#BHHSummit flashback: Interview with Olivier Plante, Co-founder & CEO of Fleksy

Last October 28th, Barcelona Health Hub organized the #BHHSummit 2021. BHH member Fleksy was part of this succesfull event with 20+ speakers, 20+ exhibitors, 25+ startup demos, international panels and plenty of opportunities to network. We have the pleasure to look back at the event with Olivier Plante, Co-founder & CEO of Fleksy.

Tell us who you are and what is your relationship to digital health?

I am Olivier Plante, a French-Canadian living out of Barcelona. I’m the co-founder & CEO of Thingthing Ltd, the company behind the popular Fleksy keyboard app on iOS and Android, as well as the Fleksy SDK, powering many digital products and companies worldwide.

Why did you decide to join the #BHHSummit 2021 about the Patient Journey?

We decided to join the #BHHSummit for the 2nd year in a row because of the audience you all attract. We have a technology (the keyboard SDK) that has many beneficial use cases in mHealth, Digital Therapeutics, mental health, and big pharmaceutical organizations. So we’re here to educate them on what Passive Digital Phenotyping is and how it’s changing lives. 

Where do you see the benefits of telemedicine for companies like Fleksy?

Fleksy is a technology provider, so to turn the question around, telemedicine can benefit from Fleksy in a lot of ways. One is through privacy. We provide very secure messaging tech with our private keyboard SDK, which ensures no patient data is captured by 3rd parties through the keyboard, which is often an overlooked weak spot in messaging. 

Secondly, our technology can increase communication speed for both doctors and patients since we can adapt to their needs. That includes ergonomic layouts and also custom dictionaries to include difficult medical words to spell, like sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia. 

Thirdly, and most interestingly, we provide telemedicine companies with our Fleksy keyboard SDK, which includes a proprietary Data Layer that can enable them to collect precise points on how a person types. The Telemedicine company can then feed this data into their AI algorithms and objectively view their mental state. Several of our current clients are already using Fleksy to monitor and detect neurological diseases and disorders. 

 Why would you recommend coming to #BHHSummit?

It has a great range of startups to top players changing the game in the health industry. It is very well organized, and you will meet lots of people on a mission to change the world! 

Why did you decide to join the #BHHSummit 2021 about the Patient Journey?

We joined because we believe the patient’s journey doesn’t have to be so daunting for certain things like mental health or neurological diseases. We wanted to learn who else is working in this space and connect our technology with their science to offer a better end-user experience & solution. 

How is user experience tied to patient experience?

A patient is a user. We often neglect a patient’s emotions, how they feel, their aspirations, their experience. As a team focused on user experience, Fleksy is especially sensitive to the overall user experience, and collaterally we’re tapping into the “patient” experience via our Fleksy SDK. So, to answer your question, by enabling an outstanding user experience, we enable an outstanding patient experience.

How does your product enhance the patient experience?

How we type is practically innate. Thanks to our Digital Health clients using the Fleksy SDK, we contribute to providing patients the ability to move freely and not worry about wearable tech or being reminded that they’re different. Patients just type from their smartphone wherever they are in the world, and their mental state is tracked and monitored by companies leveraging the Fleksy SDK. In other words, our SDK gives patients their freedom back while going through a peculiar time. 

Fleksy gives patients the ultimate typing experience. Be it design or performance, they’ll be able to type with minimal effort at maximum efficiency. 

Why is privacy such an important feature of your product?

The most intimate conversations occur through the keyboard over texting or messaging, and we believe those private conversations should remain private. That’s why we built the Fleksy SDK to work entirely offline. No user data is ever sent to our servers. It is entirely up to our clients to do what they want with their user’s consent.