Digitalisation Dual FP professional training course by Community of Insurance, Zurich and Mapfre – #BHHMembersInitiatives

The 4th edition of the Digitalisation Dual FP course by BHH member Community of Insurance started live at the BHH Headquarters. This unique professional training course is held held in high esteem by the ZZurich Foundation and Mapfre Foundation, who are both BHH members and proud to sponsor the course.

The course delivers a dynamic and interesting content, which starts with the historical context of the insurance activity. It continues with the fourth industrial revolution, its keys, digital technologies with the greatest impact, mobility, robotics, and main digital trends, changes in business models and distribution, cybersecurity, management of social networks, insurtech models, and ends with a decalogue for the implementation of a startup.

The course is of particular value for the insurance industry, as it positions dual training as a strategy to combat youth unemployment and the first programmes applied to digital transformation insurance. It is very well accepted by the students, as it is based on the experience accumulated by Community of Insurance over the last years with the different activities in relation to the main actors of the digital transformation with the most innovative experiences in the insurance industry.

The course participants gathered at the Barcelona Health Hub Headquarters, located in the beautiful Recinto Modernista de Sant Pau. The students have also the possibilty to attend the Insurtech World Challenges in September 22, where they can experience the innovation that shapes the future.