Get ready TODAY for Spanish stop of the ITC + DIA World Tour

Today is the day! Barcelona Health Hub is thrilled to be hosting today at 6pm the Spanish stop of the ITC + DIA World Tour. The digitization of the healthcare insurance sector is happening!

Join us today on Wednesday 15th September from 6pm. We will discuss the evolution of the insurance sector those past months with an emphasis on telemedicine. We will then showcase the best local insurtech startups and end up the event with virtual networking.

We are thrilled to announce that we have selected five Spanish startups to compete in the Insurtech Startup Competition.

  • Sherplay: Beeseet is a virtual assistant that uses voice recognition, media capture and AI, to help doctors with clinical notes and reconnect with their patients.
  • SingularCover: SingularCover is tailored online insurance for small businesses and the self-employed in minutes. More of what you need, less of what you don’t.
  • MeetingDoctors: MeetingDoctors deliver both technology and medical service via Chat and Video-Call for companies to provide a digital medical consultation solution to their own users, clients or employees.
  • Bitac: Bitac is a scale up company with a SaaS called CTMAP – an automatic clinical coding tool based on AI & MLA specialized in clinical terminology normalization and implementation in the digital health industry
  • Lisa Smart Insurance: Lisa is the first 100% online underwriting agency, our goal is to make insurance more fair, flexible and transparent

Do you want to know more about these startups? Then don’t miss your chance and tune in today at 6pm here!