificial intelligence platform for identifying and effectively monitoring those experiencing some kind of mental health problem who are potentially at risk. To tackle the challenges posed by this health issue, the entrepreneurial project has secured €500,000 of private funding, a sum that could rise to €800,000. In the words of Edgar Jorba, Aimentia's CEO and co-founder, who is studying for the Online MBA at the UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya), mental health conditions are becoming a "silent worldwide epidemic, which needs to be tackled with innovation and the development of new  technologies." The WHO estimates that, between 2010 and 2030, the cumulative cost of treating  mental health will total some $16 trillion.   Given the scale of the challenge, Aimentia has implemented its platform not only in Spain, but also in Argentina, Mexico and Chile, and already boasts more than 31,000 registered users, both patients and professionals, at more than 120 schools. "Mental health is still regarded, unfortunately, as a stigma," noted Edgar Jorba. "And that's why we seek to democratize access to this care model, based on research and smart clinical tools that go far beyond a mere video call," he added. AI for a rapid response Designed with a flexible structure and with an in-house programming language that integrates a variety of different data sources to create tailor-made solutions flexibly and quickly, Aimentia Health is a cloud-based platform providing mental health tools and emergency services for all manner of users, both patients (adults, children and adolescents) and professionals (specialists, school representatives and other workers). The platform provides professionals with a technology for the rapid recognition of crisis cases, with the personalization of diagnoses and the monitoring of therapies for patients with anxiety, depression, phobias, bipolar disorder or suicidal tendencies. "Aimentia Health's future applications will also encompass substance abuse and eating disorders," added Jorba. One of Aimentia Health's standout features is associated with its interview system that, according to the startup, refers patients to therapy "up to 80% quicker than other methods." As its CEO noted, their digital solutions "are based on clinical data to ensure the rigour of all their procedures." Services for schools and businesses In addition to being focused on mental health professionals and primary healthcare facilities, Aimentia also offers services for schools and businesses. In the case of the former, the start-up's solutions are aimed at young people aged between 12 and 18, "the age range with the highest rates of self-harming behaviour, which is one of the warning signs of potential thoughts of or attempts at suicide", indicated Jorba. In the business world, the platform is beginning to help organizations in the early detection of workers with stress, depression or anxiety. The company is currently providing a free-of-charge analysis, prior to offering advice to foster a positive work environment, prevent risks and provide workers with the necessary support. Discover more about this startup HERE.
FEBRUARY 17, 2023 BHH News
4YFN - Interview with Mikakus
Barcelona Health Hub returns once again to 4YFN 2023, the startup business platform at the Mobile World Congress next month. At the BHH stand you’ll explore cutting-edge technologies, new tendencies and future solutions, provided by the BHH members. One of the companies you can meet at 4YFN is BHH partner Mikakus. They are a Barcelona based sneaker design brand that reflects the energy, personality and style of the city. Today we meet with Judith Rubinat of Mikakus, who will share with us more about their expectations for this edition of 4YFN. Judith, thank you for joining Barcelona Health Hub! Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about Mikakus Barcelona? I am the Deputy CEO and CMO of Mikakus Barcelona. Mikakus Barcelona is a sneaker design brand founded by the football player and world champion, Andrés Iniesta. He founded Mikakus with a group of friends which they kindly called each other mikakos.The brand was born in Barcelona during 2018, same year when the player move to Japan, a country that inspired the opportunity to create a sneaker brand from Barcelona that reflects the energy, personality and style of our city. BHH is very happy to have partnered up with you. Could you share why you teamed up with Barcelona Health Hub at 4YFN? Mikakus Barcelona is a brand that truly believes in innovation and in the value of cities as the epicenter of change and evolution. 4YFN, yearly, unites the talent that will transform the city in the Barcelona we envision. And Barcelona Health Hub is an innovation hub that facilitates change and helps shaping our future. So we believe that this three-way collaboration is a genuine, honest partnership, as we share the vision of building tomorrow’s trends and ways of doing. Cities power our lives like curiosity ignites our imagination. Cities are about dreaming, about embracing talent, visions and changes, just like this collaboration. Can you elaborate about what’s new at Mikakus Barcelona these days?  We have just introduced the evolution of our name. We are adding Barcelona to our brand, Mikakus Barcelona, as a firm commitment to our city, Barcelona, and to cities themselves as a source of attraction for talent and energy. In addition, we are launching our summer collection 2023, inspired by the concept of time and which will have its maximum representation in our flagship store in Barcelona (Rambla Catalunya 74) and in our ecommerce What are you excited about these days at the 4YFN conference? From Mikakus Barcelona we are delighted to be represented at 4YFN through our product, which is what best represents us. Having the opportunity to cross paths with the talent and minds that work for the future of society and the city excites us so much, and the fact that this is happening in our city is truly a dream and an opportunity to keep dreaming together to continue to create the new tomorrow. Is there anything else you want to share with us? We would like to encourage all 4YFN visitors to wear a pair of Mikakus and get to know the city and our personality. That's why we want to take the opportunity to offer the exclusive code 4YFNMKK with an additional 10% discount to all attendees so they can benefit from a special discount on our website and in our flagship store ubicated in the heart of Barcelona.
If you’re interested in meeting Mikakus, don’t hesitate to visit the BHH Stand 8.1D30 in Hall 8 for the whole week. Barcelona Health Hub is already looking forward to meeting you! More information here.
FEBRUARY 17, 2023 BHH News
Insurance Industry Wellness Competition
Vitaance in collaboration with the Association of Young Insurance Professionals (AJPS) launches the 1st edition of the Insurance Industry Wellness Competition. They are inviting all industry professionals to participate in this team-based solidarity challenge that promotes wellness in the industry. To participate, you will have to form teams of 4 people from your company and register by filling out a form. Once you have signed up, you will receive an email with instructions, it's totally free! The goal of the competition is to walk as many steps as possible to put your company amongst the most active in the industry. The first three top positions are eligible to win:
  • 6 months free of charge of the Vitaance app.
  • A wellness pack that includes products and services such as: one month of yoga classes, one month of online training, and psychological counseling.
  • 1 year of free life insurance with a coverage of 10.000€ in case of death for the members of the winning team.
You have until February 23rd to register. Don't miss this competition and fill this form now HERE.
FEBRUARY 16, 2023 BHH News
4YFN - Interview with IOMED
Barcelona Health Hub returns once again to 4YFN 2023, the startup business platform at the Mobile World Congress next month. At the BHH stand you’ll explore cutting-edge technologies, new tendencies and future solutions, provided by the BHH members. One of the companies you can meet at 4YFN is IOMED, a BHH member since the beginning of the Hub. IOMED develops Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools, which transform the text of medical notes into databases that can be consulted quickly and easily for clinical research. Today we meet with Javier de Oca of IOMED, who will share with us more about their expectations for this edition of 4YFN. Javier, thank you for joining Barcelona Health Hub! It’s great to see you back at the BHH stand at 4YFN. Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about Iomed? I’m one of the three co-founders and the Chief Executive Officer at IOMED Medical Solutions. IOMED solves a key problem in healthcare: Access to Real World Data. Most clinical information gathered and stored about patients in Hospitals is currently in a text-based format, meaning it requires manual extraction for it to be scalably reusable. IOMED uses Natural Language Processing to standardize hospital medical records into coded, uniform databases that are always stored within hospitals themselves. This data is then used by hospitals for clinical research and advancing in patient care. Can you elaborate about what’s new at IOMED these days? IOMED is at a key moment of its growth as a company. We’re about to close a major fundraise with some key investors in our ecosystem. This will allow us to launch our internationalization efforts and continue to scale in our home markets. In the next few years, IOMED will become a major player in the data landscape within healthcare. Previous years you have been present at the BHH Stand as well - we’re glad to see you returning to the digital health area of Barcelona Health Hub. Could you share why you decided to join once again? BHH has built a unique ecosystem of startups, investors, Hospitals and Industry. We join and will continue to join BHH stand in the 4YFN because we clearly believe in BHH’s mission to promote innovation within healthcare and because it reverts back to a strong exposure and networking for our company. You’re also participating in the #BHHPanel about “Digital Transformation in Healthcare: How Hospitals are Embracing Technology”. Can you tell us what would be your key message at the panel? Data-Driven Decision Making: We’ll emphasize the importance of leveraging data to inform clinical decision making and drive improvements in patient outcomes. We'll discuss how healthcare organizations can use data analytics to better understand their patients and populations, and how this can lead to more targeted and effective care. Interoperability and Data Sharing: We’ll also discuss the need for interoperable data systems that allow for the sharing of patient information between healthcare providers, and highlight the benefits of data sharing, such as improved patient outcomes, increased efficiency, and reduced costs. Patient-Centered Care: Finally, we’ll mention the importance of putting patients at the center of healthcare delivery and using technology to improve the patient experience. We'll dscuss how data and technology can be used to personalize care, empower patients to take control of their health, and improve the overall quality of care. What are you excited about these days at the 4YFN conference? 4YFN is always a great event for networking and advancing some long-distance connections with stakeholders around the world. It offers the chance to know key stakeholders in the industry and support internationalization efforts. Moreover, it allows us to scout and understand new trends in the market, beyond healthcare. It is always a fun event. Is there anything else you want to share with us? Don’t miss the chance to meet the best startups in the healthcare industry visiting the BHH stand at 4YFN.
If you’re interested in meeting IOMED, don’t hesitate to visit the BHH Stand 8.1D30 in Hall 8 on Monday and Tuesday. Barcelona Health Hub is already looking forward to meeting you! More information here.
FEBRUARY 16, 2023 BHH News
Apply now to become one of the top 100 eHealth startups
Apply TODAY to be selected as one of the 100 best startups at the event 100Startups Health. It is a major business event for the eHealth sector that will take place in Madrid on March 22nd and 23rd. It counts with the collaboration of the National Government (ICEX), The Talent Route and the participation of the main actors of the industry. The event is a meeting point for the establishment of strategic alliances between startups, large companies and venture capital with a clear focus on the business through the purchase and sale and investment in technology. You have until February 17th to apply. If you're selected as one of the best 100 startups, you will get:
  • Free booth supported by Innsomnia.
  • 1to1 business meetings with Corporations & access to Open Innovation Programs launched by our partners.
  • 3 tickets.
  • Access to the networking area and the networking event tool.
  • Streaming access.
  • Full access to the program, conferences and speakers.
  • Visibility in the event communication.
Don't miss this chance and apply now HERE.
FEBRUARY 16, 2023 BHH News
4YFN – Create connections at the #BHHPanel about "Investing in the Future of Healthcare" on March 2nd!
Barcelona Health Hub organizes great panels about digital health for the next edition of 4YFN, the startup business platform. This event will take place in the context of the Mobile World Congress 2023 from February 27th to March 2nd. At the BHH Stand in Hall 8 you can meet many of the BHH members who will share their solutions in digital health. Barcelona Health Hub will also host multiple panels, Show & Tell sessions and #DemoDays each day! On Thursday March 2nd, at the stage of DayOne (Hall 8) at 10:00 hrs CET, BHH will kick off with the Show & Tell sessions of BHH members ADNTRO and Robopedics. Upon finishing their pitches, the #BHHPanel about "Investing in the Future of Healthcare" will commence. Are you ready to invest in the future of healthcare? The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving and technology is playing a major role in shaping its future. By investing in the future of healthcare, you’ll be part of shaping the way healthcare is delivered to people worldwide. Learn from industry leaders and experts about the do’s & don’ts for investment in digital health. Be part of shaping the healthcare landscape - it’s time for action! The panel is moderated by Helena Torras, Venture Partner of Hans(wo)menGroup and BHH Ambassador of Barcelona Health Hub, and counts on the participation of Xavier Contijoch, Global Head of Opinno Healthcare, Daniel Oliver, Director of Capital Cell, and Jordi Ferrer, Investment Director at Ship2B Ventures. Don't lose the BHH Stand at 4YFN. You are more than welcome to come and connect with Barcelona Health Hub and its members at Hall 8, Stand 8.1D30!
FEBRUARY 16, 2023 BHH News
The Virgen Macarena Hospital and ReHand publish the results of their clinical trial - #BHHMembersInitiatives
The Virgen Macarena Hospital and BHH member ReHand publish the results of their clinical trial with more than 600 patients and focus on new body segments. The clinical trials conducted by different hospitals of the Andalusian Public Health System, led by the Hospital Virgen Macarena in Seville, and financed by the Ministry of Health of the Andalusian Regional Government, have been completed. Musculoskeletal disorders are an important public health problem. With a large consumption of resources and disability benefits, they can hardly be absorbed by current healthcare systems. ReHand, a telerehabilitation tool for the wrist-hand-finger segment via Tablet, was born in 2016 to improve patient recovery and make the healthcare system more sustainable. With 663 patients collected, trials have shown faster clinical recovery when patients were treated with ReHand, compared to conventional treatment. In addition, an optimization in the management of hospital care resources was observed. Patients treated with ReHand required an average of nine fewer physiotherapy sessions and two fewer rehabilitation visits, and there was a 41% reduction in the referral rate of these patients to the rehabilitation service, which impacts on the waiting list. Specifically, an average savings for rehabilitation of €670 per patient was estimated. These results have been reported in "Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation," the most internationally cited scientific journal in the field of rehabilitation research, and add to the results of previous clinical trials in which a reduction in disability times was observed. These trials were conducted by Ibermutua, Spain's third-largest occupational health insurance company. However, beyond all the scientific-technical work and the awards won, they consider that their most important milestone in 2022 has been the great reception of the new full-body module through artificial intelligence. Speaking to Alejandro Suero, clinical leader of the technology, he comments that "taking the technology and the results obtained to other body segments was the reasonable step. Clinicians from different specialties asked us to transfer what ReHand does to other regions of the body. And that's what we did." With more and more leading hospitals in different countries using the technology, more than 1,500 patients were treated in 2022, reaching 25,000 sessions and performing more than 800,000 exercises. José Manuel López, CTO of ReHand, explains that "we generated a new ReHand module, RehBody, by applying artificial intelligence algorithms to the front camera of the patient's device. On a practical level, the patient stands in front of the camera on their smartphone or laptop, and the artificial intelligence tells them how to perform each exercise in an optimal and adapted way, collecting data that is sent to their professional." This February they opened an investment round through BHH member Capital Cell, a leading healthcare startup crowdfunding platform, with the aim of scaling the results achieved in Spain to other countries and going beyond the nearly 100 clinics and hospitals that they have as clients and use their technology. To achieve these milestones, they have had the support of entities such as the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, BHH member Ship2B Ventures or Fundalogy (Unicaja Foundation), leading entities in the promotion of social impact investment at a European level. Check out their website HERE.
FEBRUARY 15, 2023 BHH News
Grants for scientific research projects in the field of biomedicine - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member Jané Mateu Foundation, a private foundation based in Barcelona and recently created (2022), aims to support institutions and projects that work to improve the welfare of people, social development, and sustainability, through research, health care, training of professionals and dissemination of knowledge. One of its aims is to promote, develop, and encourage scientific, medical, and pharmaceutical research, health services and all issues related to health, sanitation and technological innovation through R&D&I activities, in order to improve the welfare and quality of life of citizens. For this reason, they have announced a call for applications (2022-2023). It is a series of research grants of up to €6,000 for both young researchers and consolidated groups in need of funding. To apply for this grant you will have to fill in the form available here, available until April 30th. Discover more about the requirements HERE.
FEBRUARY 15, 2023 BHH News
Asabys announces the first close of its fund, with commitments of €100M - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member Asabys has announced today the 1st closing of its new fund, Sabadell Asabys Health Innovation Investments II (SAHII II), with total commitments of 100 million euros, expecting to reach a size of €200 million this year. SAHII II will invest in healthtech and biopharma companies, that provide novel solutions to unmet medical needs, with solid scientific evidence, and a clear benefit for patients. This new fund consolidates Asabys launch back in 2018, investing mainly in the EU, UK, Israel and the US, with a special focus in Spain, and corroborates the market interest for Asabys’ hybrid investment model, that ranges from biopharmaceutical projects to digital solutions, including advanced diagnostic tools and medical devices. Asabys announces this first closing only 6 months after the launch of the fund. Clara Campas comments: "After 4 years since launch, this first closing consolidates us as a firm, and reaffirms investors’ growing interest for private investment in healthcare”. Josep Ll. Sanfeliu adds: "This new fund represents a consolidation of our investment strategy, aimed at exceeding €500 million in assets under management in the coming years, with the aim of transforming the cutting-edge science of our research centers into disruptive and effective solutions, facing the challenges that we currently have in areas such as oncology, neurology and cardiovascular." Asabys has reinforced its team of professionals with new incorporations and has appointed Sylvain Sachot and Guillem Masferrer as partners, both with extensive experience as venture capital investors in the life sciences and healthcare industries, who have been part of the firm since inception. Sylvain Sachot has a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Nantes and an MBA from ESADE. He worked for a decade in academic laboratories such as INSERM (France) and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine (New York), researching in the field of gene therapy and regenerative medicine. Sylvain has an extensive experience in venture capital, having invested in Biotech and MedTech companies worldwide. Guillem Masferrer, BsC in Business Administration by UPF, has 8 years of experience in healthcare venture capital. Guillem has led the construction of Asabys’ digital health portfolio, currently comprised by 4 companies, helping position the firm as one of the leading European investors in digital health.
FEBRUARY 14, 2023 BHH News
