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#MeetTheMembers – MPL XR Company

Meet the BHH members! Barcelona Health Hub presents its members while shining a spotlight on their remarkable work, significant accomplishments, overcoming challenges, and beyond.

It's time to discover MPL XR Company. They're taking the integration of immersive technologies to the next level in the healthcare sector. Through their Invenza platform, they enable centralized cloud management of healthcare-related content in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, as well as interactive 360° videos, users, and devices, all from one place. 

Fabio Uribe, CEO & Co-Founder, explains in this #MeetTheMembers how this solution not only enhances the brand experience but also facilitates connections with patients, doctors, and audiences in general, promoting the development and ownership of knowledge throughout the healthcare value chain.

Discover more about MPL XR Company with Fabio HERE!