BHH Summit Sponsor’s Interview: Novartis

José Marcilla is the General Manager & General Director at Novartis Oncology in Spain. He has extensive international experience, having worked in different countries including the United States, Italy, Argentina and Spain. During his nearly 20 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry he has held various positions with a focus on creating innovative business.

BHH Summit Sponsor’s Interview: Merck

Sara A. Pedraz is Innovation Manager at Merck Spain where she leads the Local Innovation Office and innovation initiative CHASE, focused on accelerating innovative thinking within the organization, providing knowledge and tools and generating new revenue streams. Good morning, I will be interviewing you today due to Merck’s role as a Sponsor in Barcelona Health.

IESE joins Barcelona Health Hub to collaborate on innovative healthcare projects, entrepreneurship and startup initiatives

The purpose of this agreement is to bring synergies between IESE community and the healthcare ecosystem. The signature of the agreement took place at Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, international headquarters of Barcelona Health Hub. From IESE were present Chantal Vila, Innovation Projects Coordinator, IESE Business School- Center for Research in Healthcare Innovation Management; Luca.

BHH Summit Sponsor’s Interview: Bayer

Anabel León is the IT Business Partner for Consumer Health and Pharma businesses at Bayer Spain Good morning! Firstly, I’d like to thank you for your contribution as a Sponsor to our event, the Barcelona Health Hub Summit and in such context I will continue by asking you a few questions: Could you explain what.

BHH participates in the panel discussion of SHAM’s Prize Ceremony

Today, our CEO Luis Badrinas took part in a panel discussion at SHAM‘s Prize Ceremony. The panel was about Challenges around Management of Health Systems’ Transformation. It was a really interesting debate, we appreciate the invitation from Sham, which is one of the members of Barcelona Health Hub. The participants at the panel discussion were:.

BHH Summit Sponsor’s Interview: Lener

Santiago Torent López is the Barcelona’s Lener Office Director, and Rafael Vallet Vila is a Partner of Lener Barcelona Good morning, I’m delighted to interview the two of you, from Lener, as one of our Sponsors for our upcoming event, the BHHSummit. To start the interview, could you briefly explain what Lener does? Lener is.

Digital Health Today’s podcast with Marta Zanchi

We’re excited to share the podcast interview with Marta Zanchi, Founder and CEO of Nina Capital, member at Barcelona Health Hub. In the podcast #92 she explains the need for needs-based innovation. “ I believe in a culture of collaboration and giving, and in the ripple effect in all aspects of life or business. Keeping.

BHH Summit Sponsor’s Interview: Ferrer

Gemma Estrada is the Head of Digital Health & Technology, a new department created to enter and leverage digital health to build healthier and more sustainable societies. Good morning, I am delighted to interview you as a Sponsor of our upcoming event, the Barcelona Health Hub Summit 2019. Could you briefly explain what Ferrer does.

BHH Summit Sponsor’s Interview: Insulclock

José Luis López Sánchez-Pascuala, CEO of Insulclock, shares with us his experience as a patient, and how they developed a solution that helps patients around the world 1. Where did the idea of Insulclock come from? I have got a type 1 diabetic and I have been suffering the disease for more than 20 years,.

We are excited to announce Barcelona Health Hub Awards 2019

On our upcoming e-health annual event on the 3rd of October, the BHHSummit, we will hold the first edition of BHH Awards The BHH Awards recognizes actors in the health sector working to accelerate the adoption of innovation in the healthcare industry — so that the most relevant breakthroughs and disruptive technologies actually reach and.