Regenera is open to professional investors to further accelerate its growth - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Prevention is better than cure, could be the motto of BHH member Regenera, a company in the field of integrative medicine, dedicated to preventing the symptoms that arrive at their medical practices from becoming persistent or reappearing in the form of chronic disease, in order to improve the quality of life of their patients. The company was born in 2006 with the union of four professionals with their own practices in Barcelona, Girona and Mallorca, interested in offering training in this type of medical care complementary to traditional medicine. In 2021, the clinical part also joined Regenera, which is finalizing the opening of its new clinic this year in Madrid. Regenera had a turnover of 3.3 million euros in 2022, with an ebitda of close to one million euros, and expects to double this figure by 2023. The training branch accounts for 75% of its revenues and the medical intervention branch for 25%. Meanwhile, in the last quarter of 2023, it also plans to start marketing its diagnostic software, which integrates patient information and facilitates its interpretation with big data and artificial intelligence, according to the company's CEO, Juan Carlos Cebrián. The company's future plans are to multiply by six the turnover of the educational branch in five years and by eleven the clinical intervention branch, increasing from 15 to 60 therapists by 2027, and for this, it is looking for a strategic partner to help accelerate growth, and even to provide new business units, for example linked to food or more technological tools. The new investor's entry route will be up to 30% of the capital portion, valuing the company between 15 and 20 million, with the target of raising between 3 to 6 million euros. Juan Carlos Cebrián explains what integrative medicine consists of: "80% of the visits to outpatient clinics are dysfunctions, i.e. symptoms that are not chronic, but become pathological. We can cure or improve dysfunctions and many times it does not depend on drugs, but on changing the patient's habits or the causes in their environment that produce these dysfunctions. When the symptoms require medication, we refer them to the appropriate doctor." The key factor in this approach is the time to listen to the patient and understand not only what is wrong, but what has triggered it. While a traditional doctor's visit lasts about 10 minutes, the first visit at Regenera is an hour and a half and subsequent visits are an hour and a half. Treatments usually last between three and six months and their patients include people with bowel disorders and fibromyalgia, among other examples, who are looking to improve their lives beyond drugs. In such cases, they can achieve this by changing their habits, from their diet and rest to their relationship with their environment in order to reduce emotional and mental burdens. In its clinics and classrooms, Regenera applies a transversal health approach that draws from four sources: traditional medicine, molecular biology, biomedicine and neuroscience. In fact, its star Master's degree is in Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology, and in 2023 it is launching a Master's degree in microbiota and another in sports performance. Regenera's students are mainly health professionals, although some patients also enroll. Its database now numbers 170,000 people, of whom 40,000 are health professionals such as doctors, nutritionists, biologists, physiotherapists, nurses and pharmacists. Before the pandemic, Regenera also launched its spin-off, Regenera Élite, a sports performance agency that works with footballers such as Marcos Llorente, Gerard Deulfeu, Luis Milla and Pablo Pérez, as well as the water polo player Paula Nieto and the motorcyclist Ana Carrasco. In the case of Gerard Deulofeu, it is also his representation agency. Know more about this company HERE.
Photo credits: @swingyourpics
FEBRUARY 14, 2023 BHH News
Are you the new BHH Graphic Design Intern?
BHH is looking for a graphic design intern to provide assistance to the BHH Communications team. Be part of the day-to-day running of the communications department in the field of digital health! You will be surrounded by a small team of creative, hard-working and fun people, in a very cool office in the Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau in Barcelona. What are you going to do? The most important project you will lead is the conceptualization and creation of visual design projects. Another task will be to support in the makeover of the corporate website. You will also support the management at online and offline events and be part of the daily routine of the company. What are we looking for? BHH is looking for a proactive, enthusiastic Design/Communication student to with a good level of English (minimum level B2, preferable C1) and conversational Spanish. BHH needs a well-organized, detail-oriented person with ability to multi-task and great follow-up skills. Good communication aptitudes, perfect experience with digital tools and programmes like Adobe, Microsoft Office and Google Drive are mandatory. Previous experience with corporate use of social media will be an asset. You will be working in the mornings from 9 to 14 hrs at the BHH Headquarters. The internship begins as soon as possible, so apply now and we’ll figure out together how it fits your schedule best. Interested? If you think you would be a great match for this internship, please let us know! Check out more details HERE and we’ll contact you soon.
FEBRUARY 14, 2023 BHH News
4YFN - Interview with Gemma Malla of Angelini Pharma
Barcelona Health Hub returns once again to 4YFN 2023, the startup business platform at the Mobile World Congress next month. At the BHH stand you’ll explore cutting-edge technologies, new tendencies and future solutions, provided by the BHH members. One of the companies you can meet at 4YFN, is long-time BHH member Angelini Pharma. Angelini Pharma has more than 100 years of history is present today in more than 5 million homes in Spain and commercializes in 70 countries with a total of more than 3.000 employees. Dynamic and restless Angelini Pharma has a strong focus in Brain Health, but is also a leading player in Consumer Health segment, with successful OTC brands such as Thermacare or Juanola. Today we meet with Gemma Malla, Head of Digital of Angelini Pharma, who will share with us more about their expectations for this edition of 4YFN. Gemma, thank you for joining Barcelona Health Hub! We’re looking forward to seeing you at the BHH stand at 4YFN. Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about Angelini Pharma? I built my career as strategic consultant at Deloitte Digital where I advised companies from different sectors such as Banking, Fast Consumer Goods, Retail and above all, pharma companies implement their digital strategy. In 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, I joined Angelini Pharma to lead the company's digital transformation in Spain and Portugal as Iberia Digital Head. I love making change happen and that is why I joined Angelini Pharma, a European leader in Brain Health, where we work with dynamism, agility and passion to pursue how digital can help innovate and take people's brain health one step further. Can you elaborate about what’s new at Angelini Pharma these days? In Angelini we are writing the next chapter for Brain health every day, working for our patients which are our North Star. We know psychiatric and neurological disorders will be the real challenge of the future. And that is why we have recently launched a disruptive treatment in epilepsy, since it is estimated that every year, only in Spain, 400,000 people suffer from epilepsy, a chronic disease that affects more than 50 million people in the world. BHH is glad to see you present at the digital health area of Barcelona Health Hub. Could you share why you decided to join Barcelona Health Hub at 4YFN? On the one hand, we have been members of BHH for more than 2 years now, because we believe the true value delivered to patients about digital and innovation cannot be done alone, but in a true ecosystem. Where HCPs, patients' associations, HCOs, start-ups and pharma companies collaborate as one. And in this sense BHH does a great job, putting together different stakeholders and leaving place for value creation together. On the other hand, the MWC and 4YFN are worldwide referent events where innovation happens: we as a company cannot aspire to deliver innovation and digital disruption to our patients if we do not keep our eyes open, staying always curious to the cutting-edge technologies and advances that are presented during these days. You’re also participating in the #BHHPanel about “Digital Disruption in Pharma”. Can you tell us what would be your key message at the panel? Digital disruption can happen at 4 layers: 1) It can help companies gain efficiencies, 2) engage better with their clients/stakeholders, 3) innovate in digital services beyond the pill and that can only happen if 4) there is true digital mindset. In Angelini Pharma we are leveraging the four pillars with different weights according to our strategy and in the panel, we will be sharing with special focus how we worked in digital mindset by changing the entire organization and working PLAY, dynamic and agile methodologies to have a digital un precedent launch in epilepsy field. What are you excited about these days at the 4YFN conference? It’s a great chance to work in the ecosystem mindset I was mentioning earlier and to connect with other agents of this ecosystem to deliver the best digital innovation to our patients: startups and other companies, among others. Is there anything else you want to share with us? 2023 will be a great year for Angelini Pharma with a lot of new impactful initiatives for our patients, especially in the Digital arena so… stay tuned!!
If you are interested in meeting Angelini Pharma, do not hesitate to visit the BHH Stand 8.1D30 in Hall 8 on Wednesday and Thursday. Barcelona Health Hub is already looking forward to meeting you! More information here.
FEBRUARY 14, 2023 BHH News
mHealth: What is it and why should you count on it - #BHHMembersInitiatives
mHealth is the use of mobile and wireless devices (tablets, smartphones, patient monitoring devices, personal digital assistants) to improve health outcomes, healthcare services, and health research. This includes health applications, wearable devices, and other mobile systems designed to help people monitor their health and receive personalized information. Mhealth is used to make healthcare more accessible and convenient, as well as to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare. The key to mobile apps in the health sector
  • Provide accessible and user-friendly health information
  • Improve communication between patients and health professionals
  • Health monitoring and follow-up
  • Facilitate informed decision making
In summary, mobile apps in the healthcare sector have the potential to improve the quality of healthcare, increase efficiency and reduce costs. By providing easier and more convenient access to healthcare information and services. Growth in the mHealth market The mHealth market is expected to continue to grow in the coming years and is expected to exceed USD 223,765 million (EUR 209,780.84) by 2025. This is why we are at a pivotal moment to develop a health app. In recent years, the number of healthcare applications has increased exponentially. With the help of the Internet, healthcare professionals can deliver health information to patients more conveniently, in less time and at reduced costs. Increasing preference for mobile and internet technology and growing demand for digital health is expected to drive market growth. BHH member Doonamis is a specialist in the development of quality apps and webs. Find out more about the article here.
FEBRUARY 13, 2023 BHH News
4YFN – Discover on February 27th the #BHHPanel about "Women's Health: Ensuring Women's Well-being"!
Barcelona Health Hub organizes great panels about digital health for the next edition of 4YFN, the startup business platform. This event will take place in the context of the Mobile World Congress 2023 from February 27th to March 2nd. At the BHH Stand in Hall 8 you can meet many of the BHH members who will share their solutions in digital health. Barcelona Health Hub will also host multiple panels, Show & Tell sessions and #DemoDays each day! On Monday February 27th, at the stage of BStartup (Hall 8) at 12:00 hrs CET, get ready for the BHH Show & Tell session featuring Qualud, TerapMe, and Dana. After their presentations, the focus will shift to the #BHHPanel, which will delve into the topic of "Women's Health: Ensuring Women's Well-being". In this #BHHPanel experts will share their insights on the latest developments and innovations in promoting and protecting the health and wellness of women. The panelists will delve into topics ranging from reproductive health, mental health, and disease prevention to lifestyle choices and gender-specific health concerns. This is a unique opportunity to engage with thought leaders and gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing women's health today. The panel is moderated by Rat Gasol, COO of Onalabs Inno-Hub, and counts on the participation of Clelia Morales, Country Manager Spain at Apricity, Eva Ferrer, Sports Medicine Doctor at Barça Innovation Hub, Agnès Arbat, CEO & Medical Director of Oxolife, and Lucía Rubio, Co-founder of Gazella App. Don’t miss it and be sure to attend the BHH Stand at 4YFN. Of course you’re also very welcome to come over and meet with Barcelona Health Hub and many of the BHH members at Hall 8, stand 8.1D30!
FEBRUARY 13, 2023 BHH News
European Masterclass in Hospital & Healthcare Procurement - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Hospital Procurement Managers across Europe are facing a number of challenges. Join the European Masterclass in Hospital & Healthcare Procurement in order to help identify gaps and opportunities to develop a more strategic approach to hospital procurement. It is organized by the consortium formed by Nevi and BHH member Health Proc Europe together with the EHPPA. Jointly they are combining expertise, improving performance and providing participants with strategic positioning in the European healthcare procurement market. The masterclass aims to upgrade participant’s healthcare procurement competencies as a response to current challenges. The Masterclass in Hospital and Healthcare Procurement brought together 9 nationalities that had joined their first edition at Nevi’s House of Procurement to learn about how to identify gaps and opportunities and develop a more strategic approach to hospital procurement. Hear what past participants from Spain and Netherlands have to say. Program core pillars
  • Foundations of strategic procurement
  • The challenging world of Procurement
  • Tenders & auctions
  • Cross Border Procurement
  • Presentation & Discussion on selected international use case
  • Next generation procurement
  • Panel discussion with selected Procurement solution providers
  • Future proofing your Procurement function!
Participants will receive an official Nevi/IFPSM Certificate. The masterclass is given in English. Don’t miss this great opportunity and register for this masterclass here!
FEBRUARY 13, 2023 BHH News
Early call for submissions to apply in the PEICTI funds
Today begins the early submissions call for the PEICTI, the programming instrument for developing, financing and executing the public policies of the General State Administration in the area of R&D&I promotion and coordination. The purpose of this call for proposals is to advance in the incorporation of scientific and technical knowledge. This creates the appropriate context that stimulates the generation of a critical mass for R&D&I of an interdisciplinary nature for its application, transfer, search for solutions and generation of results both in the technological and innovation trajectories of companies, as well as in the market. Likewise, these projects are intended to mobilize private investment, generate employment and improve the country's technological balance, as well as strengthen the international leadership capacity of the Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation System and its agents, contributing to improve the competitiveness of the business fabric. The following entities may be eligible as beneficiary entities:
  • Public research organizations.
  • Public universities and their university institutes.
  • Health research institutes.
  • Other public R&D&I centers, with their own legal personality, which in their statutes or in the regulations governing them or in their corporate purpose have R&D&I as their main activity.
  • State-level Technology Centers and State-level Technological Innovation Support Centers.
  • Private universities with proven R&D&I capacity and activity.
  • Private R&D&I centers, with their own legal personality and non-profit making that have defined R&D&I as their main activity in their statutes or in the regulations that govern them or in their corporate purpose.
  • Companies.
  • Sectorial business associations.
More information about this call HERE.
FEBRUARY 13, 2023 BHH News
Grifols joins Barcelona Health Hub to boost its innovation projects
Barcelona Health Hub is proud to announce that Grifols has recently become a part of its digital health ecosystem. Through this partnership, Grifols aims to further immerse itself in the world of digital health and build on its understanding of advancements in the field. Grifols is a global healthcare company founded in Barcelona in 1909 committed to improving the health and well-being of people around the world. A leader in essential plasma-derived medicines and transfusion medicine, the company develops, produces and provides innovative healthcare services and solutions in more than 110 countries. Patient needs and Grifols’ ever-growing knowledge of many chronic, rare and prevalent conditions, at times life-threatening, drive the company’s innovation in both plasma and other biopharmaceuticals to enhance quality of life. Grifols is focused on treating conditions across a broad range of therapeutic areas: immunology, hepatology and intensive care, pulmonology, hematology, neurology and infectious diseases. "Grifols is delighted to join Barcelona Health Hub’s digital health ecosystem, an opportunity for us to accelerate our efforts to incorporate the most advanced digital platforms and technologies into our work helping patients lead better lives," said Albert Grifols Coma-Cros, Grifols' Chief Scientific Innovation Officer. Barcelona Health Hub is confident that Grifols, with its expertise and experience in the healthcare industry, will be a significant asset to the BHH digital health ecosystem. With a long history of developing innovative healthcare solutions, Grifols is well-positioned to bring valuable insights and leading innovation to the ecosystem. Additionally, Grifols' commitment to improving the health and well-being of people around the world aligns perfectly with the mission of Barcelona Health Hub, making it a natural fit and a great addition for the BHH digital health ecosystem.
FEBRUARY 10, 2023 BHH News
4YFN – Come to the #BHHPanel about "Digital Health Investment: Unlocking the Potential of HealthTech" on March 2nd!
Barcelona Health Hub organizes great panels about digital health for the next edition of 4YFN, the startup business platform. This event will take place in the context of the Mobile World Congress 2023 from February 27th to March 2nd. At the BHH Stand in Hall 8 you can meet many of the BHH members who will share their solutions in digital health. Barcelona Health Hub will also host multiple panels, Show & Tell sessions and #DemoDays each day! On Thursday March 2nd, at the stage of BStartup (Hall 8) at 12:00 hrs CET, BHH will start with a Show&Tell session of Emocional and Frontwave. After their pitches, it's time for the #BHHPanel about "Digital Health Investment: Unlocking the Potential of HealthTech". Explore how to unlock the potential of HealthTech! Digital health is revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered and the industry is pursuing investment. From telemedicine to AI-powered diagnostics, the possibilities are endless. This panel explores the latest trends and opportunities in the Digital Health investment landscape. Learn from industry leaders and experts about the most promising areas for investment and how to navigate the Digital Health ecosystem. Be a part of the future of healthcare - be part of the revolution! The panel is moderated by Toni Mascaró, Founder & CEO of eMascaró, and counts on the participation of Carlos de Otto, Investment Director of BStartup, Sergio San Agustin, Investment Director of Clave Capital, Josep Lluís Sanfeliu Benet, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Asabys, and Miguel Valls, Founding Partner at Alta Life Science Be sure not to miss the BHH Stand at 4YFN. You are more than welcome to come and connect with Barcelona Health Hub and its members at Hall 8, Stand 8.1D30!
FEBRUARY 10, 2023 BHH News
Sequentia Disruptive Talks - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member Sequentia Biotech presents its first Sequentia Disruptive Talks in the office. The event will take place on the 23rd of February, from 5pm to 7pm at Sequentia Biotech offices, located at Carrer Doctor Trueta 179, in Barcelona’s 22@ district. Sequentia Disruptive Talks are designed to bring knowledge together in an environment of scientific exchange. It will consist of two short talks by top scientists in the fields of genomics and microbiomics, focused on clinical research:
  • "The impact of X-polysomy during early embryogenesis in Klinefelter Syndrome" by Antonio Adamo from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.
  • "Lung microbiome data in research & the clinical world" by Tomas Eagan from Bergen University and Haukeland Hospital.
Talks will be followed by a distended networking session, where attendees will have the opportunity to network and connect with other professionals of the scientific community while having a drink. Places are limited - first come, first served - don’t miss the chance to join the first Sequentia Disruptive Talks and register HERE.
FEBRUARY 10, 2023 BHH News
Wefight is hiring! - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member Wefight is a company that specializes in the development of virtual assistants for patients and their relatives. Wefight aims to create assistants that answer questions from patients and their relatives, making information straightforward and accessible from anywhere and at any time during the course of treatment. It does not replace physicians but rather serves as an intermediary. Wefight prides itself on values of trust, prevention and positivity.

