DKV Innolab launches the 1st edition of the Desafíos DKV – #BHHMembersInitiatives

DKV has been committed to mental health as an area of focus for many years, and numerous initiatives and projects have been launched to address the different challenges present in this field. Following this work, DKV Innolab has partnered with the TECSAM Network to launch its first call for innovation within the I TECSAM Network Mental Health Innovation Contest, in which DKV Innolab participates as a partner, acting as co-designer and co-founder of its Desafío DKV, and as jury and host of the awards ceremony. The Contest also has the Mental Health Cluster of Catalonia as a partner.

The 1st TECSAM Network Mental Health Innovation Contest aims to find solutions to challenges such as early detection and prevention in mental health, quality of life, stigma and exclusion of people with mental health problems, vulnerable groups, women mental health, mental health at the workplace, aging and loneliness, and suicide.

The competition is divided into two categories, depending on the maturity of the project. The first category, funded by the TECSAM Network, is intended for early-stage ideas and solutions. Here, the TECSAM Network provides two mentoring programs as prizes for two winners.

The second category corresponds to the Desafío DKV, in which more mature solutions, which have passed some form of validation, are sought. The prizes in this category are offered by DKV, including a pilot project collaboration agreement with DKV as the first prize, and a second prize consisting of a mentoring program provided by the Innolab team. All finalists will receive the DKV Smart Positive Health (S+h) certificate.

Projects can apply here until July 15, 2022. 20 finalists will be selected and will present their pitch at the Awards Ceremony to be held at the DKV Innolab facilities (inside the BHH) on September 15. During this day a jury will evaluate the proposals and select two winners per category. The 4 winners will be able to present their solution at the Mental Health Innovation Day in October, when the execution of the awards will also begin.

TECSAM Network

The TECSAM Network brings together the main research groups in mental health and technology in Catalonia. Its aim is to generate internal and external synergies to accelerate the arrival to society of their research results and contribute to improving people’s quality of life. TECSAM Network’s project has been co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Open Innovation at DKV Innolab

This is the first of many calls that DKV Innolab will launch as part of its Open Innovation strategy. With these calls, DKV Innolab aims to capture innovation from the market that offers value to the DKV ecosystem. 

DKV Innolab‘s adoption methodology consists of launching annual challenges where the best and most innovative solutions that respond to the challenge will be collected and selected. The first prize awarded by DKV within these challenges, consists of a collaboration agreement to carry out a pilot with DKV. The other winners receive Innolab support and mentoring programs adapted to their needs, and all finalists receive the DKV Smart Positive Health (S+h) certificate.