Sanitas and Barcelona Health Hub strengthen their partnership to drive digital transformation in healthcare

Barcelona Health Hub is thrilled to announce the renewal of its collaboration agreement with Sanitas, a valued member of the organization. This agreement marks another significant milestone in their joint efforts to drive the digital transformation of health and improve people’s lives.

Sanitas, known for its unwavering commitment to the well-being of individuals, has reaffirmed its dedication to advancing projects and initiatives that foster the digital revolution in healthcare. By placing people at the center of their strategy, Sanitas aims to help individuals lead longer, healthier, and happier lives. This renewed partnership further solidifies their commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences, ensuring easy access to high-quality healthcare services.

The renewal of this agreement was attended by Marià Martí Font, Area Manager for Catalonia of Sanitas, and Eva Rosell, General Manager of Barcelona Health Hub. Their collective vision and shared passion for driving positive change in the healthcare industry laid the foundation for the continued collaboration between the two organizations.

Sanitas‘ unwavering commitment to people’s health and well-being is evident through this renewed partnership. By partnering with Barcelona Health Hub, they leverage their expertise and collective resources to shape the future of healthcare.

Barcelona Health Hub is proud to count once again on this strong alliance, and the positive impact it will have on the digital transformation of the healthcare landscape. It’s a significant step towards realizing their shared vision of a digitally empowered and healthier society.