#BHHTeamTalks – Meet Sara Roig!

Barcelona Health Hub keeps growing! BHH is happy to introduce you to its newest family member Sara Roig. She started this week as BHH’s brand new Executive Assistant.

Sara, welcome at Barcelona Health Hub! Can you please introduce yourself?

Of course! So, hello everyone, I am Sara Roig, and I am 22 years old and I started being part of the BHH team in early September. I already finished my degree of Advertisement and Public Relations, and I was planning to take part of the events and communications area due to that I really love to be in contact with people and personally the communication is the most relevant part of life in general. I am so grateful about my colleagues and the environment in the office is perfect to work, develop your creativity and overcome yourself. It is fantastic! I really like it.

Can you tell us a little about what you are going to do at BHH?

So, here I am going to be part of the events department and help with other tasks that need support from other areas. Moreover, proposing any kind of idea that can help to the organization.

What made you join Barcelona Health Hub?

Barcelona Health Hub has a huge positive points: The place where the Hub is located is amazing, the team work develops the best part of you professionally, the emerging connections between technology and health, the big companies and the startups, and a lot more. So, it seems a good opportunity to work for BHH that I didn’t want to let it escape.

Did you have any prior experience of digital health?

No, I didn’t. I just knew a little about digital health, but I didn’t expect that that area was that broad. So just being here in BHH for a few weeks has taught me a lot about the digital health world and it is so interesting. It’s really incredible the amazing ways in which digital health can improve the lives of people.