The company does not ambition to replace physicians but rather to serve as an intermediary and prides itself on values of trust, prevention and positivity. Wefight provides tailored solutions for patients such as Vik Companion but also supports healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies, patients’ associations or any other actor in the health ecosystem through Vik, Vik Studies, Clinical Inertia. Since 2017, the company already reached +500 000 patients and collaborates with +20 patients’ associations as well as 10+ patient ambassadors. In 2021, the company has raised 10M€ and doubled its workforce upon 70 employees.

Currently, Wefight is looking for a Key Account Manager – Spain.

If you want to have a positive impact on patients with cancer or chronic diseases, you will find meaning in this opportunity!  Joining Wefight is above all working in a stimulating environment where your skills will evolve rapidly and be valued. Don't miss this opportunity and be sure to apply!

FEBRUARY 9, 2023 BHH News
Meet BHH provider Kube Agency – #BHHMembersInitiatives

BHH provider Kube Agency is the perfect choice for businesses looking to improve their digital marketing efforts. With over 10 years of experience in the market, they are able to provide customized solutions to fit any size, budget, or structure of the company. Their team of experts can create and manage a custom acquisition plan that is tailored to your needs. In addition, they can help you design and execute successful digital plans for your business. Kube Agency provides services for all types of companies, from social media campaigns to website design, SEO, CRO, and more. They are well-versed in the latest digital marketing trends and techniques, ensuring that your business is always up to date. With their help, you can improve your online presence and gain an edge over your competition. They understand that having a good online presence is essential in today’s digital marketplace, so they focus on providing their clients with the best digital marketing solutions. Overall, Kube Agency is a great choice for businesses looking to take their digital marketing efforts to the next level. With their experienced team and personalized services, you can rest assured that your online presence will be taken care of. Get in touch with them today to start creating a successful digital marketing strategy for your business. Discover more about this provider HERE.

FEBRUARY 9, 2023 BHH News
4YFN – Connect on February 28th at the #BHHPanel about "Digital Disruption in Pharma"!
Barcelona Health Hub organizes great panels about digital health for the next edition of 4YFN, the startup business platform. This event will take place in the context of the Mobile World Congress 2023 from February 27th to March 2nd. At the BHH Stand in Hall 8 you can meet many of the BHH members who will share their solutions in digital health. Barcelona Health Hub will also host multiple panels, Show & Tell sessions and #DemoDays each day! On Tuesday February 28th, at the stage of BStartup (Hall 8) at 12:00 hrs CET, BHH will start with a Show&Tell session of Panel Health, Perdigó and PharmaDate. Once the pitches are over, it's time for the #BHHPanel about "Digital Disruption in Pharma". Don't miss out on the revolutionary changes happening in the pharmaceutical industry! Digital health is rapidly expanding and transforming the way patients interact with healthcare. The industry is buzzing with disruptive innovation. Join this BHH Panel and gain valuable insights from experts who are at the forefront of this exciting development. Be part of shaping the future of healthcare - be part of the revolution! The panel is moderated by Orlando Vergara, digital health entrepreneur and BHH Ambassador at Barcelona Health Hub. It counts with the participation of Julio Sánchez Mariñas, Head of Innovation at CINFA, Albert Farré Gabernet, Head of Business Excellence, Data & Digital and Customer Engagement at Novartis; Evan Floden, CEO & Co-Founder of Seqera Labs, Jorge Pou, Healthcare Innovation Lead at AstraZeneca, and Gemma Malla Salomó, Head of Digital Iberia at Angelini Pharma. Don’t miss it and be sure to attend the BHH Stand at 4YFN. Of course you’re also very welcome to come over and meet with Barcelona Health Hub and many of the BHH members at Hall 8, stand 8.1D30!
FEBRUARY 6, 2023 BHH News
4YFN – Join the #BHHPanel about “Digital Health Trends in Insurance” on February 27th!
Barcelona Health Hub organizes great panels about digital health  for the next edition of 4YFN, the startup business platform. This event will take place in the context of the Mobile World Congress 2023 from February 27th to March 2nd. At the BHH Stand in Hall 8 you can meet many of the BHH members who will share their solutions in digital health. Barcelona Health Hub will also host multiple panels, Show & Tell sessions and #DemoDays each day! On Monday February 27th, at the stage of Dayone (Hall 8) at 10:00 hrs CET, BHH will start with a Show&Tell session of Fagor Healthcare and Insurceo. After their pitches, it's time for the #BHHPanel about "Digital Health Trends in Insurance".  Leading insurance companies have made significant strides in introducing new digital health services to their members in the past years. Get ahead of the game and gain valuable insight by learning from industry experts about the current market trends. Upgrade your knowledge and stay competitive in the field by discovering the cutting-edge innovations in digital health service in this #BHHPanel! The panel is moderated by Luis Badrinas, CEO of Barcelona Health Hub, and counts on the participation of Pedro Diaz Yuste, CEO of Savia by Mapfre, Sílvia Vinyes Roca, Head of Open Innovation at DKV, Ruben Gonzalez, Digital Health Services Head at Adeslas, and Omar Najid, CEO & Co-Founder at Docline. Don’t miss it and be sure to attend the BHH Stand at 4YFN. Of course you’re also very welcome to come over and meet with Barcelona Health Hub and many of the BHH members at Hall 8, stand 8.1D30!
FEBRUARY 6, 2023 BHH News
Great success of the Regenera 2023 Congress - #BHHMembersInitiatives
This weekend, February 4 and 5, the Regenera 2023 Congress was held in Barcelona, with the title: "Knowledge, science and health". This is the first face-to-face event held by BHH member Regenera after the pandemic and it has been a resounding success both in person, with a full capacity of 300 attendees, and online. The event was broadcast via streaming for more than 16,000 people who connected from 50 countries. The first day of the Congress began with the welcoming of the attendees and accreditations, to give way to the first speaker, Néstor Sánchez, founder of Regenera and expert in Clinical Psiconeruoimmunology, who gave a scientific presentation on anti-aging and the keys to healthy aging. Néstor Sánchez's presentation was followed by the keynote of Gerardo Ruales, dentist and specialist in temporomandibular dysfunction, who gave a presentation on Neurobiology of oral solutions. At the same time, in Classroom B of this Congress, one of the exclusive workshops of the face-to-face version took place, led by the teacher Rober Sánchez, entitled: "Movement, much more than exercise". Back to the Aula Magna and after the first coffee break of the day in which attendees could enjoy the stands of the sponsors of the Congress: 100×100 Natural, Vitae, Hifas da Terra, Cobas Laboratories, CFN Products and Alkanatur, the presentations resumed with the intervention of Antonio Carmona, physiotherapist expert in Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology, who gave a presentation about Microbiota and estrogens. By lunchtime, the Streaming broadcast of the Regenera 2023 Congress had already reached more than 6,000 people. On the way back, after two free hours, the audience was able to attend the workshop offered by Irene Fernandez, director of the Master in Functional Fertility and Hormonal Health at Regenera University and expert in physiotherapy and Clinical Psiconeruoimmunology, on the Symptothermal Method. Parallel to Irene Fernandez's workshop, Laura Pastor, physiotherapist specialized in urogynecological reeducation and university expert in Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology, offered the workshop "Sex On/Off" to the attendees of Aula B. This was followed by a presentation by Dr. Sari Arponen, director of the Master in Integrative Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases at Regenera University, who gave a lecture in the Aula Magna on Celiac disease and autoimmune diseases. The Congress continued with a presentation by one of the founders of Regenera, Xavi Cañellas, who thrilled the audience in person and the online audience with a presentation on systemic and systemic family therapy, entitled: "Order precedes love and other things of happiness". While Xavi Cañellas' presentation took place, in Classroom B of the Regenera 2023 Congress, attendees enjoyed the workshop given by Cristina López, expert in personal, organizational and executive coaching, entitled: "The mind and the heart: the journey to your healing and new possibilities". This was followed by the last lecture of the first day of the Regenera 2023 Congress, given by Dr. Blas López Rueda, entitled: "Bioactive substances of medicinal mushrooms and their mechanisms of action". To end the day, came one of the most emotional and special moments of the weekend: the presentation of diplomas to the students of Regenera University. The second day of the Regenera 2023 Congress began with a presentation by Antonio Valenzuela, expert in Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology and Osteopath with more than 17 years of clinical experience, who spoke to the attendees about Neuroinflammation and multiple sclerosis. At the end of his presentation, it was announced that Antonio Valenzuela will be the Director of the next Master in Microbiota to be launched this year at Regenera University. After Antonio Valenzuela's presentation, one of the founders of Regenera, Carlos Perez, spoke about Love and pain as engines of growth. Parallel to Carlos Pérez's presentation, a workshop was held in Aula B by Xavier Aguado, chef of Bionbo Gastrobar and co-author of the book Prebiotic Food. In this workshop, Xavier was demonstrating prebiotic recipes and announced the launch of his book, next December. The last lecture of the day was given by David Vargas, founder of Regenera and expert in Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology. The attendees of the Regenera 2023 Congress were able to learn about Central Sensitization with David Vargas. After this last presentation, the four founders of Regenera took the stage to say goodbye to the event together with Juan Carlos Cebrián, CEO of the company, with a round of questions in which the audience could intervene.
Photo credits: @swingyourpics
FEBRUARY 3, 2023 BHH News
Mindgram at IHR Providers Week 2023 - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member Mindgram will participate in the upcoming IHR Providers Week 2023, that will take place over the next two weeks. IHR Providers is the community specialized in global mobility and international HR services. It is formed by the main companies and associations that provide services related to international people management. This event combines the flexibility of the online sessions (celebrated on February 6th and 7th) with a large face-to-face event on February 14th, where Mindgram will be present. It will be held at the Hotel Rafael Atocha in Madrid between 9:30 and 14:00 CET. The main topics will be international mobility and its challenges and benefits for organizations. Industry experts will give more than 30 lectures on these topics. Among others, some of these conferences are:
  • Trends in international mobility: new formulas, new policies.
  • Labor challenges in mobility and international work.
  • Taxation of foreigners working in Spain.
  • Compensation and benefits international mobility: trends.
In addition, a tribute will be paid to Bárbara Pardo de Santayana, an indisputable reference in the field of mobility taxation. Also, the new edition of 1,000 questions on expatriation, a practical manual published by Lefebvre, will be presented. Discover more about this event HERE.
FEBRUARY 1, 2023 BHH News
Meet BHH provider SDG Group – #BHHMembersInitiatives

BHH provider SDG Group is a global management consulting firm with a leading vision in the Data&Analytics space. They are specialized niche players, offering in-depth analytics expertise and working hand-by-hand with their clients to empower their business strategy to become successful data-driven enterprises. SDG Group has a deep expertise in the pharmaceutical industry, and they offer consulting and advisory services to companies that are willing to improve their analytics through workshops and other working sessions that go beyond pure implementation. They work with the top pharmaceutical companies, both at a national and global level, and therefore they have a good understanding of the latest trends, that combined with their expertise in the area, allows for state-of-the-art solutions that are very well perceived in their customers. Good examples of that innovation DNA is their approach to omnichannel analytics, how they trigger market access solutions based on the learnings of other markets or how they empower self-service solutions to maximize adoption in the organizations. Get in touch with them HERE.   [video width="1000" height="1000" mp4="https://barcelonahealthhub.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/SDG-Group-BHH-Members-Initiative-v2.mp4"][/video]

JANUARY 31, 2023 BHH News
Ephion Health opens funding round with Capital Cell - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member Ephion Health has opened a financing round with BHH member Capital Cell with the aim of attracting €350k of investment. Ephion Health is a spin-off from BHH member EURECAT Technological Center and BHH partner Hospital Sant Joan de Déu. The company was founded in 2021 and leverages the current advances in AI to measure the health of chronic patients. The funds will be used to grow the data scientist team and finalise the certification under the Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) of their software as medical device. As a result, this round will allow Ephion Health to reach the market with their first product Ephion Mobility, aimed at monitoring patients of neuromuscular diseases. Ephion Health is also collaborating with Quirón Salud on the development of their second product for the monitoring of frail elderly patients. On January 31st at 18hrs, Ephion Health organizes a webinar to give more details and explain this round. It will be held by their CEO Quique Llaudet and the lead investor Clara Gutierrez from Brain VC. Don't miss it and register HERE.
JANUARY 30, 2023 BHH News
Dedalus locates in Barcelona Health Hub its R&D and Innovation Hub on digital health in Catalonia

BHH member Dedalus locates a R&D and innovation Hub on digital health in the Barcelona Health Hub ecosystem.

JANUARY 26, 2023 BHH News
Apply now for the Metropolitan Business Innovation Awards 2023
The Metropolitan Business Innovation Awards (Metropolitan Awards) want to recognize and reward the most innovative companies created between 2018 and 2022, from the metropolitan area of Barcelona (AMB). There will be 18.000€ distributed among the following three categories: Best Women-Led Business Initiative In order to win, the participating business project must have a majority participation of women in the share capital and in the administration. Best Business Initiative Trade and Tourism For the Award for the Best Business Initiative in the field of Trade and Tourism, the participating company must directly carry out a trade or tourism activity or its activity must have a relevant applicability and/or impact in the field of trade and tourism. Best Industry 4.0 Business Initiative For the Award for the Best Business Initiative in the field of Industry 4.0, it will be necessary for the participating company to be a manufacturing company that uses technologies applied to the so-called Industry 4.0 (IOT, Blockchain, AI, robotics, additive manufacturing, drones, augmented reality, cloud computing, 5G, cybersecurity, digital content, KET technologies, etc.). All participants must fill out and submit an online form. Registration is available until February 14th. Don't miss this chance and participate HERE.
JANUARY 26, 2023 BHH News
How much does it cost to develop an App? - #BHHMembersInitiatives
As happens when making any other product, making an app requires resources and different professional profiles. BHH member GooApps® has written a guide in which explains the cost of developing an app. The main variables that characterize these resources are the time and experience of the profiles involved. The main variable is time, so it's important to acknowledge the correlation between time and the functionalities and complexity of developing a mobile app. The functionalities and factors such as its technical architecture, integrations with other systems, APIs, or volume of screens and buttons, in addition to the logic required for each of them, will determine the development time. "The most complex developments may require highly personalized programming, in addition to the possibility of integrating IoT devices, wearables or implementing emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, and virtual or augmented reality," describes GooApps®. Standard features, on the other hand, are much easier to implement. The second main variable is the experience and the location of the profiles involved in the development of the app. The price/hour of a development team has a strong dependence on the geographical location of the company, as well as the experience and training of the team. For example, hiring the services of an American company can cost up to €250/hour, while on the other side, they have Asian countries such as Indonesia, where they seem to be happy with €20/hour. A good example of a "median" price range would be the majority of countries in southern and eastern Europe, which are around €60 to €90/hour. Therefore, the cost of building a custom App varies between €18,000 and €70,000 or more, depending on its complexity, or the time it takes to develop it. Read the whole guide HERE.
JANUARY 25, 2023 BHH News
Digital Health and Medtech Expansion in Europe 2023 session
Next February 15th, BHH partner Acció organizes a session to present the Digital Health and Medtech Expansion in Europe 2023 service, in collaboration with Barcelona Health Hub, BIOCAT, CataloniaBio & HealthTech Cluster, Catalonia Mental Health Cluster and FENIN - Spanish Federation of Healthcare Technology Companies. This service offers strategic advice and support in accessing the healthcare markets of Germany, France and the United Kingdom. The maturity of these markets places them at the forefront of healthcare technology consumption in Europe. However, this also translates into difficulty of access due to the great complexity of their healthcare systems, and a high level of competition due to the presence of local and international competitors. In this sense, it is essential to understand the challenges of each market in order to prepare a successful entry strategy. For this specific reason, the Digital Health and Medtech Expansion service offers you advice with local experts to define the best strategy and individualized support to take the first steps. The main goal is to help companies understand the challenges of each market and prepare a successful entry strategy, through the support of specialized consulting firms and the accompaniment of the network of Foreign Trade and Investment Offices of Catalonia. Register now for this session HERE.
JANUARY 24, 2023 BHH News
HumanITcare collaborates with Garmin to provide expanded access to connected health - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member humanITcare is thrilled to announce a new collaboration in healthcare with Garmin, a leading global provider of smartwatches, fitness trackers, and digital health solutions. From now on, clients in Spain, Portugal, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, and Europe will be able to consent to connect their Garmin smartwatch to their platform. HumanITcare clients will be able to retrieve data from Garmin smartwatches and from medical devices of different brands using their SDK , and they will also be able to introduce this data into their systems using their API. Garmin has been at the forefront of innovation in multiple industries, and humanITcare believes this collaboration will yield remarkable results in contributing to greater healthcare access, as they are doing already with clients in Europe and Brazil. This collaboration will enable humanITcare to deliver innovative, cutting-edge technology within the healthcare experience to its partners and customers through the complete API and SDK of humanITcare, which offers hardware agnostic approach and easy access to today’s most used medical devices and smartwatch connections. Don't miss the whole article HERE.
JANUARY 23, 2023 BHH News
Sanofi selects THREAD as Global Decentralized Clinical Trials Provider - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member THREAD, the leading technology and consulting service provider enabling electronic clinical outcome assessments (eCOA) and decentralized clinical trials (DCTs), announced its five-year collaboration with Sanofi, the innovative global health care company. THREAD will serve as the sole provider of unified decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) and electronic clinical outcome assessments (eCOA) technology for Sanofi's Integrated Patient Platform (IPP), part of its global Act4Patients program. Sanofi selected THREAD to support its enterprise-wide commitment to reshape its clinical research programs around technology with the power to improve diversity, inclusion, and accessibility for patients. THREAD's technology and services enable flexible, patient-centric, and inclusive clinical trials by providing an interconnected and uniform digital experience for patients, investigators, and sites across their clinical trials journey. By leveraging THREAD's configurable platform and global reach, Sanofi can conduct studies globally and improve access by customizing trial design to align with research participant and site needs. Sanofi commissioned its ACT4Patients program to fundamentally reimagine clinical research across the development continuum to enable broader patient access to clinical research through technology and innovative research approaches. Sanofi chose THREAD as its sole collaborator under its Integrated Patient Platform to help drive this digital transformation, support the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, and accelerate the clinical development timeline. "At Sanofi, patients are at the heart of everything we do – and that includes helping them to participate in clinical trials. We are excited to partner with THREAD as we pursue our vision of transforming clinical research through the lens of the patient," said Sanofi's Senior Vice President, Global Head of Clinical Sciences & Operations Lionel Bascles. "This collaboration will enhance our efforts to connect and engage patients and investigators as we continue on our mission to decentralize clinical trials and extend these life-changing opportunities to more patients across the world." "THREAD's technology platform is transforming clinical research through its ability to increase efficiencies, improve patient engagement, and most importantly, enable patients who previously did not have access to studies to participate in them," said John Reites, CEO, THREAD. "We are honored that Sanofi selected THREAD to support its bold and industry-leading commitment to put patients at the center of all their studies through its ACT4Patients Program." Learn more about how THREAD is supporting a patient-centric modern clinical research infrastructure across Sanofi's global enterprise HERE.
JANUARY 23, 2023 BHH News
Discover the "Open Call #1" from the Southern European Entrepreneurship Engine Project
The consortium of S3E – Southern European Entrepreneurship Engine launched its first open call as part of the development of an engine of growth that will improve the connections and efficiency of the entrepreneurship ecosystems in Southern European countries. The S3E project mission is to develop an engine of growth that will contribute to improve the connectedness and efficiency of the entrepreneurship ecosystems in southern European countries. South3E is a joint initiative funded by the European Commission under the European Innovation Ecosystems Scaleup call, part of the Horizon Europe Programme. The project will take 30 months and it will be managed by 4 partners from Portugal, Greece, Ireland and Spain. It will focus on accelerating deep tech projects, startups, and SMEs that, by providing solutions towards a more sustainable society and economy, can impact social development and economic growth in these countries and contribute to the timely achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in line with the EU Green Deal, the Recovery and Resilience Facility and the Next Generation EU fund. Through the Open Call #1, S3E supports the development of disruptive solutions built around unique, protected or hard-to-reproduce breakthroughs, and embodies products, processes or services capable of fulfilling currently unmet (or ill-met) market needs. This new engine will unlock the untapped innovation potential of Southern European Deep Tech, targeting scientific and technical excellence in the fields of agricultural, life and physical sciences, engineering and technology. The call is built around three tracks of bespoke services tailored to researchers and innovator’s varying levels of maturity (i.e., early, growth, and scaling stages):
  • S3E Start: For research teams and technology transfer offices, S3E offers a hands-on training program to hone their commercial skills and secure early funding for development.
  • S3E Charge: For growth start-ups, S3E provides mentoring and networking to develop an investmentready business plan and facilitate access to non-dilutable and dilutable funding.
  • S3E Reverse: For scaling start-ups and SMEs, S3E will set up an Open Innovation ecosystem to broker, connect and match corporates to scaling start-ups through a challenge-solution duality.
The deadline for applying to the S3E Open call is February 10th 2023, 17:00 CEST. Don't miss this chance and register HERE.
JANUARY 17, 2023 BHH News
Apricity arrives in Spain with a virtual fertility clinic model - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Fertility treatments have evolved considerably in recent years. However, the patient experience has not reached the desired satisfaction levels, and it continues to be one of the main concerns and causes of stress when beginning a fertility process. 80% of Spaniards acknowledge that they have felt stress during the fertility journey, eventually affecting their relationships in 84% of cases, according to data from Apricity’s 'Time to Check' study. BHH member Apricity has arrived in Spain to lead the transformation of the experience of couples undergoing fertility treatment through its 'less stress, more success' commitment, which heralds a new approach to reproductive health, reduces the impact that fertility treatment can have on a couple, and increases the chances of success. Apricity’s model is backed by a 46% efficacy rate in the UK, which is 15% higher than traditional fertility clinics. The virtual fertility clinic has arrived in Spain following the acquisition of WOOM, the women’s health app based on artificial intelligence models that helps women achieve a natural pregnancy and encourages those who are unsuccessful to make the decision to see a fertility specialist. Indeed, Spain is one of the priority markets for Apricity, given its maturity (the number of treatments per million inhabitants is triple that of the UK, and it has more than twice as many clinics) and a greater weight of international medical tourism (13% of patients are international). Thus, Spain is positioned as a leading country in fertility treatments in Europe, with an estimated impact of up to 188,000 IVF treatment cycles and 1 billion euros. A new model of virtual fertility clinic: personalisation and state-of-the-art technology to transform the reproductive experience.  Launched in 2018 in the UK, Apricity seeks to help people increase their chances of conception without having to travel to a clinic, thus making it easier to manage and assist at every step of the process and to offer ongoing, personalised support through Apricity’s app. "The combination of personalisation and technology are the key to transforming the reproductive experience. At Apricity, we offer a comprehensive, completely bespoke, warm and friendly service, for both women and men, taking into consideration the needs of the couple. This allows the couple to be in control during the process and to manage their fertility journey in a way that does not disrupt their day-to-day life, thus achieving greater peace of mind and a successful pregnancy," says Caroline Noublanche, CEO and founder of Apricity. Thanks to this approach, Apricity’s efficacy is 15% higher than traditional clinics (according to UK data, efficacy is 46% per treatment cycle, compared to 31% at traditional clinics). Apricity has pioneered new technologies to transform fertility care and has developed first-of-its-kind artificial intelligence algorithms that identify the most appropriate fertility treatment for patients and determine the best embryo for selection using 3D reconstruction. It is the first company to develop 3D embryo reconstruction technology to aid fertility treatments. With WOOM, Apricity brings the fertility cycle full circle. With its recent acquisition of the leading international women’s health app, WOOM, Apricity can now offer a complete fertility pathway, from conception guidance and monitoring, to the IVF treatment, and all stages of pregnancy. With this acquisition, Apricity brings its services full circle, offering proactive treatment plans to WOOM users who are having difficulty conceiving, thus allowing them to speed up their fertility journey. It's estimated that 50% of the app’s average monthly users, who are experiencing difficulty conceiving, will also be able to obtain treatment plans, thus speeding up their fertility journey. Benefits of a revolutionary fertility treatment experience. The success of reproductive treatment via the virtual fertility clinic is backed by success stories from the UK, and offers multiple benefits for mothers, couples and families on their fertility journey:
  • Shorter times for the process by adapting the treatment to the patient's routine.
  • Precision in the selection of procedures thanks to its AI technology, which provides the medical team with detailed information to help choose the most appropriate protocol in each case, thus maximising the chances of success.
  • Medical visits at home or at nearby centres, including consultations, ultrasound scans, analyses and sample-taking. A maximum of 3 visits per cycle as opposed to 9 or 10 for traditional procedures.
  • Medical support from a fertility counsellor, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Maximisation of positive results thanks to the ‘less stress, more success’ formula, which takes the impact of the mental health of patients and couples into account as a determining factor.
  • Transparency and clarity in finances. Apricity shows its prices clearly and transparently, offering treatments in complete packs and thus avoiding the 2 out of 3 abandonment rate by patients that other fertility treatments experience.
Learn more about them HERE.
JANUARY 17, 2023 BHH News
Hire an Experienced MBA Intern from IESE Business School for Summer Projects – #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH partner IESE Business School is calling out for companies to participate in its annual MBA Summer Project Collaboration. In case you could use some support over the summer months from an experienced MBA student (average 6 years of prior work experience), IESE would love to connect your company with its current MBA class. The project(s) a student could support with have a broad scope and could range from Go-To-Market Strategies and internationalization, Pitchdeck and Financials Optimization, as well as Accelerated Growth Enablement. Whatever your company’s current urgent needs, IESE will connect you with a student who is up to the challenge. You can easily apply through IESE's internal Job Portal or filling out this form. Don't miss this chance and submit your application HERE.
JANUARY 13, 2023 BHH News
Docline closes €3M investment round - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Last week, BHH member Docline, the digital health company from Malaga, raised a €3 million pre-series A funding round. With this operation, Docline has positioned itself as the healthtech of reference and expands its international growth perspective after gaining the confidence of investors with a strong technological component and companies specialised in the health sector. For Omar Najid, CEO and co-founder of the company, the main objective of thisfinancing round is, on the one hand, the consolidation of Docline in Spain, and on the other, "to export our model to other emerging international markets where there is an opportunity to help companies positively impact the health and quality of life of millions of people." The company already operates in Morocco and Latin America, markets that he hopes to consolidate with this round of investment. Technology to solve problems in the healthcare sector Following its mission to make healthcare more accessible through technology, for anyone, anytime, anywhere, Docline, founded in 2016 by Omar Najid (CEO) and Roberto Medina (Medical Director), has gained the trust of its customers and investors by offering the solution to two of the most important problems in the healthcare sector: the delay in its digitalisation and the lack of doctors. To this end, Docline's proposal offers the possibility of automating processes and digitalising services by providing remote patient care through a complete suite of more than 15 functionalities, from communication (video consultations, medical chat, telephone calls) to the issue and receipt of private and approved electronic prescriptions thanks to its integration with more than 23,000 dispensing chemists in Spain. To this end, Docline is a strategic partner for companies and private clinics, offering a virtual care model thanks to the most complete and integrable technological product on the market, through its robust API, and a network of 5,000 digital doctors that allows for ad-hoc immediate responses 24 hours a day in general medicine, paediatrics and other specialities on demand. This makes up for the current shortage of medical professionals in insurance companies, where patients take an average of four weeks to be able to see a specialist from the time they request it. Who is behind the investment round? The round was led by the renowned US-based global investment group SEAF and its spin-off fund EmergingTech Ventures. Based in Washington DC, SEAF manages more than USD 1 billion in 36 funds in 33 countries with a special focus on emerging markets and high impact sectors such as healthcare, while EmergingTech Ventures is a Casablanca-based fund led by investment professionals with extensive experience investing in tech companies. Other funds have also been part of this round, such as Sherry Ventures, an investment group specialising in innovation and technology that has invested 250 million euros in the last three years in companies around the world. Consolidation in Spain and international expansion The support of these investment groups joins the confidence of large corporations such as BHH member MAPFRE, the Madrid College of Physicians (50,000 doctors), Vithas, Grupo San Juan de Dios, IVI or Grupo MOK, present in 5 Latin American countries. It confirms the success of Docline 's model and its commitment to investment in R&D in the healthcare sector.
JANUARY 13, 2023 BHH News
Ship2B launches S2B Health&Care: an Open Call for startups - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member Ship2B Ventures launches an acceleration and investment program for startups with a focus on integral health and quality of life. DKV Seguros, Cofares, Fundación Once and Ship2B Foundation select together the best innovative and technology-based startups in the field of health and care, that develop solutions to improve the quality of life of people with chronic diseases, older people and people with disabilities. The program offers alliances, mentoring, impact and a Demo Day. Ship2B Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in the best impact startups. As impact investors they seek to generate a triple profitability: economic, social and environmental. They combine the best of the world of venture capital with the world of impact, maximizing the financial return of their investments with a clear intention to generate, manage and measure their impact. Don't miss your chance and be sure to apply before February 1st here!
JANUARY 12, 2023 BHH News
Event: How to Go-Circular in Healthtech?
Join the online event “How to go-circular in healthtech” on Thursday, February 16th at 11am! It's organized by BHH member Silvia Micalo, CEO of Sunshineoxygen Healthtech, and author of Healthech Innovation book. Charles Darwin stated, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” And we need to see ourselves as the bridges that will help the healthcare industry transition onto the path of this modern evolution. Indeed, this workshop is all about strategy, tips and best-practice real life-examples for healthtech companies like yours looking for how to keep a sustained and sustainable growth through circularity. How to pop up from the others in the overcrowded healthtech market. We are now in a world of digital Darwinism; those who cannot adapt will fail. An explanation of the already happening natural selection in healthtech! How can companies emerge and compete among one another – through making the most of industry growth, industry opportunities, and creating an ecosystem to build synergies of collaboration with the major players in the industry. The workshop will also cover wider healthcare trends, such as:
  • Where are the circular opportunities?
  • How to keep a sustained and sustainable growth for my healthtech?
  • SPIs along with KPIs
  • The new model of care and its particularities
  • Let’s workshop on how-to build your own circular ecosystem
  • All exemplified with real life best-practice examples
Interested? Sign up for free here!
JANUARY 11, 2023 BHH News
Join the Health Revolution Congress 2023!
The Health Revolution Congress is the largest European Summit in Digital Health, where global startups & stakeholders join forces in Barcelona on May 17th, 2023. Healthcare systems worldwide are crumbling under pressure. A lack of physicians, a growing need for assistance and struggles to navigate through new technologies are global challenges. Digital health is here to provide solutions and to support a better future. In the world of digital health, Barcelona takes the center stage. The city not only hosts the Health Revolution Congress, but it is also a hub of digital innovation where global emerging companies, pharma headquarters, investors and innovative hospitals meet to provide solutions to today’s healthcare challenges. The Health Revolution Congress provides you inside knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, new tendencies and future solutions. Let’s explore today’s digital health solutions for tomorrow’s health – it’s time for action. Come to Barcelona on May 17th, enjoy the city and join the Health Revolution Congress, organized by Barcelona Health Hub. Let’s connect at the biggest European event in digital health. Be part of the revolution! [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="https://barcelonahealthhub.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/TEASER-HRC.mp4"][/video]

Discover the Health Revulotion Congress here

JANUARY 9, 2023 BHH News
The importance of a health app - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Health apps are important for several reasons. First, they can help users lead healthier lives by enabling them to access information on a wide range of health-related topics, such as diet, exercise, and self-care. They can also provide tools to track and monitor important aspects of health, such as blood pressure and heart rate. In addition, many health applications offer the possibility to connect with health professionals, which can be especially useful for people living in remote areas or who have difficulty accessing health care in the traditional way. A health app can contain:
  • Information on diseases and medical conditions
  • Tips on nutrition and exercise
  • Tools to track and monitor important aspects of health
  • Connectivity with health professionals
  • Reminders to take medication
Other factors to be considered and which are essential are:
  • Technology: Native or hybrid?
  • Usability: The importance of UX/UI
  • Infrastructure Dimensioning: Avoiding Server Downtime
  • Sensitive Data Management: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • QA: Ensuring the quality of the App
  • App maintenance and support
Interested in a health app? BHH member Doonamis is a specialist in the development of quality apps and webs. Find out more about the article here.
JANUARY 5, 2023 BHH News
Meet Otsuka at the BHH Headquarters on January 20th!
Otsuka Pharmaceutical is coming to the BHH Headquarters to meet with the BHH members! This is your chance to make new connections and to seek new collaborations. Otsuka is looking for startups that are involved in developing solutions to address mental health, especially focused on the management of severe mental disorders (such a schizophrenia). Otsuka is eager to create new synergies and to collaborate in the dissemination of your solutions in mental health! A few interesting facts about this giant pharmaceutical company:
  • The vocation of the company, for 100 years, has been to contribute to the improvement of world health
  • Their goal is to offer differential treatments in the field of mental health. It aims to provide therapeutic solutions that respect the qualify of life of patients and their functionality
  • The're passionate about walking the road less travelled.
  • The Otsuka team consists of 47.000 employees over 33 countries, working in 200 companies and 44 research institutes.
Does this appeal to you and your company? Don't miss the chance to meet Otsuka’s team at the BHH Headquarters in Barcelona on Friday 20th January at 11am! You can apply HERE and BHH will get back to you to let you know if you've been selected to pìtch your company. Space is limited, so apply soon! [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="https://barcelonahealthhub.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Otsuka.mp4"][/video]
JANUARY 4, 2023 BHH News
Toast to the new year at the BHH Afterwork on January 26th
The new year just barely started, but Barcelona Health Hub already organized a new event for you! BHH invites you to the next edition of the BHH Afterwork on Thursday January 26th at 18:00 hrs CET to toast to the new year and to meet fellow BHH members.  Come to the BHH Headquarters to do some networking and have a drink with Barcelona Health Hub. There are also 10 spots available to do a mini pitch of 2 minutes - with no slides, just a microphone! If you would like to do this mini pitch, please check the box in the registration form. It’s a great opportunity to present yourself and to hear what other members are up to. Be sure to secure your spot for this edition of the BHH Afterwork! Space is limited, so be sure to reserve your spot in advance.

Go to the registration of the BHH Afterwork here

JANUARY 3, 2023 BHH News
Meet digital health companies in the BHH Tour at 4YFN23
Don't miss your chance to explore new solutions and technologies at this year's edition of 4YFN! Join Barcelona Health Hub on a 45-minute private tour and meet the startups and scaleups at the BHH Stand. It's a great way to connect with new companies and clients, and to discover what's new in digital health. The BHH Tour Package at the exclusive price of €600 includes no less than:
  • 2 tickets to 4YFN
  • A private and personalised tour with different BHH companies
  • 2 tickets to the BHH 4YFN Party
The BHH Tour has different time slots for you during the full four days of the event. This gives you the opportunity to also visit the different digital health panels. Of course you don't have to attend alone: the package includes 2 tickets, but the tour can host up to 8 people. There will be plenty of time to connect and relax a little bit at the unique BHH Party. In this tailor-made experience, networking will take the center stage. Remember that places are very limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Don't miss your chance and connect with the digital health ecosystem at 4YFN23 with the BHH tours! Get in touch HERE to assure your spot on the tour.
DECEMBER 29, 2022 BHH News
Discover the new ClowNexus project - #BHHMembersInitatives
Healthcare clowns greatly contribute to the emotional wellbeing of different vulnerable groups. The art of clowning enables the trained artists to support, encourage and connect with the audiences by recognising their needs and exploring their wishes and creativity on an in co-creation processes. That is why BHH member Pallapupas has joined the new ClowNexus project! ClowNexus is a three year project in which eight European healthcare clowning organisations want to explore more in detail how healthcare clowns and humour can be used to develop stronger social connections. They aim to enable better communication with people living with dementia, children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their caregivers. These organizations are developing new methodologies to work with 2 large vulnerable groups. The main goals are:
  1. To improve the access to artistic performances and contribute to the social inclusion of people with dementia as well as children and teenagers with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In a laboratory in Spain, they had the opportunity to do a DCM (Dementia Care Mapping) observing the reactions of the residents of the elderly home with the clowns, in order to be able to evaluate them from the specific point of view of dementia. That allowed them to be able to analyze the intervention and get knowledge.
  2. To strengthen the capacity of healthcare clowning organizations in Europe to co-create and to implement transformative learning processes.
With the project ClowNexus, they aim to find a common path to create, play, laugh and enjoy art together, giving time and space to everybody to express their perspectives, feelings and creativity. All activities of ClowNexus are monitored and evaluated to measure the impact. Discover more about Pallapupas HERE and don't miss your chance to find out more about this project HERE.
DECEMBER 22, 2022 BHH News
Keep Calm and Carry on counting sperm - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member Microptic has published their latest blog in which they discuss how to count sperm properly. For the past 8 years, Steven Alexander Gellatly has been teaching MSc students how to count sperm. However, a few years ago he read an interview published as part of ESHREs In Profile series where Jackson Kirkman-Brown suggests that a sperm count is a relatively poor index of fertility (Kirkman-Brown, 2019), which may lead you to think why bother teach this anymore? Whereas this may or may not be true, he is not here to discuss the clinical utility of sperm concentration, as for him, as a teacher and scientist, there is more to assessing sperm concentration than this. Learning about this and also by considering the factors that can reduce sampling errors (mixing, performing replicate analysis etc etc) demonstrates a concept that is fundamental to science: robustness of methods affects robustness of results. Read their whole blog HERE.
DECEMBER 22, 2022 BHH News
Outstanding Leadership Award for Silvia Micalo of BHH member Sunshineoxygen Healthtech - #BHHMembersInitiatives

Access to high-quality, affordable healthcare services is not only an ethical responsibility of nations, but it is also an essential requisite to revitalize the world’s economy. In such a scenario, the onus of finding solutions to global health issues lies on healthcare professionals, policymakers, CEOs, innovators, and visionaries across a broad spectrum of specialties.

