#BHHSummit Video – Interviews: Frederic Llordachs, Co-Founder and Partner at Doctoralia & BHH Ambassador

Frederic Llordachs, Partner at Braincats & Co-Founder and Partner at Doctoralia & Barcelona Health Hub Ambassador, explains that Doctoralia is a Medical Directory where patients can find the right doctor and getting an appointment, give their opinion, asking doctors their questions… All this free of charge for the patient, since the clients are doctors or medical centers. Doctoralia is growing a lot; they are getting 1.5 million monthly appointments at their different based countries: Latin America, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Poland, Spain, Italy, etc. Thanks to the last investment from Golden & Sachs, they have won 1200 more employees around the globe.

About being BHH Ambassador he remarks that he has been involved since the beginning. He also has opened his own office there, in BHH headquarters, trying to help startups to grow, to scale, and the companies to find the startup or the company which fits more with innovative projects in the healthcare sector.


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