#YoPacienteDigital Interview with Forcemanager

Tell us who you are and your relationship to telemedicine? 

ForceManager is a leading SaaS company best known for its user friendly CRM and mobility solutions for sales teams. In the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak here in Spain we were able to use our technology for social good and collaborate with the Community of Madrid and other Spanish tech companies to create the official public safety App called AsistenciaCOVID-19. Telemedicine is not our core business, but during times of crisis we believe that both startups and corporations have a duty to pivot and play their part to help local communities. Our technical contribution to this App was our small contribution to helping authorities control and combat the spread of the virus.

Why did you decide to support the #YopacienteDigital? 

We were impressed by the initiative and the timeliness of the market research study. As a tech company we are interested to see how the pandemic drives new innovation, especially in fields like telemedicine and we will use the results to shape insights into consumer behavior. 

How do you see the evolution of telemedicine and digital therapies?

 As a society it seems there is a new found focus on prioritizing both mental and physical health, and we are happy to see leading companies prioritize holistic care for well-being while at the same time investing in technology to make a traditional industry more modern, and accessible. 

What is a digital patient for you?

 A digital patient is someone who adopts technology to optimize the relationship they have with their health. 

You set up telemedicine service for comunidad de Madrid: How was this initiative born? 

The Community of Madrid was in search of the best tech partners to bring the telemedicine App to life and the engineering team at ForceManager was uniquely prepared for the job. The App was inspired by a similar telemedicine tool in South Korea, and due to the urgency of the pandemic it was created in record time. As a company we feel very honored to have been selected to participate in this important project, and use our superpowers to develop the AsistenciaCOVID-19 health app. 

What are the main features of the platform? 

The AsistenciaCOVID-19 health app can be downloaded on all devices and consists of a short health questionnaire to screen users for the most common symptoms of the Corona virus. Patients that screen as high risk are given more information from public authorities to get the care they need, while users who test as low or no risk follow a different process. The free screening App liberates phone lines and makes it possible for more residents to get the help they need in real time, without overwhelming public resources. 

Your focus is mainly sales, what is your expertise bringing to telemedicine services? 

At the end of the day ForceManager specializes in user friendly tech solutions that lead to high user adoption rates. This mythology lends easily to telemedicine since digital patients will look for Apps and other platforms that are intuitive and sleek. We won’t have patience for outdated health and insurance websites that lead to stress and a poor user experience. 

What is in the pipeline for Forcemanager?

This month we are launching a new integration with Microsoft Teams to enhance the user experience through video. Zoom is up next with other interesting video and content initiatives underway to ensure a winning user experience for new working styles post Covid.