Cinfa and Barcelona Health Hub join forces to promote health solutions with a high innovative component

Cinfa, the pharmaceutical laboratory most present in Spanish households, has signed a collaboration agreement with Barcelona Health Hub to boost and promote innovative trends and projects in the healthcare sector.

Through this union, carried out through Cinfa’s Open Innovation Platform, CinfaNext, both entities seek to promote innovative startup initiatives applicable to the current and future challenges faced by the healthcare sector.

Specifically, Barcelona Health Hub will share its extensive entrepreneurial ecosystem with Cinfa so that the pharmaceutical company can identify startups whose solutions fall within its six innovation focuses: longevity, chronicity, self-management of health, natural solutions with scientific evidence, personalisation of health and sustainability.

“The challenges in responding to the health needs of patients and healthcare professionals are growing and, at Cinfa, we want to join forces with the innovative ecosystem to promote new projects in this regard,” explains Julio Sánchez Mariñas, Head of Innovation at the laboratory. “We have great confidence in the value of collaborative work and, therefore, with entities such as Barcelona Health Hub, we hope to be able to count on the point of view and expertise of various start-ups with which to advance joint projects”.

“At Barcelona Health Hub, we know that collaboration is essential and we are proud that Cinfa, through its Open Innovation Platform, has placed its trust in us to find innovative solutions in the field of health”, says Cristian Pascual, president of Barcelona Health Hub. “Having CinfaNext as a strategic partner of Barcelona Health Hub is synonymous with opportunity, both for our innovative ecosystem and for the healthcare sector and society in general,” he concludes.