Novartis’ Innovation Challenge: Call for applications is now open

Frontiers Health is organizing the Global Hybrid Conference on November 12-13th. During this event, their partner Novartis Germany, is holding their innovation challenges. Startups and innovation-driven companies working on the following topics are invited to participate. As the pitch event will be held fully virtual, they are happy to receive suggestions from all over the world:

1. How can real world data be accessed and used for advanced research and personalized therapy in cancer?
Real world health data holds great potential for research and personalized medicine. However, gathering, accessing, analyzing and using this data is still a big challenge. Solutions could for example focus on facilitating and enhancing data donations from patients via electronic patient records, health apps and wearables. Another possibility would be to focus on enabling the use of public available health data such as data from health registries. If your solution helps generating, accessing, cleaning, linking or analyzing data, your application is welcome!

2. How can nAMD patients, who receive anti-VEGF drugs, be monitored for ocular inflammation outside of the physician’s office?
Anti-VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) drugs are used for the treatment of nAMD (neovascular age-related macular degeneration). Possible side effects are ocular inflammations, which can have severe and irreversible consequences, eventually resulting in blindness. We are looking for solutions that help to (self-)test, self-manage or monitor patients who receive anti-VEGF drugs to detect ocular inflammations at an early stage.

A selection of the best fitting startups will have the chance to pitch their solution to a board of Novartis experts and decision makers. For the most promising ideas, Novartis will evaluate the potential of a collaboration. Interested? Don’t wait and apply no later than October 31st here.