BHH member Moonai launches app that uses sounds to relieve period-related pain – #BHHMembersInitiatives

BHH member and femtech startup Moonai has announced its mobile app release. The first and only app that uses science-based & personalized sounds, resources and pain tracking insights to help relieve period-related pain in a non-chemical way.

Sounds, frequencies and rhythms can impact the central nervous system and help reduce the perception of menstrual pain. Moonai partners with neuroscientists, gynaecologists, and psychoacoustic experts to provide the most effective sounds for period pain relief. Focusing on a Business-To-Business approach, the mobile app is based on a freemium model making it affordable & accessible to all users across the globe.

“In the last years, the positive synergies between music and wellbeing have grown and it highlights a path of wellness and health optimization in a non-pharmaceutical way,” said Laura-June Clarke, co-founder and Head of Business & Creatives at Moonai.

“It is important for us to be able to offer a medium to learn how to manage pain that is non-intrusive and doesn’t have a negative long-term effect. And with the rise of digital therapeutics (DTx), especially post Covid, ‘audio analgesia’ is one of these alternative solutions scientifically backed,” she commented. In addition to focusing on leveraging the current research on alternative relief for menstrual pain, Moonai is also shifting the narrative around menstruation as a taboo or fertility-related subject to instead portray it as a vital sign of general health.

“We’re intentional about creating a menstrual health app that isn’t obsessed with pregnancy and gender stereotypes,” commented Helena Rodemann, co-founder and Head of Product. “We want to portray menstrual cycles in a positive, uplifting light, and we want to emphasize that what’s negative is the pain and the lack of options for it, not menstruation itself. We are ambitiously trying to end menstrual pain for everyone, forever. Millions of people worldwide are living with a pain they don’t have to, they should have more
choices, they should have more options. They deserve to live pain-free,” she added.

Experts supporting Moonai include Cliff Fluet, recognized musictech advisor and copyrights expert, Georgia Taglietti, Director of Communication at Sónar and SheSaidSo Spain co-director, and Dr. Lee Bartel, Founding Director of the Music and Health Research Collaboratory. Moonai is supported by AllWomen, an award-winning campus for women in tech, as well as female:pressure, a transnational network of women, transgender, and gender-nonconforming artists in music and digital arts. Producers and sound
engineers collaborating include Fernanda Aleman and Kazam.