Meet the BHH Ambassadors: Javier de Oca

Barcelona Health Hub is proud to count on our own BHH Ambassadors. The BHH Ambassadors are highly renowned experts in the field of digital health. They spread the word and help Barcelona Health Hub to promote innovation in digital health. The Ambassadors also assists to consolidate BHH as an international reference hub.

One of the new ambassadors is Javier de Oca, Founder and CEO at IOMED Medical Solutions. This company is devoted to promote clinical research through the use of medical data collected from Electronic Health Records via Artificial Intelligence. As a CEO, Javier brings along expertise in stakeholder management and interaction in the healthcare field. Especially with hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry, from the perspective of a startup. Under his lead, IOMED is currently working with the world’s most relevant pharma companies, as well as some of Europe’s most prominent and research-active hospitals.

Javier, what do you bring to Barcelona Health Hub?

My experience as a CEO in the complex environment of Clinical Research and eHealth has allowed me to develop a strong network both in the Pharmaceutical Industry as well as in the Hospital environment, at a European level. I hope to bring this network closer to BHH, maximising our interaction with key stakeholders in both industries, beyond the usual points of contact. It’s of course not only about contacts in a network, but also about understanding their need and motivations in those fields where BHH can be complementary. That understanding can be applied to some of BHH key strategic projects, such as our upcoming network of validating Hospitals and our ambitions in the field of Next Generation Funds.

What do you hope to achieve as a BHH Ambassador?

A stronger presence around Barcelona Health Hub of key stakeholders in the Pharma Industry, beyond the usual contact points in Innovation teams, and into hands-on business teams (Medical, ClinOps etc). Also, a complementary vision for our strategic project of validating Hospitals, won from a constant interaction with Spanish and European sites in the field of clinical research.


Javier de Oca at Barcelona Health Hub

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