The Health 2.0 Conference Dubai, held on 16th to 18th of December, attempts to reimagine the realm of healthcare by uniting some of the most distinguished experts from a wide range of specialties. The conference spotlights the latest developments in the domains of healthcare and wellness on its vibrant platform, while promoting networking, and the exchange of ideas between forward-thinking individuals and companies.

Health 2.0 has recently honored Silvia Micalo, CEO of BHH member Sunshineoxygen Healthtech with the Outstanding Leadership Award for her contributions to the healthcare field. Silvia is not only CEO, but also author of the book "Healthtech Innovation: How Entrepreneurs Can Define and Build the Value of their New products". Congratulations!

DECEMBER 20, 2022 BHH News
Barcelona Health Hub and Barça Innovation Hub join forces
Barcelona Health Hub is proud to announce that it has partnered with the Barça Innovation Hub, the center for sports knowledge and innovation of FC Barcelona. BHH joins as Event Partner at the next edition of Sports Tomorrow Congress, which will take place during the Mobile World Congress in February 2023. BHH's Luis Badrinas, CEO, Eva Rosell, General Manager, Oscar Garcia-Esquirol, Chief Medical Officer, and Cristian Pascual, President, met with Àngel Riudalbàs, Board Member of FC Barcelona, to highlight the partnership. Barcelona Health Hub is looking forward to joining as a key partner in the healthcare industry. The Sports Tomorrow Congress will dive into the key role of human and machine cognition in sports development. It’s aimed at both the athletes themselves, and all those professionals who are part of a wide range of disciplines applied to sport. Barcelona Health Hub joins to provide the vital link between the worlds of both sports and health.  The Sports Tomorrow Congress promotes sharing of knowledge between professionals and disciplines applicable to the world of sport and society. Therefore, Barcelona Health Hub will add great value to the STC23 mission.
DECEMBER 20, 2022 BHH News
Try out the BHH cowork with the BHH Hot Desk!
Come to work at the BHH Headquarters for a day! Enjoy the beautiful scenary, dive into the world of digital health and discover what the BHH Headquarters have to offer. No strings attached: just come to this marvelous place and experience it yourself! The cowork spots of the BHH Headquarters are located at the wonderful Recinto Modernista de Sant Pau in the heart of Barcelona. Here you'll be located at the epicenter of digital health, surrounded by many companies and organizations that work in the health sector. Enjoy the meeting rooms, get together with others at the coffee corner and wander around the Recinto Modernista. You can get your cowork spot for one day at the excepcional price of €10. But if you think that one day is not enough to discover all that the BHH Headquarters has to offer, don't worry you can also choose for a full week of cowork! For only €40, you'll have your own space for a full week. Your company can choose this option just once. Already interested? BHH is looking forward to welcoming you at the BHH Headquarters! Next steps:
  1. Contact BHH and let us know which day you want to come work at the BHH Headquarters.
  2. BHH will send you the link to an online form where you can register and pay directly. An invoice is, of course, provided.
  3. And just like that, you're ready to come to the BHH Headquarters!
That's it! Super easy and no contract attached. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact BHH to explore the opportunities.
DECEMBER 20, 2022 BHH News
The DTx Consortium is created to boost the adoption of digital therapies in Spain
Pharmaceutical, technology and telecommunications companies, startups and other entities have launched the DTx Consortium. It aims to advance the regulation of digital therapies and the definition of a sustainable financing model that guarantees their access to the Spanish healthcare market. It's the first Spanish multi-sector alliance focused on boosting the implementation of digital therapies in the national healthcare system. Spain is a country with enormous potential to adopt these types of solutions and thus take another step towards the digitalisation of the healthcare system, but to do so it is necessary to promote an effective regulatory model. The members of the DTx Consortium are Barcelona Health HubAngelini Pharma EspañaBayerBoehringer IngelheimFerrerGSD HealthMerck EspañaOpinno, Pfizer EspañaIESE Business SchoolTeladoc Health, RocaJunyentUnlimited ThinkingVodafone Business, Vodafone Innovation EcosystemAmelia Virtual CareBraingazeLegit.Health and Onalabs Inno-Hub. Read more about it here!
DECEMBER 20, 2022 BHH News
The Three Magic Kings have come early for Casal dels Infants!
Christmas and the Three Magic Kings have come early for the children of Casal dels Infants thanks to you! Yesterday, Barcelona Health Hub recieved the visit of Enric Canet, Citizen Relations Director of Casal dels Infants, at the BHH Headquarters. Casal dels Infants is a local NGO that builds spaces of security and trust so that children in risk of social exclusion can find positive reference models. Thanks to the BHH members, more than three big boxes of presents, including toys, school materials and sports articles, were raised in order to help fight child poverty with the collaboration with Casal dels Infants. You made sure that no child is forgotten at this time of year and can have their fair share of Christmas. Barcelona Health Hub is thankful for each and every one of the contributions made. P.S.: Don't forget to take a look at Casal dels Infants to see how you can help throughout the year!
DECEMBER 14, 2022 BHH News
The 3 reasons why the pharma conducts patient studies - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member Wefight has built communities of thousands of patients in more than 18 pathologies thanks to digital patient monitoring tools implemented in more than 15 countries. These Engaged Patient Networks (EPN) give them a competitive advantage when it comes to conducting patient studies for their partners, the pharmaceutical companies. But what are the reasons why their partners want to conduct patient studies? What value and use do their partners give to these studies? They summarised them here: First, to understand the patient decision drivers: why is the treatment not reaching the patient? or why does the patient drop out ?, what are the most difficult adverse effects to manage? They will be able to answer these questions through these studies. An example of this is their study amongst asthma patients, where they found that 40% of patients with severe asthma were not being treated by a pulmonologist, which is key to initiating biologic therapies. In 2023 Wefight will start the year conducting ADmire study, which they are launching in France amongst atopic dermatitis patients to understand the patient pathway, symptom management and their treatment preferences. In the second place, to value the patient experience with our treatment: in these studies, they will ask patients about the differentiating or innovative attributes of my therapy. With these insights, the pharma company will communicate the impact of these benefits on the patient to the medical community. Their Psoriasis & Wellbeing study with Almirall is an example of this. In this study they wanted to understand the impact of psoriasis severity on the patient's quality of life and what attributes they valued most when choosing a treatment. This allowed them to identify the most important criteria of choice for patients with severe psoriasis, being firstly efficacy (64%), and secondly safety and tolerability (24%). They published the Poster of this study at this year's EADV 2022 international dermatology congress in Milan. And third and finally, to identify patient’s unmet needs: From the information gathered in these studies, the pharmaceutical company is going to re-define its Patient Support Program (PSP) and make better decisions when choosing a "beyondthe-pill" project for these patients. At Wefight they have a dedicated Studies team, leaded by Anthony Barea (ex-Ipsos). They offer quantitative and qualitative methodologies and an expert team to advise you on the best one for your study aim.They can also propose you plenty of ideas to leverage your study insights: they can write the abstract of the study, produce a poster and any other communication element to generate the maximum impact of your study. Read more about this company HERE.
DECEMBER 13, 2022 BHH News
Discover ReHub+, DyCare's new project - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member DyCare, the Spanish startup behind the rehabilitation platform most used by patients and professionals, receives the Seal of Excellence from the European Innovation Council and a grant of more than 800,000 euros from the CDTI. The technological evolution of ReHub will allow, among other things, to help patients with chronic respiratory problems. ReHub+ is DyCare's new project to take the ReHub rehabilitation platform, even further. With ReHub+, the company, founded by Silvia Raga and Ricardo Jauregui, plans to incorporate those with chronic respiratory problems into the platform. "In this way, we will cover 90% of people who need rehabilitation", adds Silvia Raga, Biomedical engineer and CEO of DyCare. DyCare's proposal has been endorsed with the Seal of Excellence of the European Innovation Council Accelerator of the Horizon Europe program, in the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan funded by the European Union - NextGenerationEU. This translates into financial support of more than 800,000 euros, channeled in Spain by the Center for Technological Development (CDTI). Less than 8% of the 5,400 companies submitted to the call, of which DyCare was part, were recognized with the Seal of Excellence by the European organization. In 2021, the launch of ReHub meant the arrival on the market of the first tool capable of carrying out remote rehabilitation in a safe, effective and measurable way thanks to the combination of sensors and intelligent algorithms. All under the constant supervision of professionals. In parallel, one of the main values of ReHub is that it is certified as a medical device. Through close collaboration with leading public and private institutions, they are proud to advance research and promote evidence-based care for better rehabilitation practices. Respiratory and musculoskeletal diseases affect 2.3 billion people worldwide, with 300 million new cases each year. "Neither essential pulmonary rehabilitation nor multidisciplinary interventions are currently well implemented due to lack of awareness and scarce resources", adds Ricardo Jauregui, CTO of DyCare. Aiming to maximize treatment efficiency in overburdened healthcare systems, ReHub+'s comprehensive, cross-cutting solution will encompass patients with chronic respiratory diseases, post-COVID19 respiratory sequelae and musculoskeletal problems. "The platform ensures high-quality, affordable care. Treatment is personalized, monitored by advanced artificial intelligence technology with Computer Vision or with patented inertial sensors (the only ones capable of measuring movement and force) whose results are controlled and analyzed at all times by a professional," Jauregui notes. DyCare's CTO emphasizes that the approach to the patient is non-invasive. "In the case of pulmonary rehabilitation, you only need to wear a wristband pulse oximeter and a respiratory band." ReHub+ will be available for commercialization over the next year. With more than 1 million therapeutic exercises performed from ReHub and a 90% satisfaction rate, during the first quarter of 2023, DyCare will pilot ReHub+ through a multicenter study together with two leading Spanish hospitals in the field of respiratory rehabilitation. "It is essential to guarantee the total reliability of the platform as part of our commitment to safety above all else. We are the architects of a pioneering innovation, but we did not want to be satisfied," explains Silvia Raga. "The evolution of ReHub is the result of innovation and an unmet need. The platform demonstrates its flexibility; it is open to the incorporation of new technologies and functionalities. Being able to respond to patients with respiratory problems puts us in contact with millions of potential new users. It is a before and after for the company," says Raga. Read more about this startup HERE.
DECEMBER 13, 2022 BHH News
Hospital de Sant Pau wants you to join their team - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Did you know that Barcelona Health Hub works side by side with the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau to clinically validate digital health solutions? Together, BHH and the hospital have the methodology and the team to validate your digital health technology with professionals and real patients in record time. To be able to clinically validate digital health solutions, the hospital has set up the Digital Health Unit. Now it's your chance to get onboard with this cutting edge division! Through a multidisciplinary team, the unit wants to enhance the innovative use of digital health in the hospital environment thanks to the generation of a collaborative ecosystem between healthcare professionals, technological developers, other healthcare providers, research and innovation centers, training and teaching, universities, patient networks and caregivers, among other relevant actors. They are currently looking to recruit for these different job positions: Don't miss your chance to be part of this wonderful team and learn more about what they do HERE.
DECEMBER 12, 2022 BHH News
Mindgram joins the Polish-Spanish Chamber of Commerce - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Barcelona Health Hub is pleased to announce that BHH member Mindgram has joined the Polish-Spanish Chamber of Commerce. Mindgram has also been operating in Spain since 2022, helping employers in this region to increase business effectiveness by providing employees with access to mental health and wellness solutions. In their development, they first focused on the Polish and Spanish markets due to the limited access to psychologists in both countries. The Polish-Spanish Chamber of Commerce (PHIG) is an official, non-governmental, non-profit institution that brings together Polish and Spanish companies involved in trade and scientific cooperation. The PHIG has been active since 2000, and its main mission is to protect and represent the members of the Chamber, as well as to support the growth of the potential of companies seeking partners in Spain and Poland. The Chamber institution helps to connect potential business partners, promotes their activities and supports them by providing the necessary legal and economic information. According to Eurostat statistics, there are 9 psychologists per 100,000 inhabitants in Poland, which is the second worst result in Europe. It is equally bad in Bulgaria and Spain, where the number of specialists is 10 per 100,000 inhabitants. Thanks to the established cooperation, they will be able to implement their mission: democratize and destigmatize employee psychological and well-being support even more effectively. They are proud that the activities of the Polish-Spanish Chamber of Commerce support Mindgram's mission to democratize access to psychological care and development. Check out more about BHH member Mindgram HERE.
DECEMBER 7, 2022 BHH News
HealthTech 2030: Catalonia’s contribution to disruptive innovation - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Discover the new report by Xartec Salut and EY "HealthTech 2030: Catalonia’s contribution to disruptive innovation" in which they exemplified how 66% of Catalan healthcare technology startups are working on the five major trends in transformative innovation. This report highlights the key role of startups in driving the most disruptive innovations, which call for more government investment in innovative procurement to bring them to patients. Instead of going to the hospital, you will receive a “visit” from your doctor at home through your computer (decentralized health), to discuss with him the data on the control of your disease that have been collected by various mobile devices and wearables, and decide together (patient empowerment) what is the best treatment, a treatment that will be custom-designed for you from a genetic analysis (personalized medicine) and after contrasting all the information available worldwide thanks to artificial intelligence. And the psychologist will treat your anxiety at high altitudes with a series of immersive sessions that will adjust to your reactions (virtual reality). This could be a schematic projection of how the healthcare systems of the future might work if the most transformative innovations – which are technically already available, and in which 158 startups are working in Catalonia – were to be widely implemented. However, more investment is needed from the Administration in innovative purchasing so that these developments reach patients, and new professional profiles are also needed – both in hospitals and healthcare centers and in innovative companies – to develop these innovations to their full potential. These are two of the conclusions of the report HealthTech 2030: Catalonia’s contribution to disruptive innovation, prepared by Xartec Salut and EY, which identifies the five HealthTech innovation trends with the greatest potential to transform healthcare systems and how the Catalan ecosystem is participating. According to the report, of the 240 HealthTech startups in Catalonia, 158 (66%) have as their main activity the development of technologies within one of the five trends with the greatest potential for transformation. These trends are:
  • Stretched reality, which brings together augmented reality technologies (integration of computer-generated images with the user’s vision) and virtual reality (creation of immersive computer-generated environments), which have an increasing application in surgery and in the training of medical professionals, as well as in the treatment of phobias and other psychological problems.
The report identifies 10 Catalan startups working in this area and analyzes the case of BHH member Amelia Virtual Care, which has created a virtual reality platform to treat health problems, and analyzes the case of Amelia Virtual Care, which has created a virtual reality platform to treat health problems.
  • Personalized medicine, a trend in which the report identifies two enabling technologies: so-called omics techniques (genetics, protein, metabolomics, transcriptomics) and robotics. The first already have a wide application in the development of new drugs, oriented to specific genetic targets, but more limited in terms of individualized diagnosis. In robotics, the report cites examples such as the design of prostheses connected to the nervous system of patients who have lost a limb, or rehabilitation robots that help physiotherapists.
A total of 37 startups are active in this field, according to the report, which analyzes the case of BHH member Exheus, which directly offers patients reports on the genetic expression of various biological parameters with recommendations for improving their nutrition and exercise patterns.
  • Decentralized healthcare, which includes both telemedicine – which can reduce hospital admissions and increase the frequency of home visits to chronically ill patients – and remote monitoring, also aimed at reducing the number of periodic tests carried out in hospitals and which can allow more accurate control of the evolution of certain diseases, including alerts to professionals and families.
The report identifies 38 startup companies developing technologies in this area, such as BHH member HumanITCare, which has developed a platform that measures up to 17 biomarkers, linking them to the electronic medical record and connecting patients, families and medical professionals.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI), of which the report highlights the applications in image diagnosis, where AI allows to quickly process thousands of images and extract more accurate information for diagnostics, and in machine learning, which allows to automate and accelerate processes -drug discovery, emergency triage…- or create virtual assistants that can reduce the time spent by professionals in simple or routine medical consultations.
A total of 39 Catalan startups are developing innovations in this field, including BHH member Mediktor, which has created an AI-based medical assistant that analyzes symptoms, assesses the patient’s health status and guides them to the healthcare service they need, a platform already used by 10 million users in 26 countries.
  • Patient empowerment is a trend based on all those technologies (wearables, medical apps) that give patients accurate information about their health and allow them to make autonomous decisions about how to manage it. It has been developed especially for chronic diseases such as diabetes, but very little has been developed for other pathologies.
The report identifies 34 startup companies working in this field and analyzes the case of Devicare, which develops digital devices for patients with urinary system disorders. Among the professional profiles that will be required to implement these innovations in healthcare systems, the report highlights the need for doctors with extensive technological training (to apply augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence solutions), specialists in bioinformatics and biostatistics (to develop personalized medicine), computer engineers, bioengineers, programmers and cybersecurity specialists (for all the digital developments that decentralized healthcare requires), as well as usability specialists, UX and UI designers and product managers who have an in-depth understanding of the requirements of digital users, to drive the technologies that enable patient empowerment. In any case, experts and entrepreneurs agree that these innovations in health technologies have come to stay, and if in 2021 investments in the global HealthTech market reached 57,200 million dollars, it is expected that by 2030 this figure will reach 790,000 million (x13). “What we have to ensure is that there are as few obstacles as possible on the road between the cutting-edge research that is done in our laboratories and the improvement of health care for citizens. Support for entrepreneurship, training, investment, active patient participation and a clear vision from the Administration of the potential of these technologies in terms of saving resources and improving patient care will be the keys to implementing these transformative innovations”, explains Alexandre Perera, director of Xartec Salut and the Centre for Research in Biomedical Engineering (CREB) of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya BarcelonaTech (UPC). Read the whole report HERE.
DECEMBER 5, 2022 BHH News
Detect your personality in a 15 second video! - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member Emocional is a Spanish startup which makes disruptive technology with the objective of creating an emotionally sustainable future and consequently a better world. It uses Artificial Intelligence to detect the emotional state of employees in real time and has software with measures to improve that state of well-being. Now Emocional needs candidates to continue improving its technology. Its new challenge is to detect the personality in a very short 15 second length video. All you have to do is answer a personality test and make two 15-second videos answering two random questions. Sign up to contribute your bit for science HERE. Are you in?
DECEMBER 5, 2022 BHH News
Participate in the lottery to mitigate pharmaceutical poverty - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member Banco Farmacéutico is a NGO that centers its activity in Spain and develops its strategies around the foundations of looking after people that suffer from pharmaceutical poverty. It researches to diminish the difficulties of pharmaceutical poverty, determine the consequences on an economic and social level. It also quantifies the cost of its palliation, and last but not least, it makes the problematic of pharmaceutical poverty visible and it raises awareness on the objective of generating a change that helps to end this issue. This year Banco Farmacéutico is selling lottery tickets in order to mitigate pharmaceutical poverty. How can you participate? There are three different ways to buy and contribute your bit:
  1. To buy a checkbook of 25 lottery tickets to sell it individually, via e-mail, deposit to their bank account (ES34 2100 0927 5402 0012 1042) or bizum (code 03262).
  2. To buy lottery tickets at this link.
  3. To buy throught the following QR code:
Don't hesitate to contact Banco Farmacéutico for more information here.
DECEMBER 2, 2022 BHH News
Find out how to innovate in your company with "The Book of Innovation" - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Writing a book is a wonderful process, but doing it collaboratively with people who share the same passion and enthusiasm for innovation becomes magical. During the pandemic, a group of corporate innovation management professionals from different sectors got together to write "The Book of Innovation: a practical guide to innovate in your company", a manual of best practices in corporate innovation. One of the co-authors is Oscar Paz, also known as the General Director of BHH member Insurtech Community Hub. As of today, with the encouragement of the publishing house Libros de Cabecera, the book has already sold 1,000 copies in Spain! If you want to find out how to innovate in your company, don't hesitate to check it out here. The introduction and some graphics can be downloaded for free!
DECEMBER 1, 2022 BHH News
ACCIÓ helps your company to connect with the Next Generation funds
Are you looking for funding for your project? Did you know that there are interesting public grants available to you? There has been a lot of talk about the Next Generation funds. Now they are here and there are clear grant opportunities for technological projects in the field of health, both for startups and corporates. Don’t let them pass by! The Next Generation EU Office has a specialised ACCIÓ team, with consultants in both Barcelona and Madrid. They aim to maximize the participation of Catalan companies in calls for proposals for Next Generation European funds. You can knock on their door for help with:
  • Project identification and business advice
  • Guidance and accompaniment to facilitate the process of presenting your project in the calls for European funds. The Office offers you the Personalised Monitoring Guide (GPS): an individualised analysis to identify the programmes and grants that best suit your company
  • Proactive dissemination of the new calls for Next Generation funds through a personalised alert service and webinars
  • Articulation of consortia to facilitate the search for partners and the necessary coordination between the actors that form part of them to respond to the most complex challenges of the programme
Would you like to identify new calls for proposals and receive guidance and advice from Anna Borrell, a consultant specialising in the health sector? Improve your strategy for accessing Next Generation funds and don't hesitate to contact ACCIÓ's Next Generation Office!
DECEMBER 1, 2022 BHH News
Neurodata and neurotechnology: privacy and protection of personal data
The Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) published a very interesting article about neurodata and neurotechnology, and its effects on privacy and protection of personal data. Recent advances in neuro-technology and artificial intelligence are enabling the emergence of a growing number of connected devices that monitor brain activity for different purposes. These devices, already available on the market, and which are used as wearable accessories for entertainment purposes or control of other devices, are part of the so-called Internet of Bodies (IoB). Braindata or neurodata could identify individuals, infer emotional states, thoughts, or feelings, and reveal other special categories of data. Interested how this might affect your company? Read the full article by AEPD here.
NOVEMBER 30, 2022 BHH News
Rapid Detection and control system for Antimicrobial Resistance - #BHHMembersInitiatives

