#BHHSuccessStories with humanITcare & Gebro Pharma

Welcome to this new series called the #BHHSuccessStories! These stories aim to show different collaborations between BHH members and serve as a testament to the incredible potential that arises when diverse talents converge under the shared vision of creating a better future in healthcare.

A great example of a magnificent collaboration is the startup humanITcare with the gigant pharma Laboratorios Gebro.

humanITcare, the Remote Patient Monitoring platform that helps doctors have a remote follow-up of patients using medical devices and telemedicine, united with Laboratorios Gebro, a pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development and marketing of prescription and hospital medicines, earlier this year. As they mention in the video, they were the perfect match for each other right from the start. The expertise they both could offer in their respective areas was the precise spark to start this union.

The idea of the collaboration was to develop a digital solution altogether in order to bring value to the patient, the healthcare professional and the administration in the asthma industry. Júlia Altarriba, Chief Operations Officer at humanITcare, and Marc Centellas, Portfolio Development Manager at Laboratorios Gebro, explain the road to success and how it was to work from both ends.

Watch the whole success story of humanITcare and Laboratorios Gebro to hear about the challenges they faced in this collaboration, as well as tips and tricks you might want to use, HERE!