The Conclusions from the First Health 4.0 Think Tank have been Published

On the 23rd of May earlier this year, Barcelona Health Hub hosted Health 4.0 by Nubentos and Mornings4 here at the BHH headquarters. Health 4.0 was the first Think Tank of its kind centered around Trends and the Future of Health. It was organized by Mornings4 with the intention of promoting the wellbeing of society.

Almirall’s CEO visits Barcelona Health Hub

Today, 29th of August 2019 we received a visit from the CEO of Almirall accompanied by its CDO, and the Head of External Communications and Digital Outreach In the picture from left to right: Noel Ortiz Becerra, Almirall’s Head of External Communications & Digital Outreach; Peter Guenter, Almirall’s CEO; Francesca Domenech Wuttke, Almirall’s Chief Digital.

Magazine Salud Digital interviews our CEO, Luis Badrinas

The article interviews Luis Badrinas and details his perspective on the sector, its future and the recent trends in innovation. Luis says “We are seeing how hospitals are investing more in innovation, as are big corporate firms and the rest of the ecosystem in order to promote digital trends for the upcoming years”.    .

Visit from Shenzhen, China

Today, 26th of August 2019, we received a visit from representatives of the Dapeng District Delegation of the Chinese city of Shenzhen. Shenzhen is a coastal city in southern China, adjacent to Hong Kong. It is the Chinese city with the highest per capita GDP and it was voted by Forbes China as the most.

Frederic Llordachs: Journey of a Practicing Doctor Turned Serial Entrepreneur

Today, we speak to Frederic Llordachs, one of our ambassadors, about his journey, knowledge and experience in the digital health sector. Frederic Llordachs is a Doctor of Medicine and holds a Masters of Business Administration. He specializes in Healthcare Management and Marketing and has direct experience with healthcare insurance and healthcare management. Frederic is interested.

Introducing Some of Our Newest Startup Members

Our ecosystem is growing and expanding; reaching further corners of the World and more and more specialties within the health sector. We love to encourage connections between our members and to give them the opportunity to pitch their ideas and projects to the rest of the ecosystem. We take this article as an opportunity to.