Do you already know the RaDAR-PPI project? It's a European Commission co-funded initiative which aims to address the European urgent need for rapid detection of multi-drug resistant microorganisms and AMR management and control systems through the implementation of a value-based cross-border collaborative procurement of innovative solutions.

At the end of 2023 the RaDAR buyers group will launch tenders for innovative solutions to address the AMR challenge. In order to progress to tender in the most effective way, the Consortium wants to understand the market's ability to respond and how the buyers can facilitate supply chain innovation to deliver what is needed.

The group has therefore published a market sounding and call for innovative solutions, to open a dialogue with the supply chain and provide an opportunity for potential solution providers to express interest and provide feedback.

Therefore you are invited to fill out the Market Response Form to enable the buyers group to refine their clinical demand specification and inform their collaborative tender specification and strategy. You have until February 3 to fill out the survey and make yourself heard. The data collected will be used solely by the RaDAR Consortium for the finalities of the project. RaDAR will not share your data with third parties for any purpose.

Also, the market sounding will be followed by a series of Open Market Consultation workshops, which will be held both in person and online:

  • International online workshop -1 March 2023
  • Naples (hybrid event) - 2 March 2023
  • Paris (hybrid event) - 8 March 2023
  • Barcelona (hybrid event) - 9 March 2023
  • San Sebastian (hybrid event) - 10 March 2023

You can register for the events and express interest for bi-lateral meetings between buyers and potential suppliers via the Market Response Form. All the information related to the project and the market consultation stage is available here.

NOVEMBER 30, 2022 BHH News
Discover how to create a medical startup - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Funding in the digital medical sector has returned to pre-COVID volumes in 2022. That means that entrepreneurs must put even more effort and determination into their projects. What do you think needs to be considered when launching a healthcare startup in these uncertain times? Why do 90% of startups fail? Amongst others, the main points to consider when starting a healthcare startup are: product-market fit, the medical regulations, a concrete product roadmap, choosing a team with the right competences, having the right partners, and leveraging on existing technology when possible. That is why BHH member GooApps® has created a complete guide on 'How to create a medical startup'. Would you like to know more about these points and a step-by-step guide to create a healthcare startup? Read the article HERE.
NOVEMBER 29, 2022 BHH News
Meet the new BHH Ambassadors!
Barcelona Health Hub doesn't stand alone in its efforts to advance digital transformation in the health sector. BHH can count on the BHH Ambassadors, who are highly renowned experts in their fields of expertise. They have committed themselves to the BHH mission to promote innovation in digital health and its transfer to the sector, linking startups, health organizations, companies and investors. Barcelona Health Hub is proud to announce the new team of BHH Ambassadors who will spread the word about the importance of digital transformation in the health sector! New members of the BHH Ambassadors team include Therese Jamaa, Vice President of Huawei Spain, Orlando Vergara, Business Franchise Head Neuroscience Spain of Novartis, Mar Alarcon, Co-Founder & Launcher of Terapme, Anna Gener, CEO of Savills, Pedro Díaz Yuste, General Director of Savia-Mapfre, Helena Torras, Managing Partner of PAO Capital and Eduard Martín, CIO & Director of Connectivity Intelligent at the Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation. BHH can also count on the continued participation of long-time BHH Ambassadors Elena Torrente, Digital Health Deputy Director of DKV, Andrea Barbiero, Founder & CEO of Co-Salud, Frederic Llordachs, Founder & CEO of Doctomatic, Javier de Oca, Founder & CEO of Iomed, and Francesca Wuttke, Founder & CEO of nen. Barcelona Health Hub is looking forward to share the BHH spotlight together with this great team of champions!
NOVEMBER 29, 2022 BHH News
Allpriv's cybersecurity solution wins CES Innovation Award in the Digital Health category - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Barcelona Heath Hub is happy to announce that BHH member Allpriv is awarded with the 2023 CES Innovation Award in the Digital Health category, a major international recognition. It is first time where a cybersecurity solution, Allpriv's “Cyber-Brick”, is awarded in the “Digital Health” category. Allpriv was invited by EU Commission to present this innovation at the EU Health Procurement Summit in Brussels, with a very great traction from the procurers of European hospitals. This award confirms again the interest and need to deploy this solution on hospitals, since cyberattacks on hospitals is growing dramatically and will continue to increase. Allpriv designed an innovative solution to fill the cybersecurity gap for medical devices. “Cyber-Brick” is a disruptive solution to protect those medical devices in hospitals, since they are involved in more than 85% of hospitals cyberattacks, like those seen recently. Cyber-Brick is a Zero-trust endpoint, managed by AI. and secured by blockchain and web3 technology able to continue to work even during a cyberattack. The Allpriv solution is aimed at medical devices manufacturers, who can integrate the solution easily to bring their devices to the highest cybersecurity level. It also is aimed for hospitals, in order to upgrade and retrofit all those thousands of medical devices around hospital to prevent a next cyberattack.
NOVEMBER 29, 2022 BHH News
Join Clonify's “LifeScience, how to innovate in 2023?” online event - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Join BHH member Clonify‘s online event on Thursday, December 1st at 8pm CET. Clonify, a spin-off from DMO Design, is a healthtech company that seeks to improve people’s life experience and quality with rare and chronic diseases through digital solutions. They are shifters for the value-based healthcare transformation and committed to being the best technological ally to improve diagnosis, learn to live with diseases and help future generations of health professionals and people with chronic and rare pathologies through digital health solutions. Clonify will be present at the last DMO LIVE webinar of the year: “LifeScience, how to innovate in 2023?” by Linkedin Live. It will be a challenging talk with great friends where they will share different points of view, experiences and challenges of agile transformation and digital mindset in LifeScience. Don’t miss it and join online HERE!
NOVEMBER 28, 2022 BHH News
Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site and the Palau de la Música join forces to celebrate the Year of Domènech i Montaner

On December 4th, the Palau de la Música concert hall and the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, where the BHH Headquarters are located, will celebrate the 25th anniversary of their status as UNESCO World Heritage.

Both of these sites are exceptional works of the architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner. They are considered masterpieces of Catalan modernism due to their exceptional importance in terms of design, materials, functional and artistic solutions.

The Sant Pau Foundation will commemorate this achievement with a temporary photo exhibition. Open to the public from December 1st, 2022 through March 26th, 2023, the exhibition will feature photographs taken of the first restoration and recovery works carried out in the 1970’s, a time when the Foundation was beginning to comprehend and communicate the unique artistic and cultural value of Sant Pau’s heritage.

If you always haven curious about the great surroundings of the BHH Headquarters, now it's the perfect time to visit the historic complex! Discover the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site and the Palau de la Música concert hall, since the two monumental spaces are joining forces to offer a combined ticket at a reduced price.

This is just the beginning of what will be an impressive roll-out of events and cultural products that will be offered by both institutions next year, which has been declared the Year of Domènech i Montaner. Barcelona Health Hub is proud to be part of such rich history!

NOVEMBER 28, 2022 BHH News
Help the children of Casal dels Infants this Christmas!
Christmas is already here and not everyone is as lucky as you may think. Barcelona Health Hub is collaborating with Casal dels Infants to make sure no child is forgotten and everyone can have their fair share of Christmas. Casal dels Infants is a local NGO that provides aid to children located in neighborhoods where social inequality is concentred. This campaign invites all of the BHH members to contribute their bit for this special occasion. Remember that the gifts can be toys, school materials or sports articles, as long as they are brand new and, especially, unwrapped. You can leave them at the entrance of the BHH Headquarters at the Recinto Modernista de Sant Pau. BHH thanks for each and every one of your contributions. Help the children of Casal dels Infants and make this Christmas even more cheerful!
NOVEMBER 28, 2022 BHH News
Discover more about the Centre for Clinical Validations at the ROI UP digital breakfast
The LifeScience sector is in the midst of a transformation. Many people talk about digital transformation and treat the problems faced by professionals in the sector in an abstract way. The "ROI UP digital breakfast" at The Valley Barcelona on November 30 at 9:30 hrs will provide a dose of reality from different points of view: marketing professionals, industry professionals and hospital staff. The solutions are there, it is a matter of reaching them together and networking is key. In this event, Mar Gomis, Director of the Centre for Clinical Validations, a project by Barcelona Health Hub and Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, will give her view as well. She will talk about the digital transformation from the hospital point of view.  She will explore the impact of digital health on healthcare practice, with examples of funding and public-private collaboration, the Digital Health Unit of the Hopsital Sant Pau and of course the Centre for Clinical Validations. Don’t miss it on wednesday November 30 and sign up here.
NOVEMBER 25, 2022 BHH News
Discover the 4YFN Health Zone with Barcelona Health Hub
Barcelona Health Hub returns once again to 4YFN 2023, the startup business platform at the Mobile World Congress. This year, the BHH stand goes bigger & better: the Barcelona Health Hub area is part of the 4YFN Health Zone! In the Health Zone, you can expect to find the latest technologies, the most disruptive companies and much more. Barcelona Health Hub is located next to the stands of both Cinfa, the leading laboratory in the Spanish pharmaceutical market, and Biocat, which coordinates and promotes the healthcare and life sciences sector in Catalonia.  Barcelona Health Hub will also be located right next to the massive Banco Sabadell Stage, the main stage of 4YFN. The Health Zone will give you plenty of opportunities to connect with companies and clients active in digital health. Barcelona Health Hub is already looking forward to boost visibility of the BHH members, to showcase new technologies and to make new valuable connections during those four days from February 27th to March 2nd 2023. Are you coming too?
NOVEMBER 25, 2022 BHH News
Perdigó sponsors DDL 2022 conference in Edinburgh - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member Perdigó is pleased to announce it is sponsoring this year’s Drug Delivery to the Lungs (DDL2022) conference being held in Edinburgh, Scotland, from 7th to 9th December 2022. Perdigó is a high-calibre inhaler design & engineering house based in Barcelona. As part of their sponsorship, they will be exhibiting on stand 165, showcasing Wayra: a futuristic digital device platform prototype. The Arosol Society’s DDL provides an annual forum for scientists, academics, clinicians, regulatory experts and industry specialists involved in developing medicines for inhalation. For more information or to arrange a meeting during DDL 2022, don't hesitate to contact Perdigó!
NOVEMBER 24, 2022 BHH News
Amazon Web Services features the HumanITcare success story - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member HumanITcare has been featured as an example of a company operating with advanced cloud computing in the Spanish region by Werner Vogels, CTO and VP of BHH member Amazon Web Services (AWS). As the blog mentioned, "it’s inspiring to see how companies like Barcelona-based HumanITcare are leveraging the cloud to improve the healthcare experience for both medical professionals and patients. A problem that many doctors face is that they lose track of how their patients are doing as soon as they leave the clinic. To get more information and collect more data means another office visit, which costs everyone time and money, and puts additional strain on an already overburdened system." HumanITcare has built a connected health solution, which is an event-driven monitoring and analytics platform on AWS that provides healthcare professionals with real-time patient data collected from wearables, at-home medical devices, and third-party fitness applications. Equipped with a constant stream of data, doctors can more easily observe a patient’s condition over time, and even use deep learning models to predict patient outcomes. And all of this can happen without an in-person visit. The company is working with more than 20 hospitals in the EU and has closed a big agreement with different pharmaceutical companies. Read more about the article of All Things Distributed HERE.
NOVEMBER 22, 2022 BHH News
Meet BHH provider White Rabbit - #BHHMembersInitiatives

Do you already know about BHH provider White Rabbit? They create and manage your own customized communication department, whatever the size, budget, or structure of the company. They have more than 20 years of experience in the market and their know-how allow them to design, plan and execute successful action plans for their clients, nationally and internationally.

Media presence, positioning, prestige, or reputation are no longer abstract concepts only affordable for large companies willing to invest a large budget. Today, every company need a digital marketing department to help them improve their online positioning and stand out from their competitors in the digital highway.

The White Rabbit designs and creates teams specialized in digital marketing for all types of companies, because they know that those who don't have good online positioning, don't exist in the modern marketplace. Interested? Get in touch with them here!

