#BHHSeries with Biot: How to Transform Your Medical Device into a Compliant Connected Care Solution in Less than 4 Months

In our latest episode of the #BHHSeries, Barcelona Health Hub’s Chief International Officer, Aline Noizet, presented a webinar lead by Hanan Drobiner, MSc, MBA, Global Business Development Director at BioT Medical. Hanan has 13 years of experience in international sales, marketing, and business development for medical devices and digital health startups in Europe. The topic was “How to Transform Your Medical Device into a Compliant Connected Care Solution in Less than 4 Months.” 

The outline of the webinar includes:

  • Importance of moving healthcare from hospital to home
  • Challenges of medical device companies
  • The big dilemma – to build or buy the medical-grade IoT platform
  • Benefits of off-the-shelf IoMT platforms
  • How to choose your platform: expert tips

Medical device companies endeavor to connect their innovative products to enable collaboration with patients. However, while they understand the importance of data to enhance personalized remote patient monitoring and ensure the continuum of care, they can’t afford to invest in complex and timely projects and implementation.

In this webinar, you also learned: 

  • How to successfully develop and launch a compliant IoMT device in just a few months.
  • How you can mitigate risks and streamline the process with cloud-based connected care software.
  • A real-world case study – How Theranica connected Nerivio – an FDA therapeutic device with BioT within just a few months and reduced its privacy and cyber risks by millions of dollars.

Remote patient monitoring has numerous benefits, including reducing hospitalizations, reducing readmissions, and allowing home care for a better patient experience and increased quality of life for aging patients. Following the presentation, there was a Q&A session with the attendees.

Interested? Check out the full webinar here: