Moritz fuels the digital health ecosystem of Barcelona Health Hub

Barcelona Health Hub is thrilled to announce that Moritz, the well-known Barcelona-based brewery, has become a partner of the Hub. Yes, you read that right – a brewery partnering with a health hub! This partnership represents a strategic move by Moritz to further their commitment to promoting innovation in health and wellbeing in their community.

Moritz, the first beer of Barcelona since 1856, has always been a brand that values health and sustainability. From their founder’s mission to provide a healthy alternative to unsanitary drinking water in Barcelona to their current efforts to promote a balanced lifestyle, Moritz has long been committed to making a positive impact through innovation and creativity.

By joining Barcelona Health Hub, Moritz becomes part of the ecosystem of health startups and innovators, which can lead to positive change in the community. And who knows, maybe we’ll see some health-inspired beers in the future?

Moritz also has a deep connection to Barcelona and its community. By partnering with the Barcelona Health Hub, Moritz can give back to the city that has supported it for over 160 years. This collaboration allows for the creation of positive change in the community by supporting health initiatives and promoting innovation.

And to top it all, the upcoming Health Revolution Congress on May 17th will be fueled by Moritz! It’s the perfect place to combine a great event with great drinks.

Together, Moritz and the Barcelona Health Hub are looking forward to making a meaningful impact on the health ecosystem. It’s an unexpected partnership, but BHH thinks it’s the perfect match. Here’s to a healthier world, one beer at a time. Cheers!