NOVEMBER 21, 2022 BHH News
Online event: How LinkedIn can help you in your journey to find global customers and investors - #BHHMembersInitiatives
The session that gained a real interest among the BHH members is back! You asked for an online session – and we listened! Join BHH member Universo’s online event “Going Global LinkedIn Workshop” on Thursday, December 13rd at 11am. This workshop is all about LinkedIn techniques, tips and best practices for digital health companies looking to expand the global market attracting customers and investors. Explore with Yulia Reinshmidt, Universo CEO, LinkedIn and global business development expert, the hidden powers of the world’s largest professional network in the field of Go-to-Market strategies. The event will cover topics such as:
  • Presenting recent global market potential and marketing challenges and opportunities for digital health companies
  • LinkedIn as a powerful tool for brand awareness and trust building
  • LinkedIn as an effective way of approaching and engaging with potential leads
  • The art of messaging on LinkedIn – learning from best practices
  • Building and implementing a clear work plan with goals and key success factors
Sign up for free here!  
NOVEMBER 18, 2022 BHH News
Pallapupas & Robin Hat launch limited edition Christmas socks - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member Pallapupas, thanks to the collaboration of BHH member Robin Hat, launches a limited Christmas edition of its socks. After more than 7 years of collaboration and relationship, Robin Hat has decided, once again, to do its bit for the organization through the design and manufacture of a solidarity product. The profit from its sale will go entirely to Pallapupas, in order to fill hospitals with laughs this Christmas. Javier Garrido, co-founder and CEO of the company, emphasized that "it is a pride to collaborate with Pallapupas once again because of the deep admiration we feel for the work they carry out daily in Hospitals and Health Centers." Pallapupas and its task are essential in Hospitals and we hope that people will join this campaign and raise a lot of money to make the presence of Pallapupas even greater. For her part, Victòria Vicens, a member of the Department of Sensitization and Recruitment of Pallapupas, has pointed out that "our objective is to improve the emotional state of patients, relatives and personal health, and to take special care of them in an era of a sensitive and fragile era like Christmas. We are delighted and pleased to be able to count on Robin Hat, a company with who we have shared values ​​and a relationship for years, made up of people who put emotional care first and help us bring smiles in hospitals." Get their socks in their charity shop and help their mission here!
NOVEMBER 18, 2022 BHH News
Apply to the next DayOne Start-Up AwardsXXI - #BHHMembersInitiatives
The Start-Up AwardsXXI are an initiative driven by BHH member CaixaBank through DayOne with the collaboration of Enisa in Spain and Banco BPI in Portugal. They are the boost that your company needs, that will enable you to grow and achieve your goals. They want to reward talent and the ability to provide a solution to the challenges of the future, which is why they are looking for startups like yours and helping them to aim higher. The Start-Up AwardsXXI are aimed at technological and digital companies that stand out for their ability to innovate and their high growth potential. They want your idea to help shape the future and this is why they provide two broad categories in which you can enter if your startup meets the requirements below. Check out more information here. [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="https://barcelonahealthhub.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Premios-EmprendeXXI-CAST-45-comp.mp4"][/video]
NOVEMBER 17, 2022 BHH News
Barcelona Health Hub and EIT Health join forces
Last week, Barcelona Health Hub and EIT Health, one of the biggest networks of health innovators worldwide, signed a collaboration agreement. BHH and EIT Health share the same mission of promoting innovation in digital health, and this collaboration will benefit both, maximizing the impact in their ecosystems. EIT Health connects approximately 150 partners and is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union. They collaborate across borders to deliver new solutions that can enable European citizens to live longer, healthier lives. They connect all relevant healthcare players across European borders – making sure to include all sides of the “knowledge triangle” so that innovation can happen at the intersection of research, education and business for the benefit of citizens.  Together they offer a vibrant innovation environment, with close ties between businesses, startups, investors, universities, technology centres, university hospitals and healthcare providers, to drive and generate technology transfer,​ and social and economic impact. The affinity of EIT Health with Barcelona Health Hub therefore is very clear: both entities work toward the digital transformation of the health sector.
NOVEMBER 17, 2022 BHH News
Nubentos, new strategic partner of Research2Guidance for R2GConnect - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Research2Guidance, the leading consultancy and advisory company in the digital health industry, based in Germany, has chosen BHH member Nubentos, as strategic partner for their new matchmaking platform R2GConnect. R2GConnect allows corporates, investors, accelerators and clusters in the digital health ecosystem to publish their briefings and opportunities, to make them visible for startups and scaleups. This way innovators in digital health can generate more business by matching these opportunities. Nubentos, the andalusian startup that accelerates digital health adoption focused on the integration stage that all digital health projects must face, becomes the R2GConnect key partner to help those new projects to save time, resources and costs thanks to Nubentos’ catalog of digital health APIs, ready-to-integrate in any software. Sorin STIRCU, Partnerships Manager Digital Health, R2GConnect, said, "With the launch of the 2nd version of R2GConnect we will include additional support not only for startups/scaleups, but also for the briefing partners. Nubentos – one of the key launch partners – will provide valuable support with regard to seamless integrations and healthcare APIs that will facilitate faster integration of any digital health innovation with existing infrastructures.” Manuel Morales, CEO and founder of Nubentos, says that “partnering with Research2Guidance for the launch of R2GConnect platform, is an important step in our strategy of opening more and more channels where the challenge of integrating digital health innovations in the software of corporates and clients is a recurring issue and a waste of resources and costs in the short term and in the long term. R2GConnect comes to give awareness for both sides’ opportunities, giving birth to more projects where Nubentos can help reduce costs and time-to-market. We are thrilled to be strategic partners of this initiative.” Read more information about their partnership in their website here.
NOVEMBER 16, 2022 BHH News
Hospital Clinic allies with Bitac's SaaS platform Orbits - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Last year, BHH member Hospital Clínic of Barcelona signed a contract for the coding of clinical information with BHH member Bitac, a company that develops and specializes in the implementation of the ORBITS platform. It is an advanced terminology server that, combined with other tools, is capable of converting data into computable information and useful knowledge. The project is expected to be fully operational this year. This interoperability progress in the domain of digital health, standardizes the descriptive nomenclatures used by hospital professionals. In other words, through the SaaS tool ORBITS and its vehicular language SNOMED CT, Bitac converts clinical language into standard codes that can be shared internationally. It is not the first time that there have been incompatibilities in sharing information between health organizations at a semantic level since each center uses a different language to refer to the same pathology. Over the years, duplicate records have accumulated in the information systems, making daily operations difficult. In fact, it is estimated that approximately 80% of clinical information is described in natural language and, therefore, only 20% of the data is structured. Thus, Bitac's mission is to "offer the highest level of precision and specialization in terminology services to help health professionals analyze and share their information in electronic health environments”. Alliance between the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona and Bitac to structure the information This platform also works with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms combining the terminology server with Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools. It guarantees the maintenance, updating and exploitation of both SNOMED CT, the most widely adopted clinical language globally, and any other clinical terminology used in the hospital (LOINC, ICD10, HPO and others). The Hospital Clínic of Barcelona has verified that using NLP tools saves time and costs. In this regard, ORBITS terminology server intends to extend the collection of data to a greater number of clinical texts and to improve in their quality. Thanks to tools such as ORBITS and the adoption of SNOMED CT to structure the clinical language, the hospital center will be able to build a consistent and robust representation of Health Problems, making it the reference point for patient care. To ensure its long-term continuity, this agreement and its implementation will be in force from this September and for the next five years. Bitac: a universe of clinical data at the service of healthcare organizations Headquartered in the Barcelona Health Hub and with almost 15 years of experience in the Digital Health sector, Bitac is specialized in encoding data in international standards. Its function is to simplify, optimize and automate in real time all the content and terminological resources that are generated in the different organizations in the health field: hospitals, laboratories, insurers and health areas. Its SaaS tool, developed in-house, acts as a semantic hub for the electronic medical record, guaranteeing the interoperability of the information. Check out more information in their website here.
NOVEMBER 15, 2022 BHH News
This year the Three Magic Kings need your help!
Everybody deserves a gift at Christmas time. This year, you can help out the children of Casal dels Infants, a local NGO that aims to offer equal opportunities to children, young people and families in vulnerable situations. Barcelona Health Hub is proud to give the opportunity to the BHH members to help the children at this time of the year. Contribute to this great cause and get this year's gifts ready! At the BHH Headquarters, you will find three different boxes where you can leave your gifts to the children. You can help them with either toys, school materials or sports articles! To ensure that the right gift will get to the right child, Casal dels Infants kindly requests that your gift is both new (no second hand) and without wrapping Thank you all so much for your contributions - let’s make this an unforgettable Christmas for the children of Casal dels Infants!
NOVEMBER 11, 2022 BHH News
Get your dance moves ready for the fabulous first BHH Christmas Party on December 15th!
Join Barcelona Health Hub at the fabulous first BHH Christmas Party on December 15th. Come to the BHH Headquarters at the Recinto Modernista in Barcelona and party together with BHH! We know that you’ve been working hard these past few months and we would like to celebrate all your efforts. Let’s drop the emails, meetings, and rush projects and enjoy this party with drinks, dance and a few surpises - this year Barcelona Health Hub is thrilled to go big for Christmas. Get your party boots ready to roll and arrive at the red carpet at the BHH Headquarters. Marvel at the shiny lights that will set the party mood, and get your dance moves ready for the fabulous first BHH Christmas Party. The DJ's will make you groove and dance through the night! Get your party self ready on Thursday December 15th because BHH is bringing back the queens and kings of the dancefloor. Let’s party the night away! BHH hopes that you don’t have plans on the day after because this BHH Party is going to be EPIC! But any party is incomplete without you - that’s why we are looking forward to having you and your colleagues with us. Space is limited, so be sure to sign up to the BHH Christmas Party HERE. Work hard, play hard!

Go to the registration of the BHH Christmas party here

NOVEMBER 9, 2022 BHH News
Sign up for the Allianz Startup Challenge at the Sports Tomorrow Congress by Barça Innovation Hub
The Sports Tomorrow Congress, organized by BHH partner Barça Innovation Hub, seeks to create an impact on the world of sports through innovation and technological and medical advances. Translating research into practical, real-world solutions is one of our biggest challenges. The Allianz Startup Challenge provides a unique opportunity for young talent to get funding and visibility, bringing their projects to life. It will give visibility to projects that have the potential to offer innovative and relevant solutions in the world of sport, both at a performance and business level. The chosen finalists will present their projects at the Sports Tomorrow Congress, within the Mobile World Congress, and the winner will get financial support to contribute to the development of their idea. If you have an innovative idea that will change the rules of the game as well as pushing the boundaries of sport, don’t think twice and sign up to present your project at the Sports Tomorrow Congress! Be quick and submit your proposal before November 13th HERE.
NOVEMBER 8, 2022 BHH News
Masterclass Hospital & Healthcare Procurement - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Hospital Procurement Managers across Europe are facing a number of challenges. The masterclass "Hospital & Healthcare Procurement" helps you identify gaps and opportunities to develop a more strategic approach to hospital procurement. It will take place in the Netherlands on November 24th and 25th. As a consortium, the NEVI and BHH member Health Proc Europe together with the EHPPA are combining expertise, improving performance and providing participants with strategic positioning in the European healthcare procurement market. The masterclass aims to upgrade participant’s healthcare procurement competencies as a response to current challenges. The Masterclass in Hospital and Healthcare Procurement brought together 9 nationalities that had joined our first edition at Nevi’s House of Procurement to learn about how to identify gaps and opportunities and develop a more strategic approach to hospital procurement. Program core pillars
  • Module 1: Foundations of strategic procurement for executives
  • Module 2: Supply risk management
  • Module 3: Tenders & auctions
  • Module 4: Presentation & Discussion of selected international use cases
  • Module 5: Next generation procurement
  • Module 6: Cross Border Procurement
  • Module 7: Panel discussion with selected Procurement solution providers
  • Module 8:  HealthCare Procurement Trends & Future Outlook
Participants will receive an official Nevi/IFPSM Certificate. The masterclass is given in English. Don't miss this great opportunity and register for this masterclass here!
NOVEMBER 7, 2022 BHH News
VAC4EU holds its first face to face General Assembly meeting in Barcelona - #BHHMembersInitiatives
H1N1 stressed the relevance of robust, timely and collaborative monitoring on the effects of vaccines to inform citizens, health care professionals, public health organisations and regulatory agencies. As a result of this need the ADVANCE project funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative designed, tested and created a blueprint for an ecosystem to implement collaborative monitoring of vaccine effects across Europe. The success of the project resulted in a post-project sustainable entity, which was initiated by funding of the member organizations: the Vaccine Monitoring Collaboration for Europe (VAC4EU). The legal entity was incorporated in January 2020 as non-for-profit international association, just before the COVID-19 pandemic was declared. The members formed by 25 research and public health institutions are leading safety and effectiveness monitoring of COVID-19 vaccines requested by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) directly or required by EMA to vaccine manufacturers and studies requested by the US CDC. Now, for the first time since the covid-19 pandemic started, its 25 member organizations will meet face to face next 7-8 th November in Barcelona to discuss the progress made by the network these last few months and establish the strategic objectives for next year. BHH member Teamit Institute, partner and member of VAC4EU executive board will host the event at Barcelona Health Hub in the stunning Sant Pau modernist site. Over 50 member representatives from Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, the Netherlands, and the UK will take part in this first face to face General Assembly Meeting since the start of the pandemic. Robert Fabregat, who was taking part in the ADVANCE initiation and now director of Biocat, the Catalan public-private foundation promoting life-science innovation in the region, opens the session.
NOVEMBER 7, 2022 BHH News
Sperm competition or lack of sperm competition - #BHHMembersInitiatives
What is sperm competition? It is the competitive process between spermatozoa of two or more different males to fertilize the same egg(s) during sexual reproduction. This form of competitive reproduction is by far the most common one in the animal Kingdom. What about the lack of sperm competition? The most extreme form of the absence of sperm competition represents a female that will only mate with one male for a lifetime. BHH member Microptic has published their latest blog, in which they discuss multiple examples of these extremes as well as other reproductive strategies. The main question to be addressed is what are the evolutionary consequences of sperm competition in terms of sperm form and function. Check out their full length article here!
NOVEMBER 3, 2022 BHH News
Event: The road to clinical translation - #BHHMembersInitiatives
The College of Physicians of Barcelona (CoMB), the Interdisciplinary Group of Health Professionals (GIPS), Nanomed Spain and the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) are organising the conference "The road to clinical translation: from detecting needs to creating solutions" on November 17th. One of the aims of the collaboration agreement between CoMB and IBEC is to foster clinical collaboration. Biomedical research carried out in research centres and hospitals generates knowledge aimed at developing new tools for better patient treatment. The aim of the conference is to bring together the different actors in the value chain, from researchers to patients, doctors and companies, to identify clinical needs where disciplines such as nanomedicine can provide solutions. The event will be divided into two round tables: a first one in which we will talk about the detection of clinical needs and a second one about the creation of solutions with real examples from the perspective of nanomedicine. The event will be held on November 17th from 10hrs to 14.30 hrs at the CoMB Assembly Hall. Interested? You can register here.
OCTOBER 31, 2022 BHH News
Genomcore (Made of Genes) launches €500,000 crowdfunding round - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Genomcore (BHH member Made of Genes), leading company in data solutions for the implementation of precision medicine, has launched an investment round through BHH member Capital Cell, Europe’s first online investment platform specialized in biomedicine. The goal of the campaign is to reach €500,000 of funding to prepare the entry of a new strategic partner that will accompany the internationalization of the company, eventually concluding in the establishment of the company in the USA. Genomcore thus seeks to extend internationally the leadership achieved in Spain in genomics and multimodal biomedical data analysis, where it has won three large competitive tenders and grants (DIPCAN, Medigenomics and Missions in A.I. Red.es) worth EUR 1.5M in the last 12 months. To this end, the company presented at this round its plans to evolve its current biomedical data management platform into the world's first low-code platform specialized in precision medicine, enabling the creation of digital health tools by professionals without programming skills and with fullregulatory compliance. For this round, the company is negotiating the entry of new corporate partners or professional investors but opens the possibility that any individual investor can participate in the growth of the company from €500 through equity crowdfunding, repeating the success of the round closed in 2019 on the same platform. Among the current investors of the company are relevant names such as Carlos Gallardo (Almirall), Albert Armengol (Doctoralia) or Jordi Esteve (Laboratorios Esteve), as well as early-stage funds from Telefónica (Wayra) and Crèdit Andorrà (Scale Lab) and the Barcelona fund FCV Equity. Most of Genomcore's current investors are also participating in this round. Personalized medicine within the reach of all healthcare professionals Genomcore allows all types of healthcare professionals without specific technical knowledge to import and integrate genomic data, clinical records, or biometric signals, among others. This information can be used afterwards to create diagnostic tools, integrative reports and patients’ portals/apps within the platform without programming knowledge and always ensuring full regulatory compliance.
OCTOBER 28, 2022 BHH News
Event: How healthcare market leaders are driving innovation - #BHHMembersInitiatives
There has never been a more exciting time for healthcare leaders than now. It is the leaders who are open to innovation who will shape the future of healthcare in the most positive way. Those who choose to stay the same will be left behind.  BHH member ERNI hosts a round table about "How healthcare market leaders are driving innovation" on November 10 LIVE at the BHH Headquarters together with 3 leading companies in the health sector. They will explain the challenges they face to continue innovating in a sector that is changing very fast, and how they manage the new window of innovation offered by start-ups. Marieta Ramos, Head of IT at Boehringer Ingelheim Spain, Jordi Vila, Global Sourcing Lead at Roche Diagnostics and Albert Molins, Senior IT Director at Qiagen, will explain how are they implementing innovation in the patient journey, which challenges are they facing and how do they drive innovation initiatives through start-ups.


5:00 pm - Welcome

5:15 pm - Insights for MedTech industry by Gerard Esparducer, General Manager at ERNI Spain

5:30 pm - How does ERNI contribute to BHH ecosystem? by Rubén Rodríguez, MedTech domain expert at ERNI

5:45 pm - Round Table: How healthcare market leaders are driving innovation. The innovation window offered by start-ups and the ecosystem.

