BeneTalk is hiring! – #BHHMembersInitiatives

BHH member BeneTalk presented at the BHH Headquarters their upcoming project, a new software for speech therapy. BeneTalk aims to help the 8% of children and 2% of adults who are affected by the invisible condition of stuttering. Stuttering is a neuro developmental disorder that begins in childhood, many of whom will suffer chronically from the condition later in life.

To date, the company has developed two mobile applications, designed to empower people who stutter to lead more confident lives and support their families: BeneTalk App supports users in adopting helpful communication habits with interactive exercises and real-time feedback (15,000 users across 193 countries). Penguin App, on the other hand, is an app for parents and carers of children who stutter, giving them the tools to support their child in communicating confidently. Penguin has been developed with the input of Action for Stammering Children, National Health Service (NHS) Speech Therapists, people who stutter, and a collection of parents and caregivers. Penguin is currently being used in five NHS trusts – organisations that provide healthcare services within the NHS in the UK.

As part of BeneTalk’s future roadmap, the company will be launching a third app called SuperPenguin – a personalized, goal-based therapy plan for parents of children who stutter, helping them support their child’s experience with stuttering. SuperPenguin will provide practical advice on how to manage different scenarios, with behavioural guidance around how to nurture their child’s confidence and create an open, transparent dialogue around stuttering.

As a result of the recent project expansion, BeneTalk has opened up new opportunities for skilled individuals to join the team:

BeneTalk is revolutionising the field of speech therapy, with a mission to create the gold standard, evidence-based digital therapeutic solution for people who stutter, made by people who stutter. The team of passionate speech therapists, technologists, and researchers are developing innovative and accessible therapies that empower individuals to find joy in speaking.

Don’t miss this opportunity and send your CV and cover letter to BeneTalk by contacting them HERE!