Beazley Spain and Barcelona Health Hub signed a collaboration agreement – #BHHMembersInitiatives

Beazley Spain and Barcelona Health Hub have just signed a collaboration agreement whereby the insurer becomes a new partner of the largest digital health hub in Spain. The objective is to collaborate with the institution in the process of risk management and prevention in the telemedicine sector.

The collaboration agreement will allow Beazley to become a reference contact for the different startups and companies that are part of the hub in multiple areas: wearables, telemedicine, wellness, remote monitoring, etc. Companies that at some point will need to know their risks and insure them.

“For Beazley it’s a perfect partnership,” says Ana Misol, Healthcare underwriter. “I can’t think of a better partnership for companies in the digital health sector to have access to an understanding of their risks
and also to a solution fully adapted to them, such as Virtual Care.”¬†Virtual Care is the product created by Beazley, launched in Spain at the beginning of 2021 and designed to provide a solution for technological, cyber, product-related and activity-related risks (Health CR).

“With the increase of new members in Barcelona Health Hub, as in this case Beazley Spain, our Hub will reach all the goals set to become one of the largest and most influential digital health Hubs in the world” confirms Luis Badrinas, CEO of BHH.