-          Albert Alsina, Health Value Stream Director at ERNI

-          Marieta Ramos, Head of IT at Boehringer Ingelheim Spain

-          Jordi Vila, Global Sourcing Lead at Roche Diagnostics and

-          Albert Molins, Senior IT Director at Qiagen

6:45 pm - Q&A

7:00 pm - Networking and catering

8:00 pm - Closure

  Interested? Don't forgt to sign up HERE!
OCTOBER 27, 2022 BHH News
More than 1000 attendees explored how to solve real challenges in healthcare at the #BHHSummit 2022
The #BHHSummit on October 26th was a huge success - a record number of 1000+ visitors enjoyed a full day of great panels, amazing startup pitches and lots of networking. Attendees, sponsors and speakers came together both on-site as online to find out how to solve real challenges in healthcare. More than 50 speakers, 43 startups, and many insurance and pharma companies came together in this leading event in digital health, powered by BBVA, Globant, Adeslas and Mapfre. Kick-Off The event was kicked off by the Deputy Mayor Jaume Collboni, and the General Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Lluís Juncà, together with BHH President Cristian Pascual. Collboni stressed that, in just four years, BHH "has become a key player in Barcelona's ecosystem, giving dynamism and boosting the digital health sector and entrepreneurship." Juncà highlighted the importance of life sciences companies, which currently number 1,300 in Catalonia and represent 9% of the gross domestic product, and stressed the importance of innovation linked to sustainability to lead the sector's progress. More investment to make start-ups' projects a reality in order to accelerate technology transfer in the digital health sector and achieve a more sustainable and efficient healthcare system was one of the most frequently heard claims during the conference. Pascual warned that "in 10 years, the workforce of healthcare professionals will be reduced by 50% and we must face this challenge with the implementation of digital health technology for the benefit of people and the sustainability of the system." Solving Real Challenges in Healthcare During the #BHHSummit, there were five different international panel that aimed to explore the main theme of the day: how to solve real challenges in healthcare. At the panel about Investment Challenges in Digital Health, the head of BBVA Spark in Spain, Verónica Ruiz, explained that BBVA Spark participates in projects that have already secured funding from investors specializing in digital health, thus helping to ensure their success. The pharmaceutical industry has introduced important innovations in digital health with the help of startups in a multitude of projects. The panel Pharma is Going Digital analysed success stories that have helped the industry evolve into a new era where access to health data is a necessity. Sara Pedraz, Innovation Lead GSK, confirmed the change that has occurred in that pharmaceutical companies that "until now were only focused on treating sick people, are now focused on providing health-related experiences." On the other hand, Lucas Najún Dubos, Healthcare & Life Sciences Global Director at Globant, comments that the pharmaceutical industry "is becoming more agile and faster, it is changing the business model and also that of the companies." With the advent of new technologies, new challenges also arise in the pharmaceutical industry. The Conquering Challenges in Pharma panel discussed how startups contribute to overcoming these challenges. In the case of Grifols, its senior IT Vice-president, Xavier Sueiras, explained that his company wants to add value and improve the experience of its patients, customers, donors and employees and "to do so we are working on different digital solutions, based on virtual reality, robotics, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence." One of the success stories is Mediktor, which provides insurers and medical entities with a tool capable of pre-diagnosing patients and relieving pressure on primary care. Celia Rosalen, Europe Bussiness Development Director at Mediktor, said its mission "is to shorten the time it takes for a patient to get to a doctor or treatment." While some public or private entities are starting to approach digital health, health insurance companies have been the fastest to implement these solutions, establishing agreements with startups to offer their customers better medical care. In the panel Bringing Value to the Health Insurance Industry, success stories of projects developed by startups applied in the insurance sector were presented. One example is Adeslas, which has developed new ways of communicating with its customers. Elena Vidal, Head of health services and care quality - Adeslas, stressed that this change responds to "a need that arose from users during COVID-19 and companies have had to offer them a solution." The importance of adapting to the consumer is vital for the growth of companies. "My 80-year-old mother knows how to use WhatsApp, if she can't adapt to the technology we offer her, it's our fault," said Pedro Díaz, CEO of Savia-Mapfre. The final panel, Empowered Hospitals, discussed how technology can help overcome the challenges of 21st century healthcare globally. Medical and hospital systems are saturated and suffer from a lack of professionals in their workforces. There are some technological solutions that show us that better and more sustainable healthcare can be achieved. An advanced case is that of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau. The implementation of technology in their cardiovascular disease unit has allowed them to obtain a better detection of serious cases and, therefore, has increased the survival rate of the patients they treat. The director of the Digital Health Unit at this Barcelona hospital, Mar Gomis, also stressed that the new tools "empower patients, allowing them to make more and better decisions." Startup pitches & networking The #BHHSummit also gave the floor to many startups to pitch their companies in the famous Show & Tell sessions. It was a great opportunity to explore new technologies, discover new solutions and to find new possible collaborations. During the whole day, many 1-to-1 meetings were happening all around the event, while you could visit more than 30 different companies at the very well-attended exhibitors hall. #BHHAwards The #BHHAwards recognize actors in the health sector working to accelerate the adoption of innovation in the healthcare industry — so that the most relevant breakthroughs and disruptive technologies actually reach and make an impact in people’s life. This year, the focus was on solutions or initiatives that help to solve the challenges that the digital health sector is facing. More than 15.000 votes were cast and during the #BHHSummit the winners of each category were announced. In the category of Most Innovative Startup, Accexible won this prestigious award. Accexible identifies vocal biomarkers for disease detection and monitoring. The award for the Most Influencial Investor in Digital Health went to Asabys, an investment firm based in Barcelona, investing in healthcare and life-sciences innovation. Top Doctors won in the category Most Disruptive Scaleup. Sanitas was the winner of the award for the Most Disruptive Approach in Insurance, given its advances in the field, while Rat Gasol won the award for the Most Influencial Person in Digital Health. Congratulations to all! What's next? At the closing ceremony, Cristian Pascual, president of BHH, announced the birth of the Health Revolution Congress, the first global forum on digital health to be held on 17 and 18 May 2023 at the Llotja de Mar, a historic venue in the city of Barcelona. "We want to make this international event the "Mobile World Congress" of digital health," he concluded. Barcelona Health Hub can't wait to see you there too - so stay tuned!
More photos of the event HERE - let's see if you can spot youself! Did you miss the #BHHSummit? No worries, you can watch the ful content HERE.
OCTOBER 24, 2022 BHH News
Barcelona Health Hub welcomed Salvador Illa at the BHH Headquarters
Barcelona Health Hub was proud to receive Mr. Salvador Illa, current Head of the opposition in Catalonia and member of the Catalan Parliament for Barcelona, at the BHH Headquarters today. Mr. Illa was accompanied by Assumpta Escarp, Vice-President of the Parliament and spokesperson for Health of the Socialist parliamentary group, and Cristina González, Head of Cabinet of Salvador Illa. BHH’s CEO Luis Badrinas, General Manager Eva Rosell and President Cristian Pascual showed Mr. Illa and his team the pavilions of the BHH premises at the Recinto Modernista de Sant Pau. They talked about the works of BHH and how it continues to work towards promoting innovation in digital health. Mr. Illa also met with several of the resident companies that have offices inside the Hub premises. BHH residents HumanITcare and Iomed had the opportunity to explain all about their companies. Mr. Illa walks around the BHH Headquarters at the Recinto Modernista Mr. Illa admires the Sant Manuel Pavilion, accompanied by BHH's Cristian Pascual and Luis Badrinas  
OCTOBER 24, 2022 BHH News
Join BHH at the upcoming event in Círculo Ecuestre - #BHHMembersInitiatives
Barcelona Health Hub has the pleasure to participate in the upcoming event "Barcelona Health Hub, posiciona Barcelona como el gran ecosistema Europeo de Salud Digital", organized by Círculo Ecuestre on Wednesday November 2nd at 13:30hrs. The event consists in a colloquium lunch with Barcelona Health Hub's Luis Badrinas, CEO, and Eva Rosell, General Director. The event will kick off with a welcome by Antonio Delgado, president of Círculo Ecuestre. After the opening by board member Tirso Gracia, Luis and Eva will continue with the event that is moderated by Helena Torras, Managing Partner of PaoCapital, Venture Partner of Romulus and supporting Partner of Calm/Storm VC. The session will debate about the goals and the strategy of Barcelona Health Hub, the position of the city of Barcelona and the projects that are being carried out. Don't miss this opportunity and register for this event here.
OCTOBER 20, 2022 BHH News
#BHHSummit – Bringing Value to the Health Insurance Industry
Discover more about the panel “Bringing Value to the Health Insurance Industry” at the next edition of the #BHHSummit on October 26th. Health insurance companies have been adopting digital health solutions to provide a better healthcare experience to their members. Learn how to collaborate from their success stories and vision on this panel! Moderator Pascal Lardier of éditohealth will talk with Rubén González González of Adeslas, Omar Najid of Docline and Pedro Diaz Yuste of Savia to discuss the current digital challenges for hospitals. Don’t miss this panel LIVE in the afternoon session of the #BHHSummit on October 26th, powered by BHH member Adeslas. Come to Barcelona, learn how to solve real challenges in healthcare and make new valuable connections. Be sure to reserve your seat here!
OCTOBER 19, 2022 BHH News
#BHHSummit – Empowered Hospitals
Discover more about "Empowered Hospitals" at the next edition of the #BHHSummit on October 26th! Hospital systems all over the world are experiencing saturation and lack of professionals. In this key moment, we will explore how technology can help to overcome these challenges. Learn from these success stories how we can achieve a more scalable and sustainable healthcare with digital health. Moderador Laia Arnal of Hospital Universitari Vall d'Hebron will talk with Mar Gomis Pastor of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, Juan Carlos Alvarez of Bukeala and Miguel Pera of the Hospital del Mar to discuss the current digital challenges for hospitals. Don’t miss this panel LIVE in the afternoon session of the #BHHSummit on October 26th. Come to Barcelona, learn how to solve real challenges in healthcare and make new valuable connections. Be sure to reserve your seat here!
OCTOBER 19, 2022 BHH News
BHH Headquarters opens its doors for 48h Open House Barcelona
Barcelona Health Hub is proud to announce that this year, the Hub will participate in the 48h Open House BCN architecture festival. In this famous city-wide architecture event, more than 250 buildings of all types, shapes and sizes will open its doors to the city's inhabitants. Barcelona Health Hub will open the doors of the Sant Manuel Pavilion inside the Recinte Modernista on Saturday October 22nd to the general public. The whole day, there will be guided tours through the main building of the BHH Headquarters. Discover more about Barcelona Health Hub this Saturday! Entrance is on a first come, first serve base, organized by Open House BCN. Please note that this visit does not include a visit to the rest of the Recinto Modernista. You can find more info here!
OCTOBER 19, 2022 BHH News
Robopedics has raised more than €500,000 in its first financing round - #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member Robopedics, the startup founded with the aim of creating the world’s first robotic orthopaedic solution for personal use as an alternative to exoskeletons allowing people suffering from hemiplegia due to stroke to walk independently without medical supervision, has closed its first financing round for €500,000. Robopedics aims to have its first device ready by 2023 and provide a solution for millions of patients worldwide. The round has been carried out through BHH member Capital Cell, the first online investment platform in Europe specialised in health and biotechnology, along with investors from the IESE Business Angels network and the Col·legi d'Economistes de Catalunya (EconomistesBAN). "We are very pleased to have closed our first round raising these funds which we will use to develop our first fully functional prototype to begin clinical trials both in the European Union and in the USA," explains Iván Martínez, founder and CEO of Robopedics. The startup requested a minimum of €250,000 from investors and finally raised a total of €312,000 in investment funds in short time. Technology, determination and purpose This idea arose as a consequence of a real need for Iván Martínez after his father suffered a stroke that left him with hemiplegia and confined him to a wheelchair. Iván was frustrated by the lack of solutions on the market, and using his experience as an industrial engineer, decided to create a robotic solution on his own to help his father and all people in a similar situation. "The goal is not to provide rehabilitation but to help these people to get up and walk, improving their health and quality life and giving them and their families hope", explains Robopedics' founder. As Daniel Oliver, Director of Capital Cell, explains, "projects born out of the direct experience of their founders with an unmet medical need" tend to have several advantages. Firstly, the clinical need becomes guaranteed: anyone with a parent or child with a serious health problem knows that they have examined and exploited all available solutions. Besides this, Iván's prototype has proven its usability and potential and the company has been able to get appropriate business advisors (Marc Serra), strategy and marketing experts (Dionís Guzmán), and their capital requirements will be relatively low. Therefore, we firmly believe that this is a highly profitable project with a high social impact. Awake is the first product the company is working on. It is a robotic system that allows people who have suffered a stroke and are wheelchair bound to walk again independently in their own environment. Robopedics seeks to deliver a revolutionary solution by making available a technology that is currently only used in clinical scenarios. Stroke, world's 3rd leading cause of disability "Our vision is one where neither affordability nor accessibility is an obstacle. The current exoskeleton solutions are exorbitantly expensive, making them inaccessible to most patients, and their use is restricted to clinical environments... so we want to change this and bring the technology closer to the millions of patients who are wheelchair-bound as a result of stroke", says Martinez. Stroke is the world's third leading cause of disability and the inability to walk is a serious frequent consequence of stroke. Between 20 and 25 per cent of more than 100 million stroke survivors worldwide nowadays are unable to walk independently without comprehensive physical support and never restore their functional ability. Robopedics teams up with an experienced senior workforce with extensive experience in launching and developing new businesses, complemented by advisors and partners of well- known reputation in the fields of engineering, medicine, clinical rehabilitation, healthcare technology transfer and medical device regulation. Some of the companies and entities that collaborate with Robopedics include Fundació Ictus, Axial Biotech, CT Engineering Group, Institut Guttmann, Hospital Clínic, the Societat Catalana de Medicina Física i Rehabilitació, as well as Barcelona Health Hub.
OCTOBER 18, 2022 BHH News
Barcelona Health Hub expands its Headquarters: Fundació Sant Pau renovates one of the pavilions of the Recinte Modernista for BHH
Barcelona Health Hub announced yesterday that BHH will expand its headquarters in the near future. This expansion will be possible thanks to the fact that the Fundació Privada Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, owner of the Recinte Modernista, will renovate one of the pavilions in the west wing, located just opposite the Sant Manuel Pavilion, the building that currently houses the BHH Headquarters. The renovation, which will involve an investment of around €10 million, will take 2-3 years and, once the work is completed, BHH will have an additional 2,500 m² at its disposal, giving it a total of 7,500 m² at its headquarters. To continue advancing in this growth, BHH's President Cristian Pascual also made a request to the Administration and the private sector to provide more resources in the field of digital health, in order to contribute to strengthening Barcelona's role as a global benchmark in this field. To attract these resources, Pascual remarked that the digital health sector has a great present and a better future. As an example, he explained the growth of the BHH association, which since it was created 4 years ago (in 2018), with 3 startups and 10 workers located in a pavilion of the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, currently has 60 startups and 500 workers in 3 pavilions and 350 members, including startups, corporations, health institutions, universities and investors, on five continents. This growth has helped position BHH as one of the world's leading digital health hubs. This growth, he said, is happening because digital health is a strategic sector. "We must bear in mind that the pandemic has obviously given a very important boost to the search for technological solutions. But the future that awaits us, with an increasingly collapsed healthcare system, should make us think that an important way of guaranteeing the sustainability of the healthcare system must necessarily involve the implementation of this type of solution. And we, at Barcelona Health Hub, are here to promote all kinds of alliances so that this innovation and its subsequent transfer to the sector can improve people's quality of life and health and also generate economic activity in the city." Pascual also emphasised that this upward trend in the sector is due to the population's greater concern for a better quality of life. He recalled that "if a few years ago we only went to the doctor when we felt ill - "sickcare"-, now we also do so to be able to anticipate possible future pathologies and treat them - "healthcare"-. Now we want to live longer and in better conditions. We want to play tennis when we are 80 years old. And this obviously generates a very wide range of possibilities when it comes to innovating and creating valuable products and services." In order to consolidate growth, Pascual recalled the importance of strengthening public-private collaboration. In this regard, he recalled that this summer, BHH and the Hospital de Sant Pau promoted the creation of the Centre for Clinical Validation of Digital Solutions. The aim of this unit is to evaluate and clinically validate the viability, safety and effectiveness of digital solutions and new healthcare processes; to facilitate the transfer of technology to the healthcare environment; and to promote the adoption of innovative healthcare technologies proposed by companies and public entities in the healthcare sector. The centre is currently studying three digital health solutions. The first is based on software that optimises the process of adherence to treatment, from medical guidelines to taking medication. The second validates a software that uses artificial intelligence to analyse the state of the coronary arteries through an imaging test. The third validation studies the capacity of a software to analyse facial gestures using artificial intelligence to predict the degree of work stress and the probability of burnout in professionals. In this context, and to respond to the opportunities and challenges facing the digital health sector, BHH will hold the #BHHSummit: Solving Real Challenges in Healthcare on October 26th at the Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau. The event will analyse, among other issues, how alliances and partnerships have become the main driver of progress within the various industries related to digital health - from startups to insurance companies, hospitals or pharmaceutical companies. It will also discuss the need to boost innovation, how to respond to the growing demand for healthcare and the most cutting-edge technologies that are helping to address today's challenges. The opening session will be given by Jaume Collboni, Deputy Mayor, and Lluís Juncà, Director General of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Generalitat de Catalunya.
OCTOBER 18, 2022 BHH News
gMendel and genXone join forces in a trial project for the diagnosis of genetic disorders- #BHHMembersInitiatives
BHH member gMendel® has signed a letter of intent to significantly expand its cooperation with Polish biotech company genXone. The two companies joined efforts earlier this year with a trial project for the diagnosis of genetic disorders. The current phase begins with negotiations on an investment agreement and the expected result is the innovative tool for diagnosing rare disease carriers that has global application potential. The particular investment marks the need of large medical biotech key players for immediate market adoption of the gMendel® Test. gMendel® and genXone have decided to expand the scope of their research and continue their cooperation in the development and launch of a novel tool based on the Phivea® platform and nanopore technology for the screening of carriers of rare genetic diseases, such as Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Fragile X and Cystic Fibrosis, among others. The project will commence after the conclusion of an investment agreement, the details of which will be negotiated in the coming weeks. The agreement is expected to regulate the terms and conditions of financing project efforts. Recognizing the global and long-term dimension of the coo