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BHH member AirBiometrics is looking for a CTO

JANUARY 18, 2024 BHH Members Initiatives

BHH member AirBiometrics is a biomedicine company based in Castellón, Spain, established in December 2020. Its main objective is to develop a device to facilitate the diagnosis and monitoring of chronic inflammatory diseases, with a focus on Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) during the first stage, improving the quality of life of patients.

IBD mainly includes Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis, there are more than 10.8 million people affected worldwide, of which 2 million are in Europe and in Spain there are 360,000 diagnosed cases.

Currently, these pathologies do not have conclusive diagnostic tests. During the diagnostic process, which in 45% of cases takes more than a year, blood and stool tests, colonoscopies and biopsies are performed. These tests require invasive samples, causing pain for the patient, their cost and energy consumption is high, they have to be carried out in health centres and currently have long waiting lists.

Faced with these limitations, AirBiometrics proposes a global technological solution based on a point-of-care device that identifies and quantifies IBD-specific biomarkers using non-invasive samples, in order to establish the patient's stage of disease. The main innovations that this device brings to the current process are:

  • Painless process for the patient thanks to the use of non-invasive samples.
  • Specific biomarkers with a higher level of accuracy, reducing false positives.
  • It allows early detection of the disease, enabling precision medicine with preventive treatments tailored to the clinical needs of the patient.
  • Reduction of analysis times and associated costs,
  • Decentralised device, thus reducing overcrowding of the health system.

Description of the profile of the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and main functions and responsibilities:

  • Leading the design and conception process of the prototype of the point of care device.
  • Ensure the correct development of the device by external engineering (control of deadlines and budget).
  • Ensure compliance with applicable regulations during the design of the prototype to speed up the subsequent approval process (CE marking and FDA).


  • Education (required): Biomedical, electronic, industrial engineering or equivalent.
  • Previous experience (required): Experience in medical device development, minimum 3 years.
  • Technical knowledge (to be positively assessed):
    • Basic knowledge of different sensor technologies for biomarker measurement, such as photonics, electrochemistry, etc.
    • Ability to design functional and usability tests so that new developments work without bugs or unforeseen events.
    • Ability to verify the operation of the equipment developed and the quality of the results obtained, applying quality and safety procedures.
    • Ability to monitor and report on equipment when requested.
    • Ability to develop hypotheses/artificial intelligence models from clinical trial results.
    • Knowledge of SCRUM methodology.
    • Knowledge of C and Python programming languages.
  • Clinical trials (to be assessed positively):
    • Previous experience in clinical trials, knowing how they work and their phases.
  • Regulatory knowledge (required):
    • In-depth knowledge of CE marking regulations for medical devices (including latest updates) and ISO 13485.
  • Location (required):
    • Castellón-Valencia Area
  • Soft skills (to be valued positively):
    • Effective communication
    • Adaptability: Ability to adjust to change.
    • Working in collaborative environments
    • Project management and leadership: coordination and guidance of multidisciplinary teams.

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