Docline and OnCommun succeed improving breast cancer treatment with their Digital Health Platform

The Digital Health platform Docline is taking part in the project OnCommun that aims to improve breast cancer treatment with their technological solution. So far, they have increased 4 times the number of patients they treat weekly through their platform iConnecta, resulting in more than 350 women who have benefited from the project.

The initiative OnCommun, lead by Dr. Cristian Ochoa (specialised in Clinical Psychology, expert and Psycho-Oncology and Professor at the University of Barcelona), is an innovative project that takes advantage of state-of-the-art technology in order to increase mental well-being in cancer patients, having received 900.000 euros in funding by the European Institute of Technology (EIT Health). Docline not only provides a technological solution to the project, but also it has actively participated in getting funding from the European Commission in order to develop this pioneer software-based solution. At the moment, Docline has implemented its technology and method at Oncology units in hospitals from Portugal and Poland.

The project is based on a several steps intervention program that, according to each patientś needs, their symptoms and their emotional ailment, offers them different ranges of sanitary and psycho-social personalised assistance.

In the words of Dr. Ochoa, “the project exists due to the need to value positively the patient experience during the process of their sickness”. Through the use of digital technology, Oncommun has humanised cancer treatment, setting a bridge when it comes to patient-professional communication and standing by women with breast cancer before, during and after the process of their sickness.

The numbers speak for themselves
  • At the moment, Oncommun has reached over 350 women affected with breast cancer and by using Docline’s technological solution it has incremented 4 times the amount of women assisted.

  • The main goal is to improve in 60% the quality of life for breast cancer patients by addressing the emotional variables that are more sensitive during the process of their sickness.

  • It aims to reduce in 25-30% the time to transition back to work.

  • It is expected to improve in up to 60-70% the pharmacological treatment adhesion.

  • The initiative intends to shorten the detection time for breast cancer up to a 40% by using all gathered data.

Docline’s leading technology

Docline allows professionals to perform group videocalls between professionals and patients, through its Digital Health platform. It allows multiconference and multiplatform in 3 different languages (Catalan, Spanish and English), as well as screen sharing to run real time psychological tests, which incentivises accessibility and immediate efficiency while it allows to create an environment where empathy and trust grow and humanise psycho-oncology through technology.

Nowadays, Docline has implemented its technology and method at Oncology units in hospitals from Portugal and Poland.

Patients, their families and carers can interact with the Psycho-Oncology Department in the Catalan Institute of Oncology (Instituto Catalán de Oncología) from any digital device or operative system, with the comfort of having consultations from home in a secure way that aligns with the European most current legislations for data protection.