Showcase your product at the BHH Headquarters

Barcelona Health Hub opens the #BHHShowroom!  They are stands to display your digital health solution at the entrance of the BHH Headquarters. Your product will be visible to anyone who enters the Hub!

This is your chance to enhance visibility of your digital health solution. You can place your physical product at the Hub and spark curiosity of your partners and potential customers.

What you need to know for the #BHHShowroom

A single stand holds one or two products. You can enhance visibility of your brand with a personlized sign to give more information about your digital health solution.


The #BHHShowroom stands are located under the television at the reception of the Hub. It attracts a lot of attention, as people will come to check out your products.


The next spot available for the #BHHShowroom is from May to August. Get in touch to reserve one of the seven stands and showcase your solution for four months at the BHH Headquarters.

If you’re interested in the #BHHShowroom, so fill out this form HERE.