Did you miss the latest #BHHSeries about “How to Implement Hybrid Healthcare to make Medicine Easier and More Usable for Older Citizens”?

In the latest episode of the #BHHSeries, the panelists discussed how to implement hybrid healthcare to allow elderly patients to experience a better quality of life and stay in their homes longer through telehealth and in-home care. The event was organized together with BHH member Telemedi

For many seniors, mobility is a barrier to healthcare. They are either dependent on friends and relatives to shuttle them back and forth to appointments or, lacking that support, turn to in-care options. Telehealth technologies have allowed elderly patients and their in-home caregivers to access a full breadth of healthcare services without leaving the comforts of their homes.

The panelists represent a group of healthcare providers working to change the healthcare dynamic for elderly patients through a hybrid approach to homecare. Leveraging a primary caregiver in the home and telemedicine solutions, seniors can enjoy a greater quality of life in their homes without sacrificing access to healthcare providers across the healthcare spectrum.

Key takeaways included:

  • “What we are doing is putting the family in the center of the healthcare journey, understanding what their needs are, and then offering a solution.” Michiel Das, CMO & Head of Growth at Cuideo® 
  • “Our goal is to develop technologies that allow patients to stay at home longer and realize a better quality of life” – Albert Vidal, Proposition Lead at Nationale-Nederlanden 
  • “It is important that we create user-friendly solutions for patients” – Rafael Luís Rodriguez Gonzalez, Business Development Director at Telemedi
  • “Changing behavior is difficult. It is much easier to get patients to take a pill. So, we have to work with them to engage them to support behavior changes.” Manuel Alfonso Vasquez, Medical Doctor and Psychiatrist at Hospital Universitari Germans Trias i Pujol

The webinar was moderated by Marja Huiskamp, Chief Communication Officer at Barcelona Health Hub. Interested to learn more about implementing hybrid healthcare? Check out the online webinar here: